Michael Bay Says Transformers 2 Will Stand Alone

June 5, 2008
Source: MTV

Transformers 2

We've been missing out on a lot of the early buzz for Transformers 2. The film is currently shooting in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and a plethora of set photos have been coming in, none of which contain anything even remotely exciting. However, an interesting report has arrived today straight from Michael Bay at the MTV Movie Awards surrounding the story within the film. As tacky as this sounds, all of the characters have progressed from the introduction to the transformation stage in Transformers 2. Now that we know who everyone is, Bay says that it's all about escalation and progression with all of the characters, including the bots. "Let's just say [this] is not a lame sequel." Thank goodness for that!

Michael Bay is a master of hype and ego and his public statements are frequently loaded with hyperbole, fantasy, and delusions of grandeur. What he goes on to talk about with Transformers 2 is the idea that a sequel sets up yet another sequel all too often. For example, at the end of Matrix Reloaded, the scene that finishes off that film directly leads into Matrix Revolutions. Bay explains: "You know how those sequels they do the second one so you go see the third one? [Transformers 2] is it." He adds that this sequel won't have that set-up and resolution spread out amongst this and a third film, insisting instead that this one will stand alone. "First one was just introducing, setting up stuff, so we can go a lot farther. Let's just say [this] is not a lame sequel."

Of course we all know that Bay is beefing up the robots in Transformers 2 as much as his budget will allow. Initial rumors speculated that there would be a total of 20 bots in this one, although Bay seems to only care about the complexity of the bots and not the number. "The robots are going to surprise a lot of people because we go with a lot of different levels." For once this is admirable, because I don't think throwing out a number for the sake of pleasing fans is going to help this film. Even Megan Fox, who thankfully will return, adds this little cheesy teaser: "In this one I transform from a girl into a woman."

I would say this is actually a smart move on the part of Michael Bay, but here's the issue. We all know there will be a Transformer 3, there's no doubt about that. So why not setup a third film? I've never had a problem with the cliffhanger setups in other trilogies like Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean. In fact, that's exactly how TV shows work. Every episode is designed to lead into the next - so why the hell is this a problem?! I think Bay is just getting a bit full of himself, which is when we take a step back and let him go back to blowing shit up. Does anyone else have a problem with cliffhangers?

Note: The logo at the top is completely fan made and not real at all. Additionally, we've added this badass set photo below for the sake of adding some extra hype to this piece. We hope we've made you excited!

Transformers 2 Set Photo

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Agreeing with Michael Bay makes me feel dirty inside but i'm actually with him on this, i hate the way that story structure is being ripped apart these days in order to get everyone back into the cinema, every film should stand alone first and foremost and if they want to make a sequel then great but don't split stories for the sake of it. Lord of The Rings was split because the original story was too long to be seen all at once and i'm ok with that, but why did the Matrix or Pirates need to be three movies? Why not just focus on a great sequel. The only reason is so they can get two more movies where there should've only been one. The best franchises are those whose movie's stand alone, Bond, Indy (Classic Indy that is), even the original Star Wars, the movies did leave you wanting more but mainly because they were great movies. Iron Man's a good example, great movie, hints at the direction of the franchise but the story stood alone. And am i the only one that hates the way lost has turned half the new tv shows into perpetual cliffhangers? It's like continually answering a question with a question, it ends up getting really annoying and i end up switching off.

Sinbad on Jun 5, 2008


"Character progression?..." Well! If there's as much character progression in Transformers 2 as there was in Bad Boys 2, then I would say there's nothing to worry about!

Tom Brazelton on Jun 5, 2008


If they want to get people back in to the cinema they need to make quality movies with indepth characters and storylines. I want to go see a movie because I like the action/adventure/comedy/etc and not because I was left hanging in the previous one.

Steve D on Jun 5, 2008


They're filming at UPENN, where I work & near where I live. SOOOO psyched. I'm gonna try to be an extra.

Djozer on Jun 5, 2008


As a life long transformers fan i know when they hired Michael Bay as the director, they wanted him to blow shit up......that is what he does best in all his movies from bad boys to transformers ( BLOW SHIT UP....) is his if they add a little character progression who cares thats just fluff when we see big ass robots on the big screen BLOWING SHIT besides it is based off a toy line and 80's cartoon that was a 23 minute long commercial....

JNYCE on Jun 5, 2008


Yeah i dont think they should lead into a thrid one. Even is we know its gonna go that route, i mean come on, how many different directions do or would you take the transformers in? I mean its endless right? plus we havent even seen a descent cybertron. Even though they say theres some footage in the next one, but you cant always believe what they say. Plus why would you set yourself up like that, then your stuck and if you do change it all you FANBOYS will bash them for changing it anyway, so cry all you want about not setting up for a sequel, you already said you know there making a third so it doesnt matter anyways.

therblig on Jun 5, 2008


It all depends how it is done...Spider-man 2, for example, stood by itself even though a third was inevitable and I believe that film was phenomenal, but on the other hand I got chills at the end of Batman Begins when he pulled out the Joker playing card. I'm curious to see how they'll handle the next sequel in this franchise; will The Dark Knight stand on it's own, or will it leave us with cliffhangers leading into the third film?

Matt Peloquin on Jun 5, 2008


Is Spielberg attached as producer to this? Hearing how much energy Mikey Bay is focusing on the 'bots, without hearing much about him focusing on getting a better story/script is kind of worrisome. I guess this guy will never feel the need to get better at his chosen profession. Megan Fox..., adds this little cheesy teaser: "In this one I transform from a girl into a woman." Unless she's transforming into a NAKED woman, she doesn't add much to this film at all. She can thank the awesome power of eye candy over the typical male for the existance of her career.

kevjohn on Jun 5, 2008


Dude. Did you just bash Megan Fox? I'd like to see you do that to her face! I'd say we have writer's creating 2-dimensional female characters to thank for her eye candy casting. We have her Genes, Jeans, & Cheeks to thank for her career! (all 4 cheeks, for those who're counting)

Tipycal Mele on Jun 5, 2008


I generally do not like cliffhanger because nothing guarentees a third movie. Who knows, perhaps Bay will ditch the third movie and then McG will come along and mess up the series even more along with Terminator. Plus closure is always a plus too.

Matt Suhu on Jun 5, 2008


I agree that using a second movie simply to set up for a third is a bad move and I am stoked to see him avoiding it but I fear he may be heading toward a more common sequel killer. Bigger is not always better. One of the things that made Transformers so amazing was that Michael "boom boom" Bay actually managed to restrain himself and kept the cast of bots low but if he falls into the mindset of "if 10 were cool then 20 will be twice as cool" the movie could become 2 hours of mindless bot on bot fighting that nobody cares about because the story hasn't had time to develope in the middle of all that fighting but I really hope I am wrong

corran on Jun 5, 2008


This is filming near me (love how philly is getting all of these films), very excited, espically that I can recognize some of the places in the film.

Ryan on Jun 5, 2008


"I've never had a problem with the cliffhanger setups in other trilogies like Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean. " You forgot two of the best Back to the Future, and LOTR.

dac_fan on Jun 5, 2008


im with michael bay, i love how he is bringing back the original types of sequels.

Darrin on Jun 5, 2008


I'm also with Michael Bay..I hate sequels that leave me hanging. If it was only a week between Transformers 2 and Transformers 3 like there is on a tv show..then bring it. But if I have to wait six months or a friggin' year, skip it. Just make it stand alone. Shoot..I can't even stand to watch Lost..I have to wait for the whole season to end so I don't have to wait in between eppys. Yes..I have NO PATIENCE. Heheee

Bry from Chi on Jun 5, 2008


i think its a good title because they should never have killed off jazz in the first place.

Owen on Jun 5, 2008


I don't know if I believe that there won't be any sort of setup for the third in the second one. I just think he means it won't come right at the end of the movie and be a cliffhanger. They could write in a small comment anywhere else in the movie that would foreshadow the third.

Janet on Jun 5, 2008


It isn't Jazz, people... It will be Starscream. Remember the "stinger" scene at the end? The idea of more bots is exciting, too!

bigmck on Jun 7, 2008


I hate those cliffhangers at the end of pirates 2 and matrix 2. For TV it's totally different. Story's work different, and you only have to wait for just a week, instead of months or years. Like done with Pirates and the Matrix it leaves the movie unfinished, what kinda sucks if you ask me. I go to see a movie, not half a movie. I like Bay. I love most of his films, and I hugely loved Transformers, so for me this is a good thing.

Rickmeister on Jun 16, 2008


Hope Bay directs the third Transformers film, it would suck to get another director to film the third movie after Bay directed the first two. It wouldn't go well for the trilogy. The X-men trilogy is a good example. The First two X-Men movies were good, then boom new director for X-Men 3 and many fans were disappointed in the third X-Men movie. box office showed it to. Orci and Krutz have already said they were not writing for Transformers 3, so new writers will have to be found. And now Bay had already said that he would direct Transformers 3 but wanted to take a year off first, so the release date would have to be 2012. But Paramount has come out and said July 2011. That is not good. KEEP BAY FOR TRANSFORMERS 3. If Paramount is smart they will delay the release to 2012. Even Steven Spielberg said that Michael Bay was born to make Transformers movies. Paramount should heed that advice. KEEP BAY.. To Change up directors now would be a big mistake.

Marc on Mar 27, 2009


Is cliff hanger a girl or boy. We want to

poop on Aug 3, 2009

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