Marc Forster Can Only Handle One Bond at a Time

October 21, 2008

Marc Forster

Earlier today I attended a full day of press interviews with the cast from Quantum of Solace and as I still revel in the excellence of the film tonight, I thought I'd bring you an interesting quote today from director Marc Forster. This is somewhat of a teaser to the upcoming James Bond coverage we have planned and my interview with Marc Forster as well. And to introduce it, let me just say, when everyone finally gets to see Quantum of Solace, I know I won't be the only one who will want Forster to come back to direct more. He presents a very sleek vision of Bond like I've never seen before and I loved it. But would he direct another? Forster says he was offered the next one, but declined because he prefers a balance of films.

"They offered me the next one, but at this point the pressure is so intense -- it's a year of not having a life. And I don't know if I want to do that again. It's literally not having a life, and I mean that, it's not exaggerated. I feel like life is short, you have to find a balance."

Although Forster made that statement when asked about returning for another Bond movie, his experience on Quantum of Solace was certainly fantastic. You can hear plenty more from Forster in our interview due out in a few weeks as part of our James Bond Week. Until then, I'll reiterate that having Forster, a director known more for his art house films (e.g. Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland, The Kite Runner), take on an action-heavy Bond movie was a brilliant idea. Not only does he handle the action very well, but he brings a very graceful sense of style to the typically gritty Bond universe and I loved seeing that. I really hope the producers find a director as amazing as Forster to follow in his footsteps for the next film.

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awwww that's a bit sad but I understand his reasoning for not doing another. They better not F*** it up for the third one!!

rblitz7 on Oct 21, 2008


I think that comes with the territory though. Sure i can understand his position there, but i mean look at sam raimi.. if all goes well he would have done 5 spidermans, which is like 10 years of his life. Christopher Nolan will most likely be back for another batman. I mean come on, u have to make some sacrifices and it seems that hes not putting the fans first. Granted he has a life also and a family but i thought being a director this comes with the job. Hes doing a fantastic job at that, even thought i havent seen Quantum of Solace im sure it will be amazing. Im sure they will pay him big bucks to return especially seeing how well the new installment will do.

big r on Oct 21, 2008


I for one think he is doing an awesome job. I love C.R. And am very exited to see Q.O.S! I truly hope Forster comes back for at least a third film.

atg2040 on Oct 21, 2008


Oh yea and Alex, i thought you would have went on and on about how amazing Q.O.S. was. I kno you saw it already and i was expecting (without giving too much away) a thorough review at least. Please tell me it was nothing short of spectacular?

big r on Oct 21, 2008


bs man throw down a check that sounds like a brick when it hits his table and he'll hop in.

Daniel on Oct 21, 2008


It was Martin Campbell who directed Casino Royale, not Forster. This is Forster's first big budget film, let alone action movie. He might have underestimated how hard it was going to be. As long as he does a good job, let him move on.

Adam on Oct 21, 2008


Ridley Scott should be given a chance to direct a 007 movie. So does a long overdued Steven Spielberg. If not, bring Martin Campbell back.

Riccardo on Oct 21, 2008


I agree #3 Alex...give us a small morsel of hope that it's amazing...pleeeeeease

Peloquin on Oct 21, 2008


The reason why the action is going to kick ass it because Dan (Bourne 2&3, Indy 4)Bradley directed the 2nd unit. As long as he's involved with it it'll be solid

trey on Oct 21, 2008


I'm annoyed at how much this article is upping Forester's job on this project, completely misleading. Seeing how I'm probably the only one to have actually seen the finished product at this point I can faithfully say it's a large step down from Casino Royale and I can't fathom how the producers, after seeing the finished product, would actually ask for Forrester to come back, I'm calling complete bullshit on this one. Trey, the action sequences are torn to shreds, you know that shaky, frenzied camera-style everyone hates? Yeah, this film is CHALK full of it. Forester does NOT have a sense for action, Alex Billington, you're a tool dude, honestly, fuck off, 'excellent'? Have you not seen the previous entry or...? Forester's a vastly overrated director as it is, all his movies are 'good' but none have even remotely approached the land of great, I mean have you seen 'Stay'? Acute artistic masturbation. Don't be misled, look for other reviews online, you'll see they corroborate with my sentiments here. The Guardian gave it a 3/5, I'd say that's about accurate(There's no half-points to be awarded here). I honestly don't understand why the producers don't stick with Campbell, after Goldeneye and Casino Royale I'd say it's fairly clear at this point that the man has goods like others don't.

StaywhereIcanseeyou on Oct 21, 2008


They should ask Tarantino. He obviously has the chops for action films. He proved with the Kill Bill's that he can pull off a great action film and he even said one of his dreams is to direct a Bond film. He's one of the best directors in Hollywood, the least the studio can do is consider talking to him about it. Or better yet, they should ask me. I'm down for a Bond movie. I don't really have a life as it is. I'm already freed up.

Jonathan Tilmon on Oct 21, 2008


I'd be keen on a David Fincher-directed Bond movie.

Matt on Oct 22, 2008


Give it to Steven Spielberg. It has been his long-time dream to direct a James Bond flick. What he got instead was Indiana Jones!

Ged on Oct 22, 2008


... You referred to Bond movies as "Gritty".... Since when is a bond move GRITTY? The only one that was gritty was Casino Royale.

God on Oct 22, 2008


Marc Foster has done a great job as director. I'm aware he not directing the next Bond film but I hope he'll come again in the future Bond films. I seen his interview in Utube. He did it with alot of interest. I wish him well with his future project.

Spy Fiction Lover on Oct 23, 2008


Thank god he is not coming back. There was way too much focus on the action, which (and this is the worst part) you can barely tell what's exactly happening and who is who. It's close-up, fast-cut, shaky-cam, editing. It was skipping over stuff. It was very irritating. It's sad because there was some great choreography that you only get a hint of and I'm sure a lot was thrown out so we could see some blur. Casino Royale did it perfect. It was fluid. You didn't feel like you where sandwiched inbetween to guys but a spectator. You seen it play out from a comfortable angle and knew exactly what was happening. Which made the action a whole lot better.

Bill on Nov 14, 2008


Hey 007 fans! Check out these awesome interviews with Marc Forster Director of "Quantum of Solace" discussing the challenges, risks, and rewards of taking on the reigns of the Bond franchise. Marc Forster on Directing - Marc Forster on Bond -

Marc Pastora on Jun 24, 2009

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