Koen Mortier Directing Chuck Palahniuk's Haunted

October 20, 2008

Koen Mortier Directing Chuck Palahniuk's Haunted

Chuck Palahniuk's books are going fast, so if you want to direct one, hurry up and throw your name into the hat. Palahniuk's "Haunted" is the latest to secure a director - Koen Mortier of last year's Ex-Drummer has signed on to write the adaptation and direct. "Haunted" is a thriller comedy that revolves around a group of characters who answer an ad for a writers retreat and unwittingly end up competing in a "Survivor"-like scenario, where the host withholds heat, power and food. As the storytellers grow more desperate they ruthlessly plot to make themselves the hero of the reality show or film that they expect will be made from their plight. It's a little bit funky, but so are all of Palahniuk's stories.

I can't speak for Mortier, since I never saw Ex-Drummer, but I'll say that I think "Haunted" is a good fit for a director who can bring something fresh and unique into the mix and isn't watered down by Hollywood. Mortier is just that, which is a good start, let's just hope he can direct. I'm much more interested in the story of "Haunted" and think I may just pick up a copy of the book soon anyway (described as "one part Canterbury Tales, one part Lord of the Flies, and 100 percent classic Palahniuk"), because it sounds like such a twisted and fun romp into the crazy mind of Chuck Palahniuk. I just hope Survivor and Lullaby gain some ground as well, because after Choke this year, I'm in need of some more Chuck Palahniuk.

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i was kinda hoping this would wind up as a mini-series rather than a movie. i hope it doesnt suck

mos on Oct 20, 2008


While I'm excited to see another work adapted by one of my favorite authors, I have a few issues: 1. No way will "Guts" be given its disgusting celluloid justice. 2. I would rather see Invisible Monster, Survivor or Lullaby made NOW! 3. Some of the connected parts in Haunted were weak sauce.

Matt on Oct 20, 2008


Alex, this quote is wrong "where the host withholds heat, power and food." The host gives them heat, power and food, it is the authors themselves that sabotage the heat, power and food. Its an important part of the plot. But other than that great article! 🙂

Johnny Crow on Oct 20, 2008


i seriously doubt guts will be a part of this. that story actuall grossed me out and nothing ever does.

ddog on Oct 20, 2008


I really enjoyed Haunted.. just read in about a month ago... seems like it could be a good movie if done correctly... And I really can't wait to see "Guts" lol

CSpuppydog on Oct 21, 2008


I love the book, but I'm a bit concerned to see how this will translate to the screen; the stories contained within it cover a broad spectrum of emotions, but don't really seem as though they'd lend themselves easily to adaptation. As with all of the Palahniuk properties, I'll maintain a cautious optimism that they're handled well.

Stiles on Oct 21, 2008


Haunted was one of the few novels in my life I ever quit reading. The book basically sucked IMHO. If you have not read the book just understand that this was a test by Chuck P to see if they will publish anything that he writes. The characters are shallow and you can't grab hold of anyone and like them. The dialog is atrocious and the scenes are mashed together in such a random fashion that the book makes almost no sense. I even tried to listed to the Audio version but it just bored the hell out of me. I could care less about them cutting off body parts to be the victim. But yes as #3 noted the "host" doesn't do anything but lock them in the building it is the "victims" that do it all. I also don't think hat they will do "Guts" any justice on film. I hope the movie is better then the novel.

lordunborn on Oct 21, 2008


Haunted was a great book...the writing style was unique (much like Rant) that really enhanced the overall composition. It will be a difficult movie to make though, because of that style, and the flashbacks and different plot delivery devices. Also, "Guts" has to make the cut, as it the most well-known (and to most of us: best loved) excerpt/segment of any Chuck novel. I am apprehensive though, that "Guts" will be omitted or butchered though due to its content.

Tim on Oct 21, 2008


Yeah, Haunted is a real disappointment. "Guts" was actually first published, IIRC, in the Observer newspaper, and Haunted, supposedly a compendium of like-minded short stories by CP, feels like a load of filler tacked on to the opening, awesome, short story. The thread between the stories is terrible, and gimmicky, and like much that CP writes, feels tacky and something to trudge through just for a few worthwhile pages (95% of Invisible Monsters and Survivor are bad, just bad, not bad-good). Here's hoping for a portmanteau movie with a new or no 'thread', that only features Guts, Exodus and Frostbite (is that the right title) - these were the only memorable or worth remembering moments of Haunted.

Rich on Oct 22, 2008

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