MGM is Bringing RoboCop Back?!

March 15, 2008
Source: AICN


We somehow missed this fun little rumor on Friday but are bringing it to you today. Continuing the rather awful trend of remaking, rebooting, and rehashing dead franchises (Rocky, Rambo, even Terminator), MGM is considering bringing back RoboCop from the dead… again. Apparently MGM released a press release that AICN caught that mentioned they're entering its "new phase of evolution by focusing on its major movie franchises", one of which included RoboCop. How odd? Is RoboCop really returning?

Here is the snippet from the MGM press release:

MGM is planning an exciting fall and winter release schedule. In partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment, MGM will bring new installments of two of its tentpole franchises -- the new James Bond movie QUANTUM OF SOLACE and Steve Martin in PINK PANTHER 2. MGM will also release United Artists' international thriller VALKYRIE, starring Tom Cruise on October 3. With the appointment of Parent, MGM will enter its new phase of evolution by focusing on its major movie franchises highlighted by JAMES BOND and PINK PANTHER sequels, THE HOBBIT, THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR 2, THE OUTER LIMITS, ROBOCOP, DEATH WISH and FAME, among others.

They are of course actually working on James Bond, more Pink Panther sequels (sadly), a previously mentioned Thomas Crown Affair sequel, Death Wish (from Sly Stallone), and Fame, so the rest are all confirmed. Obviously there's no way that we'll know whether this is real or actually moving forward until we hear an official press release specifically focused on RoboCop, and that probably won't happen for a very long time, if ever. We also don't know if this is a remake or a reboot or what exactly, but we'll be sure to let you know once we find out.

I was first introduced to RoboCop by our Barry's brother Marty last year, and damn was it one hell of an intense introduction. I don't know how I missed this classic 1987 sci-fi movie, especially when I enjoy Paul Verhoeven's other films, but now I'm a big fan, even bought that 20th Anniversary re-release last year. I'd love to see this rebooted, BUT as long as it's like the upcoming Terminator sequel - handled correctly. I don't know if they'll actually do that though, because MGM really doesn't know how to handle anything well, but we'll see how it goes.

Is anyone else hoping that this RoboCop reboot will actually turn out as incredible as the other movies?


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MGM bring back RoboCop ! hmmm ... and I think Iron Man motivate MGM to bring back RoboCop .. 😉 Nice news Alex ... I am glad to see RoboCop in action again

shero on Mar 15, 2008


i would like to see what MGM does with Terminator before he does this, if he does a poor job on terminator then this shouldn't happen obviously lets just hope its not a complete disaster.

Curtis on Mar 15, 2008


As long as they dont make another PG-13 crap that was Robocop 3, then it should be good. Hopefully...

akumared on Mar 15, 2008


This actually makes me kinda tingly. I love the original - Peter Weller was brilliant. Find a director of the caliber of Verhoeven and an actor better than or equal to Weller, and a great script and you've got a great reboot.

William Mize on Mar 15, 2008


curtis #2 , I think you are referring McG the director of charlies angels and the upcoming terminator4. MGM is a production company.

bltzie on Mar 15, 2008


As long as they don't reboot... then it's all good. I loves me some Robocop.

Alfredo on Mar 15, 2008


Love the original 1987 "Robocop". Verhoeven was born to direct it and Peter Weller born to star. Although I'm kinda wishing they would just leave this one alone, I'm anxious to see what modern filmmaking could churn out with a "Robocop" re-boot. Just as long as they keep director Irvin Kershner (Robocop 2) and Fred Dekker (Robocop 3) out of the running, it should be a great start. Eventhough both aforementioned directors are great in their respective genres, both tarnished the "Robocop" brand and sent it into self-parody. The director must be carefully picked (how about Paul Verhoeven--doing a Martin Campbell re-boot of the Bond franchise with "Casino Royale" after previously bringing us re-boot "Goldeneye" w/Pierce Brosnan.) This would be inspired if it materializes! Note: Please stay true to the original---script must be great!

Spider on Mar 15, 2008


agree with #2 lets see how MGM handles Terminator first

EDA on Mar 15, 2008


mgm owns the hobbit now? loved robocop (1 anyway) but theres no reason to reboot because most likely it will look just like terminator with the robot tanks and flying robots but i guess if theres a good enough story to it

harrison on Mar 15, 2008


"Awful trend of rehashing dead franchises"? Rambo was AWESOME, and Rocky Balboa seemed to be very well-received. Maybe they didn't need to exist, but where's the "awful" in making two films that people like?

Gordon McAlpin on Mar 15, 2008


Can't wait to see his sleek new make over

Neonblue on Mar 15, 2008


First of all, let me just say that I enjoy the irony of tossing the word "reboot" around when your main character is a cyborg. 🙂 Second, I agree with the opinion of the making sure the holy trinity of filmaking is there: Great Script, Great Director, Great Actors. Third, everybody just chill for a moment & think about how this project could be updated with today's level of special FX... ...F*CKIN' SWEET!

jason_md2020 on Mar 15, 2008


It doesn't sound like a "reboot"; it sounds more like they want to make another RoboCop movie sequel. The chances of it being even the slightest bit as good as the first film are slim to none.

avoidz on Mar 15, 2008


1st off no no no. Leave robocop alone. come up with a new idea. Hollywoood has run out of ideas officially. They'll screw this up royally. this time ed209 will be voiced by harvey firestein and brett ratner will direct. UGH! I hope this doesn't even get off the ground. It's almost like redoing bladerunner. Leave the classics alone. All these remakes just make the originals looks so much better. The rambo and rocky films were great because they were spearheaded by stallone. they ended the storylines. They've tried to redo robocop about 3 times already. The godawful tv show and the canadian tv movies. total shit!!! You cannot beat the cast/cyberpunk designs and the director verhoven (spelling) Next they'll want to redo starwars after lucas passes on. MGM will screw up terminator let it die and come up with something new. Arnold is the terminator. Bar none. I hate to sound so negative but hollywood knows how to fucj up a wet dream with the shit they've been putting out. REMAKES REMAKES REMAKES! FUCK IT! You can agree to disagree but take a look at these classic films and tell me why do you need to remake them? MONEY!! The first 2 robocop films were good the 3rd ( they split frank millers script into two films and toned it down.) Take a look at what it might have been in avatars frank millers robocop comic. Just like the first film. GREAT READING. Alll I can say is FUCK REMAKES YOU ASSHOLES IN HOLLYWOOD>

mike on Mar 15, 2008


Thanks Alex for the heads up on the new rumblings in MGM. I'd like to take my hat off to - Shero, William Mize, Gordon McAlpin, Jason md2020 & Spider. You people know what you are talking and are true movie fans. Unlike the rest who just blabber on & have no idea what they're talking about. Its no wonder, Hollywood keeps putting out 'Remakes' & 'Rehash' crap for America & the World. Many people who watch the movies blindly give their hard earn money to the box-offices and don't really know what they've watch. They then claim that its a COOL! movie. I'd like to correct some silly mistakes mentioned by the rest who have written: 1.) MGM owns the rights to Robocop. They can & will do whatever they want with this franchise. (Please note.) 2.) MGM doesn't own the HOBBIT. MGM has the rights to make movies for the HOBBIT. (Harrison.) 3.) MGM does not own the rights to TERMINATOR. The Halcyon Company now owns the rights to Terminator and all other characters from the Terminator franchise. McG is the new Director for Terminator 4. Christian Bale will star. (Those who think that MGM owns the rights to Terminator, please take note.) 4.) WB is co-producing & distributing Terminator 4 in the U.S. Sony Pics Worldwide is distributing to some countries. WB will likely distribute to major countries around the World. (please note.) Now for my 2 cents worth comment on Robocop & MGM. ROBOCOP is indeed one hell of a CLASSIC movie. About 20 years on & the movie is still remembered for its unique concept. (can't say much for its sequels, animated series & live action TV series.) Its good to hear that ROBOCOP will have a new life. But MGM better get it right. No point being influenced by Iron Man & T4 movies, & still have no idea what's right for Robocop. Hope Frank Miller would reconsider doing a superb script to capture new fans and continue to impress Robocop fans. Existing cool materials for reference - Superpatriot, Deathlok, Ghost in the Shell, Matrix, Battlestar Galactica & many more Anime & European Sci-fi stories.

Shawn Gregory on Mar 16, 2008


This is a case where a remake can actually work and be well-received due to a run of poorly-made sequels to the original movie. And it's been long enough since the last sour iteration of a Robocop movie for the majority of us to forgive all if this new flick can even hold a candle to the first one. The best part for those involved in the production of such a remake is that they also don't have to necessarily set the bar TOO high, since people's expectations have already been lowered by those previous sequels. So if they can give us something even remotely good, it's a win-win

\/ /\ /\/ on Mar 17, 2008


Well said. Totally agree. Good to hear from a true Robocop fan like, \/ /\ /\/.

Shawn Gregory on Mar 17, 2008


Bring him back faster. I love the originals I grew up on them so this version needs to move forward and bring him a beast of a machine to challenge like Robocop 2.

Leyton Troy Dohnahue on Jan 2, 2009


plz plz plz bring Robo back in some form or fashion.... the Robocop world has been dead to long... we need to see him on the screen again, I admit after the first movie the sequels were kinda ok but not as good... and the cartoons and tv series were just like the sequels, kinda ok.... but ya know I still watched them.... all of them. thats how you know you got a good franchise, when people still watch the sucky spin offs and animated versions, because people know that they got something good goin on and are waiting for something to knock them out of there seats with another memorable iconic movie, like the first one... so plz bring him back.

Djn334 on Jan 8, 2011

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