More Eye Candy: Two New Badass Max Payne Posters

August 21, 2008

Max Payne Posters

Two more new international posters for the upcoming Max Payne movie have hit courtesy of IMPAwards. I'm trying not to use the term badass so much, but I just can't help it - both of these posters are badass! Mark Wahlberg sporting dual shotguns - how is that not badass?! As fantastic as these look, I'm still not completely excited for Max Payne based off of the quality of footage that I saw at Comic-Con. One thing is for sure: if the movie turns out bad, at least we'll have some beautiful posters to make us smile. I just hope director John Moore was able to make the actual movie look like these. I suppose we'll find out in October whether the movie lives up to the hype of the posters. Now that's an odd thing to say…

I've put up both posters below full-size courtesy of IMPAwards. I just couldn't put them side-by-side, they need to be seen in all of their high res glory to be appreciated!

Max Payne

Max Payne

Max Payne is directed by Irish filmmaker John Moore, of Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Phoenix, and The Omen previously, with a screenplay written by first-time writer Beau Thorne. The film is based on the popular Max Payne series of third-person-shooter video games that first arrived in 2001. Fox is debuting Max Payne in theaters on October 17th just before Halloween. I'll be there!

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those are some badass posters!! i love how in the top one the bricks from the arch are giving him angel wings

ha1rball on Aug 21, 2008


I still can't get over how childlike Wahlberg looks as Payne, one of the worst casting choices... trust me; this film's gonna booomb.

Napoleon Dynamite on Aug 21, 2008


Hey Napoleon, I'll trust you when you kill yourself. GO GO GO! But seriously, when you do kill yourself i'll say "I lied" just like John Matrix said to Sully. Therefore I will not trust you. Also, Lucky Matrix turned up to chase and interrogate Sully as Sully was totally going to rape that chick. But back on topic, Mark Whalberg is a fine actor and I am glad he is making an interesting movie like this instead of that POS with the black dude that sung that "Shake it like a Polaroid picture" song. This movie has dual shotguns, bullet time and drug/dream sequences involving what look to be some sort of demons. Sounds good to me. Also guys, please trust me. 1 + 1 = 2. I at least have fact in my nonsense.

Badass on Aug 21, 2008


Badass, I dont know what you just said but it touched me. I agree, this moive will be very good. I am a huge Mark Walburg Fan and why people think he cant act or pulll this off is beyond me. Did they see The Departed? Badass Pissed off Cop...Max Payne Ya i think this will get the "Video Game Moives Suck" quote tossed aside. I will be there for the Opening.

Ripper on Aug 21, 2008


I will go see this, but mostly out of interest for the video games. It doesn't look like it's going to be an overly bad video game movie, but there's still some things that are turning me off it. I've read one of the revisions of the script and it's.. ok to say the least, I don't know how much it has changed since. It's really going to depend on the performances and cinematography more than the story, I think.

Brad on Aug 21, 2008


hey FOX made a good poster

Josveta on Aug 21, 2008


BAMF! How the arches in the bridge come together - awh man - genius!

Nick Sears on Aug 21, 2008


Just to make things clear I do think Mark Wahlberg is a very fine actor (most of the time) ...I just think he's wrong for the part thats all... he's just to...short, among things... but Yes a great actor, just not suited for this....maybe he's just too good of an actor, eyh? ..oh, Badass ...I'm still here 😉 - now I'm gonna put on the "Life in the Streets" album and think of you.

Napoleon Dynamite on Aug 21, 2008


I'm going to seriously lose ANY street cred I may have unwittingly accumulated with this comment, but I'm excited to see this, and the reason is the acting Walberg did in The Happening. I think he's developing his acting skills, and I was (honestly!) blown away by the low-profile, unhappily-married high school teacher he played in that movie. That was a serious stretch from his usual roles, and, while the acting was a bit stiff at times, I really enjoyed his performance (once I got over the fact that his character was such a timid guy). I'm going to go see this (even if it's just another sad game-to-movie disaster like "Hitman"), and I'm going to hope that he continues to develop and improve.

RStewie on Aug 21, 2008


could someone tell me what the significance is in the angel wings as i am familiar with the game but have never played it. wahlberg is a very gifted actor and i think this movie will do very good cuz there is no other film like it comin out the week before or after so it should be the stand alone action flick of october

LeeMan on Aug 21, 2008


Comment #8 I was thinking the same exact thing...What's the problem Mr. Payne? What's wrong wiht your feet?

Nick on Aug 21, 2008


I'm steppin on cockaroshes!!

Jose on Aug 21, 2008


Another Mark Wahlberg playing Mark Wahlberg with a gun film!

Pickle on Aug 21, 2008


All of these posters I like except the Angel/Demon one which every single theater near me has hanging.

Ryan on Aug 21, 2008


I greatly enjoyed The Happening.

Buttons on Aug 21, 2008


this might not be the next dark knight , but i feel this is the best mark wahlberg movie ever.

Darrin on Aug 21, 2008


SICK NASTY Much! So Tough to Choose Which ones Better Gonna Have to Say the Bottom One the Shadow With Wings (Nice). Let us Pray, In the Hope that This Movie Will Help Is Forget about Uwe Bolls AWFULL! Adaptations of Videogames and that This Movie Give Hope to to Other Video Game Adaptations in the Future. (amen)

Zero on Aug 21, 2008


Alex you are out of your mind. Why the fuck you expecting movie to be exactly like posters? Seriously if you lower your expectations Max Payne will become best video game movie. I firmly believe Hitman is the best video game film and I am pretty sure max payne will be better.

Jojo on Aug 21, 2008


that first poster is pretty sick! but he's got the same look and pose in both posters....

Chris W. (Co. Springs...) on Aug 21, 2008


other than this looking like it will be a bad ass MF'in movie, i ponder this question: marky mark can carry two guns in this poster and 50 cent has to change up his movie poster because he has a gun tucked in his oversized pants????? effin hollywood.

J: on Aug 21, 2008


Best video game ever for me was Silent Hill. Hopefully this surpasses it, it definitely has a chance with the Marky Marky at the helm.

mrsatan on Aug 22, 2008


Hes perfect for the role.

big r on Aug 22, 2008


I'm thinking he's looking for a coin he dropped or something. Looks like it could be for almost any other Wahlberg film.

kevjohn on Aug 22, 2008

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