M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening Teaser Trailer

February 4, 2008

The Happening Teaser Trailer

The latest M. Night Shyamalan film is The Happening, a thriller starring Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel as well as John Leguizamo and Spencer Breslin. I'ved heard the premise before, that some sort of natural crisis causes people to begin killing themselves, but I didn't realize how intense it would be until now. And for fear of knowing too much, I'm not looking into any more of the plot. I prefer to be surprised, and for those who haven't watched it yet, this will surprise the hell out of you. This new teaser trailer is a very short introduction to The Happening, but damn does it hype this movie up.

Watch the teaser trailer for The Happening:

The trailer has been removed at the request of Fox. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it seems they don't want anyone to see their trailer!

The Happening is both written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, of Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village and Lady in the Water previously. The movie is set to open on June 13th this summer. The poster for The Happening is featured below.

The Happening

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Odd...clicking the play button doesn't do anything, in either IE or FF...anyone else seeing this?

Jason Bock on Feb 4, 2008


That trailer made me want to walk into the path of a bus. M. Night Overated-shamaladingdong. Sixth Sense? Incredible. Signs? Pretty good. Everything else...not so much.

kaisersoze on Feb 4, 2008


Jason - it still works for me... I tried to get a copy we could run on here but there isn't anything available except for this version at the moment. Not sure what else to suggest for you. It works fine in both of my FF's.

Alex Billington on Feb 4, 2008


Some "SIGNAL" is causing people to kill themselves, or perhaps others. A "SIGNAL". See what I did there.

nick on Feb 4, 2008


I hate to say it, but I think the idea / script for Happening was probably around a lot earlier than The Signal. The Signal was just an indie film that premiered at Sundance 2007. I think M. Night has a bit more clout around Hollywood and has probably been toting this for a lot longer. Just because The Signal has more trailers and "been around" in the public's eye for a longer amount of time does NOT mean that M. Night stole that idea...

Alex Billington on Feb 4, 2008


Trailer doesn't work for me either, damn it.

Aaron on Feb 4, 2008


Hey forgot Unbreakable which was great.

Heckle on Feb 4, 2008


One could speculate for days as to how the long the ideas/scripts for Happening/The Signal/The Cell have been floating around, but that really doesn't say much because we'll never know.

nick on Feb 4, 2008


Well...the trailer isnt to bad..anything with Mark Wahlberg has to be decent (one of my favs)..maybe this will be better than lady in the water..what a drainer that was. 🙂

sixth on Feb 4, 2008


Jason - click on it to activate the control, then click it again to play trailer

TCox on Feb 4, 2008


So are people killing others or commiting suicide???

Ryan on Feb 4, 2008


They're committing suicide. There is "something in the air" that is causing people to just do that on their own, so everyone is killing themselves...

Alex Billington on Feb 4, 2008


Since King's novel was released in 2006 and The Signal is from 2007 and The Happening is to be released this summer, could it not be that both Signal and Happening are somewhat inspired by Cell? Doesn't really matter that much in my opinion since a concept is nothing without the characters and surrounding story. The teaser looks pretty cool! I loved Unbreakable, Sixth Sense, The Village and Signs and still think Shyamalan is one of the best directors around.

Andreas Climent on Feb 4, 2008


This looks good, but the trailer for Frost Road looks much better.

thomas on Feb 4, 2008


Andreas Climent, as far as I know, the script for The Signal was finished in 2005. The film was completed mid-2006.

nick on Feb 4, 2008


Iclipz is the worst video player ever

YouTube? on Feb 4, 2008


Man I'm digging this! I've been a fan of all of M. Night's flicks... call me what you may. This looks really good and very intriguing. Bodies raining off the roof... girls jabbing stuff in their necks? As everyone replies to the, "But, she's ugly right?" question on Southpark... Nice...

C-Young on Feb 4, 2008


I'm usually pretty excited about upcoming Shyamalan films. But was anybody else revolted by the terrible tagline on the poster? "Sensed" something...see the "Signs"...c'mon. The marketing department was scraping the barrel for that one...

Jezza on Feb 4, 2008


Just updated the video with a version from our flash player. It's no longer iklipz for those who couldn't watch it before! Check it out again...

Alex Billington on Feb 4, 2008


I think it looks amazing. But then again, "Lady In The Water" looked pretty amazing in previews, too. Agree with Alex, in that I don't want to know a hell of a lot about this going into the theater. I'm willing to suspend believe, cut M Night some slack and be surprised.

William Mize on Feb 4, 2008


Well this looks like it could be good. I loved 6th Sense, Unbreakable was pretty damn good, Sings was interesting, The Village was entertaining and Lady in the Water was a complete and utter piece of shit, sorry but it was, I'll never watch it again as long as I have eyes. Anyway hes got to redeem himself big time, hopefully this will do that.

Richard on Feb 4, 2008


Still doesnt work for me so ....someone got a link to a diff site?

jared on Feb 4, 2008


Oh my...........nothing is happening!!

Mike Dallos on Feb 4, 2008


I simply adore hating this man's films. More more more!

D on Feb 4, 2008


interesting how people say that shyamalan's movies are overrated when most critics have torn apart his films after the sixth sense. the man is talented no matter if people like what he does or not. he writes in a style that is reminder of the way film used to be before the audience became so unapologetically hard to please. Alejandro Amenábar and Guillermo del Toro (the others and devils backbone) spring to mind for similar approaches it's not even like it's a quality issue, people are just never satisfied with anything anymore. directors and actors are people too and to hold them up to standards that you, yourself probably can't reach is just asking for disappointment. they're not always going to make films you like, doesn't mean they suck, just means you don't like it.

fisherandsons on Feb 4, 2008


I avoided Lady in the Water like the plague because I didn't want it to ruin Shayamalan's films for me, but I loved Signs and The Sixth Sense. I even thought that The Village had it's moments. But generally I think his films are beautiful. While the story of this one is probably somewhat similar to Cell and The Signal, the cinematography is going to be great.

Nicole on Feb 4, 2008


I don't know. When I saw that there was a new "M. Night Shalamanamana" I was excited. I saw this trailer and it made me think of Stephen King. I don't think it can really be a coincidence. And if you saw Signs, you know, that there are no coincidences.

maura on Feb 4, 2008


looks like a big budget, secularized remake of the Kirk Cameron evangelical c-movie "Left Behind" series. could have called it "The Ratpure" but that's been taken too.

chuckheston on Feb 4, 2008


I feel the same as fisherandsons. The guy is a very good director. Just too many things get in the way. I think a lot of people have a problem with his ego and wanting himself to be a household name (Tyler Perry has done this shamelessly and his movies arent even good). I think the biggest problem though is the fact that he was too popular. After you have a movie as successful as the Sixth Sense amoung teens there becomes this mass iconoclasm that goes on. Suddenly in a year noone will like Shyamalan anymore. He comes out with the same quality work every time, each original as the last one, but since everyone knows who did it, no one wants anything to do with it. Some individual examples are Borat, Napolean Dynomite and Hot Fuzz and it will probably happen to 300 and Juno and other popular movies amoung teens. I dont know what it is. Ask Fryod. But me, I think we are a fickle few obsessed not with what we like, but what other people like.

Vega Bro on Feb 4, 2008


i think nicole basically nails it... M is clearly a brilliant cinematographer, and arguably, director (his pacing is usually good, but when its off, its OFF)... my issue is with his scriptwriting. Sixth Sense was genius, but everything after that hasn't really come close. There isn't much doubt that his freshman effort was his best (as much as people may like his subsequent films, its tough to argue that any of them were better than SS). I think M could really benefit from collaborating with someone on a script, or directing something written entirely by another... Could be a good learning experience for him.

alain on Feb 4, 2008


always been a big fan of M. Night...some people like "St.JJ", I like the Shamalama...wish I could see the trailer...Alex, what ever system you use for most of your trailers is the only format I am able to see movie clips on...everything else trips the filters in the server here at work...please try and get it on your system soon as ya can...many thanks....

cornholio_by_the_sea on Feb 4, 2008


Nada movie for me, as well!

brux on Feb 4, 2008


Ah, thar she blows...

brux on Feb 4, 2008


I read the script about a month ago, its about plants spewing a toxin into the air instead of oxygen and its our fault cause of the way we have treated mother nature...i am not joking on bit about this either, i read script from beginning to end and it seemed ok but idk.

Chris on Feb 4, 2008


I read it too and its not that simplistic. It is really good though. Very R-rated. finally.

Vega Bro on Feb 4, 2008


Bah. The Signal just stole it from Halloween III anyway.

Rob on Feb 4, 2008


Why does everyone always leave their car doors open when there is an emergency?

Tim on Feb 4, 2008


To be fair regarding the whole "which came first: The Cell, The Signal, or The Happening:" all of them are just retreads of the "motif of harmful sensation" which is about one week older than coal.

Big Jesus Mordino on Feb 4, 2008


Chris, I'm ignoring your post so I can continue to look forward to this movie. ...Argh, too late. Aren't there enough crappy films (I'm looking at YOU 'Day After Tomorrow') with the cliche formula of: 1. The very, very naughty human race get gaia's panties in a twist 2. She throws a bitch-fit and starts capping hoes 3. [Insert annoying character list here] try to survive ...And somewhere in the movie, the one of characters goes on a monologue about using dead babies instead of oil to fuel our cars (less emissions, you see), the importance of protecting the rare Vietnamese Flaming Tumbleweeds, or some other rot. Yes, I realize the environment is important, but I don't like directors shoving their personal political/social views down my throat when I'm paying $10 to see their damn movie.

IHateChildren on Feb 4, 2008


I dont mean to ruin the movie for you, but wait for the twist. You'll love it.

Vega Bro on Feb 4, 2008


Wow. I too was fan of Sixth Sense... everything else I've hated. This trailer makes the movie look silly. And Marky Mark... what are you doing to your career??? Anyhow, this is good reading if you're interested in the history of getting this film made: Enjoy! 🙂

Dan on Feb 4, 2008


I tried to view the clip in Firefox but playback is extremely buggy. Damn Firefox.

Jason on Feb 5, 2008


.... and thats why i wear my tinfoil hat.

john on Feb 5, 2008


Am I the only person on this site that actually liked and appreciated Lady in the Water? I think people didn't like it because M Night. went in a different direction than people were used to. They wanted another Sixth Sense or Signs, and he gave them a modern day fairy tale. I thought it was a great story, with good pacing, quality characters and some great acting. Another thing I like about M Night. is that he doesn't give a damn about the critics and what they think. He made Lady in the Water for his kids, and all he wanted to do was put some images to the story that he had been telling them for years. I think he made his statement about how he feels about critics when he had the critic torn to shreds in Lady in the water. I know I'm going to get attacked for this, say what you will, but I think the man has incredible talent and knows how to tell a story pretty damn well. I'm excited for The Happening and what new twist M Night. will pull on us this time...

Steve Ormsbee on Feb 5, 2008


Worst. Logline. Ever. M. Night is a talented storyteller, but he really, REALLY needs to stop hyping himself to the same degree as his movies. Lady in the Water was a nearly unforgivable exercise in self-indulgence. I would think, after the spanking he took on that piece of crap, that he would have learned to tone down the self-righteous, self-aggrandizement and just tell good stories.

ravenswey on Feb 5, 2008


Tell you the truth, this doesn't do anything for me seeing people kill themselves,why?You have to give me more because i just can't get it. Eddie Norwood Jr. Feb.5 2008

EDDIE NORWOOD JR on Feb 5, 2008


I just can't get to worked up about an m. night movie. he's burned the same bridges over and over and really run his name into the ground. (video store owner, i know of what i speak) But Mark W. may be able to pull it out of the prejudged category and make me watch it big screen.

Essdub on Feb 5, 2008


you know, a lot of people complain about M. Night, but i really enjoyed lady in the water, good score also. It was a cool story, it moved along and i was entertained. Let's be honest here, there isnt much originality anymore, and when someone tries to make an attempt, lets give them a chance. I personally have enjoyed his movies, this one, we will see, but if Marky Mark signed on for it, it must have a half way decent script. SO, i am going to give this one a shot, it may not be for everyone, but that is ok.

Taurinh on Feb 5, 2008


wow...I'm not a horror fan, but this looks creepy and interesting! I'm in!

sneebee7 on Feb 5, 2008


M. Nights movies are hit or miss with me. This looks like a probable hit, especially since I can't remember too many bad Wahlberg films. Agreed, that "Lady In the Water" was a whole lot of nothin'.

Sinner on Feb 5, 2008


I can't see it in FF either, Jason. Sux.

Munky on Feb 5, 2008


We've updated the trailer with a flash player from our site, so you should give it another try. It should be working by now. You might want to give it a minute to start if the server is being overloaded with traffic.

Alex Billington on Feb 5, 2008


I can see the trailer now Alex...Thank you....I think it will be great...looks really creepy with the people jumping off the roof and all...glad I saved my money and avoided Cloverfuck...saw it on the bootleg site and can only say it was quite disappointing...I cant wait for The Happening....

cornholio_by_the_sea on Feb 5, 2008


The name of the movie should be Shit Happens.

ah ha on Feb 5, 2008


Just to let you know.. I have a different view on "The Village" than you guys. Movie came out just before the last presidential elections. It was fully political. - Bunch of rulers who keep their village (country?) scared of unknown creatures (terrorists?) - Middle name of the leader of this ruler is "Walker", which is George bush's middle name. - Color Schemes of danger just like in U.S. (e.g green is safe, red is danger)

Shiyam on Feb 6, 2008


Watch The Village again, Shiyam... the contrasting colors are red and yellow (not green).

SB on Feb 7, 2008


This movie looks pretty bomb...all of his movies have been pretty good....but always better the second time.

PFOX on Feb 7, 2008


you can jump on the site and view it on our site. Be quick, I am sure FOX will do the same to us. (if they notice)

Jose on Feb 10, 2008


Indeed, M. Night is a talented storyteller. For he does weave a great story around different subjects that he presents. From the color red in "The 6th sense", the alien touchdown invasion in "Signs", the unique hidden abilities in one man duel opposites to another in "Unbreakable". "The Village" was a bit of a disappointment, and not from the fact that the plot got leaked out. I personally heard of it and still went to see the movie. Say what you will about hype and personal glory that critics give out on the product they critize (for most of the critics of movies really have more of a personal feeling from the get go anyway)(as well as being slightly overpaid to do it), give M. more credit than most want to give him. It takes alot of thought and insight to write and direct movies than one might think. He has had some talented men and women in his films doing a great job. What is one man's trash is another man's treasure. Enjoy a movie for the fun in it...whether suspect, mystery, action, or comedy, not politics. People can get enough of that in the real world.

Forrest on Feb 15, 2008


I enjoyed all his films some more than others. All his films have a way of captivating the mind allowing one to imagine what they believe will come next. I can't wait to see this film.

monty on Feb 15, 2008


The movie plot is about the beginning of the end: all of the world's plants start to secrete a toxic gas that makes everyone on earth go crazy.

Richard on Feb 18, 2008


whoo.... m waiting for it!!

priyanka on Feb 19, 2008


No Matter what people are saying, whether it's political or social, I'm still looking forward to this movie. It's pretty exciting to see something so suspenseful. It draws the eye. Love the Trailer.

Barbara Ochoa on Feb 19, 2008


The SIGNAL is a blatant rip-off of STEPHEN KINGS 'CELL'. Exact same premise. And as for SHYAMALAN, all I can say is unfortunately movie goers these days lack imagination and have no clue about true storytelling anymore. The Village was brilliant, but because it wasn't the ending everyone wanted, SHYAMALAN was touted as a failure. Seriously, are you kidding me? The imagery, the acting...heck, the cast. Everything about that movie was spellbinding. But today people want a repeat of the SIXTH SENSE, much in the way people stuck with the SOPRANOS to get a daily dose of THE GODFATHER. Well people, seriously, filmmakers are ever evolving story-tellers, so they aren't going to give you what you want. If you want a particular genre or story or whatever, then go somewhere else, but SHYAMALAN is still brilliant in my book. He tells the stories he wants to tell and his endings always reel you in. So, I await THE HAPPENING because if nothing else, I know M. NIGHT SHYALAMAN is going to tell me a story, his way. And his way is better than most.

Tina on Feb 22, 2008


@ Tina: So beautifully put in words! Couldn't agree more. 🙂

slow on Feb 23, 2008


Why do I get the feeling that all the "fans" of Shyma-lama-ding-dong in this thread are really him? I guess there is no accounting for taste.

Dan on Feb 23, 2008


Agreed Tina. As long as we enjoy. RIGHT?

Barbara Ochoa on Feb 24, 2008


OH MY FRICKEN GOD. EVERYONE'S KILLING THEMSELVES???? HELLO?!!! THATS FROM MICHAEL CRICHTONS BOOK THAT CAME OUT YEARS AGO! THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN! In the beginning theres a scene where 2 guys discover an entire town afflited with the disease. Most killed themselves through hanging, drowing, or shooting themselves. Those who didnt immediatly kill themselves went on a murderous rampage before killing themsleves. Only 1 baby survived. COME ON. Also ive heard the twist is that its Global Warming, True? If so, THATS RETARDED.

D-man on Feb 26, 2008


Yall are crazy if you think any of m nights movies sucked.... I love them!!! I think you must not have any imagination or any sens of wonder. You are too busy to imagine for yourselves, most movies spell it out for you lazy asses! He makes you think!

amber on Feb 27, 2008


Amber said, "He makes you think!" yeah.. he makes me think that he's a bad director! He couldn't be Soderbergh's waterboy. He couldn't hold Scorcese's jock strap. You guys really need to read this: Like this quote: "And then there's Lady in the Water, which deserves some special attention. Before Night could even get this project off the ground, he threw a gigantic, childish tantrum at Disney because Nina Jacobson had “concerns” about his script. " Happy reading!

Dan on Feb 27, 2008


I like how, on the poster, you can see a vary distinct line where it looks like a few real cars were in front of a backdrop. Why does it seem so intentionally tacked on? Even simple graphic programs can alter that or smooth it out. It's a cool poster, but that just seems a bit sloppy. I wish the trailer still worked, though...

Gumby on Feb 29, 2008


Mark Wahlberg does not make crappy movies !!!! I am glad that Mr Shyamalan is not an actor in this one hes at best at directing

Luis on Feb 29, 2008


You know I really loved STEPHEN KINGS novel "The Cell." Go out and get this book if you have not read it already. "Signal" smells of a rip-off...same ideas...same plot...what can you say about it? How long was the "Signal" in production?

Jose on Mar 1, 2008


In order to even begin to think to like this movie is one is forcing you to see it...but i still think the plot in general is good. All i can say is..Wait til it comes out.

Barbara Ochoa on Mar 2, 2008


I just read a few comments above. If this movie is really about something compelling people to kill themselves, then it may be that M. Night was influenced by a 70's movie. The movie was called Starship Invasions and had a weird plot about aliens using their telepathic powers to get human beings to commit suicide in order to take over the Earth. It came out in 1977 and literally made me sick. I think that I was too young to watch it and was very disturbed by the suicide scenes. I saw it once in the theater and vowed never to see it again. Plus it was not that good. Hopefully, this is not the plot for M. Night's movie. I have liked most of his films and had planned to go see this. However, if it is a take-off on that bargain basement Starship Invaders, I may pass.

Aeryn on Mar 3, 2008


Shyamalan is a good *director*. His movies always look good, and he gets good performances from his actors. He just can't write all that well. Sixth Sense was good, but even that had some weaknesses. I would get excited about a film that *someone else* wrote, but Shyamalan directed. After Unbreakable and The Village, I've given up on the guy (as a writer, anyway).

anonymous on Mar 4, 2008


Everyone is so critical from the top all the way down to the fans that it's surprising a story ever gets written or a movie ever gets made! Or maybe it's just the general climate of movie-lovers in this country that we all take it so seriously we're willing to nit-pick things to death. M'Night seems to shake everybody up and you either love him or hate him. I remember another guy like that. Let's not forget ( although I think most of the writers on this blog were'nt born yet ) the same stuff was said all the time about Hitchcock. Even with the great movies like NBNW it was still just ' great drive-in ' entertainment. Psycho, The Birds got so so reviews. They didnt know what to make of Vertigo until the French ( as usual ) told us it was good! People didnt twig on to him and his 'art' until later on. A story should pick you up and carry you off, breathless until it's over. Mostly with M. Night that happens. I loved the Lady, and almost never checked it out because the trailer made it look like every other friggin' teen-ager-pandering gorey-scary movie. I hope the Happening wont gross me out but I'm willing to take a chance because, like everybody else, I love movies.

Julie on Mar 8, 2008


Having just seen the trailer, I am thrilled with it. The disappearance of the bees is a legitimate concern and has been happening throughout the world. Some people think their disappearance is tied to chemtrails, because analysis has been done on them and some very seriously deadly chemicals have been found in them. Bees are responsible for much of the crop you and I eat, throughout the world, because of their pollinization. Anyway, other people think pollution, some of think the earthchanges, which have been drastic in recent years, might have had something to do with it. Whatever it is, it is a scary thing that all of us should be concerned with. I"m glad they are bringing attention to these environmental concerns - we really should be worried about this, though I think we are going to begin starving before people start dropping as depicted in the movie. Oops, that's started up too - please google "food shortages". I had a problem with the DSL downloads too - Quicktime worked just peachy though. This movie comes out on my birthday - Friday the 13th this year, so I'll go and see it just to have a laugh at the gaping abyss - on more than one level.

xtina on Apr 6, 2008


Saw the trailor preview at a RUINS screening (had a free ticket, read the book and had to see how they ruined it). Switched a few charicters but kept to the book storyline. Left it open for a sequal though.

Dave on Apr 8, 2008


The happening had better have a real twist to it and not be one of those preachy eco flicks.

Dave on Apr 8, 2008


Plot is not the only thing in film. For engaging the deep, core themes of humanity and presenting them in a visually provocative manner, getting the most out of his actors, and taking chances, Shyamalan is one of the top American "blockbuster" directors working today. He knows how to make popcorn films with an art-house feel, and deserves credit. I mean, if you want explosions, movies hyper-edited for the MTV generation, and girls in tight clothing, then he's not your man, but for those of us who want to think at the movies, he's always rewarding... My two cents.

Glenn on Apr 11, 2008


what if it turns out that they were all WEREWOLVES all along?! or maybe, they were ALREADY DEAD! or MAYBE, they weren't human at all, but were EVIL ROBOTS from SPACE! if you've seen the south park imaginationland episode, where they perfectly capture the wanky bullshit (he was a one hit wonder with sixth sense if you ask me) that is m. knight shamalalaly, you wouldn't waste your time watching another of his movies.

jimbo on Apr 30, 2008


The Secret behind "The Happening:" The story of this movie apparently centers around a cataclysmic geomagnetic anomaly, sort of the untouched upon concept of the global magenetic field and its part in environmental degradation. For example, see this article called "Does the Earth's magnetic field cause suicides?" from April 2008: An X-files also once dealt with large-wave radio frequencies in which a victim was okay as long as he travelled west. Unfortunately, he ran out of west once he hit the California coastline and died. In The Happening, I believe the hero will realizes that. all along, some people who had faced a certain direction when the storm happened survived so he gets everyone to face that direction, saving them. One scene in the trailer supports this. Also, notes about bees and images of butterflies also supports this, as it is speculated that these insects are highly affected by magnetic fields. Just my theory.

Sheila Levine on May 15, 2008


f*cked up website. why can't anyone write simple html code anymore?

bla on May 27, 2008


Comment 83 is right on the money. This was the conclusion I came to also. This article lead me to believe so:

B1ff on May 29, 2008


I can't wait to see this film!! I love all his films and I do love Lady in the Water! Lets not judge the film till we see it k. Cmon!

Gothictany on Jun 6, 2008


I agree with all the folks who appreciate M.Knight's entire body of work. As an aside, it's so amusing that some folks are excited about the "R" rating. Reminds me of when I was a teenager 😉

Knewbian on Jun 7, 2008


save your money i saw it it stunk I really cant believe it was so bad.

name on Jun 14, 2008


Anyone else notice the not-so-subtle references to his previous movies in the poster? "We've sensed it" (Sixth sense) "We've seen the signs" (Signs) "Now... it's Happening" I'm trying to figure out if it's clever, or childish self references. I can't quite figure out which.

web design company on Jun 15, 2008


The Happening = The WORST movie EVER. Seriously, I have no idea why people think M. Knight Shyalaman is a good and/or a brilliant director...ALL HIS MOVIES ARE TERRIBLE...My god, PLANTS! PLANTS are the reason everyone dies in The Happening...seriously, how does he come up with this shit...has he signed a multi-million dollar deal with a company that produces hybrid cars and more efficient means of energy??? I mean come on, how in the hell was he supposed to make a scary movie, when the villains are fucking carrots...they hyped this movie up as his "first R rated movie" like that was supposed to mean something...this movie was a G rated movie on steroids at best. There wasnt even any blood...because how the hell are plants going to hurt you, were the blades of grass going to detach themselves from the ground become extremely rigid and start slicing, I HATE YOU M. KNIGHT SHYALAMAN AND I HOPE YOU NEVER MAKE ANOTHER FILM EVER AGAIN FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY.

JasonBigsby on Jun 16, 2008


I liked the movie but it was always bound to have a terrible ending.

Tony Starks on Jun 25, 2008


It is what it is, just look at it as a movie and nothing else

Neil on Jul 26, 2008


I couldn't believe people actually enjoyed this film, what a pile of poo.

Kumi on Aug 16, 2008


I too noticed the reference to his other movies in the trailer. Personally I think it is a bit of clever marketing. Out of all his films though, the sixth sense was the best. the happening was a little weak.

NVQ Courses on Aug 26, 2008


No people what there trying to say in the movie is, that once god is gonna come every one is gonna loose contact. thats why, and the holy spirit is taken out of people making them kill themselves and thats when they go and see if there going to heaven or hell, when they face god and he tells u ur sins and ur good things. If u wanna learn any more from me, about god and the world and whats gonna happen email me at

Daniella on Oct 8, 2008


This movie is soooooooo DAMN UGLY!!!! i hate it and it totally MAKES no SENSE (eventhough i got 6 sense) at all. And you call that HORROR???? wow maybe you gotta go back being a P.A.

R0cker on Oct 10, 2008


The Happening, wow, this movie proves that after the sixth sense everything doesnt make any sense anymore! sorry but this movie "The Happening" SUCKS i mean SUCKS BIG TIME!!!! a waste of money even if you went to a freaking DOLLAR MOVIE. This is not right ripping people off, getting a big time actors like john and mark just to get the public attention that this movie is going to be a HIT. I know one plant can kill and that is marijuana or makes you itch which is the poison ivy. But plants that alters human perception???? talking about neurotransmitters and to top that they can THINK to KILL themselves by THINKING what weapon or how would they do it (bottom line they can ALL THINK!!!!). Good thing i never rented this at BLOCKBUSTERS ($4.99) but still i want my $2.00 dollars back please Mr. M. GoodNight

Jack Me'off on Oct 10, 2008


I didn't care for this movie at all. what a load of dollop

NVQ Care on Oct 13, 2008


This movie made no sense, taxi cab for the director and get him outta here

heathrow on Oct 13, 2008


I saw the film on the plane, utter rubbish

Property Ladder on Jan 2, 2009


I agree, the move was dire. I don't how the producers can publish such terrible stuff

Neil Adams on Jan 2, 2009


This Shyamalan movie was criminal. Someone should have performed a check to find out if it was suitable to be viewed. Hated it two thumbs down

Criminal Records Bureau on Jan 2, 2009


I just bought this film on Blu-Ray, what a complete waste of cash money. I'm normally a fan of shyamalan but he got it wrong on this occaision. I was really sucked in by the trailers but I should have came to this site first. Someone should loan him some money to make another film.

Loans on Feb 9, 2009


I loved it, I'm going to show it to my classroom, if the teacher lets me.

Teaching Assistant on Mar 28, 2009


I just bought this film on Blu-Ray, what a complete waste of cash money. I'm normally a fan of shyamalan but he got it wrong on this occaision. I was really sucked in by the trailers but I should have came to this site first. Someone should loan him some money to make another film.

Loans on Mar 28, 2009


Are you guys still talking about this rubbish movie

Assessor on Apr 27, 2009


Its not so much the movie but that a lot of what is put out there as original is ripped off and represented from others. Another one shyamalan likely ripped off for the happening is warren wagar. Check out night of no joy if you can get an old copy on ebay or amazon. The story deals with the same type of thing where one days strange stuff starts happening supposedly all over the country and its dubbed the anomaly. Its pretty much the happening. I know shyamalan would have known of wagar and the two stories are pretty much identical. Shyamalan is not the first nor will he be the last to repackage a story. I was reading the other day about a cool story of hawthorne's young goodman brown and how it was similar to tam o'shanter a robert burns poem and sure enough the two are very similar and its likely that hawthorne 'borrowed' for his story.

steve jaubert on Oct 16, 2009


Here's the lowdown. All of this guy's movies are the supposed surprise but they tend to leave you with a high degree of ho hum and even with sci fi a lack of good possibility.

steve jaubert on Nov 3, 2009


Now who is the one that will give you a story line that will make you want to see the movie again and again these days? Its the one with a good story line that even with sci fi makes some sort of connection with plausibility.

steve jaubert on Nov 3, 2009


I used to believe in this guy especially with the sixth sense but now his movies don't even stimulate the first five.

steve jaubert on Nov 3, 2009


I used to believe in this guy especially with the sixth sense but now his movies don't even stimulate the first five. The latest i've heard is he is going to china to do a movie about 2012.

steve jaubert on Nov 3, 2009


If it ever gets to the point that he does one on texas let me know because there are some real stories here related to ufo sightings in west texas.

steve jaubert on Nov 3, 2009


m. night shymalayan is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

steve jaubert on Nov 4, 2009


He didn't work hard enough in this film to make it convincing

freelance work on Jan 6, 2010


I cant get the movie clip to play - but the idea certainly surprises!

Catering Trailers on May 29, 2010


He did a good job the hair and make up in the film was excellent. Good job

Hairdressing Jobs on Sep 2, 2010


Was this film originally a book?

Hairdressing books on Sep 2, 2010

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