Mike Myers' The Love Guru Trailer Has Arrived!

February 28, 2008
Source: AOL

The Love Guru Trailer

After waiting months to finally discover who (and what) exactly Pitka is, it's finally time for him to be revealed. The Love Guru is Mike Myers' newest movie in which he plays Pitka, an American who was left at the gates of an ashram in India as a child and raised by gurus. This is Myers' first original character since Austin Powers wrapped up in 2002. I'll admit this was high on my curiosity chart, but now that I've seen the trailer, it's dropped pretty much straight to the bottom. This looks exactly like Austin Powers but with longer hair and a mustache, and I mean that in a bad way - this looks downright terrible!

If I had to rank the comedies that just released new trailers, it would go: Get Smart first, Step Brothers second, and The Love Guru last. But maybe I'm being too harsh? Plus, as pretty as Jessica Alba is, she's box office poison. This summer's comedy selection isn't looking too hot so far, besides Get Smart. I'm already predicting a flop with The Love Guru.

Watch the trailer for The Love Guru:

[flv:love-guru.flv 502 212]

You can also watch The Love Guru trailer in High Definition at AOL

The Love Guru is directed by Marco Schnabel, who worked as second unit director on Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, and Austin Powers: Goldmember and is now directing his first feature film. The script was written by both Mike Myers and Graham Gordy. The Love Guru arrives in theaters on June 20th this summer.

The Love Guru Poster

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It looks ok but wont be nearly as good as Austin Powers was. Mike is a little washed up and dont care for him much now, should have a couple good laughs but not enough.

Curtis on Feb 28, 2008


This movie looks absolutely terrible. If the third Austin Powers movie was any indication, this movie proves that Mike Myers' bit is getting tired.

John on Feb 28, 2008


It appears as though Mike Myers will be giving us a new reincarnation of "Austin Powers" this summer. There were a couple of laughs in this trailer and it's not as bad as made out to be. I think this flick will still do ok. A lot will depend on word of mouth, if this movie is actually good!

Spider on Feb 28, 2008


yeah this movie just looks alright I wish he would make another Austin Powers "I took a viagra it got stuck in my throught and i have had a stiff neck for hours i thank you"

midget in a mosh pit on Feb 28, 2008


Crazy I know.. and yes I am seeing a counselor for it.. but I am a closet Myers fan... well just outted I guess... and I have to say that I am looking forward to it... please don't stone me... just shrug and say "he is nuts"

Dusty on Feb 28, 2008


That was painful to watch.

Nunya on Feb 28, 2008


Wow, that was not funny. i want my time back please...

akumared on Feb 28, 2008


I didn't crack a smile in that entire trailer. This movie looks indescribably terrible.

Ben on Feb 28, 2008


Did anyone catch the episode of Iconoclasts with Mike Meyers and Depak Chopra (sp?) At the time, I thought it was a weird pairing, but apparently Meyers has become somewhat spiritual and thats what infused his creation of The Love Guru. I got my hopes up somewhat when Myers explained the freedom from want and how it relates to comedy, laughter, a freeing of the spirit... yadda, yadda, yadda. I actually thought he might have matured a little bit as a comedian. Maybe throw a dash of the melancholy into it. But I can see from this trailer that he's basically trotting out old Austin Powers jokes and putting new clothes on them. If you look back on Meyer's career, that's pretty much been his M.O. He's come up with a few great inventions and I admire his ability to upload catchphrases into the lexicon. But Fat Bastard was only a bloated version of the Scottish father from So I Married An Axe Murderer which was an extrapolation of his "If It's Not Scottish, It's CRAP!" character from SNL. His Cat in the Hat was basically Linda Richman from Coffee Talk on SNL. Austin Powers plagiarized itself to the Nth degree.

Tom Brazelton on Feb 28, 2008


It had a couple of funny moments, but yes it looks like he is trying to capitalize on old Austin Powers jokes.

Zach D. on Feb 29, 2008


I think this would be the perfect time for me to chime in here and say "I TOLD YOU SO". So there, all you who scoffed at my scoffing of this movie on previous Love Guru related posts here on Ah, sweet vindication is mine! 🙂

William Mize on Feb 29, 2008


How many Razzies will this be nominated for this year? I'm guessing 3.

Nick on Feb 29, 2008


meh, I'll rent it, I'll be the first to eat humble pie about my comments in the concept thread. This doesn't look like it will be pulled off well... Ill rent it just because I like Mike Myers, but I'm not wasting a theater ticket to see it on the big screen (unless that trailer REALLY did not do the movie justice and it really is good, which I'm hoping)

Avelanch on Feb 29, 2008


No thank you. That looked awful to me.

Icarus on Feb 29, 2008


Yeah, can you say "MASTER OF DISGUISE", great cast and stuff on paper but seeing it, it is pretty awful.

Ryan on Feb 29, 2008


These tools on FS don't know a good comedy if it hit em in the nut sack, probably a bunch of fat white guys who are more into trashy movies like Superbad, Hottie Or Nottie or Meet The Spartans. Something they can relate their sorryselves to, pop your collars douche bags.

nemes1s on Feb 29, 2008


I wish this nemes1s guy would get of Mike Myers' taint.

Nick on Feb 29, 2008


its not jessica alba that killed the movie its justin

Darrin on Feb 29, 2008


Why is Beyonce playing in the background? Did she forge some kind of "trailer contract" with Myer's since she co-starred with him in Goldmember?

e. on Feb 29, 2008


the whole Austin Powers thing was a smouldering heap and this shows no promise of being any better...too bad as Mike is a very talented guy ..why he does shit like this is beyond me...must be the $$$$$$$....

cornholio_by_the_sea on Feb 29, 2008


Now I'll admit this doesn't look the least bit funny, except in a "been there done that" sense. But never judge a film by it's trailer because I can list several awful films, that had pretty decent trailers and vice versa.

Andee23 on Feb 29, 2008


Have any of you EVER seen trailers you like? This doesn't look that bad at all. And it's a TRAILER, people. Get a life.

JimmyTibbs on Feb 29, 2008


there were a few funny parts, but the midget bit got old after everyone started having a midget to get more laughs, and why is justin timberlake still getting movie roles?

harrison on Mar 1, 2008


JT was the only thing that made me laugh in this trailer.

A Fok on Mar 1, 2008


Someone please tell Mike Meyers he isn't funny. PLEASE!!!

Charlie on Mar 1, 2008


please... it looks ridiculous but it could be great! I'm sure when APowers first came out people thought, "WTF?" Besides, I dare all of you to say this to the man's face!!! Nerves of steel? Nerves of Jello? I'm guessing, "can I have your autograph? Make it out to Dick!"

raven on Mar 2, 2008


love him, my kind of humor....

Norair Tokmanian on Mar 3, 2008


That looked like a big steaming pile of crap. More midget humor? A stupid accent? Playing on stereotypes for cheap laughs. Mike Myers stinks.

Kaiser Soze on Mar 4, 2008


Please boycott this movie on behalf of the many crew who were fired for NO GOOD REASON on the set of this piece of shit. Mike Myers is crazy. Absolutely nuts. This usually happens to people who at one point were way on top only to fade away. Pure over compensation on his part. I can't even describe to you what an ego maniacal paranoid angry loser he has become. this movie is garbage. please don't bother seeing it.

myers is a douche on Mar 12, 2008


Hillarous, can't wait to see this movie. Loved it! Pls post more trailers.

Kevin h on Mar 16, 2008


Talk about intellectually bankrupt. Were they smoking crack when they did this? It's nothing more than a dumbed-down, trashed-up version of Peter Sellers character in the Millionairess.

brendan on Mar 19, 2008


BOYCOTT THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

myers is a douche on Mar 24, 2008


Does anyone else think that Mike Myers' charachter's voice is oddly similar to the head lemur in Madagascar voiced by Sascha Baron Cohen? Yeah. Plus the fact that, like harrison said, the midget thing was old before it began. Myers' Scottish accent, or any accent at that = tired. Jessica Alba doing comedy = as per Gook Luck Chuck, not funny. Hokey comedy. I actually think JT is really, really funny.. he's only tied to this movie because he worked with Myers on the last Shrek abortion. Pop culture references out the ass aren't funny anymore. A couple laughs in the trailer, but I think it's just gonna be another self-indulgent Myers corn-fest.

ShrekBlows on Apr 9, 2008


Listen up if the part where Mike Myers had the gong on then asked about the girlfriend did not make you laugh then you are a robot I will admit it was stupid to let this out the same week as get smart

Max on Apr 26, 2008


Mike Myers surrounds himself with people who laugh at whatever lame crap he comes up with. He thinks he's some kind of comedic genius...but it's so obvious he's turned into a rancid hack. Goldmember was unwatchable and so will this guru movie. The trailer was painful. I wish someone would cut off his funding so he had to finance his own movies. He'd go broke soon and we'd never have to watch his dreck again.

an ex-fan on Jun 1, 2008


Always hated Myers, so I'm glad to see the rest of the world is catching up. Canada has pulled a big joke on the US, sending us so many bad, obnoxious comedians (Myers, Jim Carrey, etc) and singers (Celine Dion, Alanis Morrisette, Avril Lavigne, etc.) and seeing them become big stars here that we're forever unable to get rid of. Their loss is definitely NOT our gain. Hopefully this turd of a movie is the final nail in the execrable career of moronic Mike Myers.

The Hate Guru on Jun 20, 2008


Please send me some love accuquanted advice.

tisydas on Jul 5, 2008

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