Kevin's Review: Punisher: War Zone - The Death of The Punisher

December 5, 2008

The Punisher may be a tortured purveyor of justice and a one-man SWAT team, able to spin upside down from a chandelier while firing automatic rifles and taking out dozens of bad guys, but the man-in-black, Frank Castle, is no match for director Lexi Alexander, who has done the improbable - put a bullet right between the eyes of one of Marvel's darker, richer characters. Punisher: War Zone is as bullet-ridden as it is bloody, and as bloody as it is campy. And even though a messy mix of hot metal, plasma and stupid can be fun, any thrill is tempered by knowing that the Punisher storyline is the true victim.

Louis Letterier was recently able to reboot Marvel's Hulk, following Ang Lee's lackluster attempt in 2003. Here, Alexander sought a similar goal, considering the humdrum Thomas Jane Punisher in 2004 (which you might consider a reboot to the Dolph Lundgren version of 1990). The previous flick, while arguably smelling of a Sunday afternoon TNT movie, at least contained balanced amounts of plot, action and character performances. Jane surfaced the pain motivating the Punisher well enough, and proved a nimble and capable vigilante. Even John Travolta, as the #1 bad guy, was a solid fit.

Frank Castle and a few of his helpful friends in a scene from Punisher: War Zone.Punisher: War Zone Review

In War Zone, on the other hand, Ray Stevenson is a clunky and dull Punisher, who is perfectly suited portraying the character in posters or other static moments that require little emotion or movement. He's got the aesthetic down, but at 6'4", Stevenson inspires little confidence in the belief that he can move about unnoticed or make a spirited getaway. His emotional range seems similarly slowed. Obviously the Punisher is quite the stoic fella, but Stevenson could have done so much more with the turmoil and pain considering his admirable performances in HBO's "Rome."

Speaking of HBO, fellow channel brethren, Dominic West (of "The Wire") joins Stevenson in War Zone as the disfigured Jigsaw (seen snapping an innocent neck below), who is certainly short a few pieces of a whole puzzle. Before being thrown into a giant blender by the Punisher, West plays Bill Russoti, an up-and-comer in the mafia who has caught the ire of the evening executor. Russoti manages to survive in ways only a comic villain can - with enough injuries to inspire a newly demented persona. Jigsaw then seeks revenge.

War Zone is actually promising for about the first twenty minutes or so. Stevenson looks like a great Punisher, Alexander has some nicely colored scenes and the violence is what we'd expect, if not gleefully over-the-top. Once Russoti turns to Jigsaw, however, the film takes a campy turn and never looks back. West's performance comes off as more slapstick than insane, and once he's joined by his brother, Looney Bin Jim (Doug Hutchison), who is equal parts cannibal and karate, the pair look like laughable evil misfit toys that the likes of Tim Burton might've dreamed up.

The villain Jigsaw may as well be snapping Frank Castle's neck in this scene from Punisher: War Zone.Punisher: War Zone Review

And let's talk about the blood. Alexander certainly must have found some extra supplies on sale, because War Zone has more blood in it than moody lighting. Heads explode in fantastic thick splashes, skin is pierced like a knife through a napkin and gratuitous fatalities are delivered just for the hell of it. As the movie wears on, you're in a much different place than when you started. Any sense of story or seriousness is shed in favor of the next messy kill. By itself, overdosing on bullets, blood and dimwitted dialogue isn't unwelcome - and it can be fun - but the Punisher story is (and should be) much more than that. Any chance of the brooding vigilante rising to the heights of Hulk, much less Iron Man, is pretty much lost. The Punisher can now, sadly, be buried alongside other fallen favorites like Daredevil and Ghost Rider. RIP.

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imo punisher has never ever had any depth say like batman or any darker antihero based characters like wolverine or Rorschach. he is a 1 dimensional killing machine with no remorse and no moral dilemma this may be why 3 movies later and punisher is still not a good film

nelson on Dec 5, 2008


I bet i will like this better than wall-e and you gave that crap movie a 10/10 This is the best movie news site on the net but fs drops the ball when it comes to reviews.

dac_fan on Dec 5, 2008


I think that one day they will be able to make a decent Punisher movie, but they will need to forget about the whole 'Marvel comic hero' thing and focus entirely on the story. The Punisher is a crap movie star really, unless they made a really good movie first... Punisher second...

Q on Dec 5, 2008


I grew up reading Punisher comics in the late 80's, and this is basically what I wanted from the Dolph Lundgren version. It's violent, twisted, and tongue-in-cheek. As someone mentioned, Frank Castle isn't really deep enough to be given the "Dark Knight" treatment- no matter how hard the modern comics may want him to be. Would you rather have a realistic look at vigilantism, or a movie where the leg of a chair is driven through a bad guy's skull? I know which one I'd prefer.

James on Dec 5, 2008


Does this movie only score so low compared to the Hulk and Iron Man movies or is it just a POS by itself? I'm tempted to see it just for its campiness and over the top deaths.

L on Dec 5, 2008


fuck that review, we all know what we want from this flick. Lots of killing, no story line, just lots of gore. So if thats what i'm getting, i'm so there.

Darrin on Dec 5, 2008


I think reading the first paragraph of your review gave me AIDS.

Wil Keiper on Dec 5, 2008


The movie is good! Obviously this guy reviewing the flick is a tight wad. If you are looking for a a good hard R action flick this is it! Let me guess is favorite movie is WAllE and the Dutchess. Have a real person with balls rate this type of movie! Sheesh!

salmon on Dec 5, 2008


WTF, So I am gonna jump in the air doing a flip, while you shoot a rocket at me, blowing me up! This movie was by far the worst one of the series! Bring back Dolph or Thomas!

The Rambler on Dec 5, 2008


um yeah the story should be there as one of the main points. Ive read the punisher graphic novel and its great and has a good story. I was hoping this film would hold up to that story and the gore. but blood and guts should never take place of a good story. the man lost his family to the hands of the mob he deserves to be a little emotional. he is on the same level as batman or iron man and it is sad to here that it was not as good, even though it didnt look as good from the previews. oh and #2 wall-e was a great movie and you should really rethink what makes a good film good.

tyler on Dec 5, 2008


#1, your post was almost as bad as the film itself. Punisher has had great emotional attributes and is far from one dimensional. And its funny you should mention Rorschach, when i first read Watchmen, all i could think of was, Punisher! Anywho, the campy, bad jokes, acting, and extremely unnecessary exploding heads ruined the film. The emotion and character set ups were way to rushed as well. I was actually engaged in the end of the film until Castle's accomplish decides to say "Eww, i Have Brain Juice On Me." Ruined the only fun i had in the film. Also, Jigsaw seemed to much like a bad attempt at Jack Nicholson's Joker.

al on Dec 5, 2008


OK. I am one PICKY mo' fo' when it comes to movies, but IMHO whether you enjoy Punisher: War Zone or not will depend COMPLETELY on what you’re looking to get out of it. My review (while it wasn't a "great" movie, it was still a lot of fun): Loosen up, Kev. 🙂 Vic on Dec 5, 2008


Good god #8 you have no idea what you are talking about.

Itri on Dec 5, 2008


Thomas Jane was too much of a pretty boy to ever be Frank Castle. Ray looked like the Punisher should look, worn down, beat up, fueled by anger, guilty, hatred and adrenaline. The Punisher doesn't deliever witty one-liners or long drawn out monologues. As a true fan of the Punisher comics I enjoyed War Zone.

Nate on Dec 5, 2008


Nate, untrue. Jane put emotion into it. made it less cartoony. and still kept a lot of the action. I felt a lot more for Jane's punisher than for Stevensons. Vic said it best, it depends what you're lookin for.

al on Dec 5, 2008


I'll just say plain and simply that I liked the movie!

Jason on Dec 5, 2008


I didnt go see this movie expecting deep plot, I expected action, thats what was delivered, that is what was expected, action. the end.

Movieraider321 on Dec 5, 2008


I liked the movie. The guy had no sympothy for his enemies and it was good. I didn't want a long drawn out story and i'm tired of movies trying to be masterpieces. It's gotten old. This movie did what it was suppost to. Kill, Kill and Kill some more. Punisher was a badass in this movie and it did him well. I felt like this guy would kill a dog if it bit at him... shoot it in the damn head. If you want a drawn out story line full of emotional turmoil and reflection...this movie isn't for you BUT if you wanna see the Punisher kill people and blow shit up, then go see this movie. It's good. Not exceptional. Worth the money.

GreaT on Dec 5, 2008


WOAH WOAH THE MAN WHO MADE THIS REVIEW EITHER DEFINITLY HASNT READ THE PUNISHER CMICS cuz trustme dude skin is exactly like tissue AND SECONDLY i do agree the movie was fins the acting could have been better punisher himself could have used better dialogue and betteracting EMOTIONS but everything else about the movie was fine the story was chippp but hey what are you suppose to pull out of the punisher the director obviously didnt want to redo the grief of frank castles over again so he stared a reboot of the movie franchise wel still going with a different story line that did lack

Eric on Dec 5, 2008


Frank castle did three tours of duty in Vietnam, half of which he spent in special forces, the last leg of which he and his company were attacked by multiple platoons of vietnamese soldiers, him being the sole survivor. A year or two later, his wife, son, and daughter were all shot to death in Central Park. Batman's parents were shot when he was a child. The punisher has no moral dilemmas'? No character? No rich storyline? You people are morons.

sicgamer on Dec 5, 2008


1. So I'm gonna ask...for every movie based on a comic book or graphic novel, is everyone going to completely unnecessarily compare it to 'The Dark Knight?' Because that shits getting old already... 2. To be completely honest, this is the best of any Punisher movie. Yes. Its silly, absurd, out-of-control...whatever. At least there was some actual punishing going on and not Tom Jane poking dudes in the back with popsicle sticks. 3. C'mon people...what are you expecting when you watch this movie? If you go in expecting the friggin 'Citizen Kane' of comic book movies you will be upset. But! If you just chill the hell out and let yourself have some fun you will like the movie. 4. Go watch bad people get their faces blown off. It feels good.

Dom on Dec 6, 2008


This review is bullshit. I am sick of the reviewer's on this site not having their own opinion about a film. As the general media goes, so Ken and Kevin go. On every movie.

HealthyPoison on Dec 6, 2008


Okay let's be honest. This movie f'n sucked! face it man. The acting was bad. The one liners were completely stupid. The Villian was horrible. Loony bin Jim. ripping apart a fat man to eat his kidney's. Are you serious and you comic fans think that this movie is good. It had no story line. and Ray Stevenson showed way more emotion about his family then Thomas Janes take on the character. I don't care if it looks so close to the MAX series. it had the worst story line and believe me. Ray Stevenson did a horrible job as the Punisher. Not his fault. It's the screenwriters and the studios fault for letting this happen. Yeah sure there were more death kills but seriously? A group of three bad guys acrobating on top of buildings then gets blown up by a missle launcher? You've got to be kidding me. Jigsaw was a wussy, his brother was better but still horrible. and punching a mans face that made it cave in, C'mon. This movie was straight for the fan's of the MAX Series, and that's what made it so horrible. You want it to attract everyone, so you can create a larger fan base. Thomas Jane's take on the Punisher was what got me interested in The Punisher. I've never heard of the guy until Thomas Jane's movie. Cause it was so much more realistic. This movie was pure crap. oh and like five people walked out during the movie? hope they got there money back cause I didn't!

The_Phantom on Dec 6, 2008


And Yeah I agree with 12 and 15. It all depends on what type of punisher you like. I personally liked Thomas Janes verson cause it seems more realistic. smart and more military. Like they brought him to a real life scenerio.

The_Phantom on Dec 6, 2008


Your Movie Reviews suck ass. You would give that movie a 2.5 out of

Sebastian on Dec 6, 2008


Why does everyone have to hate on Jigsaw? Does anyone remember how insane he was in the comics? The motherfucker made a negative Punisher costume! (Black skull on white) He was way more over the top, and obsessed with killing Castle then in the movie! His mind was on killing Frank 24/7... I liked Dominic West.

Nate on Dec 6, 2008


Reviewer is obviously a wiki knowledge comic fan

Alex on Dec 6, 2008


FUCK! Is it that bad?

Epic Banana on Dec 6, 2008


I saw the movie yesterday with a small audience. I dont think this type of movie will attract large crowds, but it is what it is. I do not think they toned the violence down as was once thought would happen. The show has its good scenes and its rather bad scenes but I wasnt disappointed in the entertainment value. I liked the Jigsaw character and his nutty brother, and even the over the top gory parts----mainly because that was what I expected. They didnt develop Franks character much but so what. This isnt an Oscar attempt and so far none of the 3 attempted Punisher movies has gotten it all right. The ending was wierd-----going black ----------and no credits-------but the sidekicks voice saying "Great, now Ive got brains all over me!" was sort of fitting! If you want great performances-----dont go,but if you want tons of bad guys getting wacked-----this is about as violent as it gets. RHM

randy on Dec 6, 2008


This is what I want from War Zone. I wanna see Castle. Is he there? I wanna see criminals get what's comin' to them. Does that occur? Love the twisted dark humour. Is there any? I want the movie to be brutal, vicious, psycho-excessive and merciless. Does it deliver? I don't like gore. I don't like zombie movies. That stuff gives me nightmares. But when CASTLE does it? It ain't the same at all. When Castle does it, it makes me feel good. Will the flick make me feel good? Peace

Bugs on Dec 6, 2008


i understand that a lot of you were expecting a bad film, and that is possibly why you enjoyed it so much. but for actual fans of the comic, it was a disaster. i wasn't nesecarily looking for it to compare to The Dark Knight, but I also wasnt looking for a movie like Batman and Robin. I simply wanted Punisher. This wasn't Punisher.

al on Dec 6, 2008


Say what you will about the 2004 Punisher, Thomas Jane poured his heart into that movie. The on and off-screen dedication to the role was stupendous, and I'm sure he was truly gutted when the next movie started looking like such a shitshow. I've always been a Punisher fan and I thought he captured the pain and anguish perfectly, regardless of changes to canon. It's a real shame that it's come to this.

YK on Dec 6, 2008


#21 point 1 - total agreement. The Dark Knight isn't even all that enjoyable. #22 - total agreement. And it's getting annoying. #27 ... hehehe! TOTAL agreement ... wiki will only get you so far!

mrbobbyboy on Dec 6, 2008


#32, I think 'heart' is the problem with the 2004 Punisher. War Zone picks up 4 years after Castle been butchering mafiosos left and right (not to mention all other kinds of scum). Before that, he was in the Marines... So, we can assume he has seen his fair share war related horrors. He is numbed. Ray Stevenson gave us an emotionally numbed Punisher. True, he does start to show a little, but it is akward for him. After living a life like he has, emotion isn't easy. Doing what he does and seeing what he sees, there isn't room for crying and bitching. Thomas Jane just came off as a whining pretty boy. He didn't look hateful enough. There were time's when I thought Stevenson would reach out of the screen and strangle me for smuggling candy into the theater! Oh, and I'm not just spouting a theory about war effecting emotions. I was in the Army, a year in Iraq and a year in Afghanistan. That shit will mess you up. And yeah, it does desensetize a person.

Nate on Dec 6, 2008


A lot of cheese, bullets and mayhem! Its everything you want in a dumb action flick and more! If circa 80s/90s dumb action flicks are your bag, this wont disappoint! This aint no Bourne Identity et al, its a big dumb action flick and thats that!

Tedious Ted on Dec 6, 2008


Nate, sure Ray looked beat down and emotion less, but i think accidently. He's just a bad actor is all. Anywho, i very much doubt you were ever in the army.

al on Dec 6, 2008

37 is only good for its trailers, as for its reviews and reviewers, just horrible, plain out horrible. Save yourself the humiliation FS, and hire some worthy reviewers. 2.5? Really? The same dude who gave SEX AND THE CITY A SEVEN?! Rofl.

Ali on Dec 6, 2008



Ali on Dec 6, 2008


you people are f*cking idiots. the film has a 16% on rottentomatoes and you're calling the reviewer out as being a poor? just because you *enjoyed* the movie doesn't mean that it's a *good* movie and can hold up to a critical evaluation. get real.

joe on Dec 6, 2008


Only the dumbest action junkies on the planet are going to like this carp.

Jackson on Dec 6, 2008


you guys should listen to Joe(Post 39)

Al on Dec 6, 2008


#37/ yeah are you a lady? Because if so, i want to marry you...genius words...

Dom on Dec 6, 2008


Punisher kills shit. That's all you really need. Stop being a vagina.

Syphous on Dec 6, 2008


Not as good as I hoped, but moderately entertaining. I am somewhat disappointed by the cartoonish characterization of Jigsaw. He reminded me of the outlandish villians on the old Batman TV series, but without the campy humor.

Joe on Dec 6, 2008


#30...Bugs, that's essentially the entire film. So yes, it will definitely make you feel good. You should check it out.

James on Dec 7, 2008


dang too bad they didn't bring back Thomas Jane to be Frank Castle again

Patrick on Dec 7, 2008


thats what I would've liked to have seen also, Jane was really good in the Punisher

Thomas on Dec 7, 2008


I won't attempt an objective review. My knife is in it....LOL I loved the movie. It was made by hard driving people about a hardened character. who refuses to ignore the darker side of realitys we all face in today's world . He has perfected the job of human trash removal . The word RELENTLESS (Websters Dictionary defines the term) re-lent-less; Unmoved by love or pity: Unceasing, as without mercy. Fits this guy to a T. Some people can't stomach the truth that this character illustrates so well. Frank Castle is doing a job......he's doing it because a million others who 's job it really is ...are to soft, fat, corrupt , scared or lazy to do Justice. Frank does it without a mask or a cape, he says little about it because deep inside it hurts him to know that this is the only answer to a problem. Unfettered, the corrupt dish out untold human misery. Frank is the sin eater, the True Dark Knight. Unlike Batman, Superman, Spiderman and the rest of the comic crew, Frank Castle is a modern day Wyatt Earp. He promptly and effectively answers the call in the order received. All of the above in's a Comic Book......! Thanks to Ray Stevenson, Lexi Alexander, Jon Barton and all for this Great Movie.

relentlessknives on Dec 7, 2008


Well said relentlessknives!!!!

Dom on Dec 7, 2008


Thanks for your input relentessknives. It has convinced me to go and see the movie and enjoy it for what it is.

Joshua on Dec 7, 2008


#48, you made me decide to see this movie ASAP. I wish I would have seen it last night but it was the wife's birthday so we saw 007, which sucked ass. I cant wait to see this.

Richard on Dec 7, 2008


Deep thought of the movie.. well yeah bring the pro to review (it was not an attempt for an Oscar). This is not for everyone to like. But I enjoyed this movie so much. Funny, power, accion, and dude, Ray Stevenson is bad a$$. I don't know a thing about the comic so this helped to enjoy the movie also. This film feels totaly different from all other comic caracters and is not as mainstream as others.

Ruben on Dec 7, 2008


I have been a Punisher fan since the late '80's and have seen the character go from being very comic-bookish to being an even darker, more complex character. Some of the more modern ventures have even been, God forbid, even a tad realistic. After seeing the film, I have to say that I was disappointed. Although there were many elements that I enjoyed such as the choosing of Ray Stevenson to play Frank Castle and the dark tone of the film, I was totally turned off by the total lack of realism. In any film, things are going to be exaggerated and all three have of the Punisher films have had this same dilemma. The Jane version, albeit with all of its faults, had great tactical advisement. I had done some research previously into the tactical advisors for War Zone. They had a great group of combat Marines as their tech guys. This leaves the problem with the direction. It's going to be the case that for any film, things are made fantastic to show up well on celluloid. I've got that. For myself and other combat vets/Punisher fans, we were looking for little bit more bang for our buck. Keep the violence, keep the gore even, but just make it a bit more realistic. A forty-plus-year-old former Marine isn't going to be flipping through the air, hanging from chandeliers, or jumping across city streets. I think they've got the beginnings of a good formula here, but a few tweaks here and there could actually make for a successful film.

Eric on Dec 8, 2008


Well, that's the problem: I would go the serious route too, Eric. But you're now talkin' about a grim-as-hell action flick. How would THAT attract anybody? (not that it could do worse money-wise, ouch) Listen, I know everyone of us REAL Punisher fans has the PERFECT WAY to put Frank onscreen. SO MUCH SO, that at the same time, we can't help but realize that ON FILM... Frank is too much of a uni-dimensional, unredeemable, UNPLEASANT individual. NOTHING for the kiddies to look up to. Quite the opposite in fact. There's is not an OUNCE of heroism in him, a fact that only us REAL Punisher fans seem to accept. Rest of the world doesn't accept it; it's the sad truth. Jane's flick made double on opening weekend; what does that tell us? In the books, we HAVE "depth of character" on Castle and his enemies cuz of the NARRATIVE, sorely lacking in ALL the flicks. But at least Lexi has shown us The Man for the FIRST time. She deserves to have her name chiseled along the greats who have contributed positively to the Castle legacy in the Halls of Lee. Thankfully, we will be able to pray to the Castle Shrine when this thing gets out on DVD and hopefully, Lionsgate won't think that because the movie bombed at the Box Office, they have to change the leading man. For godssakes, no! Ray was perfect. Sequel please for us freaks! Barring that if unprofitable for you, give the character an HBO series and rake in the dough. Episodic Castle would be better than Sagaesque Castle. His adversaries tend not to live long enough to become worthy of a 2hr film. Peace

Bugs on Dec 8, 2008


well good job retards you have just wreaked this franchise fo me by making thi load of crap could have made it good but woops you sliped and you draged the series down with you.

chuck on Dec 8, 2008


oh and i liked the acter from the 2004 punisher movie then maybe it would have been better but ill never know will i

chuck on Dec 8, 2008


I just went to see punisher and it was good id say 6.5 out of 10. I know i'll be buying it on bluray. The critics on this site don't know there ass from a hole in the ground.

dac_fan on Dec 9, 2008


As an avid Punisher comic reader, and anyone that knows what the fuck they're talking about will attest to, they were both great movies!!! Even Dolph Lungrens wasn't all that bad, even by "80's" standards...Thomas Jane drew people in by performing Frank Castle as a man we watched get destroyed, then dealt with it. The new one would have been better in my opinion only by finding a way to keep Thomas Jane, I say that simply because continuity is very important to me personally. I still would have loved the Fisrt one if the new guy Ray Stevenson had been the one to plug Travolta and the rest of the those of you bitching and complaining that "it was just senseless violence"boo-boo-hoo-boo! Pick up any Pumisher comic, any issue, and you will find that thats what seperates Frank castle from the other so called vigilantes...he does not discriminate! He hates everybody, and will kill a room full of our grandmothers to get to one man that he feels deserves it. I f you know nothing about the comics and went to see it anyway, having no frame of reference to compare this bloodthirsty, psycho/alcoholic to, shut up and learn something about what it is your about to spend $10 to watch. you might find before you spend the money and in turn piss off true fans that it might not be your cup of tea. It was awesome because it reflected the originality of the COMIC BOOK Frank Castle, not the basgaining, chit-chatting pussy you wanted to see........Thank you for your comment Jackson comment #40 and Joe#39

CHICK on Dec 10, 2008


look thee been bloodyer movie then this and its not rite what you thinking, some people think he is awsome something he is bad i think do you dare juge , you should atlest exipet it as it is, have you heard the saying if you got nothing nice to say say nothing at all

alexis hernandez on Dec 10, 2008


Well a day has passed since i saw the punisher and i thought about the movie all day long. I think it was great and I may just go see it again. If your board just sitting around the house I recomend going to check this film out. Its a great popcorn flick. If you liked rambo you'll love this one.

dac_fan on Dec 10, 2008


The new punisher was ok, lot of action kicking ass and taking names. What would you expect from the punisher. I have read a few punisher comics and thought this version was true to the comic. But i did like the 2004 tom jane version better, but they were both good

andy on Dec 12, 2008


i have scene the trailer this looks kick ass the whole movie will be probebly hard extreme action better then the other one i hop he will us more guns in this anyways its a definet that i am going to see this

DRUID50 on Dec 13, 2008


#24... Thomas Jane Punisher more realistic??? Bah!!!... he blown up cars forming a shape of punisher skull on the ending scene!.. is that realistic to you or you just wanna get fucked by Thomas Jane???

DracooLa on Dec 17, 2008


This is reply commit #58 CHICK get a life that movie sucked ass. Yeah sucked ass, stop reading comics so much and go watch a decent movie for a change...put down the comics. Nobody cares about how you think about continunity, its a movie get real. CONTINUNITY are you kidding me ur breaking this movie down like its an experiment for man kind and then you go on this boo hoo boo hoo rant. Are you 8yrs old, did your mommy let you see this movie PUSSY its a movie Get A LIFE you are a JACKASS and FUCKING STUPID

good taste on Dec 23, 2008


3 things for # 64....... 1. If you think I'm stupid for wanting a movie to be based on its 30+ years of backround, well...I cant possibly fathem a dumber reason to start talking shit to no less,hahaha. 2. So far, you appear to be the dumbest Son of a bitch ever to reply to a comment I have made. I'm laughing Hysterically at the fact you cursed in BOLD typing like your already useless ass-wipe of a response would be listened to more closely..... 3. Lastly, only a chicken- shit, pussy-ass, degenerate spunk bubble like yourself would talk shit like you have to someone on a movie reviewing website online...I'll bet you either got the living shit beat out of you everyday growing up, or, you have never had the shit rightfully beaten out of you. -Those types of chicken shit come out exactly the same, adorable, hahaha...swallow a knife you waste of flesh. sincerly, CHICK

CHICK on Dec 23, 2008


#64 if i could laugh in your face i would -nicely put chick-

IAMSAM on Dec 24, 2008


give them hell CHICK!!! i also am an avid comic book reader now that i lost my job, house, well basicly everything and i now live in my parents basement, due to the fucking economy. i have had a lot of time on my hands and i have been able to reread my comic book collection especially my favorite THE PUNISHER. and CHICK u are absolutly right they were both great movies and if people would take time to learn about the comic they would agree with you and I. dont worry about these other guys giving u hell on here they need to find something else to do besides bash people on here. just keep up the great post CHICK and i look forward to reading them all.

Homeless Businessman on Dec 24, 2008


Wow uhmm hey it's just a movie people! That being said It was good not great but good.It was way bettter than TJ's version. After 23 years in the infantry I'm still amazed at what people think is real. the action in the 04 version with TJ was so cheesy i thought I was having lunch.And please,please tell me you folks are kidding about John T being a great bad-guy.Man he looked like a southbeach hair dresser(although probably not as tough) This newest WZ version was way over the top! but at least it was fun.I too am sick of hollyweird types telling stories of their endless dedication to training to fake fight each other ......lmfao!!!!! if Thomas jane actually trained that much for the 04 version he oughta get a refund. I thought ray's take was better.He actually did look like the punisher.thats my 2 cents ,,like it's worth even 1,so enjoy or don't,but hey I didn't agree with the reveiwer but lets ease off the personal slammming it's pretty low rent.

Daremoe on Jan 20, 2009


This was great movie.

hoteles on Feb 8, 2009

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