Kung Fu Panda 2 Officially Headed to Theaters in 2011

October 1, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

We've already been saying 2011 will be one hell of a year. Now throw into a mix a sequel to one of the best DreamWorks animated movies since Shrek. Kung Fu Panda 2 has official begun production and is slated for release on June 3rd, 2011. Both Jack Black and Angelina Jolie will return for the sequel, which will follow Po, "the world's biggest kung fu fan, as he continues his journey as the chosen one who fulfills an ancient prophesy while mastering the art of kung fu." Screenwriters Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger (who also had their own story today as well) will be back, as will producer Melissa Cobb. Jennifer Yuh Nelson, who was the head of story on the first film, will take over directing duties this time around.

We've heard that this was in the works earlier in the summer when Kung Fu Panda first hit theaters, and my reaction then is the same now - this should be exciting to see. I was quite a fan of that movie and would love to see a sequel, but as we all know, sequels don't necessarily mean instant success. Although in the animation world, anything goes. It'll at least be fun to see the lovable Po the Panda return, since he was such a delightfully entertaining character. Thankfully I'm not one of the only ones who loved Kung Fu Panda - most of my moviegoing friends loved the movie more than they thought they would. The only semi-bad news - Kung Fu Panda 2 is due out in 3D. But maybe that isn't such a bad thing after all…

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I wrote a Kung Fu Panda comic book sequel for Dreamworks ... I'll be VERY interested to see this film!!!

mrbobbyboy on Oct 2, 2008


KFP has a good shot of ending up on my Top 10 list for the year. I loved it a bundle. I'll start the rigorous training my eyeballs will need to be able to withstand a 3-d film as soon as I finish writing this.

kevjohn on Oct 2, 2008


I love KFP i wasn't expecting that movie to be that good and funny when i saw it at the movie theater. I'm glad i did and now i can't wait for the sequel.

AKUMARED on Oct 2, 2008


Wow, I didn't know they were going to make a sequel! I loved the movie, and lets hope the 2nd is good! πŸ˜‰

Catz2 on Oct 2, 2008


Kung Pu Panda. Beverly Hills Chihuahua... Oh, how I chortle at these high concept titles!

avoidz on Oct 2, 2008


That's gunna be so awesome . I love kung fo panda po is freaking awesome and reminds me of me well except for the amazingness of kung fu . . I can't wait . I guess I'm gunna have to.

i love that there making another one on Nov 22, 2008


i love kung fu panda crane is my fav. i hope crane and po will be friends in the 2nd one because they had a lot of parts together in the 1st one. plus let crane have a girlfriend in the 2nd one as well please maybe named after me and let nicole sullivan play her she did kung fu chacaters like mira nova and shego on kim possible. i hope dreamworks will see or read this stuff please

alicia martin on Dec 3, 2008


I love Kung Fu Panda 1 and i can't wait when the second one comes out!!!

Sejla on Dec 6, 2008


I can't wait! three years no prob. Since i've seen it my family is so in to kung fu.

leona on Dec 22, 2008


They should name the sequel 'Enter the Panda'.

Michael Miller on Dec 25, 2008


Can I hear a whoop whoop! I AM SO HAPPY! i get to see Shifu Again! I LOVED this movie! Jack Black And Ian Mcshane AND lets not forget Dustin Hoffman DID AMAZING! i don't think tey could have picked a better cast! i do hope that the 2nd instalment will be As good or better! Because i always like Dreamworks sequels to there movies better the the first like Shrek And Madagascar GREAT MOVIE!

TheWeirdKidInTheBackoftheclass on Jan 14, 2009


Yes I agree can't wait for Kung Fu panda 2

Vampiro_67115 on Apr 17, 2011


WOW! I can't wait to see it! I absolutely loved the first movie! And it coems out only six days beofre my birthday! I really want to see it!

Alise Brakeville on Feb 2, 2009


The movie is sooooooooooooooooo cooooooool and it comes out on my b-day!

theweirderkidinthebackoftheclass on Feb 22, 2009


I cannot wait for the Kung Fu Panda sequel! It's coming out on the day when I still may be in college, or maybe not, but that's alright. I get to see Po, Shifu, and the Furious Five again! Now, I think Monkey needs to speak some more parts in this second movie, because he really didn't say much in the first one, but he said quite a bit. Also, you know Mei Ling from Secrets of the Furious Five? Well, I hope she's in the sequel, too. Wouldn't it be nice for Crane to see his old friend again? Also, I hope there's a Chinese dragon in the sequel, so I can't wait for more culture! πŸ™‚ There could be so many questions about the sequel that I could ask, but whatever the outcome, I'm going to really enjoy it, like I enjoyed the first Kung Fu Panda film! Thanks for making a masterpiece, Dreamworks! πŸ˜‰

Shari on Mar 3, 2009



jake on Apr 6, 2009


This is great news. I watched KFP again last night - I love it. Problem is I am 28 y/o male. I am going to need to borrow some kids to take to this film. The is no charge for awesomeness

Panda fan on Apr 18, 2009


I think this movie should add another animal with a deadly kung fu style. Think of this, there's a kung fu style called the Panther style and there should be a panther named Saba, with the voice of Jason David Frank. This is only a thought, not a persuasion. I like making ideas.

Jacob Waters on Apr 18, 2009


Well I still am a fan today, why? because I'm a 12 year old who can be! and I have a crush on Po, haha! Shhh don't tell the DreamWork Producers of Jack Black...:P Nah Just kidding but anyways, I can't wait for the sequel I will see it and go in it an hour on the day it starts!

Kailyn on Apr 24, 2009


Actually, I think you're missing a few things: 1: The name of the new movie is said to be "Kung Fu Panda 2: The Wheel of Time" or something along those lines. 2: Dustin Hoffman (the voice of the totally awesome Master Shifu) also mentioned his return to reprise his role. (He mentioned it when he was betting interviewed on the red carpet on the night of the Golden Globe Awards; I know because my mom and I saw him on TV that night.) And it's pretty safe to assume that the rest of the Furious Five voice actors (David Cross "Crane", Lucy Liu "Viper", Seth Rogen "Mantis" and Jackie Chan "Monkey") are going to make a possible return as well. (And probably the voices of Po's father Mr. Ping and Zeng as well.) 3: There are rumors about Mei Ling from Secrets of the Furious Five is said to also be in the new movie. Other than that, I think you've got it all there. Anyway, I am really looking forward to this new movie. Maybe this time I'll get to see it in theaters! (My mom didn't take us to see it for some reason... Probably because she doesn't like Angelina Jolie.) I know this might sound really weird since I'm a teenager, but I don't care; I simply ADORE this movie, and I absolutely LOVE Shifu! (Dustin Hoffman SO deserved that award he got for his voice acting on that. He rocks! I mean, seriously. His flexibility in all his roles never ceases to amaze me.) I heard there also might be a bit of romance involved in the second one, which isn't all that bad, but in all honesty, I seriously hope they disprove of this whole stupid Crane/Viper thing once and for all. Seriously, it's a dumb pairing. If they have pair Viper with somebody, please let it be Mantis! And if there is a romance for Tigress, please let it be Po! (Honestly, I'm sick of all this Tigress/Shifu crap. It's pointless and dumb.) And as for a woman for Crane... I hope they pair him up with Mei Ling. (Again, it'd be a nice end to this whole Crane/Viper thing.) And as for Monkey... Please let Monkey be with somebody! That is, if there's gonna be any romance. Just an idea. Okay, rant aside, I'm really excited and I want to see it. Badly. I don't know if I can wait that long to see it, but I'll try. ;P

I'm Not Giving My Name To A Machine! on Apr 25, 2009


Shifu was my number one favorite! I hope he has a big part in KFP 2

Anonomous on May 16, 2009


I was very surprised with the first "Kung Fu Panda", and would very much like to see a sequel. Po was a very interesting character, the traditional inept hero on the journey to better himself. I believe we can all relate to that. I was also surprised that Dustin Hoffman and Jackie Chan had lent their voices to this film, but both did an impressive job. There was plenty of comedy, vibrant animation, and very masterfully done martial arts scenes. I am a fan of action movies! As a writer myself, I would've been more than willing to write a script for the sequel, but since I am inexperienced, I think it best to leave it to the experts. But, should there be a job opening at the DreamWorks' Screenplay Department (hint hint) . . . . I am very much looking forward to Kung Fu Panda 2: (insert subtitle here), and I hope DreamWorks will continue to build on this franchise for a long time. (BTW, I read that the sequel's title would be "Kung Fu Panda 2: Pandamonium". True or untrue, I am not sure.)

J. A. George on May 29, 2009


what is kung fu panda 2 about?

mike on Jun 4, 2009


I think that Kung Fu Panda is an amazing and breakthrough achievement for Dreamworks. I hope you guys keep up the good work, and maybe in the sequel you could have a Fox as one of the new bad/good guys. That would be awesome!! Please keep up the good work guys.

Fox on Jun 8, 2009


Kung fu panda 2: the kaboom of doom, correct? Anyone watch after the credits of the original? It's been coming on HBO lately if you don't own a copy yourself;)

stewie on Jun 8, 2009


awsome!! cant wait!!

peter on Jun 10, 2009


This is so AWESOME!!!! I can't wait for the second movie to come out. I got so many ideas for this movie. I think the second movie should be about a very powerful female spirit named Yan yu (means -"misty rain") and her powers allow her to assume the appearance of a beautiful panda. As it turns out Po falls in love with her.Their love is strong, but is interfeared with by the misguided efforts of Dan dan - an ancient wizard who beleives Yan yu to be the embiodment of an evil demon. Only through the efforts of Po, the furious five, Master shifu, and crane's faithful friend Mei ling can true love survive. This is just an idea that I have for the next movie and I hope that DREAMWORKS likes it.

BIG FAN!!! on Jun 16, 2009


I wonder if Tai Lung is going to be back? He is my favorite bad guy ever and he was so awesome. But nobody knows id he died or not.

Jacqueline on Jun 19, 2009


He came back in the 2nd game it's only on Nintendo DS and on Nintendo Wii...but they said in the sequel "A Mysterious warrior that threatens the extinction/word of Kung Fu." It could be him they just won't say if it is him or not.

Kailyn on Jun 20, 2009


They did not include the Kungfu Styles of:Frog,Mongoose,Bear and Dragon.

MaryTheBombi on Jul 11, 2009


Many people talk about Master Shifu.Can't you remember Master Oogway the old Turtle? He died and Master Shifu was the one who continued to teach Po about Kungfu.

MaryTheBombi on Jul 11, 2009


I heard that there was going to be a kung fu panda tv series on nickoloden in 2010. If that's true, i can wait for it!

BIG FAN!!! on Jul 28, 2009


I read online that Kung fu panda 2 was going to be about a new villian who has a mysterious weapon that is so powerful, it would destroy the existance of kung fu. In order for po to defeat this villian, he must first face his long lost past.

BIG FAN!!! on Jul 28, 2009


I liked.

Tonya L. on Aug 5, 2009


I CANT WAIT!!! its gonna be awesome! well in my opinion i think Tai Lung should a good guy....because i love Tai Lung, and i guess Ian Mcshane (tai lung) is returning 4 the second movie, i think tai lung and tigeress should get together and for shifu, i think some girl from his childhood should visit and then they would fall in love, and 4 Po. i have no idea. but i think mantis and viper would make a cute couple, i guess Po,Crane,and monkey are the single ones. and i agree with Im not giving my name to a machine(hahahahahahahahahahahahhahah best name ever) Dustiin Hoffman is a Incredible actor and never ceases to astound me.

mailing. hahaha when u put mai ling together sounds like mailing! on Aug 9, 2009


If anyone want to give ideas for kfp2 or make your own history of the movie just go to FanFiction.

OmegaDragon3000 on Aug 9, 2009


awesome! i can't wait to see Kung Fu Panda 2 .The best movie I saw Was Kung Fu Panda 1,And I can Easily say that Kung Fu Panda 2 will be the best movie I see.Best of luck to Dreamworks Animation,and thanks to create KungFu Panda 2.2011

Rahul on Aug 10, 2009


I think panda sucks! It's so bad idea for making panda series.

Heather Johnson on Aug 12, 2009


Heather Johnson : you imbecile.

aa on Aug 18, 2009


Wow, I am waiting for that. The funny endless kung Fu of Panda. It is really fun today even we see that movie. I love that movie. Thank you for informing.

carte r4 on Aug 21, 2009


we have been working on it for a while it is going to be better than the first kung fu panda boom of doom go check it out june 3 2011 even in 3-d thankyou i love all my fans

Angelina jolie on Aug 22, 2009


Angelia johnson u suck

joe jimmy on Aug 27, 2009


Don't be hate'in Ur just jealous because u don't have an amazing voice like her Ur voice problably sounds like a dieing pig >XD (HAHA) For reals. "Haters these days" Just. Kidding Hope u can take joke

Vampiro_67115 on Apr 9, 2011


Kung fu panda was an amazing movie in both animation and storyline, ill be it a bit qliche, it was still rather captivating. Not to mention the amazing quality that was put into this movie. I also found that many rather... how to put this... crude, fanfictions that were based on this movie still were able to captivate the proper essence of the characters. And i know from experience this is only possible from having seen a great work of cinema. I do hope that KFP2 is just as good as the first, Good Job Dreamworks. ZK, age 15

ZK Pandafan on Aug 31, 2009


Here's a scoop! I heard that they might add in some villain that knows majic and stuff

Kailyn on Aug 31, 2009


AWESOME! Kung Fu Panda has a Sequel! *faints* However, why must it come out soooooo late?! I want to watch before the world ends! Sigh, 2010 wouldve been better, but oh, well! I cant wait to see it!

Reese on Sep 6, 2009


KUNG FU FREAKING PANDA THE SEQUEL! ZOMG! KFP was the best Dreamworks movie I've seen since SHREK! WOOT, WOOT!!

FIND ME ON NEOPETS!!!!!! on Sep 6, 2009


Cool! I am liking Po and Tai Lung.

Tonya L. on Sep 15, 2009


Is Tai Lung coming for Po?

Tonya L. on Oct 10, 2009


Who is the new villian?

Tonya L. on Oct 11, 2009


Poor Shifu, he had a sad life. No wonder he was always grumpy.

Sophie on Oct 13, 2009


They've also got a world they're building, it's called Kung Fu Panda World, and I'm the first person to make a video about it on YouTube but it's very short. you can see my name on it, it's Tyannalyn, and if I get to join KFP W and choose a name, it'll be MasterKai3056 or just MasterKai

Kailyn on Oct 28, 2009


Kung Fu panda 2 awsomeness!I can't wait for it I hope tigress gets more parts in the movie but po also

Fernando on Nov 24, 2009


Also I hope dreamworks get my message apparently slot of my friends love po and tigress I bet the movie is going to be awsome.but I wonder will tai long come back for his revenge!!!!!!!!!!!I wonder what shi Fu will do on po adventure and the furios 5

Fernando on Nov 24, 2009


I cannot wait, I'm quite excited. BUT Tai Lung can't die, and there should be more flashbacks. Mmhm. Moreeee flashbacks ('spetchuly to when Tai Lung and or Tigress were young, they were cute little cubs) YEAH DEAL WITH IT FU.

Kovu on Dec 12, 2009


OMG!!! This is the best movie ever!!! It is my favourite movie! If there really is a sequel, that would be so cool! I will be first in line to watch it!!!! My friend hasn't seen the first one STILL (i know, weird huh? lolz) but I am going to MAKE her watch it! Plus, I, along with many other people, are making Kung Fu Panda fanfics on In mine, it is a love story, it's not all lovey-dovey, it's really cute though, take a look at the stories, they are awesome! Almost as good as the movie itself. Another thing, what will the sequel be about? If anyone knows, please mssg. Thanks!!

Jacinta on Dec 15, 2009


Oh yeah!!!!!!Can't wait for the next comment

Jb on Dec 20, 2009


WOAH. Can't wait. You guys with the opinions on how the second movie should go, check out, lol. ONE MORE YEAR!!!

James on Jan 20, 2010


Jason David Frank is awesome! The Green Ranger was always my favorite.

Elizabeth on Mar 14, 2010


I love this movie like everything...i have seen it for more that 10 times in one week....waiting for part 2 all the characters are lovable.....Po is the really a great work by Dreamworks.... All the best...expecting the same from you for part 2. πŸ™‚

Sachin on Mar 29, 2010


Kung Fu Panda is one of my favorite work of dreamworks and I can't wait to see this movie!!!! I have seen this movie 5 times in one week!! I'm really one of the big fans of Kung Fu Panda!!!! I hope all of the characters in part 1 would be included in the sequel especially master shifu!!!!!!! I love master shifu and po!!!! I'm so excited to see this movie!!!!! Thanks guys for making a sequel!!

Sharnie on Jun 3, 2010


I hope Shifu would also bne part in this movie!!!!!! Kung Fu Panda is really awesome and the best!!!!!! I'm so Excited!!!!

Sharnie on Jun 3, 2010


Yeah Shifu will return, hey mabye we can become good friends on KFPW. I am Respected Dangerous Claws if you see me on Kung Fu Panda World|!

kailyn on Jun 4, 2010


I really want too but i can't access in kung Fu Panda World so i'm sorry... I'm so excited to see what will be the role of shifu in this chapter...

Sharnie on Jun 5, 2010


What about Tai Lung?

Tonya L. on Jun 13, 2010


I loved the first part......... I still watch it twice everyday............ hope this one is great too

T2cool on Jun 16, 2010


Lord Shen is a new villain.

Tonya L. on Aug 14, 2010


It's me again! yes, lord shen is also a peacock, how funny is that?! I am also excited to see what he looks like, is he cute, or ugly, or what? a normal pea cock? I never heard his voice actor's voice I dont think, gotta see how it is!

Kailyn on Nov 12, 2010


well, i saw this, and i can not believe that they're making a 2nd one! i have a HUGE crush on Po (no lie). Oh, and for whoever else does, you and i have cartooncharacterofobia. it means you are in love with a cartoon character... yeah. Heres what i want to happen: Master Shifu's granddaughters come and visit. They're young ladies. And yes, they're cats. Their names are Koran (oldest), Kaylelle (middle), and Kirlei (youngest). Well, Po soonde develops a Huge crush on Kaylelle (who is based on me). Kaylelle notices this soon. She finally tells Po that she has a twin sister- an evil twin sister. Her name is Karthandelour (Karth-ann-dell-orr). She is out to murder Po because he killed and or brought Tai Lung back to the good side (she was in love with Tai Lung). Sooooooo, Po and the furious five and everyone else try the only way to stop this-go to this volcano on the other side of china. Karthandelour is there, she tries to kill everyone, Kaylelle tells Po to kiss her, it will save them all. so he happily and gladly does, and then... well, Kaylelle's skin falls off, and it turns out, her spirit is made out of fire. I will let dreamworks decide what happens next.. I am going to send these ideas to dreamworks, but with more detail.. what do you think?

Writegirl42 on Jan 14, 2011


kung fu panda-- damn nice movie. Can't wait the sequel. Can't! But am afraid i'd find it not so exciting as the first. Well, that is what happens to most movies.

Jonahbigman on Feb 27, 2011


I love kung fu panda, it is one of my favorite movies, i love it.

Rakesh Narang on Feb 28, 2011


Haha... great expectations... πŸ˜€

Rakesh Narang on Feb 28, 2011


Do you think Panda Express will help promote it?

Koowie on May 12, 2011

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