Michelle Rodriguez Gets Fast and Furious Again

March 6, 2008

Michelle Rodriguez

This has always been a dark pleasure of mine that I'm constantly ridiculed for among my circle of friends, but I LOVE the Fast and The Furious franchise. To be sure, I certainly concede the productions firmly float in the shallow end of the pool. But as a car nut, the flicks are pure brain-rotting eye candy. In addition to the routine smattering of news surrounding the fourth iteration of the line, Rodriguez' official site tells us that Michelle Rodriquez has signed on to reprise her original role of Letty from the first film, pretty much completing the core original cast.

As has been broadly reported this past year, the yet-untitled fourth film is a return to the 2001 series' origins, bringing back Brian (Paul Walker), Dominic (Vin Diesel) and Mia (Jordana Brewster); and now, Rodriguez, who ironically was jailed back in December because of violating her probation relating to a DUI charge. (She's out now, though).

Despite being the fourth film, this story doesn't exactly build off its predecessor. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (i.e., the third in the series) had little to do with the first two, save for a half-assed cameo by Diesel in the very end. However, director Justin Lin of Tokyo Drift will return to direct the fourth film and apparently has some ideas on how to bridge the latest two movies.

If you saw Tokyo Drift - which I would venture to say most readers of this post haven't, given the unfortunate sigma of the franchise - you would be familiar with the character, Han (Sung Kang from War, Live Free or Die Hard), who actually died in the film. However, in Diesel's cameo at the end of the movie, he alludes to being a friend of Han's.

That's where the fourth film comes in. Leaked plot details so far indicate that the new film will actually take place between the second and third, and Sung Kang will join the alums, thus manifesting the friendship between Han and Dominic. Make sense?

In early February, Rope of Silicon posted the following rough synopsis:

"Brian (Paul Walker) is freed from prison (the authorities found out that he let Dominic played by Vin Diesel go at the end of the first film) to help the feds stop a heroin importer known as Braga. With the help of an informant named James Park, Brian – and ultimately Dominic Toretto – wins a place on the criminal's team, where he – and his flashy Nissan plan to catch the man red-handed."

Personally, I'm very much looking forward to June 5th, 2009 when the film is due to be released. I had an overly exuberant affinity to Tokyo Drift, since at the time I owned a modified Nissan 350z not unlike those used in the movies. In the upcoming film, I can equally get behind the cars I've seen so far, namely a Ghost Rider-inspired Mustang and the new Subaru STI.

The original of the series is decidedly the best and most successful, grossing near $150 million domestically, compared to the last installment which only pulled in $62 million. Clearly, the appeal has waned, which is why no one went to see it with me. I do hope, with the return of the original cast, this next iteration will be equally entertaining and more broadly appealing.

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I actually thought the second one was the best of the bunch. The first one took itself too seriously and I didn't really warm to Vin and his crew. The second as well as having a clever twist on the name/sequel thing had some sweet rides, good driving scenes (albeit technically ridiculous) and far better chemistry and banter between Tyrese and Walker than Diesel and Walker beforehand. I came out of the cinema far more entertainined after the second than I did the first.

Payne by name on Mar 6, 2008


Im excited. The second movie was, by far, the worst of the three. The first is a classic (In the same sense that Hackers is a classic, mind you) and the third was actually decent. In fact, the opening scene with the kids going to school was very impressive. Anyways, with the original cast on board it should be a great trip. Hopefully they continue to get all of the terminology wrong, because thats always good for a few extra laughs.

ProjectGSX on Mar 6, 2008


im glad vin is back 2 fast 2 furious sucked

Darrin on Mar 6, 2008


Wow, this is turning out to be all kinds of craptacular!

Rob on Mar 6, 2008


I hated the first one. So, this will likely be a big "avoid" on my list.

mike on Mar 6, 2008


I get as much crap for liking these movies as everyone else out there, but I'm still down to watch a 4th installment. Don't ask why..

Alfredo on Mar 6, 2008


I'm with you Alex!!!!! I even like Tokyo Drift 🙂

Ryan on Mar 6, 2008


The first Fast and the Furious is great popcorn entertainment (though slightly lacking in violence and bad language to be completely satisfying). It's basically Point Break with cars, but that's good because Kathryn Bigelow's movie was slick movie, too 🙂 This is really good news to hear they got Walker, Diesel, and Rodriguez back together. I don't think the appeal of the movies waned; a big part of the drop in popularity was Vin not returning for the first sequel -- and the straight-to-video quality of the sequels themselves.

avoidz on Mar 6, 2008


Yep.. I am also a closet fan.. but I think much for the same reason that I watch a bunch of the terrible war movies I do(for the guns).... Gotta love the cars, I wanted a mod'd Mitsu Spyder for a couple year cause of 2F2F... cars and guns... need I say more ... then ya add in a little drug running like in 2F2F.. .haha

Dusty on Mar 6, 2008


I'm not a closet fan of the original. I'm a real fan because it was a sick movie & Vin killed it (in a good way). Part 2 was barely watchable & part 3 was horrible in my opinion. Both, very forgettable. I'm excited to get back to the roots of the first film with the original cast (Michelle Rodriguez is a sexy bad ass). Can't wait; but I guess I'll have to b/c we have a very long wait.

Sinner on Mar 6, 2008


I think this will do good box office, definitely more than 2 and 3. I dont think it will pass up the original's though. Hopefully it will be good, cause I liked the original. not so much the other two.

Keith on Mar 6, 2008


Ryan, you know this wasn't written by me. This was written by Kevin, our other news writer. HE is the one that loves the Fast and the Furious, not me... 🙂

Alex Billington on Mar 6, 2008


although i highly enjoyed the first one, i just don't like Walker's acting. to me, it seems like he's just reading lines. am i alone on this? anyway, i'd probably be catching the 4th one on dvd or something cause none of my friends would want to go see it. unless i see it with my brother.

craziemutant on Mar 7, 2008


Let's face it, Paul Walker isn't going to be walking away with a Best Actor Award anytime soon. . . However, he's fine in these light popcorny movies (he was good in Joy Ride, and intense to the max in Running Scared).

avoidz on Mar 7, 2008


Love it that so many folks have chimed in as fans. Doesn't make me feel so alone 🙂 And definitely agree with you, 'avoidz'...these folks are just enjoyable. You can only expect so much; but that limited expectation, I think, is met pretty well.

Kevin Powers on Mar 7, 2008


Kevin, you are not alone 🙂

Ryan on Mar 7, 2008


"I'm constantly ridiculed for among my circle of friends" yea, as you damn well should be. just be greatful you still have friends after admitting something that embarrassing...

carg0 on Mar 7, 2008


i really liked the 1st one, enjoyed the 2nd one and the 3rd one but wouldn't watch it again, I own the 1st and 2nd and watch them from time to time i love cars and the movies are fun to watch. Looking forward to the 4th one should be good considering the cast from the 1st one is coming back and that one was my favorite.

Curtis on Mar 7, 2008


In my opinion the first one exciting because it give many people a view of street racers. The second was all right it had a nice plot to it. The thrid is one is my second favorite it also showed a whole new different style of racing and it scored major pionts of showing a different setting in another country. Over all the first and the thrid are the best. I hope that the fourth one is good as to and that they make a better car chase.

Jake on Mar 28, 2008


will she be driving drunk in this one. Am I mistaken or was she locked up not to long ago for driving drunk. I am guessing she is out of jail I hate drunk drivers.

anomo on Jun 24, 2008

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