Maxwell Smart Will Be Back - Get Smart 2 Gets a Greenlight!

October 7, 2008

Get Smart

Although it only made a solid $130 million at the box office this summer, Get Smart is being turned into a franchise and being given a much needed sequel. Warner Brothers has signed an exclusive three-year first-look deal with Steve Carell to act and even produce projects that come his way. While this Get Smart sequel isn't part of the deal, the same announcement today on Variety included a mention that "the studio is mobilizing a sequel for Carell to return as Maxwell Smart." Considering Maxwell Smart is a comic copy of James Bond, this was destined to become a franchise anyway just like that rather successful series.

At the time, I didn't think the response to Get Smart was big enough to warrant a sequel. However, Pete Segal's enthusiasm and Steve Carell's performance were enough to convince me that maybe this could become a great series. I'll be looking forward to seeing where they go in Get Smart 2, even though I wasn't the biggest fan of the first one. I enjoyed some of it, but really thought it was a bit weak in the humor and troubled in its pacing. However, speaking for some of my close friends who loved it and still call it one of the best comedies of the year, I expect this news will be greeted with quite a bit of excitement.

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Ok so, the movie wasn't great, but not that bad either. BUT, it was nowhere near the old TV show. I probably wouldn't watch the new Get Smart again unless forced to by friends. There's no point in making a new movie except to milk it for all it's worth. I'm sure they know they are making crap films, but as long as they make money, thats all that matters right? This is why I am glad for directors that make movies because they are passionate about film-making, and dont give a fuck what the mainstream has to say about it. There...I got that off my chest.

John on Oct 7, 2008


This sucks! I can't believe the studio, is giving Carell, this deal... on Oct 7, 2008


I actually enjoyed Get Smart. I laughed pretty hard and I really love Steve. No complaints for me.

Will S. (Co Springs) on Oct 7, 2008


#1 you do realize alot of people including myself liked Get Smart, right? Why not make a sequel that appeals to a wide audience and was a great comedy? Stop whining.

Remy on Oct 7, 2008


It was a pretty good movie and $130M is pretty good Alex for this type of film, a good 50 or so million more than expected. I am sure DVD sales will be stellar too. Overseas box office was very good too. This is a welcome sequel.

Ryan on Oct 8, 2008


Oh please... Just admit this movie was good. It wouldn't gross that much it wasn't, now would it? I am in love with this movie and can't with until the sequel is finished.

Virgil on Nov 5, 2008


The 1st was a good movie. It was funny without being too campy. The sequel will be even better with Patrick Warburton playing Jaime.

rob on Nov 11, 2008


I bloody loved the first Get Smart! Made me laugh like an idiot. With Patrick Warburton in the sequel it can be nothing but awesome.

Barb on Jan 17, 2009


This movie is what Johnny English could have been. I think the only people who didn't like it were people who were around for the TV series. If you had no sense of what that was like, this movie was great.

Brendan on Feb 15, 2009


Cute, Nostalgic. My kids thought the typical Maxwell Smart lines were funny. They are teenagers and tough on movies. Not Don Adams but Steve did ti justice in his own style.

Rick on May 18, 2009


It was better than I expected. My only complaint is that I thought Carell basically blew the classic lines - just didn't know how to deliver them (sorry about that chief, missed it by that much, and would you believe...). Hathaway was great as 99. I always love Arkin who was an excellent chief. Very much looking forward to the sequel - hope to seem more of Murray as agent 13, and expect this will include a big part for Patrick Warburton as Himey.

Glen on May 30, 2009


I saw the first Get Smart movie last week on HBO. I liked the movie so much that I went out and bought the DVD. I like the movie so much I have my DVD player set to keep the moving constantly running over and over again. I think it is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen. I have already made plans to go see Get Smart 2. I hope the second one is as good or even better than the first.

Louie on May 30, 2009


I liked this movie, but, as Glen said above, I think Carell blew the classic lines espiecially when he said Missed it by that much. He never did the gesture where he holds up the 2 fingers an inch apart, and that is a pivotal part of that line. When he just says it noone knows what he means. I hope he gets it right for the next movie.

Tom on Jun 6, 2009


I liked the first get smart myself. Tons of comedy (although some of it abit overdone) mixed with the bumbling agent somehow pulling it off, which is pretty close to the old series (and yes, I have watched it, thank you tv land). Only complaint I had about the movie was that the chief wasn't as fun as in the series. No Maxwell having to figure out where the chief was hiding in his office (when the chief was disguised as the lime green chair in his office comes to mind). They basically made the humor all about maxwell smart, while in the series it was spread across multiple people regularly. But I can let that go given the fact they were in a high tech looking facility instead of the old office building look of the show, somehow lime green chairs, plant pots, and of course the old wood desk just dont fit into the new look.

Robert J on Oct 1, 2009


I liked this movie. Period.l As someone who was extremely young when it first went into re-runs, I enjoyed all the nods to the original series (Smart's shoe-phone, his old red convertible, his suit -- all set as "museum pieces" that Carell's Smart grabs up after his escape), and especially enjoyed Bernie Kopell's cameo (the original Siegfried), complete with campy, bad German accent. The delivery of the trademark lines along with the lack of characterized gestured Don Adams made famous was a bit of a disappointment, but think of this film as a reboot, a re-genesis of the franchise (which it is). Who's to say that they decided to keep it a bit toned down in the first movie with plans to explain how those gestures, etc. came about? It would be great to hear Samrt say "Midded..." and 99 finish it with the finger and thumb 2 inches apoart and ask "By that much, Max?" I am looking forward to the sequel, due out in 2011...

Tim on Oct 7, 2009


The TV show was awesome, and the movie was really good. I thought Carell did a marvelous job, and he & Hathaway were wonderful together. I'm looking forward to this, and hopefully we'll see more of Himey.

Demented D on Oct 9, 2009


would love 2 know when Get Smart 2 is going to be in theatre's, or heard about on T.V.

Kealani on Nov 21, 2009


I also agree that Steve Carell muffed the classic lines. I'm a huge fan of the original show (watched it on nick at nite). I also went out and bought the classic series. This movie was a great homage to the original. Anne Hathaway was perfect for 99 and Alan Arkin was lights out as the cheif (the swordfish line was the best of the movie). I'm really looking forward to the sequal, it can't come out soon enough for me. I just hope that, as many have already stated, Steve Carell shoud pay a bit more attention to the classic Don Adams lines. I know that they wanted to make this movie their own, but at least give the fans of the sitcom that, please.

Paul on Dec 4, 2009


I watched the series on t.v. when I was a kid, my Mom hated it but I laughed 'til I cried. Max always gave 100% even thought he just wasn't really up to the job. Tonight I rented the Get Smart movie and watched it with my wife and grand kids. the boys just had the biggest time with the movie , my wife and I laughed at all the jokes, even the ones we knew by heart ( like sucking the poison dart down his throat). Yes the sequel will do just fine, this franchise has a new audience as well as us old watchers that will love to watch the series progress.

Andy on Dec 28, 2009


I'm surprised they didn't have him say "and loving it" anywhere, and I don't think there was an "I asked you not to tell me that" to be found. But to those of you who think it was a bad remake and an insult to the original... AT LEAST ANDY DICK WASN'T IN IT. In the series when max ruined the fly-on-the-wall bugging device it only cost $400,000. You gotta love inflation 🙂

spencer on Feb 5, 2010


all of it was good. but i believe as other would say, frases of max are "and loving it" "i asked you not to tell me that" , it would be awsome to have a sequel and a 3 one even. there has to be also a part where 99 shows max more how she feels, besides almost the ending of th first movie. a good thing on the sequel or part 3 would be his arch enemy and friend of Kaos, TOP AGENT "Siegfried" who was actually played in the original series by Bernie Kopell, that would be very nice to have, wih the acent, moves , based on the original. remember that a mayor secret is the most based on original character. remeber he has to have a bad german-deutch acent and english as well, and a great humor as the original, Anne Hathaway was perfect for 99 and Alan Arkin as the chief of control. and as i repeat Steve Carell shoud pay a bit more attention to the classic Don Adams lines. those i belive are essential to bring back agent 86, and company. other lines of max are : "sorry about that chief, missed it by that much, and would you believe..." we fans are looking foward to the sequel. and also would be great to do it a triology. by the way, the action scenes, where awsome. can u still use the old shoe phone? keep that good work of action scenes.

kajuna on Jan 11, 2011

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