Lexi Alexander Talks Punisher: War Zone Status

April 8, 2008
Source: Official Blog

Punisher: War Zone

Punisher: War Zone is one of those movies we're not going to hear about for a while. There are at least five big comic book movies this summer, so Lionsgate is going to steer clear of the mess until the summer is over, especially with Punisher's new December release date. However, director Lexi Alexander has just finished their very first cut and showed it to the studios and they seem satisfied, which I guess is a good sign? Although she doesn't provide that big of an update, at least its something to hold us over and keep us thinking about Punisher until August.

Lexi explains on her official blog that she screened the film on April 1st to the studio and said "it went well" and she'll "probably have to compromise on a few minor notes", but "it's not nearly as bad as some of my filmmaker friends predicted it would be." Now the thing is, I've been waiting and waiting to finally get a feeling for the type of movie Lexi has created, because I'm guessing she's bringing something very unique to it, but alas I still don't know. We've seen some photos, but we need some footage. I really want to know if this is as true of film as Lexi's last one - Green Street Hooligans.

Incase you ddn't know, Lionsgate also moved the release date to December 5th, which is actually a fairly good time for release. Put it this way, I Am Legend came out on the 14th last year, and that was a huge success. The holiday season is always a good time for movies, especially violent ones (look at Aliens vs Predator: Requiem), so Punisher: War Zone could end up playing pretty well. Or at least if it's actually a good movie. "Well, the box office records prove different and instead, all you sick fucks get more blood thirsty that time of year. (And I say that with lovingly affection, cause I'm relying on all the sick fucks to show up)."

I'm still, slightly, looking forward to Punisher: War Zone, but really need to see a trailer first. I can expect we'll probably get one sometime this summer. However, I'm wondering - how many of you guys are still looking forward to Punisher: War Zone?

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I'm still looking forward to it. Doesn't necessarily mean I think it'll be a cinematic masterpiece, but I'm going to go see it. I'm a HUGE Punisher comic fan, can't get enough of it.

Chris H. on Apr 8, 2008


I think it's gonna be a good flick. I am a fan of the Tom Jane "Punisher" and I'm interested in seeing what Lexi Alexander and co. have come up with.

Spider on Apr 8, 2008


Green Street is one of the worst films ever. It embarasses the British film industry. There should be a "Hollywood Police" stopping someone like Lexi Alexander ever making another film. But, no, the film probably made a load of money in spite of its horrendous-ness, so she remains in the business.

Jon on Apr 8, 2008


Oh Shit Titus Pullo from Rome! I love that guy, after I saw Rome I've been waiting for him to do more stuff. He was in King Arthur w/ Clive Owen awhile back too, which wasn't great but wasn't that bad either. I cant wait to see him do Frank Castle now.

Richard on Apr 8, 2008


An old friend recently gave me his comic collection to sell on Ebay, and he had the John Romita "War Zone" comics in there. Not that it'll be based on that, really, but the basic idea of a Bigger, Badder Punisher I think is appealing. The way he looks in the books now, for example, is more appealing to me b/c he's not just a nut w/ a van full of ridiculous guns who relies on computers, he's an actual throwdown badass who will often use non-weapons means to get out of tough situations (like his bare hands & wits). The funny thing about the Punisher- that I think takes away from his appeal, if it's allowed to detract from his more action oriented, kick-ass approach to things- is this MacGyver-esque obsession with gadgetry. I think, basically, if people shelled out money for the new Rambo movie, they're likely to enjoy this. Get him out of his element, into a jungle against an entire drug cartel, for example- could serve to expand the character from being just "nut in costume w/van full of guns". Lexi looks like she's havin' fun w/ those boys, too. Who's the dude on the right? What character?

Aswipe' Melendez Johnson on Apr 8, 2008


I will probably see it.

Ryan on Apr 8, 2008


For a while I kind of thought that War Zone wouldn't be worth my time. Then I found out Lionsgate was the studio putting it out. They're pretty permissive in terms of what they'll let their filmmakers get away with in terms of violence or gore. Most studios self-censor to get the PG-13 rating. I'm more confident in Lionsgate giving Punisher the treatment it deserves rather than the Columbia/Tri-Star version with Thomas Jane. I've already seen stills of the popsicle melting scene they took from Punisher: War Zone #1. So it's already scored points there as well.

Tom Brazelton on Apr 8, 2008


I must admit, the popsicle scene was the single most outstanding - and necessary - illustration of Frank Castle as a character in the book. He obviously is a killing machine- but he's got a sense of humor, albeit just the least bit sadistic. If they showed that, then I'd be pretty excited for this since that would mean they actually are using elements of the book.

DJO on Apr 8, 2008


yo i need to see a trailer for this.

Darrin on Apr 8, 2008


i liked the first one and thought Thomas Jane did a pretty good job with his character as Castle, im not to concerned about this one for now at least in till we get some actual footage and after the big summer movies.

Curtis on Apr 8, 2008


You guys all know that Thomas Jane isn't the Punisher anymore in this one? As awesome as he was, I think I can get over it once I see this new guy in some footage... C'mon Lionsgate, put out a teaser trailer or something!

Alex Billington on Apr 9, 2008


Ok, as an avid fan and collector of the Punisher Comics from way back and don't lynch me for this - but the closest portrayal of The Punishers psyche, look and stature Dolph Lundgren in the one of the first screen adaptations. The most recent film with Thomas Jane might as well have been called 'Angry Man Who's Family Was Killed' as as much as I tried, I couldn't see much corrolation between 'The Punisher' of the page and this watered down screen version. Will just have to wait and see how the next one fairs.

personx on Apr 9, 2008


I second that too personx. Dolph Lundgren definitely was Frank Castle. He was good and yeah Thomas Jane was a more dimensional "Punisher". It'll be cool to see Ray Stevenson, he certainly looks the part, nail this.

Spider on Apr 10, 2008


I'm looking forward to it. but im hoping its more like Rambo 4 was. A punisher movie shouldnt be PG-13, it should be R for violence. I undestand they are trying to sell tickets and make money but lets be real, if they were to make a movie nearly as violent as the video game, it would be a hit.

Blue on Apr 10, 2008

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