Marvel Announces Next Four Films - Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Avengers!

May 5, 2008


In connection with the official earnings announcement for Iron Man, Marvel has announced its next four upcoming films after 2009 and spilled a few more details on additional projects in the works. The huge success of Iron Man this past weekend has instantly greenlit the sequel, now set for this same weekend in 2010. Following that will be Thor in June of 2010. And then 2011 is the year where we'll see it all begin - Captain America and The Avengers will finally make their debut. Some additional details were also mentioned on a few other projects. One thing is clear - Marvel is really starting to build an interconnected universe of superheroes and we'll start to see all of their movies connecting over the next few years.

Iron Man 2 - April 30th, 2010
Thor - June 4th, 2010

The First Avenger: Captain America - May 6th, 2011
The Avengers - July, 2011

As we already know, Stardust's Matthew Vaughn will be directing Thor, however no other details have been announced for that project. Marvel Studio's David Maisel did also say that Thor will actually be introduced in Iron Man 2, which is one of the crossovers in the works. In addition, in 2011, the Captain America movie will lead directly into The Avengers. Whoever is cast as Steve Rogers aka Captain America will essentially be making two movies at once - since the character will be introduced in the first movie and head straight into The Avengers.

Regarding more Hulk movies, Maisel's response was "we definitely plan on continuing." But we all know that depends on how well Edward Norton's reimagining does this June. In addition, Maisel gave this last update, "I can't give any other updates other than to say it's in development and everybody's excited about Spider-Man 4." This is definitely a very promising future for Marvel and I'm certain the comics community is abuzz today with much discussion on all of the upcoming films.

As for the rest of this year and next year, we've got The Incredible Hulk coming up, Punisher: War Zone this fall, and only X-Men Origins: Wolverine for 2009. Do they have something else in the works that they'll spring on us last minute for 2009? Or will that be a more mellower year as we lead into the more exciting 2010 and 2011? What do you think about all of Marvel's upcoming line-up?

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May I be the first to say.... WOOOT!

Andrew on May 5, 2008


Thor?? Captain America?? not interested in either of them.

Scorpio on May 5, 2008


u have to watch thor its AWESOME!!!!!!!!

AZE on Aug 8, 2011


If Thor fails, does that endanger the rest? I mean, Matthew Vaughan's never had a hit, Stardust being a spectacular bomb. As for Spider-Man 4, Punisher 2 and Wolverine... none of those are Marvel Studios, are they?

Andrew Wickliffe on May 5, 2008


No, they're not Andrew, but that's why they weren't really mentioned. Although Marvel Studios is trying to take control of as much as they can themselves, it's hard to talk about Marvel and its universe and NOT mention any and everything related to Marvel. Although they won't connect into the Universe, they're still Marvel properties...

Alex Billington on May 5, 2008


I'm actually really glad that marvel is handling all their films themselves now because now there can be more awesome cross-overs and now the Marvel universe can exist in the films as well as the comics.

Kail on May 5, 2008


Alex, While there doesn't seem to be a lot going on with Marvel, there are other comic book movies coming in 2009. The Spirit by Frank Miller is one of them. There may be more, but I can't think of any off the top of my head.

Chris @ on May 5, 2008


Wow, what an announcement! We were all just speculating a couple days ago and now we have a release month for Avengers?!? Pretty awesome. I'll be the first to say I no next to nothing about The Avengers but just the idea of a superhero collaboration film is amazing. Can't wait for 2010 and 2011. I don't think Marvel has anything else up its sleeve for 2009. I think they will need to stockpile their funds for development in '09 and '10 and marketing in '10 and '11.

Keith on May 5, 2008


as a comic geek i'm wishing they let Brubaker write the Captain America movie, his writing is exceptional, bought a whole new light to Captain America.

The Delightful Deviant on May 5, 2008


So long as this Hulk Movie does well enough for there to be a 3rd Film (probably featuring the Leader, some of the Gray Hulk & a host of gamma-spawned foes? I'm just wildly guessing here...) then I will die a happy closet-nerd. This is indeed an excellent time within which to be a Marvel Fan. #8: You mean you didn't like that low-fi Cap movie w/ Frank Langella & the dumpsy dude in blue-rubber, who talked like a (a'hem-) total F@g, in the role of Cap?

Djoser on May 5, 2008


sounds good, so who does everyone think will be good as thor or captain america? for captain america, im kindve thinkin aaron eckhart, not a big name actor(yet, batman may change that) but has what it takes to carry a solid performance setting up for the avengers movie as for thor, kevin mckidd is rumored and he looks like a face for thor but ive never heard of him so dunno about acting ability

harrison on May 5, 2008


Kevin McKidd played in the HBO series ROME. He was also the star of the recent TV series Journeyman. I think that he'd make a great Thor. Just wish he was taller.

Chris @ on May 5, 2008


OMG! Thank you IRON MAN for making all of this possible...THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA and crossing over to THE AVENGERS!?? What else could you ask for??!!!!

Tim Clovefield on May 5, 2008



alex on May 5, 2008


well they can make you look taller, are we going to get movies for each other character from the avengers film? will sam jackson as nick fury get his own movie as well?

harrison on May 5, 2008


Harrison, from what I understand there is still an effort to make a variety of movies including Nick Fury, Namor, Luke Cage, Black Panther, and others.

Chris H. on May 5, 2008


AHHHHH... I have held back this comment for too long... Thor... NO.. PLEASE DON'T... stop the writing and pre-pro NOW IRON MAN 2 had better carry us through that summer... cause I am worried the same as Andrew #3 that it could kill the Avengers the following summer. Does anyone else immediately have flash backs to Adventures in Babysitting whenever they here the name 'Thor' and invision a goofy long haired mechanic with a dumb hat???????? HAHA... well I am sure that some of the 30-40 can.. Then again.. it did have Elizabeth Shue in it... HOTTTT.. hahha.. sorry.. just pirated the comments... OK .. sorry... back to Marvel....

Dusty on May 5, 2008


*Halleluiah* i think we all know we dont have to worry about Iron Man 2 that muchwith Favs and RDJ in heading My knowledge to Captain America is limited to wikipedia *shrug* so ill not say anything but Thor is going to be a tough one, although I think if anyone I think Vaugn will be able to do it. Still alot is hinged on the success of all the initial Avengers so i hope it does well P.S. they have a lot to redeem for from Spidey 3 (maybe without Toby and Raimi i've heard [please god dont be true]) so it better be good!!

silver on May 5, 2008


if only DC had their shit together...Justice League: Mortal... would've been the MK: Annihilation of our generation...

silver on May 5, 2008


yo harrison they wont have eckhart play captain america. If he's in Batman do you HONESTLY think that Marvel will go " hey, aaron, we know you are already an established villain in the DC universe, but how would you like to play Cap?" You probably want Christian Bale to play Aquaman too dont ya?

KG on May 5, 2008


Thor might be good if they film Asgard in a Chornicles of Narnia-esque. Of course if they're going to incorporate Thor into the Avengers they're going to have to make it all plausible in a scientific way (eg. SHIELD discovering an alternate universe) Captain America is going to be hard to pull off. I think they should wait a while and completely re-do the Spiderman series. All the actors from the trilogy are too old, and I'm sure everyone reading this had a lot to say about 3. I dunno about the rest of y'all but wouldn't this be a good time for them to incorporate Black Panther into one of the movies? He's easier to turn into a movie than say, Thor, and fairly easy to incorporate into the realm of the Avengers. He's not a far cry from Starks (minus the alcoholism), with his costume having similarities to Batman & Catwoman's.

Yellow Rebel on May 5, 2008


Yeah two characters I'd really like to see on the big screen are Black Panther and Doctor Strange 🙂

silver on May 5, 2008


There's been some rumblings that Guillermo Del Toro is interested in doing a Doctor Strange movie...I think he'd be great as the director

Yellow Rebel on May 5, 2008


Hells YEAH he would ^

silver on May 5, 2008


Del Toro on Doc Stange? I'm totally there. If they did ever make a Black Panther movie, I'd love to see Christopher Judge (Teal'C from Stargate SG-1) play the Panther. Think he'd be perfect for it. Cap is going to be a tough one to pull off. I know that they had talked to Brad Pitt about it before, but no idea if that's still an option at all anymore. I just think that this is going to be freaking huge and can't wait to see it!

Chris @ on May 5, 2008


As far as superhero super-groups go I've taken more of a liking to Justice League but The Avengers being adapted into film is looking to have a higher potential for quality, as opposed to the recently deceased JLA project that was destined to be ass. I'm happy that Marvel is finally getting their act together after a long line of garbage, their rebirth apparently starting with the top-notch Iron Man flick. Marvel vs. DC on motion pictures? It's finally getting interesting...

Frame on May 5, 2008


To the people who think that a Thor movie would be bad, I direct you to the Ultimates universe in the Marvel comics. Now there's a Thor was extremely cool and could translate pretty well to movies.

MasterCKO on May 6, 2008


Ironman 2 is gonna be HUGE!!! Thor, not interested but I'd still go see it. Captain America has potential depending on the script & director. If they can't bring back Tobey & Sam for Spiderman 4 then why bother?!?!? And the idea of criss crossing the heros between movies is BRILLIANT!!!!

AngelMG on May 6, 2008


Great! Iron Man 2 is a necessity as far as I'm concerned, and I'm intrigued to see what they'll do with Thor.

Minic on May 6, 2008


Who should play Thor? One name: Vincent D'Onofrio

woogie on May 6, 2008


Thor/Captian America would be interesting movie to say the least, if done right like Iron Man was then it should be a "good" movie...maybe not the best Superhero movie like Spider-Man 1-2 were(#3 didn't do it for me...I think Sandman ruined it for me...MORE VENOM, MORE VENOM). Anyways! the NEW Thor: Movie should...or should i say MUST include LOKI!!!(may i suggest that bad guy from the movie The Cell(Vincent was a scene where he had horns and crawling ontop of J-Lo) without him(LOKI) this movie is going to suck bad! Brad Pitt as Thor would be interesting I mean if you really think about it...he sort of had the look in the movie TROY!(Bulk up his suit, attach a cape and give him a Hammer and you have THOR!!!) as for Captain America hummm tough one my first option would've been Chris Evans aka Human Torch but if Marvel would make a movie with FF that wouldn't work out...or just get a no name...hey after all look how well Superman Returns did with a newbie actor!!! The Avengers movie would be hot!!! i think better the X-Men. Anyhow switching to DC I'm a huge FLASH fan so I want to know when is the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie coming out or just The Flash(Rumor Ryan Reynolds playing the Flash?), and Common to play Green Lantern? i heard that somewhere?

TreyMarc on May 6, 2008


First; The Iron Man Movie was great. I just hope that the next one includes The EXtremis which is the present evolution of Iron Man's Armor. Warren Ellis and Adi Granov's story can be read in "Iron Man: Extremis TPB. I read it when it first came out in comic book form and it's great. I like the idea of following Iron Man Movies with The Original Members of The Avengers. Thor, Giant Man and The Wasp, Hawkeye, and finally Captain America. If I missed any; please let me know. After introducing the Characters; An Avengers Movie would be great! The only question that I have is what version of the Avengers are they going to produce. Nick Fury is Black in the Ultimates (They are The Avengers of Marvel's Ultimate Universe.) However; he is white in the regular/original continuity. It's confusing because Iron Man is definitely from The original/ regular continuity line. Frankly, I would like to see a mixture of both. Thor from the Ultimates, Giant man and The Wasp from the ultimates and The New Captain America (Winter Soldier/Bucky Rogers) from the non-ultimate continuity. The New Captain America with The Shield, semi-automatic 9mm and the tactical combat knife is just right for our Present War on Terrorism. Finally; it would be great if they included The Black Widow as a member of SHIELD. She is both in the Ultimate Universe and The Regular/Original Continuity Universe. The Black Widow, The Wasp, and Ms Marvel(She is also An Avenger in the original/regular Marvel Universe) are both Warriors and Sexy. This would bring more women and men to see The Avenger's Movie. Ivan, Sr

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on May 6, 2008


I love Superhero movies and cant get enough of them if done right, there my favorite genre of movies and with such a great line up how can i be mad or upset, lets hope there all good.

Curtis on May 6, 2008


Sounds cool but they are released kind of close together. One should be Summer and the othe rone around X-Mas to avoid over saturation b/c I am sure A LOT more superhero movies will come out around then.

Ryan on May 6, 2008


Im very excited to see this string of movies. Im not sure exactly why everyone is dreading the thor movie though.It should be great as long as the cast doesnt suck. Im down to to see thor kick some loki ass on the big screen. to Ryan: I do agree that these movies might be coming to close together since these are not the only Marvel movies comming ing the next three years. I know spider-man , wolverine and punisher arent being done directly by marvel but the majority of the public doesnt know that and i could burn people out on Marvel movies and by the time The avengers comes out it could easily flop. Dont get me wrong I will see them all of course but a flop could put a bad taste in mouths and It could ruin the chance of something like thishappening in the future. Marvel is taking a hugh gamble right now, its looking good so far but I guess only time will tell.

Cluffy101 on May 8, 2008



Chrystine on May 8, 2008


I agree with #34. The Marvel Movies that are being done by other studios could hurt the movies that are being produced by Marvel LLC Productions. I love Thor but The Thor in the regular continuity is constantly referred to as a God. At least; The Thor in The Ultimates is first depicted as delusional. It is in the final battle with Loki that he is revealed to be The Thor of Norse Mythology. The Ultimates as depicted by Mark Millar was more down to earth. I believe if we keep the regular continuity with his extremis powers/ nanites that will attract more Science and Science Fiction Fans. We can't survive on only the Comic Aficionados. We can also draw in the game players. My hope is that the next Iron Man Movie in addition to having Nick Fury and SHIELD; they introduce Ultimates HAWKEYE, WASP, GIANTMAN, THOR AND THE BLACK WIDOW. Captain America in his present incarnation as Bucky Rogers (Winter Soldier) with The Shield, The 45mm pistol and the tactical combat knife and his new uniform would be more acceptable to today's audience's. He would be the Jack Bauer of the Avengers. Today's society is looking for fictional Counter Terrorist Group. 24 has lost it's appeal and this will most likely be their last season. We will not have any compettion on TV or in the movies. Finally; I love Superman too! Superman of the comics but not George REEVES and the recent movie fashioned after the George Reeves movies. Smallville made the same mistake taking their cue from the movies instead of the comic books. Any body that is a fan of the present continuity superman can not compare the movies or Smallville to my beloved comic superman.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on May 8, 2008


I am so pumped, and hope that Marvel can pull it off. Since the first X-men and Spiderman came out, I've been dreaming of a a whole Marvel Universe with cross-overs and superhero groups. The Avengers is going to be the ultimate culmination of multiple great movies into one spectacular climax. Iron man saga, Captain America, Thor, and who know's what other's? I'd love to see a Black Panther and maybe just a SHIELD..., and after Avenger's, uh... I know my dream would bring in a viliian so powerful or a civil war saga maybe... and unite the entire Marvel universe in a trilogy of superhero movies. But that's just an impossible dream... then again, back in 2000... the Avengers was just an impossible dream... Oh, and Oded Fehr would be a cool Thor, he hass a sweet accent and the build. He's the dude in the last two Resident Evil movies and the magii in the Mummy saga. And I suggest Keith Urban as Captain America. The guy from Blood Diamond would make a good Black Panther. Hell, Dicaprio could do America too.

Zach on May 8, 2008


I mean Karl Urban, from LOTR and Riddick

Zach on May 8, 2008


I hadnt even thought of the possiblity of haveing a civil war movie that would kick ass. But unfortunatly for now that is impossible. For now. what about a string of Age of apocalypse movies? Say two or three just to get most of or all the story.

Cluffy101 on May 9, 2008


Alot of people seem to forget that the Hulk was an original member of the Avengers. I think they should introduce Rick Jones in the 3rd Hulk film (really, if they wanted to reboot the franchise, he should've been in the upcoming film, as Hulk & Bruce's human foil), b/c he was instrumental in Hulk's cooperation, from what I recall. Plus, that bridges over to Rick working w/ Cap, possibly, and- if Marvel continues to grow as a studio by and make the right decisions,- could possibly lead to a Captain Marvel movie down the line. (Which the current comics lines are proving is a good move to re-introduce as a character.)

Djo Fortunado on May 9, 2008


Oded Fehrer would be an interesting choice for Thor... his voice and stature fit the bill, if only they downplayed Thor's norwegian looks. There are Scandinavians w/out Blonde eyebrows, after all... Maybe he'd be better as the Black-haired guy in the Warriors Three, whatsis-face, "Hogun". I'll say that if Marvel's going ahead w/ the Mighty Thor, casting for the Warriors Three is as essential as casting it was for Legolas (as Fandral?), Boromir (as Thor?), and the dwarf (John Rhys Davies, as Folstagg??). Supporting characters are equally if not more important for a proper introduction to Asgard, as a believable place. If you get Ian Mckellan as Odin (or even John Rhys Davies) then you're working w/ something solid. Hm. The LOTR similarities are apparent, in any case ... so long as he makes 'em tough, and doesn't pull any ballet-dancing Robert Deniro crap and populate Asgard w/ Faeries.

Djo Fortunado on May 9, 2008


#40 is correct. Thank-you for filling my memory gap. I also believe that The Submariner was involved in finding the frozen Captain America. Was he a member of the original Avengers. Please someone let me know if he was one of the original Avengers. A Submariner Movie would be hot! So far ; we have Iron Man, The Hulk, Giant man, The Wasp and maybe The Submariner. None the less; I think the NON-Comic Book Fans would accept, The Ultimates better then the original Avengers. The exception being The New Captain America(Bucky Rogers AkA The Winter Soldier). What do the rest of my Fellow Avenger's Aficionados Think? I really would like to hear the pros and cons. The Spiderman Movies were based on Ultimate Spiderman and they did better then the X-Men Movies that were part of the original series. I am referring to movie attendance national and international. Ivan, Sr.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on May 10, 2008


I expect a lot from Thor. I hope they're going to take Brad Pitt to interpret the roleof this god superhero!

Spiderman 4 on May 11, 2008


I can not find the commentator that stated that in our Viral Age and day people are more apt to believe the Present Regular Continuity Avengers. He made an intellectually valid point. I did not take Viral Age into consideration. We are just as intelligent and fascinating as those who try to degrade us by calling us "Fan Boys". It reinforces my belief that we should start calling ourselves Comic Book Aficionados. I also can not find the commentator who enlighten me about the shield in The Ultimate Universe. I read their comments on my gmail emails. Please print their comments. Thank-you.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on May 11, 2008


I heard somewhere that the only members on the roster are Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Ant-Man. I also heard Simon Pegg was to be Ant-Man. I could picture that. To me their are a lot of people i could picture as Cap' but they all come with ups and downs: Aaron Eckhart- come on... pretend he's not gonna be Two-Face you can picture it too right? He just needs to bulk up and Bam! there's our beloved Cap'. Brad Pitt- I'd rather have him as Cap' (Thor should be larger than life even when he's his alter ego) in Troy he was obviously bad-ass with a shield, can pull off blonde hair and blue eyes, can act (Fight Club & Se7en if you need a reference) Matt Damon- he can be a bad-ass (Bourne), act (Departed) and he's had blonde hair before Plus I could picture any of these actors as America's poster boy (which is what Cap' should be like) You know Cap' should embody the ideals of hope, liberty, and justice. I could picture these guys as Thor: Kevin Durand (Lost) Karl Urban (LoTR) Brad Pitt (still rather see him as Cap)

silver on May 11, 2008


Nevermind on my Thor picks I just got a great choice Sean Bean, anyone else agree?

silver on May 11, 2008


MasterCKO makes a good point about The Thor from The Ultimates. He is easier to present to an audience that are not comic book aficionados. It might be better to use The Ultimates as The Avengers. The Movie Studios and I suspect even Marvel LLC are concerned about colorful uniforms. Iron Man is a different story. In The May, 2008 issue of POPULAR SCIENCE ; on the front cover it has a picture of an actual Iron Man Suit. There is a poster of the "Standard Issue: 2020' on pages 48 and 49. In the picture; it states that he can lift 10 tons,wield any weapon,run like an Olympian, walk into bullets, heal wounds automatically, monitor systems status, change functions immediately, power itself and evacuate anyone. It is still a prototype. In two Special Editions of Scientific American Reports entitled The Rise of NANOTECH: HOW CONTROL OF MOLECULES IS CHANGING THE WORLD AND AND YOUR FUTURE WITH ROBOTS:HOW SMART MACHINES WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING reinforces what I said in my comment #'s 31, 36, , 42 and 46. The EXTREMIS Iron Man and the different methods of introducing Captain American as either an AI Robot , A frozen Captain America repaired by nanites or a clone of Captain America are more acceptable to the Non Comic book Aficionados and will attract a larger audience. Money will continue to flow to Marvel, LLC and They in turn will have the independence to make more Marvel Movies. I also tried to start a conversation about using the characters from The Ultimates. Except for Bucky Roger's Captain America with The tactical Combat Knife, The 45mm Pistol and his Bourne Identity type of background aka The Winter Soldier. I believe and My fellow Marines and I find him more believable then the Old Captain America. Plus his Counter terrorism war to save The US Of A from the terrorist Red Skull would play as well As Jack Bauer in 24. How about it? The Ultimates are The Avengers from The Ultimate Universe. The Spiderman Movies were from Ultimate Spiderman. Ivan,Sr.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on May 12, 2008


I'm an old guy and i remember reading comics as a kid. I have to tell you the truth when i heard that RDJ was ironman i was disappointed and didn't think he'll be able to pull it off but he did he was great and the movie was great. Thor, i can't see it Submariner, can't see it. What i would like to see if the Hulk is done right, and if my mind serves me correctly wasn't there an epidsode when the fantastic four and the Hulk had a problem. I remember the Hulk and the Thing duking it out. Like i said i'm old school and the X-MEN in the movies were not the original X-MEN, I believe Black Bolten and his crew with the huge dog and the guy with the large feet were members of the first X-MEN and so was Beast. I could be wrong but i don't think so, overall i'm having a ball going to the movies, i feel like a kid again. Thanks

jackson on May 12, 2008


jackson: As a lifelong Kirby aficionado, I say welcome to the club! These marvel movies are finally making bank on sharing some of the most imaginative stories which formed so many of our childhood memories. I'm not quite an old guy, but an 'older young guy', and I have to say I'd love to see a movie with the Inhumans in it (those are the Black Bolt, Lockjaw (the dog), Medusa, etc. characters you're referring to). I do think it would be great if Marvel treated their animation the way DC has been doing, where it's really true to the classic comics, to the point of elevating and updating them, and reintroducing their worlds to a new audience. Jackson: I recommend you rent ' Justice League: the New Frontier' if you REALLY want to be blown away.

Djo. on May 12, 2008


Is Iron Man 2 or the next Hulk going to be "Hulk vs Ironman" I believe this is going to be Iron Man 2 so they can introduce other members like ant man, giant man, etc.... And ant man is also in development but probably 2013 at the earliest. Like to know what everyone thinks of using that as the storyline...especially since Stark has a cameo in the Hulk.

Jason T on May 12, 2008


Triple H as Thor.

TQ on May 13, 2008


I still hope that they use The Ultimates. Ultimate Thor, Ultimate Giant Man, Ultimate Hawkeye, Ultimate Wasp and Ultimate Black Widow do not have the outdated colorful uniforms of the original avengers. The best Captain America is The Winter Soldier/Bucky Rogers. First, his new uniform will not upset any members of the movie audience who would find someone wearing an American Flag type of Costume. The new suit has the right colors and only a star. The character is more of a counter terrorism character similar to Agent Jack Bauer of "24". The new Captain America wears a robotic arm which is already available. Please see The May issue of Popular Science page 48. He also carries a 45mm pistol, a tactical combat knife and his skills set are more like Bourne in the Bourne Trilogy. He does not have super soldier serum but is a lethal combatant. The best part is his having to practice throwing and retrieving the shield. This has the same light comedy touch of Tony Stark's practicing to control his armor. The enemies can be terrorist groups such as HYDRA, AIM and NAZI'S such as THE RED SKULL! "24" worked even though many Americans don't want to be reminded of Afghanistan and Iraq. The American Flag has to be treated with respect. There are ordinary citizens who travel the country asking people whose flags are discolored, broken or unkempt to replace Let's make The Avengers mankind's Fighting Men and Women who are fighting to protect America and Mankind. The Tony Stark in Iron Man Movie went from an Arms Dealer to a patriot. Nick Fury and SHIELD are patriots fighting to keep America and Mankind safe. See the present Nick Fury who has gone underground and has only one Mission(The Mighty Avengers issue #12) saving Mankind. The Avengers can be a multinational force like NATO. This will unite the Domestic and Foreign Markets behind Marvel LLC. Marvel Movies forever! Ivan,Sr.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on May 13, 2008


Hey wasn't Spiderman a memeber of The Avengers?! What if they threw him into the mix? I'd go see it even if Thor bombed!

Wait a min on May 13, 2008


Spiderman was invited to join the Avengers. He tried out by being involved in one of their missions but eventually turned it down because he preferred working alone. I believe he has "Honorary Avenger" status which if memory serves he has used in the past to gain access to the Avengers Mansion. I don't think you need to 'dumb down' Captain America for today's audience, and for me the original premise when they reintroduced the character into post-war comics worked fine. If you're worried about people not finding it believable, remember that he was injected with the Super-Soldier serum in WW2. That should placate the quasi-science requirements that today's hero movies seem to need. Who's to say that the changes it wrought on Rogers' body couldn't include slower aging? They've already said that Wolverine could be older than Professor X in the movies because of his healing factor, so audiences would accept that. And who's to say that the serum couldn't also make it possible for his body to go into dormancy from extreme cold, instead of dying? Some insects do this in the real world, it's called "diapause".

starkraving on May 17, 2008


Thor and Captain America omg they are going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zephier on May 17, 2008


#54. I used The GI bill to Major in Biology and Chemistry. When I reenlisted in The Marines after 9/11; I was a rifle man first but I also was a member of The Marine team that was part of the Army's WMD search team who searched for WMD. We were inoculated against every Biological/Chemical WMD such as Small Pox,anthrax,Sarin Gas ,etc. We never did find any WMD. The Military is working on a super soldier but it involves an exoskeleton similar to Iron Man's. However; there is no serum being worked on because our scientists decided to go the mechanical engineering way instead of the biological/chemical engineering route. All of our research on future weapons is relying on technological enhancements instead of biological and chemical enhancements. The Iron Man Movie was the only superhero film that was not quasi scientific. I can't refer you to any top secret data. However; I can refer you to Popular Science's July, 2008 Issue. The Article is entitled OF STEEL;. the article starts on page 44 and continues on page 96 and ends on page 97. You don't need To "Dumb Down" Captain America. Today's Nanotechnology which the present Iron Man's EXTREMIS , Robotics. DNA/Cloning can create The New Captain America AKA Winter Soldier/Bucky Rogers. Ed Brubaker saved Captain America By Bringing him up to date as A Jack Bauer(24) type Agent of SHIELD Superhero. With his new Costume, Robotic Arm, semi-automatic combat handgun and combat knife make him acceptable to the movies target audience of 18 to 49 year old. These are all part of The Post 9/11 and Global Terrorism Era. Ivan,Sr.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on May 18, 2008


Why in the movie of Iron Man was Captain America's shield there?

richie on May 24, 2008


yes spiderman in honorary avenger, now moving on. they have done 2 captain america movies as well as a tv series and all have bombed. there was even a thor tv movie and it too bombed. i believe that if they are going to do these two heros for the big screen, they will first have to have a script that is killer and a director that can take the script and make it into a hit. this will mean they "in my opinion" will have to read some of the comics to get a feel for them and make the film true to the soul of the books. if they do this then they will be blockbusters. i also hope that iron fist which is due to hit theaters either late 2008 or early 2009 which stars ray park as danny rand, park played the toad in the x-men movies. now if all of these movies do well at the box office, i would like to see the following on the big screen; alpha flight, generation x, the defenders, new mutants, new warriors and the inhumans.

Anya Marie McDonald on May 25, 2008


So now we'll run the gammut of marvel superheros till hollywood screws that up something feirce. What next, a Wasp movie.

holynerd on May 30, 2008


Worse, holy nerd. ANT MAN. (That's right. They're already announced it.)

Djo on Jun 2, 2008


I read that the Captain America Movie will be set during World War 2. I guess that in the end he and Bucky will fall off the rocket and fall in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This leads me to think that the Avenger's Movie will involve finding and defrosting Captain America. Since they have already introduced Iron Man and will be reintroducing a better hulk; they will be part of the Avengers that find Captain America. It has become quite apparent to me that no one wants to consider the best of the Avengers and the best of the Ultimates and use them to make an Avenger's movie. Consequently; I would like them to introduce Hawkeye, The Wasp , Giant man and Thor. A cameo of the Submariner would also be great. Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jun 3, 2008


wheres the incredble hulk 2 they already got the villon when is that comming out

dan sich on Jun 7, 2008


iknow this probly isnt correct but my dream avengers team is spiderman iron man hulk thor c. america they would have to introduce ant man before hes in the avengers but they could introduce him in avengers. they could do a scean where tony stark is making fun of his size the ant man punches him in the nuts. that would be hilarious!

cheater on Jun 12, 2008


I like the idea of avengers I look foward to this movie but I have an issue with Thor...I dont think Brad Pitt should do it he is not the type of actor for superhero movies maybe I dunno Ewan Mcgregor would do it better or well the one I would like for Thor the wwe wrestler Triple H just look a picture of him hi is Thor!!!!

Bobbe on Jun 13, 2008


Triple h would make a very good Thor, but when does it even come out?

Zephier on Jun 14, 2008


i wish they would have given colusus a better run in the xman movies.

donnie darko on Jun 16, 2008


What about the guy that played Micheal Myers in the Halloween remake? He was the same guy that played Sabertooth in the first X-men. He's a big blonde dude. I think he'd make a good Thor.

Jon on Jun 17, 2008


Ok First of all I'd just like to say "Thank You." I have had the best ever time of my life reliving my childhood through these movies. Insperation, love, and life have made me a better person and it's all because of comics. I am grateful that these movies are now inspiring new generations of fans. I can remember me and my brother saving our allowances, so we could buy the next wolverine comic or X-men. I am an aspiring actor and am glad that you picked Ed Norton To be in this film .Right when i saw the previews I knew that the movie would actually have some acting ability in it instead of alot of CG. You made my life better by making these movies cause now i to show my son why i was so interested in comics as a kid, and i can't wait to look through my collection and see if any stories could pop up. I'm only 25 so im don't have alot of them but enough to make me love the series. Thank you Marvel.

Tim on Jun 17, 2008


I am amazed that someone would actually rather see a pro wrestler play Thor instead of an established actor like Pitt. The only wrestler turned actor who is worth his weight in salt is the "Rock" all others suck. I'm amazed Hulk Hogans name didn't come up for the casting of Thor, or maybe Ric Flair as Captain America? What Marvel is doing is amazing, I have faith that whatever they decide will be entertaining and successful, Ironman and the Incredible Hulk were both awesome, I can only imagine what some of these boards said when Norton and Downey Jr. were rumored for their respected roles. I just hope who ever is eventually cast can act. The last thing Marvel needs is another Dolph Lundgren type (talentless muscle bound oaf) cast in a lead role because he has huge steroid induced muscles that look like the old cartoons.

Scooter on Jun 20, 2008


everything that marvel does should lead up to two projects........ a huge kick ass infinity gauntlet trilogy....... and a civil war trilogy... that would make me the happiest person in the world......

Roberto on Jun 21, 2008


To all commentators: The Avengers Movie will be based on The Ultimate Avengers in The Marvel Ultimate Universe. In The Ultimate Universe; Nick Fury is black and goes on a search for other superheroes to be part of The Ultimate Avengers. In The Non-Ultimate Marvel World; Nick Fury is white. I would recommend that any one that doesn't know about The Ultimates go to your nearest comic book store or to Barnes & Noble and buy their Trade Paper Books. You can also buy Their two Animated Marvel Features: UlTIMATE AVENGERS-THE MOVIE AND ULTIMATE AVENGERS 2- Rise of the Panther.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jun 21, 2008


Why are there no black superhero's?

Charles on Jun 23, 2008


charles...mainly because all these super hero's were created between 1930's through 60's(not very race sensitive back then). But they did make an effort back in the day with many diffrent black hero's, they just didn't last very long. But they've been trying to correct that abit...i.e. Green Lantern, catwoman, CAPTAIN AMERICA(in the books, so I've heard) and Nick fury...and speaking of Nick I REALLY hope they don't try to remake a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie...It will never live up to the '98 originall, David Hasselhoff was awsome in that movie!!! j/k of course. I hope Pitt does play thor or cap cause I dont think he would come out in a "bad" movie...I'm sure he would make sure the script was good and the director is good...can't wait, all these movie's sound good...especially x-man origins: wolverine...deadpool is said to show played by Ryan Reynolds. Why are there no Mexican superhero's??? p.s. spider-man 3 sucked they cram too much story into one movie and you never get to know the characters!!! and it's like they make it for 9 year old's...if it were made more like a Iron Man it would be infinitely more awsome!!!

Jayo on Jun 24, 2008


How about Vin Diesel as Captain America?

dr who on Jun 24, 2008


Charles Sir: There are many Black Superheroes. The following are just some of the ones that I know:1. Storm from The X-Men 2. Her husband; The Black Panther 3.Colonel James Rhodes-alias War Machine. 4. Nick Fury, The Director of SHIELD in The ULTIMATES. 5.Moon Knight 6. The Falcon. 7.Bishop previously of The X-Men.8 Luke Gage of The New Avengers. These are just the ones that I know from The Marvel Universe. DC, Image and The rest of The Established have black superheroes. I'm a Marvel Fan but you can check, Image and The other comic book labels for black superheroes.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jun 24, 2008


And let's not forget Blade. Yes he's a vampire but he's still a Marvel hero.

Mosh Jahan on Jun 27, 2008


CARNAGE CARNAGE CARNAGE, i think topher grace should have been spiderman he fits better physically and is oozing with spidermans trademark sarcasm...too late spiderman 4 needs new characters and CARNAGE!!!!

CARNAGE on Jul 5, 2008


Does anyone know when spiderman 4 even comes out???

Zephier on Jul 5, 2008


Has anyone else heard these rumors of Jim Carrey as carnage in Spider-man 4? The rumors have no basis but i think that would be pretty cool, i like Jim Carrey. Too bad they were probably started by someone who has no connection to the movie whatsoever. Djimon Honsou(sp?) as Black Panther would be awesome. Anyone agree? Luke Cage would be cool.Tyrese Gibson is rumored for that one. In the Avengers movie, does anyone know which Nick Fury they are going to use, cause if its the ultimate Fury, Sammy JAckson all the way.

JC915 on Jul 5, 2008


Well, Marvel has pretty much already decided on Sam L Jackson, because he is at the special ending of Iron Man as Nick Fury already. And I love Spiderman and all, but enough is enough in my opinion. I think they should focus on their Avengers epic, and if they want throw Spiderman into that. I wouldn't complain if New York's favorite wall-crawler was hanging out with a bad-ass Capatin America, Samuel L Jackson and RDJr. No matter what, the next five years are going to be stacked, and I know Marvel has the ability to turn this project into an amazing success. Oh, and Dark Knight is going to be sweet too! I don't know too much about who runs the DC stuff, but I'd like to see DC break away like Marvel did, and bring their movies to the next level too. Batman is already there, and the JLA could work if DC did it themselves

Zach on Jul 8, 2008


Uwe Boll should direct them all, turn em into horror. Just kidding. I can't wait for it though

lol on Aug 20, 2008


okay here is the reason im not a fan lets start wit spidey wich had a good start up to 3 where the hell was venom barely made an apearence than yall casted eric from that 70's show ,who wimpy is he.sand man was great . toby looks like harry potter yall might really wanna consider geting a fans point of veiw because yall r destroying my child hood memorys like tha x-man in matrix suits what type of ball biten ish is that !!!!!nightcrawler my favorite character yall put him in a shiney glittery coat and blue airbrush,he wasnt in weapon x he was mystiques son,where tha storyline ,go out the window i guess,magneto keeps showin up wheres tha shadow king ,where is apocalipse mr.senister ? i might not have spelled it all rite but i know what im talkn about. that whould have been great. why wont yall try to get it rite dont rush tha films open up a comic book & learn somethin . i never been so let down watchin a movie when i get rich ill remake them all over rite way . .... but i gotta say i luvd ion man on tha big screen. but please let one writes the scirpt be a fan...

iusedtobeafan29 on Aug 27, 2008


Real fans use proper spelling, punctuation, paragraphs, and grammar. Seriously, if you want to come out with a "fan's opinion," the least you could do is have that opinion look like it comes from someone who wasn't held back in the third grade. Now, on to the show. Personally, I'd prefer it if they went with Ultimate Cap. Same back story - created in WWII, frozen, revived later in an America that uses words like "patriotism" as a punchline. Completely out of his element, politically, but still a fighting man's fighting man. Trying to figure out what went WRONG with the world he left behind. MUST leave in that classic Ultimate Cap line: "Surrender?!? Do you think this letter on my head stands for FRANCE?!?"

oldfanstillfan on Sep 6, 2008


These hero crossovers are completely un-plausible and FUCKING GAY! Take the other superhero movies and fuck them up if you want... but seriously, Iron Man 2 is supposed to be about Stark's drop back into alcoholism, and Rodes taking the reigns. How the fuck do they expect to incorporate Thor into it?!?!?

Merc on Sep 11, 2008


This Avengers thing is crap too...

Merc on Sep 11, 2008


i think if they do pull off the spiderman stunt that they should have the mutated spiderman you know the one that they showed on the cartoons with morbeus and punisher and kraven when spiderman started mutated... if not the have carnage as the villian cuz i noticed not very many ppl noticed this but in the third spidey , venom was not completely killed off cuz the doctor stayed with a sample... well any ways as for the other movies i heard that iron man two was going to have war machine, and i see how it attaches to the avengers... and then they should make a movie of somthing large that happened . like in ultimate alliance the game or, in the comic when thanos obtains the infinity guanlet, im also eager to see many more of the marvel heroes, i will go to every last marvel movie no matter what ; for villians i would like to see : kree, skrull, brood, thanos, galactus, the grey gargoyle and ultron , as for the heroes : deadpool, luke cage, hawkeye and iron fist P.S. sorry for the grammar and stuff im 15 and i was in a hurry

Brian on Sep 13, 2008


i just cant wait till they make a movie about The Bishop, The Last Superhuman and about The War Of The World(and with that i mean the war that is fought on another planet with all the superhumans fighting eachother for the universe) but it will probably be like the jear 2200 before they finished with the entire comicbook movies from marvel...

hunter koppen on Oct 2, 2008


Ryan Reynolds should be the new captian america not leonardo dicaprio he fits the profile alot better

Brent Naumann on Oct 2, 2008


First off venom in the third movie was too under rated. I mean they made him look so week. But lets just hope as far as this line up goes things will only get better not worse. I just hope with thor and cap comming out they don't mess it up. I hope they get good actors and not just a " pretty face" to play as they heros. I mean they have alot to live upto with cap. But no matter who they pick to the comic fans it just will not be the right cap. But I am happy to see they are finaly putting heros and villians I grew up reading about on the big screen.

Shadowlord on Oct 13, 2008


whatever.... i just cant wait to go through the Marvel'ous line-up.

Shajjoo on Oct 30, 2008


Has anyone seen the after credits extra on Ironman the movie???...check out a special appearance of Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury talking about "the Avenger issue" which may shed some light on what to expect in Ironman 2 & the subscequent....... it's weird as you would probably not have bothered to wait till the last credit rolled at the cinema but it's on the DVD discovered due to nothing more but my own curiosity....check it out!

MarkyMarkW67 on Nov 1, 2008


Hey is there for sure going to be a sequal to the Hulk & Iron Man?

Ryan Collins on Dec 3, 2008


Enough with the Hulk! I am so stoked about The Avengers, Nick Fury...all of this. One comic that I loved as a kid and is getting some traction these days is Nova. I think it's a character who's time has come based on where we were in terms of technology and stuff. Would love to know what Marvel plans to do with that character. But as a long-time Iron Man fan, I am glad to see him finally become the center of the Marvel Universe. It's long overdue.

Josephus on Jan 9, 2009


how the eff are they gonna fit thor into this !!!!???? im not huge on the whole comic book series but thor is from a completely hugely different universe!! and from what ive seen in the recent movies that marvel and other studios have screwed up they pretty much would have to "POOF" thor into it suggesting they dont have inner film technology to bring him in through a "S.H.E.I.L.D" or avengers sequence... props to iron man and the recent hulk movie they were pretty good... and i have read the classic X men CB's and why the hell are they dressed like gay strippers in now a days movies?? marvel has some serious make up work to do ! but personally i believe they should interduce Venom a little more powerfull he barley was even mention in Sm 3 , he was a glob of shit stuck to puny spider boy. please please add some story line folks we need a good line of entertainment. not a bunch of attempted remakes of amazing comics. and who ever it was who said brad pit as thor kinda how he played in troy thats a great idea. now for captain america i have no effin clue that ones gonna be realy tricky. --- good luck producer/ movie director people ur gonna need it to help save ur asses from being ran over by some 50 year old kid who loves their comics hahah .. peace.

buggz on Feb 23, 2009


After seeing all of this and how marvel is weaving their movies together I would LOVE to see them do a Secret Wars movie/duology. I remember those as being my favorite comic series to read.

from beyond on Mar 10, 2009


They screw up THOR and Marvel will never see a dime from me EVER AGAIN. I wonder what little shrimp they'll think of using for THOR.

Thorista on Mar 18, 2009


If another Hulk film comes out i wonder how likely She Hulk would appear in it

ss4keef on May 27, 2009


who is the next Iron Man

bob on Jul 1, 2009


hmmm..... my memories of Thors origin way back from some very old comics was of Don Blake, crippled doctor, stumbling over a stick while up in some mountain or other..... he strikes the stick on the ground and becomes Thor. At first he did not speak in a godly accent, he just became Don Blake in Thors body. I have never been a fan of any sort of sword and sorcery in comics.... Conan and the later Thor stuff leave me cold. However, Thor is a very neccesary stepping stone toward the Avengers so it has to be done. I would suggest treating Thor like a true superhero who happens to bang a stick on the ground to change instead of putting on the longjohns..... if the character takes off then future movies could expand on his godly ancestry! As regards Cap America...... the campy movie was actually quite true to the origin story. Personally I would like to see all the events up to him being frozen condensed into the opening credits, and then throughout the movie the blanks could be filled in with flashbacks. I actually think that a separate movie could even be dispensed with and Caps origin could form part of the opening act of the Avengers movie (as it was done in the UK Avengers comic from the early 70's).... Just my opinions of course 😉

FOOM on Aug 27, 2009


awww ya they all sound good

jonathan urrueta on Oct 4, 2009


Im loving all this but I just want to know will this be in the main stream universe or the ultimate? Cause if thor is ultimate, things could go down hill

Jaron Star on Mar 24, 2010


Thor Was Amazing!!! It Was One Of The Best Movies Ever.

Courtnilynn on May 1, 2011

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