Megan Fox Has Gone Nude in Jennifer's Body?!

April 11, 2008
Source: Bloody Disgusting

Megan Fox

There is more than one reason why I love Jason Reitman. Besides being a brilliant filmmaker, its his ideals, like passing on the Justice League movie and outspoken appreciation for American Teen. And now I've got one more thing to add to that list - he's giving us a nude Megan Fox! As I hope you know, Reitman is producing his first film - Jennifer's Body. The story, scripted by Oscar winning Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody, is about a newly possessed cheerleader who turns into a killer that specializes in offing her male classmates. Guess who the cheerleader is? Yep - Megan Fox!

After talking about Justice League on the Howard Stern Show recently, Reitman went on to mention one of the scenes they had just filmed for Jennifer's Body. Apparently Megan Fox, who plays Jennifer, seducees a guy to come into the forest where she can kill him. Following that she is then apparently chased around topless before she ends up killing him with an axe (I think?). Here's the bad part - while Fox actually filmed topless, her hair is covering all the important parts. Damn! This scene is already going down in history and the movie isn't even done filming!

Described as a Heathers-type dark comedy, it tells the story of a seemingly-perfect cheerleader whose life is thrown into disarray when she gets possessed by a demon, begins eating boys in her small Minnesota town, then faces off against her best friend and the Satan-worshipping band that made her evil. The film is being directed by Karyn Kusama of Girlfight and Aeon Flux previously. Only a creative team consisting of two smart women - Diablo Cody and Kusama - plus the brilliance of Reitman could actually convince Fox that it was worthwhile to go nude. I was already interested beforehand, but now I'm definitely there!

Fox Atomic will be distributing Jennifer's Body, but a date for its release hasn't been set yet. While I'm not expecting this to have an Oscar winning script like Juno, I do think it'll be another interesting and rather ambitious movie courtesy of Cody and Reitman (again). I've been hoping for the best and now with this sort of news, I will admit that I'm even more excited. Plus, we couldn't pass up another opportunity to share a few of our favorite Megan Fox photos with you to brighten up your Friday!

Megan Fox

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WOO HOO!!! Hot-Damn, this is better than WaMu!!!

Steve on Apr 11, 2008


Wow! She's hot!

Spider on Apr 11, 2008


Oh, great, some vapid, dead-eyed, charisma-deficient starlet is almost going to show her tits. Excuse me while I eschew this film and watch some free porn instead.

Ricky Roma on Apr 11, 2008


I cannot believe fox is letting them make an R rated movie. Sometimes fox surprises me and sometimes they downright disgust me.

Jojo on Apr 11, 2008


I would rather watch attack of the zombie strippers!!!

Stump on Apr 11, 2008


You sad muppet, If you think you'd rather watch a film rather than tap that ass your are clearly gay.

Peany-1989 on Mar 16, 2011


these are zombie strippers we're talking about. How many times have you seen a zombie stripper compared to "tapping some ass"?

Guest on Jan 17, 2012


Porn eh? Enjoy those dead eyes Rick XD Freakin schweet!!

Rob G on Apr 11, 2008


it doesnt count if her hairs in the way, cant she go bald for this (as shes crazy) or atleast put her hair up, goddamn i was excited for a moment, maybe in transformers 2...

harrison on Apr 11, 2008


yea, like #7, i was excited up to the point where i read her hair would be in the way. although it's still hot, i wouldn't count that as nude...

craziemutant on Apr 13, 2008


She is so hot to have fugly ass man feet!

Andy on May 10, 2008


She was everything to me.Until her feet were mentioned,and now all i want to do is put some socks on those things!

joe zola on May 19, 2008


megan fox me la kojo

juan on Jun 5, 2008


Man if i could i would F**k her hard

Glen on Jul 17, 2008


Hey she is hot and if she comes on a date with me...I will show her heaven. I would firs take her to so cow shed and tie her hands and leges. I will open her dress slowly. I will squeze her nipples and pour some honey on her breast and lick it with pleasure. then for an hour i will fuck her but make sure that I with draw before I climax. after some 50 minutes I will open her and do a message for 2 minuts and fuck her the best any body in this world would.

amit on Aug 3, 2008


You're f*cking weird dude.

Carl on Feb 21, 2011


I agree, Sounds like a rapist freak of nature.

Peany-1989 on Mar 16, 2011


you sick fuck amit

easyyy on Jun 11, 2011


she is really hot i just got sperm i would put my cock in her and bang her and make her blow my cock

Jake on Sep 20, 2008


I love Megan Fox. I would so motorboat those voluptuous titties and squeeze those beautiful nipples. I would love to lick her amazing ass and play with her great vagina.

jenny on Oct 5, 2008


Megan Fox is the sexiest living celebrity in the world!

megan fox on Dec 18, 2008


hey  megan kal me at 803-586-9625

Omeishafogle on Jun 27, 2011


shes the world sexiest girl

boy passionnate on Jan 28, 2009


she a woman now dude, no innocent girl shit!

bambam on Jun 11, 2011


she is in fact naked in the lake. they said they are removing this from the movie... but just type in megan fox nude jennifers body, and you'll get pics of those "hot buns" coming out of the lake{no clothes, bikni, or hair in the way}!!!!!!!!!!!

superman111994 on Jan 29, 2009


She is wonderful sexy!!!

agim on Jun 13, 2009


There's only one legitimate place I've found to see her pics and watch the short vid, the rest seem like scams :-/ You can see it all over here though: vostuuDOTcomSLASHwatch28015 They make you do a little survey but after that it's good to go 🙂

karena on Jun 15, 2009


It kinda sucks.. there's pictures on the internet, but they're not really worth looking at. It actually took me a while, with many pictures at different angles to realize she's actually wearing nipple guard-things, which basically renders the photos nothing more than rubbish. Have a gander if you wish (Google images: Megan Fox Jennifer's Body), but no nipples = no real satisfaction.

Derek on Jun 29, 2009


wow very sexy...

widi on Jul 16, 2009


if you look closely, you can see her pussy outline.

chris on Sep 21, 2009


1. That bitch has my necklace. 2. She's a slut. A really dumb, immature slut that talks about how she can "Smell the warmth of her farts". and how she "doesn't flush the toilet" after she takes a shit. Honestly, her vagina must smell like shit and farts, cause apparently she has too much. I think the only time it'd be good to fuck that thing, is if she completely bathes inside and out.

SayTheTruth on Feb 12, 2010


She is so HOT!!!

Lane Braydon7 on Feb 25, 2011


hi u r so sexy

Sobia_sobia97 on Mar 28, 2011



Bill on Apr 6, 2011


Megan Fox is hot, and so are a lot of other celebs. See them nude here:

fcpornos on Apr 26, 2011


she is a hot one check out

Dennis on Apr 26, 2011


LADY BONER!! I would turn lesbo for her..

Kiko on Jun 20, 2011


its nice 2 see ,,,

Jojo on Jul 18, 2011


why do people like to provide a link that in the end turns out to be not one fucking bit close to what they advertise. Instead its some fucking stupid ass bullshit prize claim survey that is totally bogus. I swear some people are just fuckin idiots.

Galindo_S on Aug 13, 2011


She is a hot number that is for sure.

Isabella Dryden on Nov 1, 2011


She'd be a lot more interesting if she didn't have a bunch of idiotic tats on her body. It's her body, but I'd like someone able to carry on an intelligent conversation AFTER the fun.

I Got Bupkis on Jan 18, 2012


weird feet and toes!

mathieu leborgne on Jan 19, 2012

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