Michael Bay Feeds the Crazies - Updates on Transformers 2, Friday the 13th

July 16, 2008

Michael Bay

My affinity for Michael Bay is not unlike my addiction to Runts -- you can't exactly argue that it's good for you, but it can be pretty tasty at times. The explosion-happy director even endeared himself to me with his recent 'Awesome' ad for Verizon. But I can't say that I'm exactly thrilled that the guy has initiated his own personal campaign against online outlets to seed misinformation to the so-called "internet crazies." Thankfully, Bay recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and the Friday the 13th remake this his production company, Platinum Dunes, is developing. I guess all those fanatic "crazies" can take a break from pulling out their eyelashes and talking to their coffee mugs.

Of the forthcoming Transformers sequel, Bay provides little insight, except for some mundane observations on his position of the follow up. "I hate sequels that try to make it to the third movie. Pretend like we're never having a third movie, so let's go for broke on the second one. I hate those cliffhangers! Let's just make this movie stand on its own. I really feel this movie is not a forced sequel. I think the script is really good, and I think it's got a lot of new stuff in it. There are a lot of rumors out there, but we've released a lot of fake stuff. We've done a really good job of keeping things secret." The original Transformers certainly ended with an easy ride into a sequel. I suppose Fallen will be less open-ended, so I imagine there's going to be a lot of interesting deaths for those "new robots that are really inventive."

Update! Even more goodies for Transformers fans! The guys over at Jalopnik have uncovered a new concept car that is supposedly involved in the film. At the bottom you'll see a new photo of the Corvette concept (to the right I believe) as well as the rest of the robot line-up from the shoot taking place at Edwards Air Force Base. Hopefully this should get those of you just a little more excited for this sequel!

As for Friday the 13th, Bay indicates that not only is the "reconception" going to have plot points from the first two original movies, but that there's also a major twist out of the gate. "You're just not going to believe the first 12 minutes! It's a twist in itself." Remember, Bay's an internet liar, so take this for what it's worth. He goes on to say, "We're introducing a whole group of new kids. What we always try to do is add a little bit of freshness to these movies that were really scary back then and update them for a new audience." Now, I believe that's a lie. How many would agree that Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning or The Hitcher followed this ideal? They're not bad in my mind, but certainly not of the crafty scariness of yore.

As for the Ouija Board movie, Bay says they're "just meeting with writers now" and that a Nightmare on Elm Street remake isn't fully formed yet, but would be "worth every penny." All in all, this batch of news is interesting, but it's hard to have much confidence in the guy. Do you take much of this information to heart or have you started to just ignore the news surrounding Bay?

Transformers 2 Vehicles

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Yes..this car has been floating around the TF blogs for a month or two...looks nice.

Bry from Chi on Jul 16, 2008


I don't care if Michael Bay is smoking crack. I loved the first Transformers and will definitley watch the second one atleast 10 times. I've always loved robots and he's brought them to life for me. He may not be the perfect director but he's good at what he does and I had a good time watching the first one. Did anyone not? Alright I kind of do care if he's smoking crack but you get my point.

vu on Jul 16, 2008


those are nice cars. I really wanted the car michael bay used in the island. You know the fast $500,000 car. Dont know the name of it.

darrin on Jul 16, 2008


I can't wait for this movie. Definitely one of my most anticipated movies for next year.

Daniel on Jul 16, 2008


Can't wait for Transformers 2

Kilo Alpha on Jul 16, 2008


Michael Bay is full of shit, they're not even making a Transformers 2, it's a big prank and you guys fell for it! -Bruce Batmen

Bruce Batmen on Jul 16, 2008


haha, I think Alex likes his version of the title better cuz he keeps calling it "rise of the fallen."

Alfredo on Jul 17, 2008


Those bikes look like they could be in the movie but that car looks way too much like Jazz. I hope they use something else.

Shige on Jul 17, 2008


Since there are two corvettes, One should be red and the other one yellow so there could be the two autobots Side Swipe and Sun Streaker. XL

Xan on Jul 17, 2008


I'm in.

Fisherman on Jul 17, 2008


That car.. has been confirmed as Wheeljack

Shane on Jul 30, 2008

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