Maggie Q Starring in Live-Action King of Fighters Movie

December 18, 2008

Maggie Q Starring in Live-Action King of Fighters Movie

Hasn't Hollywood learned that video game movies will always flop? No matter how many hotties they cast in them, video game adaptations are always destined to suck. Hopefully that changes with Prince of Persia, but that's still two years away. Maggie Q has joined the currently in-production King of Fighters live-action film, based on the bestselling Japanese SNK Playmore video game that first hit shelves in 1994. Maggie joins alongside of Sean Faris, Ray Park, Will Yun Lee and David Leitch, who doubles as the action choreographer. King of Fighters is being directed by Hong Kong's Gordon Chan, of The Medallion previously.

No details have been revealed about the story yet, however, the original game followed a character named Kyo Kusanagi, a young Japanese who enters The King of Fighters tournaments. Being the heir of the ancient Kusanagi clan, who wield pyrokinetic powers, Kyo manages to use its powerful techniques to become champion of the tournament. The film is in production in Vancouver with a $12 million budget at the moment. Production is slated to wrap in January and we should expect to see this by late 2009 courtesy of Sony. As much as I'd love to believe Maggie Q might spice this up, I'm still expecting it to stuck.

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i remember this game....sounds like this movie will blow chunks. max payne-bad doom-bad house of dead-bad street fighter-terrible alone in the dark-bad bloodrayne-terrible tomb raider-o.k. Prince of Persia-it's along way off but seeing that they poorly casted a white guy to play a middle eastern character and that wig from the set photo was bad enough to rival Tom Hanks' hair in Davinci Code and Nic Cage's hair in Bangkok Dangerous, I'm already skeptical. The list goes on and on the only movie that would be good is a Metal Gear Solid movie. That game is more storyline than gameplay anyway.And possibly god of war if they make it gritty and epic like it's meant to be.

Steven on Dec 18, 2008


Wow the Hottie Maggie Q. I lost interest in her when she was implicated with that fuck nut Edison Chen. I was still surprised to see that cock sucking mother fucker in The Dark Knight. He made all the hot Hong Kong actresses go down the toilet. Maggie Q too bad...dont throw away your career.

Ken Masters on Dec 18, 2008


Maggie Q is a sexy bum and I want to bang her ass so is she plays a character Mai in the King Of Fighters movie,Tekken movie is in post production and I'm really pissed off with the producers not following the storyline from the first game,Hollywood could be working out Virtua Fighter with characters like Akira,Brad,Lau,Vanessa and all other VF characters. There is movies based on anime with Akira and Ninja Scroll are both taken by Leonardo DiCaprio, Larry Kasanoff could be still involved on the Ninja Scroll so if Warner Bros,Appian Way and Threshold Entertainment alone with madhouse will produce the live action Ninja Scroll. Thank You. BRUCE ACOSTA AUSTRALIA.

Bruce Darren Acosta on Dec 18, 2008


This boggles the imagination. Street Fighter was huge worldwide, but KOF didn't have that big of a fanbase in the U.S. Even now it's way past it's prime (the series probably peaked in the late nineties--I own every single game). Why someone would pick this to adapt is beyond me. What's next? Guilty Gear? Samurai Shodown? Fatal Fury? The trailer should be hilarious.

NadaNuff on Dec 18, 2008


#1, you forgot Mortal Kombat. I actually really liked that one. The second one was worse than death though.

Frame on Dec 18, 2008


Maggie Q would have been a great choice as Chun-Li for the new SF movie.

Matt Suhu on Dec 18, 2008


forget KOF. when is the next tomb raider coming out.

darrin on Dec 18, 2008


You people don't know anything. This movie has a better chance of actually being good because an actual Hong Kong director is directing it unlike all the other crappy Hollywood adaptations that came before it (street fighter and Mortal Kombat 2). This is the guy who directed Fist of Legend and that's one helluva movie. Hong Kong people just know how to created great fight scene unlike those retarded Hollywood choreographer. When it comes to creating a fight sequences, Hollywood is inferior to Hong Kong in all sense of the word.

Michael on Dec 18, 2008


Great list #1 Interesting how video games made into movies suck sooooo bad yet movies made into video games kick ass. Goldeneye... ...this is where you add more and more and this blog goes in a totally different direction than intended.

Ger on Dec 18, 2008


Ray Park and Maggie Q are badass. i dont know about this adaption though. In addition to Prince of Persia, Gears of War and a possible Halo movie both sound solid.

Silver on Dec 18, 2008


Maggie Q is hot, and Sean Farris was good in Never Back Down and Life as we know it. But I'm not expecting to much from this considering it's only a $12 million dollar Budget.

The_Phantom on Dec 18, 2008


"…this is where you add more and more and this blog goes in a totally different direction than intended." OK, let's see...Charlie's Angels...Enter the Matrix...Fight Club...Jumper... .....Oh, wait, all of those games were bad.

NadaNuff on Dec 18, 2008


If Mai's tits bounce like they did in the arcade game then HELL count me in for a watch................

SHANEDAV on Dec 19, 2008


The only good game adapt was the first TOMB RAIDER.

Ryan on Dec 22, 2008


I really hope this movie is gonna be good. If it isnt, that would just suck. Hopefully it doesnt come out like some crappy Dragon Ball shit. Hopefully, Gordan Chan, with all his power can make this good....

Dan on Sep 1, 2009


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