Lauren Shuler Donner Updates X-Men Origins: Magneto

November 12, 2008
Source: Empire


There's been an explosion of news recently regarding the X-Men Origins: Magneto spin-off that has been in development at Fox since X-Men 3 hit theaters in 2006. But none of it is new - we knew last April that the film would be about Erik Lehnsherr's younger years during WWII. Thus, the only Magneto news worth writing about is something actually new - thankfully Empire has something new. They recently spoke with Lauren Shuler Donner, the producer behind anything X-Men, and got an update on the status of the project - but it seems it's still in limbo, at least until X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits theaters.

Donner explains that, "I think first we wanted to make Wolverine, and then David [Goyer] took another film [The Unborn], and there wasn't a lot of time." That gets us up to speed, given that the project is currently somewhat stuck in limbo at the moment. She adds, "But I'd like to make that – we'll have to see." By that last statement, she means "we'll have to see" about the box office returns of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And judging by the hype at Comic-Con and other buzz, it's due to make bucket loads of cash. And to reiterate what was confirmed last year about the story, she adds that "we have a script on Magneto which is actually sort of Magneto and Charles Xavier - it's Erik and Charles in their early, early years."

Anyone who follows the industry closely knows that Fox is a pain in the ass when it comes to making these kinds of movies. Apparently Gavin Hood has been having a tough time making the Wolverine movie he wants. And I'm guessing that fight is why Magneto is still stuck in development hell - Fox stubbornly doesn't want to move forward on Magneto until they know that Wolverine makes money. I'm not the only smart person who knows that the WWII trend is gaining momentum, which means this movie would fit in even more. Hopefully someone at Fox is smart enough to eventually give this the greenlight?

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Again, there go the suits at Fox!! Makin' a big horse's ass of themselves!!

Blue Silver on Nov 12, 2008


F*ck Fox! They totally ruined everything that X-2 had going for it by making that shit pile of a movie from Brett Ratner. That movie was worse than Spiderman 3.

Knight Rider on Nov 12, 2008


id have to disagree with number two, x-men 3 was better than spiderman 3. At least they didnt show a dumbass dancing like an idiot and thinking hes badass with his emo black hair.

cmedina on Nov 12, 2008


I actually thought that x-3 was the best of the three movies.

Sammy on Nov 12, 2008


Yeah, sorry, but no X-Men movie is worse than Spiderman 3. Not to say I absolutely LOATHE that movie, but it wasn't as good as X3.

The Whom on Nov 12, 2008


i agree what makes sipdey 3 even worse is atleast x 3 was'nt the same director

nelson on Nov 12, 2008


I just hope that they make X-Men Origins: Magneto because he's one of my all-time favorite comic book characters and if they do it right it could be greatness. As long as they keep making X-men movies and other Marvel movies I'll be happy even if they kind of suck, they're bound to make another good one eventually.

x men t shirts on Nov 12, 2008


why do we all have to hate on Spidey 3? leave everyone's favorite wall crawler alone! i still love you Spidey. 🙂 and X3 was a disappointment. Wolverine will probably be good, and a Magneto movie could be good, or poor. I don't think it would be great.

dave13 on Nov 12, 2008


Spider-man 3 was horrid. Topher Grace was a crappy casting choice, Vemon was cheesy, the story (or is should say 4+ mini stories abridged) was convoluted, Harry Osbourne bonking his head on multiple pipes was lame, Emo Toby is his George McFly look-a-like contest, Kirsten Dunst's face, the "Black" costume in a box.... I cant find anything good about that movie... Oh wait, here it is 1) Sandman 2) Bryce Dallas Howard's figure 3) The end of the movie

L on Nov 12, 2008


I got up and walked out of Xmen3 when Mystique lost her powers. I later heard that Scott was killed, Professor X was maybe killed, Shrike was killed, etc etc. I later got the movie from a friend and staggered through it. What garbage. 1+2 were at least close to the comic, even if they didn't explore how Mystique is Rogue's mother. The title was The Last Stand....WE GOT IT, It will be the last movie, it does not mean you have to kill off people that AREN'T DEAD IN THE COMIC. Amateurs. And a simple "Hello, brother." would've told newer fans that Juggernaut was Professor X's brother instead of new fans thinking the helmet is used to crash through walls. They'd know it serves the same purpose as Magneto's. So in short, I'm very leery about these 'Origins' movies and just how they're going to screw them up. I hope not.

mayej on Dec 21, 2008

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