Mia Wasikowska Cast as Alice in Tim Burton's Wonderland

July 23, 2008

Mia Wasikowska

Back in November last year we announced that filmmaker Tim Burton would be working on two highly anticipated feature films: a full-length adaptation of Frankenweenie and Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Frankenweenie is nothing more than a stop-animation feature film, but Alice in Wonderland is some sort of combination of live-action and performance-capture CGI that will be presented fully in 3D. Burton and crew announced tonight that Australian actress Mia Wasikowska has been cast in the film as Alice. The script, obviously based on Lewis Carroll's classic novel, was penned by Disney writer Linda Woolverton (of Beauty and the Beast, Homeward Bound, and Lion King) and is being directed by Tim Burton himself.

I was recently convinced that 3D, when implemented from the ground up, can be used in great ways. So taking Tim Burton's imaginative Wonderland and adding 3D filmmaking to it could only mean great things, right? Well don't forget that Burton made Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a movie that I have quickly forgotten. Unfortunately Alice in Wonderland sounds like it'll be subject to the same Burton butchering; he's only a great filmmaker when he's not limited by the MPAA (at least I think). As for the choice of Woolverton for the lead - why not? I haven't seen her in anything really, but she's definitely cute enough to take on the role. When this was first announced, it was supposed to have finished shooting by now and be out by the end of the year. But it sounds like Alice in Wonderland is now on track for 2010.

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Reader Feedback - 31 Comments


She's pretty, but a little older I think. I don't believe in Mr. Burton. I have put my trust in him too many times. Well, We will always have Ed Wood.

Mario Tenorio on Jul 23, 2008


No trust in Tim Burton? C'mon, you can't be serious about that - what's with Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, Nightmare before Christmas and Sweeney Todd?? I could see Tim Burton making a version of Alice in Wonderland that's very similar to the American McGee's Alice - PC Game back in 2000, and that's a good thing because I always hoped someone would make Alice's story a bizarre movie. 🙂 I'm excited and very much looking forward to this, frankly the only thing I'm concerned about is the 3D thingy - to the day, nothing 3D I've seen could really convince me... well, let's wait and see. =)

c-r-u-x on Jul 24, 2008


erm. as much as I love Tim Burton...this is unexpected and dumb. I was hoping for a rendition of American McGee's Alice..but that's not what he's going to deliver..he's too dark for it, and it wouldn't be the same under his direction. He doesn't have a fantasy film in him, he just doesn' it's not going to be anything like I'd hoped. that said, I'm also still waiting on Marilyn Manson's version. god..this is getting weird.

Garrett.king on Jul 24, 2008


TYPO??? actress Mia Wasikowska has been cast in the film as Alice was penned by Disney writer Linda Woolverton As for the choice of Woolverton for the lead - why not?

S on Jul 24, 2008


Tim Burton is one of the great directors ..... I like most of his movies but sorry Sweeney Todd was a big mistake ...I know it win Nominated and win Oscar too ...but that movie has to be realistic - thriller .. not a musical ... Hope this one will be nice .....

Shero on Jul 24, 2008


To #2: Actually, there is a fantastic bizarre take on Lewis Carroll's novel. Jan Svankmajer's "Neco z Alenky" simply titled "Alice" in America, It's an Stop motion animation feature. Worth the search.

Mario Tenorio on Jul 24, 2008


awww what happened to Johnny Depp?

bltzie on Jul 24, 2008


I personally enjoy Tim Burton's work most of the time. I thought Sweeny Todd was great (to #5, Sweeny Todd is a musical thriller. that's how it is in the stage show). Corpse Bride failed in my opinion. Then there is Nightmare, which is one of my favorite films of all time. As for Burton doing Alice in Wonderland: really, who else is better suited? For anyone who complains that he will make it dark (#3), please go examine the original novel. For goodness sakes the queen cries 'off with her head' and wasn't Lewis Carroll's novel a political commentary of some sort? I forget what I've read about the book, as I haven't read it since I was a kid and thus could not fully appreciate it. But I can't wait for the visual treat and overall feeling I'm sure Burton will bring to this film adaptation.

dave13 on Jul 24, 2008


This whole project seems like a bad joke.

DCompose on Jul 24, 2008


It's called stop-motion, not stop-animation. That makes no sense.

Nate on Jul 24, 2008


Nate : Nice one 🙂 Stop Animation hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I really don't read the headlines I go straight a head to the photos or the trailers or the comments that is why I didn't saw that 🙂

Shero on Jul 24, 2008


dave13 (@#8) I'm quite aware of what the original book was and how dark it was..but I was hoping for a movie incarnation of American McGee's Alice, it's an incredibly cynical and fantasy driven video game with a knife-wielding Alice who uses several other magical powers and cuts her enemies into liquid shit! (not literally) and it's incredibly fun. but with Burton's rendition on the way, American McGee's Alice looks like it won't show up anymore..which is a bit of a bummer to me.

Garrett.king on Jul 24, 2008


Ahhh. Fair enough. I've never played the game so I wouldn't know much about it, though I think I heard of it thru commercials way back when. While I can understand an adaptation based on that game would be cool, I still think if anyone is to do a new adaptation of the book, Burton is the man. Ooo, and Danny Elfman tunes! I'm excited!

dave13 on Jul 24, 2008


I thought Sarah Michelle Gellar was supposed to do this. Or is that for a different movie version?

chris on Jul 24, 2008


Sarah Michelle Gellar was rumored, or is still rumored, for American McGee's Alice.

Garrett.king on Jul 24, 2008


Just as long as Helen Bonham Carter is cast as the Queen of Hearts, Im MORE! than happy with the film.. 😀

Carlos on Jul 24, 2008


Mario Tenorio (to #6): Thanks for the advice, I'll look for it!

c-r-u-x on Jul 25, 2008


I don't think I'm alone when I say I pretty much hate Tim Burton, I guess he doesn't make my style of films. I never feel anything watching anything hes ever done. Its like it tries to be artsy and serious but comes off stupid looking and cheesy (to me anyway) I guess that's a "style" a lot of people like but to call this guy great, I don't know about that, unless you cream all over for Johnny Depp I don't see why anyone really likes this director. But since this thread is probably filled with Burton lovers I guess no one will really care for my opinion haha. If fact the only real reason I posted was because I wanted to see Alice in Wonderland American McGee style and I think this seems like something that is so unlike Burton (Disney writers?!) that it will suck more then usual. I guess I'll just have to wait for Lionsgate or someone elses version.

Richard on Jul 25, 2008


Maybe this will push American McGee's Alice back into production..... I do agree with Carter as the Queen of Hearts too!

Ryan on Jul 26, 2008


I wonder why they didn't go with a real little girl? Love to hear the reasoning someday. (Maybe they couldn't find the right one with the acting chops needed?) I thought I had read that Burton wanted to be true to the original story. >Shrugs< Looking forward to seeing Burton's take on this story.

Nick on Jul 28, 2008


Okay, I'm sorry, but Tim Burton's last few films have been shit. Sweeney Todd- Honestly, the blood looked like fuckin tomato soup was running through their neck veins. Not to mention, when there was speaking it was short, and uninteresting, and not to mention that many of the songs seemed pointless. Most of it seemed like anyone would have said without singing, purely out of annoyance at the short amount of talking. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - Honestly? Fuckin Hey, yeah, for a remake of such a great movie, it's hard to follow, I understand. But when it's so shitty I switch the channel when I hear it's "Coming up next", there's a problem.

Jense Jorgenson on Sep 20, 2008


Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to mention my opinion on this new movie I was so pissed at Burton's early shit movies. I honestly think 3D is the worst way to watch a movie. It looks retarded through 3D glasses, and without putting them on, so why do it?? Second of all, I have no idea who that chick is, so so far there's no promise. Now, I have to give him props for picking Johnny for The Mad Hatter, that is the best decision I've seen him make for a Johnny Depp role. Johnny has a knack for crazy characters.. Not to mention his sexy manbeast-iness

Jense Jorgenson on Sep 20, 2008


jense jorgenson... you have no idea really...... i mean fuck if you actually watched a movie at all with Mia in it then you might know why she is so amazing!!!! Go Mia!!!!!!! Respect Quantum!

Simo on Oct 12, 2008


Tim Burton has to be the best person on this eath to direct such a great movie. Dont even compare to the disney film either, they butchered the novel. And for those who think "he doesnt have a fantasy film in him"... news flash.. all of tim burtons films are fantasy. you should research before you bash him. you people need to respect that his films are his art. his passion is amazing. thats alot more than i can say for you people.

alii on Oct 26, 2008


I am beyond excited about this project. Tim Burton is a great director (Ed Wood, BeetleJuice, Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish...), and Alice and Wonderland is the perfect vehicle for his creative touch. He embraces fantasy in a way no other director does. I love how tangible his films are... and Yes, there are some adaptations that have suffered under his direction (Sweeney Todd and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), but I have high hopes for this adaptation. I love the book and the endless possibilities it allows for adaptation. I can't wait to see Burton's interpretation.

Rach on Nov 29, 2008


i personaly love the entire aspect of tim burton making alice in wonderland. ihave always loved the movie and i cant wait for burtons PERFECTLY DARK twist to make it that much better. as for the people talking crap about his movies being too dark i just have this to say; tim burton takes crapy movies and puts his own evil twists to them. (personaly i would say any/every movie would be so much better if burton re-did them.)

"vk" on Dec 18, 2008


oh no! 3 lewis carroll movies are now supposedly in production O_o the rendition of McGee's Alice, this one, and that one Manson's been at for years... hmm.... i wanna see the rendition of McGee's Alice!

rei on Dec 27, 2008


I really hope it's not McGee's Alice! I think that Tim Burton would mess that up bad, he's just to dark for something like that.

Jessica on Jan 1, 2009


I hope this movie is gonna be good and have a very evil twist to it

Joshua on Feb 21, 2009


Tim's choice for Mia taking the lead is a good one, but the problem with a story like this is it's one of those stories in which sometimes you're really rooting for the poor bad guy, which in this case is the red queen/ queen of hearts. You want the red queen/queen of hearts to suceed in chopping Alice's head off because she's trying so hard. In the movie industry, the 21st century is notorious for a couple of superhero movies released in cinemas every summer. Alice is a naive kid not a superhero, although she has the ability to change size. The story itself is a fairytale not a superhero flick. There was a survey about what was the most hyped movie of 2010 and it was Iron Man 2.

Jack on Apr 26, 2009


forget this version... im looking forward to Frank Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars to be made into a film... Burton's version of the Alice story will be a dark version of the same old disney blah... i assure u the Beddor story is a whole new take on Alyss... maybe Johnny Depp can play Hatter in that version... less creepy twisted weirdo and more edgy skilled unique.... However I am really eaxcited for the Tim Burton art exhibit coming to MoMA in another week or so, he is a very talented artist with quite a mind, im just not a fan of his re-makes on the childrens stories... I hope he suprises me, I want to like the film, just doubtful

Samantha on Nov 16, 2009

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