Luc Besson Will Be Making a Sci-Fi Movie Next Year!

November 14, 2008
Source: Collider

Luc Besson - Fifth Element

Luc Besson is back! And I don't mean with more Arthur and the Invisibles sequels! Collider has confirmed with Besson himself that he is currently working on an idea for a potential sci-fi trilogy that will start up production next year sometime. Why is this exciting news? So the story goes that over two years ago, Besson announced the he would finish his directing career with a total of 10 movies, the last of which was Arthur and the Invisibles. For big fans of The Fifth Element (like me) that was heartbreaking to hear - because I want him to keep making so that he might make another classic sci-fi film. That all changed when he said he'd make the sequels to Arthur, but I never thought he'd actually ever get back to sci-fi!

Besson only teased Collider by saying everything would come together "next year." When prodded about the idea of a trilogy, he finally broke down. "Honestly, right now, I'm all about the characters and I didn't divide yet… it's a big story, I'll see later." As any smart screenwriter is doing, he's coming up with the story first before he starts deciding whether it needs to be a trilogy or whether it could fit into one movie. "First is the story. Characters, story. And when it's good and ready you always find people who like it," Besson explains. That's all we've really got at the moment, but that's enough to get me giddy with excitement. Besson returning to sci-fi is almost as exciting as hearing that Ridley Scott is returning to sci-fi, too!

When I met Luc a few years ago at Sundance (read that interview), I told him how much I loved Fifth Element, but it seemed he rarely got that kind of reaction. I think over the years, with continued emphasis like that, he's finally found an idea that he can turn into a full-fledged sci-fi film and decided to come back again once more to direct it. Early last year, Besson explained that he thought the special effects in Fifth Element weren't as great as they could've been (which is a bit confusing, because I think they still look amazing). At the end he said, "I really would love to do another sci-fi where I can be much more free with the special effects." Could this trilogy he mentioned to Collider finally be it? I certainly hope so!

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Alex, I'm with you as a big fan of 5th Element...a lot of people disliked it, I think mostly because it felt original and not familiar....I would love an original trilogy...yet I'd also love it if he made Frank Miller's Hard Boiled, that was going into adaptation....Besson writes so much and has a lot of good ideas...he can't stop at 10 films...

Christopher Marc on Nov 14, 2008


I've always loved Fifth Element. Original story, compelling performances, quirky comedy, everything. Someone tell me Besson is making that blasted Evangelion movie.

LASERBEAM on Nov 14, 2008


I also loved Fifth Element so this is great news... Any details on the plot of this yet? I'm anxious to hear what peaked his interest to come back to the sci fi game.

Peloquin on Nov 14, 2008


One of my favorite sci-fi's is Fifth Element, I know that when I went on opening weekend with all my friends they all hated it, I loved it. They all thought it was really stupid and retarded but I felt that those stupid parts were just great humor. I only have 1 of those friends left from all those years ago and actually hes a big fan now, maybe it grew on him or hes older so he appreciated it I don't know. But the movie was brilliant IMHO. I think people took issue with the oddness, and the "puppet-ish" look to some of the stuff. But with Bruce Wills & Mila Jovovich starring and awesome CGI theres no way it couldnt be a cult hit. Oh btw WOOT can't wait for whats next.

Richard on Nov 14, 2008


The Fifth Element was classic science fiction. So what if he had a stinker or two, who doesn't. Luc Besson is always welcome talent, especially during these times in which Hollywood is too chicken to be daring or original.

Frost on Nov 14, 2008


thank you. the fifth element is one of my favorites as well. It's one of those movies that I never grow tired of and will always watch whenever it's on TV>

chris on Nov 14, 2008


The Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies. Richard I completely agree with you.

Ivo on Nov 14, 2008


Meh, should go back to movies like his classics Nikita and Léon. Fifth Element? No thanks.

geetard on Nov 14, 2008


Fifth Element ruled, Scifi to the power of a million, the costumes and mood of it were great. More scifi!

Crapola on Nov 16, 2008


Welcome back Besson. Though 5th Element had some similarities to Blade Runner, it is in my top 5 list of SCI-FI movie. I want some more.

Shawn Gregory on Nov 17, 2008


Somebody please do a trilogy (or two) about The Incal.

Wesley on Nov 17, 2008


"he rarely got that kind of reaction." Wha?!! 5th Element was Awesome! One of my favorite films! I haven't met a person who disliked it. There was everything in it - Smart and creative story, Sci fi futuristic universe, Action, Comedy, Sex, Crazy special effects. Sorry to hear he encountered the wrong kind of people in reaction to the film. I hope he gets the freedom he wants(needs) for his next big movie.

Nick Sears on Nov 17, 2008


I am an Enormously Huge Fan of "The Fifth Element". It's 1 Movie of a Few (Hope & Glory, any Star Wars, Raising Arizona, and a couple others) that I will Never get sick of seeing over and over. Looking forward to the project, even if it's a 1 Film story. Rock On Besson, Rock On!!

Scully on Nov 17, 2008


wow, ive never heard of the 5th Element referred to as a "Classic" before! i enjoyed certain design elements in the movie...but a classic? Far from it! I grew up watching "Classic" sci fi and while he attempted to include some of those elements, it just fell short. I think Besson is a great director, and he has made some great films..but I just dont see 5th element as one of them. Maybe another attempt now years later after he has learned much more might do the trick. I'd be interested in seeing it.

calrisian on Nov 18, 2008

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