Luke Goss Says Tekken Movie Will End Up Rated R

June 30, 2008

Steve Fox

Considering the R-rated Wanted was a big success this weekend, I'm certain studios are starting to open up to allowing more of their big blockbusters to go R - as long as it's appropriate. While at the press junket for Hellboy II today in Los Angeles, Luke Goss said that he "thinks" the Tekken movie in the works will end being rated R. Like Street Fighter, Tekken is a live-action adaptation of a very popular platform fighting video game from Namco. The film is being directed by Dwight H. Little, of Rapid Fire, Free Willy 2, "Prison Break", and "Bones", and has a script penned by Alan B. McElroy, of Spawn, Wrong Turn, and The Marine. Not the most talented individuals involved unfortunately. Is the prospect of an R-rated Tekken more interesting than a PG-13 rated Street Fighter?

TekkenLuke Goss stars in the film as fighter Steve Fox (pictured above). Goss explained that his character is 15 years after his prime time as one of the best fighters. He says that he fights, but not actually in the ring - only out of it in the movie. Although various games have their own background stories, the plot of the film focuses on Heihachi Mishima (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), the leader of a highly corrupt business under investigation of a murder. He announces a tournament to crown a "King Of Iron Fist" and make the winner his personal bodyguard, but as the fighters assemble, they begin to realize they are linked together through more than just their interest in killing Mishima anyway.

This is some interesting news, but unfortunately Goss didn't elaborate on reasons why it might end up getting such a harsh rating. Would the fights in the film be so violent that they might warrant an R rating? Has director Dwight H. Little come up with a fighting style so unique that it pushed the limits of PG-13 too far? There are so many questions but Tekken seems to be the least buzzed about of all the major upcoming Asian franchise films - Street Fighter, Dragonball, etc. Will an R rating given Tekken the edge it needs to stand out over the others? Goss half-joked that the reason why an R rating wouldn't be a problem is because all of the players of the game are all old enough to see that kind of violent movie anyway. Thoughts?

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i love tekken. please don't screw this up.

Darrin on Jun 30, 2008


I don't know a single thing about Tekken, but I welcome a fighting game adaption that's rated R. I hope the Mortal Kombat 3 / reboot movie will be rated R too whenever that gets made. By the way, that Dragonball movie looks terrible from the poster alone...

Viper on Jun 30, 2008


i love Tekken as well (Tag is my favorite), but the story is... well i own all the games and yet, I don't remember anything about its story so... why make this into a film? i hope it's good, but...

Tristan on Jun 30, 2008


This film has been in the works for so long right now I am taking everything about ti with a grain of salt. I think the R-rating won't hurt it at all, Goss being right, the audience that grew up on the game IS of that age for the most part. I wouldn't go crazy Alex and call it a NEW style of fighting. However, I bet we see plenty of blood splattered about.

Ryan on Jun 30, 2008


make it like 300. super stylized and bloody even though its all obviously fake (but cool). itll get you that R. then it will succeed. next!

Jeremy on Jun 30, 2008


The story is kind of interesting with that heihachi guy and his family line

James on Jul 1, 2008


i'm so excited! this makes me want to [square]+[triangle]+L+L+R+[up]+[circle] the crap out of yoshimitsu! PERFECT!

alex on Jul 1, 2008


im sorry but i cant see any of these fighting games that get turned into movies be any good, just my opinion but maybe with this R-rating this movie could be different but im not holding my breath.

Curtis on Jul 1, 2008


Sounds like another fail.....Can you really make a good movie around a fighting game

insanartist on Jul 1, 2008


For me Tekken has been one of the most best fighting games after Street Fighter they better not screw it up even if it has a R-rating and about time they are. If they going to make a movie from a jap adaption game they should concentrate on main chars and similar story, unlike the Street Fighter movie it lacked story and casting where they should have concentrated on main chars eg Ryu, Akuma etc but they wanted to make the "American" char (Guile-played by Van Damme) the lead role.

Fearl3ss on Jul 1, 2008


TECHNO MUSIC SCORE FOR THE TEKKEN FILM. I wish if the live action Tekken movie would have a music score with something like techno, well the Mortal Kombat movies had some techno music in the film so I think Tekken would have a mix full of music with techno,rock and some electronic,cool eh. Street Fighter would have the music soundtrack with hip hop and stuff,the Darkstalkers movie would have techno music to score up the film and the Devil May Cry movie it could have some techno music in the film. I hope the Street Fighter movie with Chun Li would be all right but the Tekken film should had some Japanese film companies to do the film from the start. Tekken stars Luke Goss as Steve Fox,Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa as Heihachi Mishima and Ian Anthony Dale as Kazuya.Tekken will have the special visual effects with all futuristic stuff and Jin Kazuma morph into devil and I hope there will be some Juno Reactor music for the film. Thank you. BRUCE ACOSTA AUSTRALIA.

Bruce Darren Acosta on Jul 1, 2008


If Luke is in it the fight scenes will be top notch, he has worked with the best in recent past. You are all cutting down a movie you have not seen yet, this movie is not made up of the same people who did the last fight movies, so lets give it a chance at least. If you do not believe that Luke is a awesome actor in fight scenes, check out Hellboy II July 11. Luke rocked fighting Hellboy, and was the best part of the movie. The movie was also very funny with GdT humor showing threw. I loved Hellboy II and Ron Pearleman is awesome!!!!

Tara on Jul 6, 2008


Mortal Kombat (the first one) was good... Why Tekken shouldn't? And about audience - first Tekken came out in 1994. and third (the most popular) in 1997 (arcade) and 1998 (console), and most fans played them while they were hot... Modern Tekkens are worse than T3 because of over-dependency on juggle-combos, lack of balance and too easily escapable throws, rendering them almost useless. That is why all the youth is playing Soul Calibur... P.S. Here are the other actors:

Andi on Jul 9, 2008


I was an extra for one of the scenes... there's nudity (club scene) definitely so maybe that in part warrants the R-rating? I have screen time, hopefully it doesn't get cut out, hahahahahaha!

Samantha on Aug 4, 2008


I'm placing my hopes on this one. At least the actors found to be some sort of ressemblence. This story line will be different as compared to the game. R - Rating - bring it on! Dragonballz - eat sh|t and die.

Azkatov on Nov 25, 2008


tekken is the greatest fighting series of all time, with a great storline. why not make a movie? i say, its a great idea.

Kenneth Phelps on Jan 1, 2009


I grew up playing this game, freakin awesome, Tekken Tag was the best in my book. I know alot about the story. It would make a freakin sweet movie. Rated- R!!!! awesome p.s. so would a soul calibur movie. they killed dragon ball------sucks to be you justin chatwin

Jeremy E. Lee on Feb 16, 2009


Personally, I can't wait for this movie to be released...FINALLY! We've been waiting for too long already. I agree, the cast looks excellent and Luke Goss is more than able to pull off the part of Steve Fox. He was damned good as Nomak in Blade 2 and as Prince Nuada in Hellboy 2, both having great fight scenes in which he positively glowed. BRING IT ON!!!!

BethmooraRaven on Feb 21, 2009


ahhh man please do not make the film an R rated,,,mn i'm only 15,,,and i'mm the greatest fan,,,please dnt...:(

akshay on Aug 23, 2009


I hope to god they don't fuck this up. Street fighter was just sad. I mean, where the hell were Ryu and Ken? I understand it was chun li's movie, but what the hell man. Kazuya had better not get wussified or anything, he is my fave. Luke Goss is a pretty good stage fighter, so maybe this movie won't be a total crapfest.

Barbarita on Oct 28, 2009

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