More Details on the Sequel to Rob Zombie's Halloween

November 3, 2008
Source: Dread Central

Michael Myers in Halloween

At the timely 30 Years of Terror Convention this past weekend, producer Malek Akkad dropped a few new details about the upcoming sequel to Rob Zombie's re-imagining of Halloween according to Dread Central. Most importantly, Akkad says that the project will, in fact, be a direct sequel to Zombie's film and that they're hoping to start pre-production in January of next year. Seven foot-tall Tyler Mane is set to reprise his role as the creeping, killing machine, Michael Myers, while negotiations are ongoing with other cast members from the first film. And while it seemed French filmmakers Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Muary were locked as directors back in June, Akkad states that their terms aren't 100% just yet.

For someone who enjoyed Zombie's take on the classic Halloween tale, this news is welcome, but not exactly exciting just yet. I'm glad to see the project moving along, but I'm still nervous about the French pair's domestic debut. High Tension is one of my favorite horror films, however, so I'm certainly not averse to a European flavor - I'm just partial to Zombie. But is there anything to be said about the news that Bustillo and Muary aren't officially signed as directors yet? Remember, they were once lined up to helm the long-in-purgatory Hellraiser remake, but came off of that project in favor of this one. And while most claimed that a sequel seemed ridiculous since Myers was pointedly shot in the end of Zombie's film, let's remember that a good deal of the story followed the 1978 original, and look how many sequels followed that.

If you're a fan, you know that the sequel to the original Halloween pretty much picks up where the first leaves off. Dr. Loomis continues his search for Myers, while Laurie Strode (originally played by Jamie Lee Curtis) is hurried away to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Myers eventually finds his way to the hospital, and… well, you know how it goes from there. How many are excited to see Myers back again?

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Next up: Michael Myers vs the Saucer Men

The Fly on Nov 3, 2008


call me crazy but i enjoyed Rob Zombies version, even more so than the original series. i'm actually anxious for this movie.

The Delightful Deviant on Nov 3, 2008


I extremely disliked Zombie's version...Mike Meyers is not some whiny little kid...he's a demon from hell which feels no mercy...I guess they're going back to his "less than human" roots if they're making a sequel after shooting him in the face.

Peloquin on Nov 3, 2008


Rob Zombies version sucked. Anyone who liked it dosent know good movies. This guy get praised when every movie hes made was bad. I dont get it. If he wasent Rob Zombie no one would like his movies. Will this movie have more hillbillys like every movie hes made? This was a terrible remake. No one in the threater took it seriously, and everyone one was laughing at how awful every part of it was. Lame deaths, tried to make stupid story, more hillbillys, and he had to have every exuse to show tits. Like that girl who was barely 18. I wanted to demand my money back its sucked so bad. Also, the only good actor in the whole film, Malcom Mcdowell, was WASTED and hardly used. Please dont do another one Malcom, your better then that. I cant see how you liked film this, Kevin. Very dissapointed. Rob directing or not, i hope no one sees this garbage. I wont call you crazy for likeing the movie, just stupid.

Ryan on Nov 3, 2008


I liked Rob's version. It was crude in places, and things I would of changed or not had at all, but I liked it a lot. It stayed with me afterwards. No Halloween movie has done that in a good long while. It had a very Halloween-y feel, especially the third act. I welcome a sequel, but I would much rather see Michael Myers return to his scary roots. This version was too big and just a shark. I would like Myers back. Also, people say he was shot. Well, we just heard the shot, didn't we?. Let's also point and laugh at those who didn't like the movie and choose to attack those who have *gasp* a different opinion than theirs.

Barry on Nov 3, 2008


Um, didn't Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Muary direct "Inside" and not "High Tension?"

Mike G. on Nov 3, 2008


I'm not really that excited to see THIS Myers back. Why don't they just try another original Halloween film?

Sean Kelyl on Nov 3, 2008


right #6...I was commenting that French horror (at large) can be pretty quality stuff...haven't seen Inside myself, unfortunately

Kevin Powers on Nov 3, 2008


I haven't seen High Tension and I didn't think much of Zombie's Halloween (I want to compare it to Singer's Superman for some reason but that had a semblance of class). Yet (like Singer who I hope gets to make another Superman film) I think Zombie should be put in charge again and correct anything he feels went wrong. I hope he is at least writing it.

BahHumbug on Nov 3, 2008


Personally the French duo of Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Muary being linked to this Halloween sequel excites me. Inside is one of the best modern horrors I have ever seen. Incredible film. If you liked High Tension then you can't fail not to like Inside. Martyrs too is an unforgetable piece of film making. The French are riding high at the moment but there is always a worry they will go the same way as Alexandre Aja. His Hills Have Eyes remake was great but Mirrors looks like any one of those Japanese Horror remakes that Hollywood do so bad. Fingers crossed for Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Muary's first foray into an English speaking film. Aja did it with Hills Have Eyes so no reason why they can't suceed.

Scatman on Nov 3, 2008


Loomis fucking died in the remake.

Angelo on Nov 3, 2008


At Angelo, Actually if you watch the dvd the scene where myers chased laurie back into the house loomis grabbed his leg as he walked past. i dont think they showed it in the theaters but its on the DVD.

Q on Nov 3, 2008


I actually dont mind a sequel. im a big halloween fan and i think the zombie version was pretty decent. yeah the story was a lil different but isnt that the point of a remake. it still had alot of elements from the original halloween so i dont understand why people hated it so much. its not like he changed the character completely. just the origin which i felt wasnt too bad. And for Ryan how were the deaths lame. he killed people alot more viciously in this version. i mean beating the kid in the woods with that branch, beating the boyfriend wit the baseball bat, stabbing the nurse in the neck, drowining that guy and throwing a tv on him, the bathroom scene, snapping that ladies neck, and so on. So you mean the way he slaughtered people in this version wasnt better than the original. i dont think so but thats just my opinion. plus zombies version was alot better than the curse of micheal myers, h20, and that god awful resurrection. so he cant be that bad. i think your blinded by your hate for rob zombie to realize he did a good movie.

Q on Nov 3, 2008


is anyone else up for freddy vs. jason vs. michael. i deff wanna see that

LeeMan on Nov 3, 2008


At Leeman Michael Myers would win

Q on Nov 3, 2008


My bad Kevin. It seemed the way it was written that you were implying that they directed High Tension. Carry on.

Mike G. on Nov 3, 2008


#13, the original was less about "slaughtering" and more about stalking and I find that creepier. Though I have to agree that H20 wasn't that great (I haven't seen the other two)

Sean Kelly on Nov 3, 2008


Zombies remake was fucking great! Good story, lotta killin, lotta blood, great tension and ending. Loomis lived and MM is grazed by the bullet he lives on. Yes to the remake. #4 why hate on someone who's opinion is different from yours. You obviously liked it or you wouldn't have clicked to read it or take the time to write a short story about others liking it. I didn't read anyone else blog about a barely legal chicks tits, only yours. You ALMOST got your money back, wasn't that bad huh, or maybe you liked those tits a bit more than you'd like to admit and was waiting for another scene, In any case just let people have their opinions. Love it or hate it. Kevin High Tension is soooooo good, its the only horror movie I own. I think it was one of the best horror films ever even though its in subtitles. It's so good you forget your reading. It was highly underrated in the theaters because it was released around the same time as Texas Chainsaw 2 and the trailers looked so simular. To those who have't seen it, rent it turn out all the lights and enjoy.

Kilo Alpha on Nov 3, 2008


at Q I re-watched the remake today, and indeed you're right. Loomis is very much alive at the end, although of course his skull should've actually been crushed, but I forgive Zombie, because a sequel means we don't have to go through the first 45 minutes of torture, until we finally see the real Michael Myers. - And Loomis is pretty much mandatory for a good Halloween film.

Angelo on Nov 5, 2008


I have never seen the Rob Zombie's Halloween,but I tried to watch it, but I had to be entertained in the first 20 minutes to watch a movie. So I gave up on it.

Daniel f on Nov 11, 2008


the original micheal myers werent that very good. they always took a back seat to the fridaythe 13th movies but micheal myers is a much believable serial killer seniario and should of been better than jason but mever was. until rob zombie made the remake showing us what micheal myers was meant to be and what the orginal makers had in mind but didnt see . rob zombies remake of micheal myers was a great movie probally the greastest ive ever seen and the news thats hes making a remake will only put the first movie on the map even more and opening doors for him to remake all the old time horror movies with a advanced more believable touch and i wish he would remake all the old horror movies cause most of them sucked rob zombies halloween was a great movie and has the potenial to be way better than the orginal

danny on Dec 1, 2008


The original Halloween is my favorite movie and when I saw Rob Zombie's Halloween I thought it was awesome how he made the movie feel so realistic & stuff,and I'm super glad their doing a sequel cause that just means we get see more Halloween. So I say...bring on the

sean on Dec 9, 2008


i think this will be kool, it will meet the standerds of friday the 13th and my bloody valentine combined

Kyle on Mar 8, 2009

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