Matthew Vaughn's Updates on Marvel's Thor - Currently On Hold

March 10, 2008
Source: Empire

Matthew Vaughn

It has been quite a while since we've heard any updates on Marvel's Thor movie since Stardust director Matthew Vaughn (pictured above) pitched his $300 million script. You take that big of a budget and combine it with an unknown star, which Vaughn wants, and it's obvious that this is stuck. He confirms today with Empire that they're "in a holding pattern at the moment." Unfortunately beyond that there isn't much more of an update, but Vaughn does talk about his expectations and the script.

We've talked quite a bit recently about the status of any of Marvel's upcoming projects, but honestly I think even Marvel won't move forward on anything until they got over this summer with both Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Vaughn confirms that, "it's up to Marvel, they have to decide if they want to make the movie and then we take it from there." But the problem seems to lie in Vaughn's ideas, not only with the aforementioned $300 million script, but his requirement for an unknown actor and the style he's going for.

"Well, the main role is going to be played by someone totally unknown," he said. "It can't be a star, it's got to be someone totally unknown."

"I think you have to respect that it is comic book and silly to be frank, so you have to combine that with a modern style and hopefully come up with something fresh. I think we can come up with something special."

Apparently Marvel's Thor comic books are known for their overly lyrical dialogue and slightly ridiculous outfits, but (like Alan Moore's Watchmen), it's a big question as to how this will be updated and modernized to attract today's comic book movie fans. I will say that at the moment, Thor doesn't come close to any of the other comic book movies currently rumored to eventually be made, but it is a movie that I'm curious (more than anything) to see what Vaughn could do.

I'm certain we'll be hearing more updates on Thor this summer during the San Diego Comic-Con. For now it sounds like this project is on hold, at least until Vaughn works out script issues and until Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk hit theaters this summer.

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Im all for another comic book adaptation.

Curtis on Mar 10, 2008


you shouldn't choose an unknown person JUST because they're unknown. If it's a semi-known actor who could play the part perfectly, why would you dismiss them just because you want an unknown actor? And his explanation of what he wants to do is pretty much what anyone adapting a comic-book movie intends... take what the comic book offers and "combine that with a modern style and HOPEFULLY come up with something fresh." Does he even have a vision of what he wants to do?

Alfredo on Mar 10, 2008


$300 million for an untested cinematic property is ridiculous.

Edward on Mar 10, 2008


Clearly, Mathew Vaughn seems challenged by "Thor" that he believes he needs a $300 million budget, perhaps, for sheer spectacle and to compensate for a less than stellar script. It seems as though they haven't formulated a proper means of bringing one of Marvel's least popular comic book properties to the big screen yet. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a different director taking over with a $100-$125 million budget in the coming weeks. The mere fact that it's "on hold" makes me think, above all else, that someone at Marvel realized that Mathew Vaughn is probably not the right choice to helm "Thor"!

Spider on Mar 10, 2008


whatever it takes....make this happen. it will be difficult. i suggest a simple "I say Thee nay" battle thor and another guy for the real dialouge. eric green / ed harris . good luck anyhow.

buddy on May 13, 2008


Thor is a hard role to play, you shouldn't just go with some unknown actor, unless he is thor himself. Mathew Vaughn really is showing he can't pull off this movie, we need someone that can. Its time to have one of Marvels more popular character back in the publics view. Its been almost 40 years since thors live action show in the 70's.

Fenris on Jun 16, 2008


As long as it's not Shia LeBoeuf, I'm happy.

Tim on Jun 18, 2008


THOR god of thunder and lightning. For this role the man must look the part.i have some original comics. and i watch the cortoon back in the day. thor apared on the hulk and he did not make him look good.You must be able to believe that is the God of thunder.But its not just about Thor you must choose who is to play ODIN.Loki. i can't wait to see this film Thor is my 1st hero.the viking way of live. ,Valhalla. can i be an extra in thi film. I am a blck belt second dan in martial arts. any thanks.

Ron on Jul 22, 2008


well i think you will kinda have to make the movie and soon because on hulk iron man said something about a team.(the avengers) so don't you think that you guys will are suspose to introduce all the members of the team. so that means not only thor but captain america, giant man, wasp and others

justin bouchey on Sep 30, 2008


Thor will be the hardest to pull off. Marvel needs to make some hard decisions and start production on this movie. Thor needs to be a hard core viking, but also a hero. I'd avoid Asgard as much as possible if the movie is going to be a hit. Focus more on Thor in modern times and how Donald Blake, deals with his new alter ego. I'd have a celebrity play Blake, and I'd go CG for Thor maybe. Vikings dont have the best of hygeine, and were really viscious bastards, so making Thor a hero will be challenging. I'd make his costume more like a vikings and less like Marvel's classic Thor costume. The movie pathfinder is a good example of how Thor should look. Let me write the script!

oracledave on Oct 20, 2008

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