Mark Millar's Superman Pitch Revealed as Godfather-Like Epic

October 29, 2008
Source: Empire


We've been following comic book writer Mark Millar and his Superman pitch since he first made a scene about it last October. The latest update arrived in early September, where Millar said that he was working with an big action director who was actually getting his pitch heard at Warner Brothers. While he hasn't gotten them to agree just yet (as far as we know), he finally spilled more details on his plans for the 3-film Superman story to Empire, and it's even more epic than I could ever imagine. This is only just a tease: "It's gonna be like Michael Corleone in the Godfather films, the entire story from beginning to end, you see where he starts, how he becomes who he becomes, and where that takes him."

Millar explains that "The Dark Knight showed you can take a comic book property and make a serious film, and I think the studios are ready to listen to bigger ideas now." So he partnered with a big director and producer and went in to Hollywood to pitch his "Magnum Opus of Superman stories." The idea consists of an 8-hour saga, split into 3 films to be released a year apart, much like Lord of the Rings. Millar adds that "the problem with Superman Returns was like releasing Star Wars in '77, The Empire Strikes Back in '80 and then waiting 28 years to release Return of the Jedi -- it wasn’t relevant. I understand what Bryan Singer was trying to do, to pay homage to Richard Donner's original vision, but I think you should pay homage by doing something completely different." So what exactly is his idea?

"I want to start on Krypton, a thousand years ago, and end with Superman alone on Planet Earth, the last being left on the planet, as the yellow sun turns red and starts to supernova, and he loses his powers." Wow. Any die-hard Superman fans get shivers just thinking about that story being told in its entirety on the big screen? Millar really does want this to be recognized as the Godfather of superhero films, which will be a monumental task considering The Dark Knight is already the closest to earning that title. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but that idea sounds phenomenal, like the defining Superman trilogy that could never be topped. I think that might be the ultimate Superman story we've all been waiting to see. Thoughts?

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YES. Superman Returns was kinda lame. I want something new, fresh, and different. Just like how they changed Batman.

-Peter- on Oct 29, 2008


I enjoyed Superman Returns very much, and would love to see a sequel to that film where they kill off his son, eliminating the "Superboy" possibility and thus giving Superman's character a chance to go dark somewhat. I think that would make people less pissed that he had a son in Superman Returns. It would be seen in a whole new light if the sequel took this route. However, Millar's pitch sounds great too, so either way I'm excited.

Dan Geer on Oct 29, 2008


That sounds so amazing, it gives me shivers. Except...we all know his origins, and I would be bored out of my gord for the first like hour it takes for him to just put on tights. I don't want another origins story.

Aldonn on Oct 29, 2008


Millars idea sounds awesome. I like it!

big r on Oct 29, 2008


Fuckin A. This sounds awesome!

Masteryoda007 on Oct 29, 2008


As far as I know Mark Millar is not involved in the next Superman movie in any way, shape or form. Nothing, nada, zip. Vic on Oct 29, 2008


fuck superman returns. Millars idea sounds jaw droppingly awesome! xD fuck me I got shivers thinking about a future superman where hes the last god someone give him a 150 million dollar budget, and let him get to work now, please!!!! lmao

buddhistwisdom7 on Oct 29, 2008


I have been thinking Superman needs to be redone in a darker, grander way like The Dark Knight. It would be amazing if Jon Hamm from Mad Men played Superman. Just look at Alex Ross' art and tell me no.

Alex on Oct 29, 2008


This is an extremely wrong-headed move and a dark Superman movie is just an inherently bad idea which displys an absolute lack of understanding of the character.

NYJ on Oct 29, 2008


I agree completely with Aldonn. It sounds awesome but, we've seen the origin story a bunch of times. 'Smallville' has milked the origin story for eight years, so maybe it's time to do something different with the beginning of this saga? Maybe keep most of the action on Krypton - the fall of the house of El, the feud with Zod, the establishment of Supe's morals - maybe a little ambiguity as to whether he was originally sent to save Earth or conquer it?

John Madden on Oct 29, 2008


Damn. That would be a crazy ass ending. To see all that go down sounds pretty wild. I'm sure Mark Miller knows supes inside and out from start to finish, but I need more information(duh). No doubt I'd see it as an intense epic - When the trilogy is complete, to be able to see people cry from a comic book film is amazing to imagine. He loses his powers as the sun supernovas then... - Would he then be victim to whatever caused the human race to be dead? - Would Superman himself feel that he accomplished what he was put on Earth for? Even though the entire human race is wiped out? - (I assume) Death would follow shortly after the supernova. There would have to be some grand mythological theme or message that 'us humans' can appreciate, so we can say yes, that was an incredibly honorable Superman story. With this tall order, it would HAVE to be nothing short of The Ultimate Superman Movie. Birth to Death. Brainiac? Darkseid? Doomsday? Why not? Let Miller run with it!

Nick Sears on Oct 29, 2008


I love the idea, but I'd like to see them close up the doors opened in Superman Returns first [the son thing]. I also really enjoyed Brandon Routh in that role, and hope he returns.

Maria on Oct 29, 2008


11 - "maybe a little ambiguity as to whether he was originally sent to save Earth or conquer it?" I like that idea. I can see that being the 2nd/3rd Plot - Darkseid rolls in, offers a seat to conquer Earth, obviously denies it, and then it becomes a battle of morals between Darkseid/Superman - Darkseid fights and questions Superman - "You are a GOD! Why save them when you can rule them all?!" Insert Superman's 'human' traits/morals + amazingly epic action scenes, blah blah - uber-summer blockbuster haha

Nick Sears on Oct 29, 2008


While I love Mark Millar and his work, I'm a little worried that 3 movies spanning thousands and thousands of years is a little too over-reaching for a Superman movie. I mean, Superman's not really that complicated. I think Hollywood and Millar are just really overthinking this a bit - which is what got Brian Singer into trouble. Supes is not a brooding character, he doesn't really have complicated or dark problems. His problems are basic superhero fare like keeping his identity secret, or how to hide the fact he just got beat up by a 70 foot tall robot or something. While audiences respond great to a character driven movie like Batman (for a deep character), I think people would rather see a more action-oriented Superman movie. We're tired of seeing the same origin film, we're tired of seeing him drone on about protecting his new world, or moping over Lois Lane, or staring off into the distance with a look of loneliness on his face. I want to see a light-hearted, fun Superman movie. Something with an interesting villain that Superman can actually HIT for a change (if I have to see him stop another natural disaster, or plane crash, or exploded gas main I'm going to lapse into a coma from boredom). Maybe bring back Zod, or Doomsday, or one of the many villains that can actually challenge Superman on a physical level, not just a mental level. The best Superman movies (and comics, for that matter) are the ones that focus on how he balances the incredible exploits of his superhero self with the utterly mundane details of everyday life as Clark Kent. Superman is essentially, at it's core, the story of an alien who's trying to be human, and stay that way even though he can crush steel with his pinky. I think fans would respond better to a Superman movie that was more along the lines of the Incredibles, than they would to a movie that was dark and gritty like The Dark Knight. Superman is not a "dark and gritty" kind of superhero.

Peter on Oct 29, 2008


uh uh uh WOW? If they could pull this off with no cheese then WOW!

Richard on Oct 29, 2008


They need to make the Trinity and bring in Batman and Wonder Woman to make it more interesting. Darkseid and Doomsday would be great as far as villains go. I hope they go through with the trilogy idea.

Diego on Oct 29, 2008


WOW F'in WOW!!! That sounds absolutely amazing! That is such a brilliant idea! I really hope this comes to life. @15 - How can you say Superman is "not that complicated" Really??? Look back at all the comics, all those stories. They could take this anyway and everywhere. The possibilites are endless. Superman fighting Zod, Doomsday, whomever (death of superman would really need to be it's own flick), life on Krypton, the destruction of Krypton, his inner conflicts, life growing up from a child to manhood on earth. The list justs goes on and on. Man I am jacked about this concept. If done and done right, this absolutely would be EPIC! Can't wait to hear more.

K on Oct 29, 2008


Ive never been a fan of any of the Superman films, the first trilogy was kind of lame, to corny I think, the newest was trying to be to down and sad Superman and basically made him invincible to his only weakness so he really has no enemies anymore. I would love to see a dark, gritty Superman story, a lot of action, but also deep like The Dark Knight.

Derek on Oct 29, 2008


An idea and a finished script are two different animals. Sounds interesting, but WB would never approve an ending so bleak! on Oct 29, 2008


Wow that did give me shivers... what an ending that would be. I get really emotionally attached to movies i like. Call me weird, but man that would be sick.

r1000 on Oct 29, 2008


... I'm excited, I Love alot of Mark Millar's work... and Superman is in need of a good reboot... Do it Warner Brothers! Do it Now! ...

Mondo Jay on Oct 29, 2008


Retarded idea. He can't end superman, superman has no ending.

Darunia on Oct 29, 2008


This sounds wicked! But they'll never have an ending to the trilogy where everyone on earth is dead and then Superman dies, I can't see anyone ever approving that.

Q on Oct 29, 2008


I just hope it's MUCH better than "Returns" even though I liked it. But if they want to take Supes in a dark direction, a balance has to be struck between light and dark. Batman is a dark character and I especially LOVED Begins and TDK, but Superman is an entirely different beast that requires the right amount of story elements that this film needs; something that was seriously lacking in "Returns". Never mind the lame ass ones that came after 1 and 2.

TrueBelieverX on Oct 29, 2008


I agree with Millars idea for a bold new take on Superman. Supes is my all time favorite hero! We need a Superman film with action, moral struggles, and a sense of Superman struggling with all of his power. Bryan Singer got it right as a fact of a somewhat nostalgic feel, however there needs to be a VILLAIN! Brainiac, the Eradicator, Darkseid...someone who can challenge Supes to go to the edge of his morals and values. I say bring in the Eradicator! Sorry Kate Bosworth, your out and Rachel McAdams is in! Brandon Routh stays only needs to beef up a little bit in the tights. Who would be the Eradicator? Maybe Cole Hauser? The movie does not need to span over a thousand years...thats too much for the fan base to take in. The moves span should be a year after Supes takes in his responsibility as a hero of Metropolis, face his big villain and battle like Neo and Smith in the Matrix, and coming to a close to accept his responsibility.

Andrew on Oct 29, 2008


This sounds incredible! But the only thing is i dont know how the non-fan boys are going to react.... it could flop. Batman Begins came many years after the Schumacher versions. But i could be wrong... Superman Returns was just random and i wish this idea would've come around back when they started Returns...i think Returns spoils this awesome idea. But personally, i hope they make it.

Spencer on Oct 29, 2008


oh, yeah, and one more thing. . .NO DARK TAKE!! Superman is not a dark character. He is about struggling with accepting his responsibility as a hero with all this power and which direction to go.

Andrew on Oct 29, 2008


if he get's his power from our yellow sun, and then the sun supernova's and dies, he will die. And the sun will supernova at some point, millions or more years from no, it's not a retarded idea :¬

chrisUK on Oct 29, 2008


Superman just shouldn't be dark. Period. Just my opinion.

Brainiac. on Oct 29, 2008


The problem is... he's superman... in today's world we need flaws... we like to root for the bad guys sometimes... He's not dark, he has limitless power aside from being introduced to a little Kryptonite, which suprisingly hasn't been used to really take him out (by his villians I mean). I mean we all know that at a certain level no matter how good TDK was (and it was awesome), that even that had some predictbility to it. Superman's predictability is on whole other level... he is going to win period... doesn't make much for a great story. So to agree with a poster above, the movie would have to very action oriented. Or a story has to be told that we all know.. like the doomsday saga

r1000 on Oct 29, 2008


i can even see the ending... Camera shows huge wideshots of a strange landscape, all you can hear is the howling wind. Cuts to the last being on earth; Superman. Alone in a tattered costume sitting on a rock on a desolate windswept landscape, staring off towards the sun while reflecting on his life. The sun then starts to change colour and erupt as it go's supernova, and we see as his powers drain and the extreme heat and radiation starts to slowly burn his costume away and his exposed skin stats to flake away into the wind. He starts to smile and a sheds a single tear as we see a photo of him and Lois Lane in one of his hands, which he drops and it gets carried away in the wind as it starts to burn and the credits roll.

chrisUK on Oct 29, 2008


We need something fresh. Does that mean a complete Supes' character revamp? Not when you have 70 years of history in your hands. The current Superman comics (Action Comics, Superman, and Supergirl) have decided to take many aspects from the 70 year history of Superman and incorporate in their comic book universe. Just like the Chris Reeve movies Pa Kent is dead. Just like Smallville young Clark had super-powered adventures. Like the Silver Age Lex Luthor is a criminal genius again. Like the more modern Superman stories, Superman always was and is Clark Kent. Clark is the hero, Superman is a symbol. THE symbol of truth, justice and the American way. The symbol of hope and good in this world. It's not fucking difficult unless you make it that way.

Ivan Jaime on Oct 29, 2008


Oh, fuck all this nonsense about whether Superman should be dark or not. Of course he isn't. He doesn't just kill people. And for that matter, neither is Batman a dark person on the inside. He's pure inside, but dark on the outside. His origin is dark, the world around him is dark, and the people he must face are dark, and so he must make them afraid of him by putting on a dark personage. Do any of you really not see the similarities between the two heroes. Superman's origin is dark. His home planet comes to war and is destroyed and he's the last remnant. Then he discovers all this power he has as he grows up and, realizing that there are many of the same flaws on Earth that destroyed Krypton, he uses his power to help people and fight evil. Both heroes have dark origins, and darkness to fight all around. As far as inner struggle goes, Superman has to deal with the fact that he's pretty much alone in all his efforts, and he has all this weight on his shoulders, while Batman is dealing with the fact that he has a personal predisposition to dispise and want to destroy everything that is wrong with Gotham, though he doesn't. The only difference is that Batman has no super powers. I say Miller has a great concept here. I don't see it as something that's really all that important, though. Superman, though he hasn't been done totally right yet, has been done to death. For that matter Batman has been too, but Nolan's two movies are exemplary, and if they're going to go after this they need to set a high standard using Nolan's movies as an example.

JL on Oct 29, 2008


SEE THIS ALL PROVES IT WE WANT TO SEE SUPEMAN GET THE SHIT KICKED OUT OF HIM! but the sun supernova's, he looses his power, OK! and thats it Nothing new, So he dies alone. Whats Badass about that. The fact that he looses his power is cool, but to think that he couldnt just go to the fortress of solitude and regain them or leave and open a portal is BULLSHIT. See this is why people are over Superman, All the trials of earth. The dude can breath in outerspace for christ sake, he is one of the most powerful in this galaxy, why wouldnt he want to seek out people just like him. The whole idea that he has to pretend to be human, is old. Batman Fights crime, thats what he does, But he makes advances in his life that allow for his universe to alter. Superman doesnt OR hasnt been alloWed to advance out of the earth surrounding. DAMN DC LET THE GUY STRETCH HIS LEGS ON FILM, YOU MAY FIND IT WAS WORTH WHILE. YOU LET BATMAN STRTCH THEM BAT WINGS!

THERBLIG on Oct 29, 2008


Give me a Batman Vs. Superman story dammit

DON P on Oct 29, 2008


Have the first movie end with him flying to Earth, in the background you hear in a very dark and deep voice...."Go to Earth..rule these people..not as a a a Superman!" The second movie is him fighting bad guys on Earth, as he decides he wants to protect the people. The third movie is when that dark deep voice comes to Earth and the battle that ensues.

TBone on Oct 29, 2008


This has AMAZING Potential! Any studio who would turn down this is one that hates the idea of making big money.

Blue Buttons on Oct 29, 2008


Sounds like a pretty depressing ending to Superman. All alone on earth as the sun gos nova. Just what I dont want to see. Why does Superman have to be dark like Batman? Leave that to Batman. Movies are so depressing anymore. Why cant anything be fun to watch anymore without having to deal with killing for no reason other then to kill people. I would like Superman to fight someone with power and not just deal with natural disasters and Lex Lutor. Also no super childen he knows nothing about fathering. Mark Miller is a good writer but a little to violent and dark for Superman.

Dan on Oct 29, 2008


How can anyone say clark is a hero superman is a symbol? His altero ego is Clark kent, all other heroes hide what they are. He is hiding what he is not and thats Human. He is the symbol, and the fact that supeman is Dark is bullshit! Yeah it sounds cooler more stealth, a lone Super hero flying around earth alone, world destroyed. Ok but after about 6,000,000 times of fixing bridges or fighting criminal masterminds it gets old. 38 Known galaxies, you mean to tell me he never tried going to any? All the history that is in the fortress of solitude, you mean to tell me he never tried creating machines to take him to planets or help mankind with the problems of modern day earth? if there is any Dark aspect of the comic it is that we have surpressed the thought of even allowing the charector to grow into anything other than a servant of man.

THERBLIG on Oct 29, 2008


Yeah I agree with DON P I personally think D.C. needs to take a page (so to speak) from Marvel and set Superman in the same universe as Nolan's version of Batman

Jaf on Oct 29, 2008


i like this idea, this would bring new life to the franchise and make it open to the new generation, we see him begin where is he meant to conquer? but he has the kents to keep him grounded but we want more than that as we want big villains, i agree that we saw too many natural disaster saving (i enjoyed superman returns but it was not as good as it should of been) in the latest flick but bring in darkseid metallo and then finish it with doomsday. This will open alot of emotions 1. we see a darker superman 2. his struggle to be accepted and regain trust 3. the death of superman to which will be to the point of shocking where we feel this god like man of power be crushed but he dies saving the people he loves as he is all good. So come on WARNER, stop messing around and get this on the way, do something as he is to big a film/s to miss.

ad on Oct 29, 2008


WOW, that did give me shivers. I can see Superman now standing staring at the sun, the last man on earth as he prepares for death he screams "THIS IS KRIPTON"!

dac_fan on Oct 29, 2008


Maybe superman will actually fight unlike Superman Returns?

Ryan on Oct 29, 2008


Thats the best comic book movie news iv'e heard since "Coming Soon - Batman Begins"

Mr. Big on Oct 29, 2008


I have zero interest in another origin story. If this does end up getting made; it'll take a lot to get me to a theater to see it. I'll probably just wait and Netflix it...

Dave Lister, JMC on Oct 29, 2008


Jeez - can't we just have a snappy, colourful, entertaing Superman? If they go ahead with this, the public may well have grown tired of Superhero films come its release, and another dark, self-important 'epic' might only drive audiences even further away.

sleepykid on Oct 29, 2008


Wow. A snappy, colorful, entertaining Superman? Does everybody really want a bunch of cheery bullshit? Isn't it boring for the main character to go around beating stuff up with his pinky finger? What the hell? Shouldn't even Superman have to struggle a little bit? And one more question: Why is everyone so excited about Superman anyway? He's the most recognizeable pussy in all of popular fiction. That's right. I said pussy. You're not a badass just because you're invulnerable. Why does he always get super weak around Kryptonite? Can't he just have normal strength? Someone always has to come and save him. It would be way cooler if he would have to defeat an enemy without all his super powers, and get really beat up. I don't know about everyone else, but I like it when the hero gets the shit kicked out of him and overcomes in the end. A hero with the odds stacked against him. Like Batman.

JL on Oct 29, 2008


Sounds good to me.

MrSammich on Oct 29, 2008


Remember when someone here (Alex, I think) posted an article saying that TDK would change Hollywood. Well, I'm sure this is exactly what he said. It changed the way people think. It has started to inspire a new breed of Superheroes, if I may say so. And it is indeed a welcome change. Go go go... :p

Deepak T on Oct 30, 2008


This has the beginnings of a remarkable cycle of films. Literally the Life and Death of Superman. I wouldn't worry about the tone of the story. Millar's Supreman: Red Son is a perfect read. Anyone with any doubts should pick that up. Millar can handle the tone just fine. For some extra homework, I recommend picking up the 12 issues of All-Star Superman. I have a feeling that this is the type of storytelling Millar has in mind...Whimsical and mind-blowing in its approach to the character and his legend. Using these sources as its touchstone, I think that this new trilogy can become a landmark in screen adaptations of comics...if not a landmark in film generally.

LeeModer on Oct 30, 2008


My only qualm is the idea of ending the saga in a way that ends Superman's existence. LOTR had a beginning, middle and end but Superman is on-going. I'm not sure i'd be willing (as a fan) to let a director jusify that because it goes just a tad beyond creative freedom. Honestly I think it would take more than just 3 movies to explain this scope of story (example Harry Potter) I understand the comics are different as we saw with x-men, I'm not willing to buy a 3 movie life & evental death of Superman. Sorry. Just my opinion. You're entitled to yours.

j money on Oct 30, 2008


Sounds bad ass!!! I can't wait. I hope WB gives him the green light because I'll be in line with a couple extra tickets so I can go right into the next showing and watch it again.

Kilo Alpha on Oct 30, 2008


If I were doing it ,i would do it a little differently...I like the trilogy allows for character development and gets a guarantee from studios that all three would be made. smart move...the don't want to end a trilogy of a character like superman like that.....I would begin a trilogy with older superman standing ...waiting for the red sun to consume him....thinking about his life and all that came before...a digital hologram of Lois, the only woman he has ever loved in his hands..and just as the sun turns red , his mind drifts back to the beginning. Krypton. Tell the story of krypton and its destruction and lead to him landing on can skip all the growing up stuff..except for maybe a moment when he is real young and discovers he is more then just an average boy, then have him leave home continue years later, when he is already a top writer for the planet and is already superman. the government, who always had a problem with this "alien/self appointed god" decides they need to control him or destroy him...leaning toward destroying the one man on earth who they feel has way too much power. With the help of John Corben, Metallo is created at Lexcorp (the company that gets the top secret government contract). Metallo almost destroys superman, but in the end superman prevails....what isn't known is that a spy within the government is actually an alien himself from a planet called Apokolips, where he has been gathering information on a race that was scheduled to be invaded, so that the people of the planet could be used as slaves for its Dictator Darksied. Darkseid hears of this new being from krypton and the challenge of bringing him to his Knees motivates him to bring his invasion to earth sooner then planned...and the first movie ends with either Darkseid planning the invasion or the people of earth just discovering that they are being invaded. this leads into the 2nd and 3rd movies which tells the story of Superman's battle with Darlseid which would take us from the earth, to Apokolips and back to earth...and will end with Darkseid and his troops being defeated...barely ...and returned to Apokolips where all transportation and dimensional doorways are destroyed and shut down guaranteeing that they can't return (at least not for some time) to endanger the lives of the earth. The government realizes that with the kind of threat that they were introduced to with the coming of Darkseid, that they may have a need for superman after all and and grant him a green card and celebratory thank you (kind of like the end of Star Wars: A New Hope -episode IV. That would be my trilogy and if the powers that be are reading this, then i hope they realize that this could be the story that brings Superman back to the box office draw that he deserves. anyway that is the trilogy that i would do....

Mase28 on Nov 1, 2008


OK i love the idea but instead of making Superman the character dark, why not the universe dark and Superman is the shining light of good, metaphorically speaking? bear in mind i am not the biggest superman fan (more of a marvel guy) but I think that his powers should steadily increase with each film until his peak is godlike, immortal, nothing can stop him but he realizes at that peak, he has nothing worth fighting for because he has lost his love (Lois Lane) to her mortality and realizes that no matter how hard he tries, he is not one of the humans. So he would have to deal with that and pretty much just defends earth and its inhabitants, abandoning the double life because he feels no need for it. the ending would be real sad and depressing but a perfect ending. I can see like a tattered clothes, desolate wasteland because mankind destroyed themselves and everything else except Superman like Krypton. So Supes is standing there with his back turned to the camera, cape blowing, some "Lonely Man"-style music playing as the sun dies. Then shows his face, an accepting look, he is finally going to die and be with Lois Lane or whatever....kinda like he's accepted his fate and is comfortable with it.

CaptainAmerica on Nov 2, 2008


My jaw hit the floor for real,if he does that,that is gonna be tight, "I want to start on Krypton, a thousand years ago, and end with Superman alone on Planet Earth, the last being left on the planet, as the yellow sun turns red and starts to supernova, and he loses his powers." That statement is one of he best I have heard in a long time,I don't think WB needs any convincing. Amen

George on Nov 3, 2008


There is a huge problem with all of this (if noone has mentioned it before)... By the time the earth's sun turns red and goes supernova (in about a couple billion years)... Humans would have developed the technology to conquer space and time, we would have risen above petty morals and there would be no need for Superman or any other super men. It's kind of a big hole in the plot if you ask me... What would be cool is if he lives long enough to see earth become like Krypton in technological advancement and as Earth is about to destroyed by a supernova... Kal El jettisons his own son into space to save him... bringing the whole story full circle.

Phoat on Nov 3, 2008


One last thought... Either way they go... who ever directs it should never forget Richard Donner's slogan while making the original Superman... "Verisimilitude"

Phoat on Nov 3, 2008


AM I the only die hard superman fan who thought that Aside from looking the part Brandon Routh was a terrible superman and an even worse actor? He was drull and emotion less, Like when the he and lois are one top of the daily planet and he says "will you come with me?" it sounded like a robot there was no emotion, I understand the whole cst an unknown thing but I think they need to go with an actor more like Christian Bale was before batman, he had done some good stuff but he was not a household name until after Begins. All in all Returns was good if you have always been a superman fan but it didnt bring in any new fans, and Routh just doesn't measure up.

Joerel on Nov 6, 2008


Everything sounded good starting over once and for all the last time they do this start over crap do it all good have some real action hopefully in it. 3 movies 1 a year sounds perfect. The only thing I didnt like is the ending because it doesnt leave itself or anyone else open for a sequel. The ending idea was terrible. Everything was perfect why have and ending like this just do it perfect, and it almost was until I read the ending idea.

John Smith on Dec 16, 2008


That sounds like a great idea. Im a big fan of the new batman films. they have depth to them. its more in touch with the world we live in today. The first two superman films with Christopher Reeve were amazing. The effects back then were not great but it just proved that the storyline carried the films. For the franchise today though its not good because its so hard to let go of those films. Superman films will always have that over them. I so wish they were never made and we could have a new superman film in 2009 with bad guys like Zod. I just dont think they can bring him back can they? They brought back the Joker though! I would love to hear the idea for an epic superman trilogy. Brand new from scratch. Ok Batman is more real in the new films and they are the best i have seen but superman is THE superhero!! The idea is there on a plate for any director or film writer so there are no excuses. no idea what was going on in Superman returns. Focus on whats important... the story. Dont worry about the theme tune!, the costumes! Try to make it new, fresh, real, without too many special effects, make the characters deep and serious, help us relate with them, add a twist or two to spice it up, leave the first on a cliffhanger to the second and third and make us want more! Make Superman!!

Anthony on Feb 4, 2009


IMPOSSIBLE! Doing the entirety of Superman's epic history in 8 hours would be like watching all 3 LOTR's in 5 So, what, would Doomsday even get more than 3 seconds? I suppose they'd have to give Lex about 6 seconds. First, they need to start on Krypton, at least Miller got that one right. Show us the changing of the guard between the military council and the science council, Zod's rebellion, Rao's prophecy, the sibling rivalry between Jor-El and Zor-El, the discovery of the phantom zone, brainiac, and finally the ultimate destruction of the planet, Brainiac's escape, Zod and his follower's being senanced to the phantom zone, etc. Then, tie it in with TDK, possibly through Intergang, making a connection between the gangs of Gotham and the crime lords in Metropolis. Bring in Rudy Jones as a low level Intergang thug working for Star Labs, and have Parasite as the main soldier villain for the film. It would be a good break from the usual "kryptonite is the only thing that can hurt Superman" and then somewhere along the lines, probably at the end, introduce kryptonite as a foreshadow to the next film. Also bring in John Corban to foreshadow Metallo as the next villain (for the third film), have Lex working behind the scenes, orchestrating everything.

Robert McKenzie on Feb 8, 2009


who ever says that this is stupid then don't bring comments here. this is somethin' new, and id rather see this then rami finish his same old movie in the spider-man triliogy...

Dalton on Oct 27, 2009


Please note that I am NOT a Superman fan when I say this: that movie idea is something that I would LOVE to see. Much like the All-Star Superman series that DC has, it sounds like it'll take an impossibly strong and incredibly BORING hero and turn him into something FANTASTIC!!!

Totz the Plaid on Dec 22, 2009


It sounds like a good idea. would love to find out more about it. If I were to make a big story of Superman I would actually make it more Sci-fi than it is. Involve other planets. Places where it wouldn't be unrealistic to have large monster enemies. You can't really have that on Earth. Make something terrible happen while he is away from Earth for a period. Make Lex Luthor do something that we watch and look away. A Holocaust. Something that will make Superman want revenge of his own. I wouldn't make it for kids. I agree that it would be tough fitting thousand of years into three films. Interesting about the sun dying and he dies with it. Of course Superman gets his powers from the sun so that makes sense. Its not the only sun in the universe. The sun is a star. There are billions of Stars. Why can't he just go to another sun? Maybe our sun is special? I might have missed something.

McLovin on Dec 23, 2009

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