More Hulk Smash - New International Trailer!

May 14, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

Now with Iron Man out of the way and Indiana Jones 4 due in just about a week, all eyes will soon be focused on The Incredible Hulk. Will it be better than Ang Lee's Hulk? How awesome will Edward Norton be as Bruce Banner? There are a lot of questions but no answers yet, and I think the film is building hype based on those speculations alone. I've got a feeling this movie is going to be pretty badass - essentially just two hours of Hulk fighting. That kind of movie isn't for everyone, but Marvel knows that the real Hulk fans just want to see the big green guy smashing shit up for two hours - and that's what we're going to get. Check out a newly discovered international trailer below.

There isn't much new footage compared to the last full trailer, but I wanted to use this opportunity to again question everyone regarding their interest. With just 4 weeks to go until release, how many people are still looking forward to this?

Watch the international trailer for The Incredible Hulk:

[flv: 480 206]

The Incredible Hulk is directed by French filmmaker Louis Leterrier of The Transporter, Unleashed, and The Transporter 2. The script for the film was originally written by Zak Penn (Behind Enemy Lines, X-Men 2, X-Men 3), but after joining the film as the lead character Bruce Banner, Edward Norton himself took over the reigns and re-wrote the screenplay. The Incredible Hulk arrives in theaters on June 13th. The latest poster is featured below.

The Incredible Hulk Poster

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I hope this is as good is Iron Man. It looks really good so far. I'll be there!!

Iron Man Fan on May 14, 2008


i'll be very happy if the Hulk does NOT speak in a third person, i rather have the roaring one line speaking Hulk of Ang Lee's version than have the asinine "Hulk smash" version. all in all i am anticipating this movie.

The Delighful Deviant on May 14, 2008


im really looking forward to seeing the new and improved Hulk doing what he does best smash the shit out of anything and everything. I hope The Hulk does as good of a job as Iron Man did for all of us that is the new heights for comic movies to reach.

Curtis on May 14, 2008


lame. why does the 2003 hulk look more real than this one? why does he hold every piece of debris like it's a shield? why does his scale keep changing? why wouldn't they just throw the money at it and get the graphics right? is it impossible to cg the Hulk? Edward Norton...we hardly saw your true talents...

brian on May 14, 2008


ill be there but doesn't look like it's going to be as big as Iron Man. i heard tony stark will cross-over at the hulk movie. is this true?

aj on May 14, 2008


Was it me or did he look realy washed out in the trailers. I saw Ironman on a DLP screen and they showed the batman trailer right before hulk and it was super clear, then i see the Hulk trailer and it was clear but when the hulk showed up he was so washed out and just worn out looking. I really hope that that was just for the quick release for the trailer. Ive been a hulk fan since day one of my life 04261976, so i really hope that they dont screw this one up too. As far as this being as good as Iron man, NO this will never be able to compete, Iron man has so much more imagination to it than the hulk. Now to see the hulk battle iron man would be badass!!1 haha

therblig on May 14, 2008


man, am i glad this exists the hulk is cool! but its pretty hard to write an interesting movie for him. Bruce has a lot of turmoil and plot points and stuff, but once he's the hulk, there's not much interest other than stuff blowing up. still, im glad they're making another hulk to dig us out of the hole that last crap-shoot put us in (im lookin at you ang!) but this one will have to be extra good to make me forget about the demon poodle from the first hulk......eeeeeeew

karl on May 14, 2008


I wish trailers left something to the imagination. We all know the story here, we all knew the story in Iron Man before we saw it.... and I'm not talking about reading comics and searching for scripts, spoilers and secret footage, I'm just talking about watching the trailer that they put on TV. Just from that, we know what happens in the movie... watching the movie just fills in a few blanks and provides us with a few missing visuals. If the Usual Suspects trailer came out today you have a feeling the opening clip would be of Kevin Spacey's "morphing" walk from the end of the movie.

tomvons on May 14, 2008


Even with the little extra footage, this trailer should have included more of Ed Norton, Tim Roth, & Liv Tyler. The new footage looks good, and there is not a doubt in my mind that I will see this movie and like it, but they need to get across the scope of the film. All lights up till now have not indicated a 2 hr. smash fest, but exactly what they said- an epic adventure, w/ Bruce Banner/the Hulk at the helm. I know the team who's doing the CGI are kind of left of field, not as established a studio as Stan Winston, et al. But if this is what they have to do to get "average movie-going public" into theatres on opening weekend, then keep cranking out better & better trailers, focusing on different angles of the Incredible Hulk's appeal. This achieves the Hulk Smash /action adventure angle well. But I tell ya- my sister saw that passionate kiss in the first trailer, before Banner falls backward out of the Helicopter, and that was ALL she needed to see to want to see this flick (w/ her sons). I feel this trailer zeroed too much on Action, and sacrificed the nuance of previous trailers. Hulk should be a surprise. Banner's the character- Hulk's the icing on the cake. New scenes are looking better, though. Keep rendering, boys!

Djo on May 14, 2008


what up world? the minute i heard that Iron Man was coming out to the big screen, i said to myself dat this is really gonna suck b/c Robert Downey Jr. won't pull the role wrong was I? and datz how i'm feeling about this Hulk movie. Ed Norton is a good actor so i don't doubt that this will be the worse comic book movie Marvel has made (i.e. Spider-Man 3) but 1 thing is for sure, if the producers of this movie took ANY ideas from the last Hulk movie, woohoo! this one will suck like a friend of Bill Clinton's

theTruth on May 14, 2008


Norton re-write, Norton & Hurt star= I am def interested and excited to see it!

Young on May 14, 2008


Pretending I've never seen any of the trailer yet, to date, I think this is a pretty eye-catching one that leaves you wanting for more. I accept. Gimme at least 1 more trailer, w/ that shot of Hulk walking through the smoke in the dark, and his face grinning in the dark like that 2nd trailer had. The Life Size Hulk's in those theatre lobbies are pretty awesome! Took tons o' pics w/ it. What a thrill! Give me another round of Poster Designs, featuring Betty, Blonsky, Thunderbolt & Bruce, w/ the Hulk Facing off against Abomination at the top, and I'm BEYOND sold.

Amon on May 14, 2008


Looking forward to seeing this...............

SHANE D on May 14, 2008


My God, that looks epic. did u see when he was about to swing the jeep or something. I really hope its as good as iron man but with alot of fight scenes as transformers.

Darrin on May 14, 2008


WOW! Hulk rules! Gonna be best movie of the summer.

K on May 14, 2008


I think w/out a doubt the acting & story will be OVER THE TOP better than Transformers, and the action will be the closest we get to it all summer. I do wonder still how Hulk will get Betty to do a sit down w/ him. That was always one of my favorite images from the books - Hulk as Gentle Giant. I LOVE that they include the Hulk thunder clap. That should've been one of the closing images of the trailer, in my eyes. As it is, things are looking better, and I'm DEFinitely seeing this movie. 1- It will beat both Iron Man & Speed Racer for script and acting. 2- Hulk shows up multiple times throughout the movie. 3- Iron Man cameo (sounds hilarious). 4- Tim Roth's banter w/ the Hulk looks very entertaining, and can't wait to see them face off, in Roth's multiple iterations throughout the film. 5- The 26-minute long battle sequence. There's no way in HELL any trailer can get that whole thing across. There WILL be surprises in this film, and we definitely haven't seen all it has to offer. 6- The Hulk against the Leader (in the next film).

Djo on May 14, 2008


The Hulk kicks Roth so hard in the chest with his gigantic foot that Roth is propelled a few hundred yards in the air from the force of the kick, yet miraculously survives without even a broken rib. I know this is a movie about a giant green monster but there are still physical and biological laws in that universe. A weak human being like Roth should have died just from the impact. And don't tell me "dude it's just a movie, chill out".

Steven on May 14, 2008


ATTENTION: Steven is gay. Steven, i'm sure you realized that this is a movie. glad u understand that but did it occur to you that it may be more than meets the eye about Roth's character. did u ever sit down to think what Roth may be on the "inside". look before you leap my friend....

theTruth on May 14, 2008


will give this a chance and will watch it without any expectations... off topic: what happened to the old look of! this new look doesn't appear to be an improvement of the old one... yeah it's a lot simpler but it has become less navigation-friendly... contents and comments are not that easy to read anymore.. comments in bold fonts?! maybe it's just me...

miracle disease on May 14, 2008


the most powerful super hero on earth my ass!

bltzie on May 14, 2008


Re: Stephen- Dude. It's just Reality. Comics & particularly Comic Movies are better- that's why they make them. Plus, he ends up in the hospital, and Ross confronts him while he's healing. (Perhaps even gives him the serum to heal his ribs, which end up bulging out of his chest after his transformation) I do love that you can hear Lou Ferrigno as the voice of the Hulk, finally. How's that, as an Easter Egg for ya?

Amon on May 14, 2008


Having watched the trailer again, with the sound- I think it's awesome. Incredible Hulk Trailer: Most watched on the the internet, since they've rolled out. And not a single one of them has shown every detail of what was described in the script. I'm glad they're calling it 'Epic Adventure', b/c according to the rough script i browsed through, that's exactly what we're in for. Wonder if they'll do the "Two Villains- one to fight, and one being born" thing w/ Sam Sterns, the way they're doing w/ Harvey Dent in Dark Knight. It kind of adds to the mythos if the Leader & Bruce were college friends, too- a step up from him just being a janitor. 😉

Djo on May 14, 2008


I think it actually might have semi-spiked my interest with this one!

Ryan on May 14, 2008


Just before Bruce jumps off the helicopter and falls a thousand feet to the ground, he was calm as he kissed his girl goodbye, how did he know that he would get so angry during his free fall that by the time he hit the ground he would've already transformed into the Hulk and therefore saved himself from becoming mush on the sidewalk?

Steven on May 14, 2008


I believe the Hulk wouldnt let himself get killed #25, or you could say he would't let bruce banner kill him.

bltzie on May 14, 2008


it's not just anger that transforms him into the Hulk, it's anything that increases his heartbeat, fear and adrenaline also changes him into the Hulk. so the fall didn't make him angry enough to change into the hulk, the adrenaline and fear of the fall changed him into the Hulk.

The Delightful Deviant on May 14, 2008


Blonsky survives a Hulk kick because he had already taken a smaller dosage of the serum that will eventually turn him into the Abomination. Although a very small dose compared to the one he will eventually take that turns him all big and scabby..he's still much stronger than a normal human at that point. Which is why he walks right up to the Hulk in the first place...he thinks he's got what it takes now. He doesn't of course...yet. As to the helicopter's actually a transformation vehicle that has been used in the Ultimates comic. As previously mentioned, the Hulk doesn't simply transform due to anger (although that's a common trigger.) The Hulk (being part of Banner's psyche) will not allow Banner to be harmed....and forces Banner to undergo a superfast change into the Hulk whenever Banner is in immediate danger. Banner has even attempted to take his own life in the past with a handgun....but the Hulk immediately changes to stop the bullet before it gets past the first layer of skin.

Backlash on May 14, 2008


#28, awesome new insights!

egghub on May 14, 2008


what's not to look forward to? ... It's a Marvel movie! Despite all the negative press about attitudes, arguments, delays and disputes, we all know we want to see more HULK. (Seriously ... have you seen ANY good press about the movie?) I haven't ... but it has not stopped me wanting to see this one 🙂 ...

RoccoS on May 15, 2008


Steven, gratulations for the dumbest comments so far.

Shige on May 15, 2008


I'm holding my breath. It's got potential to either pleasantly surprise or bitterly disappoint.

Minic on May 15, 2008


To Shige: what's the matter? can't get laid so you take out your frustration on other people by being a prick?

Steven on May 15, 2008


I just rented The Incredible Hulk TV series pilot for viewing at the weekend 🙂 It'll remind me of Saturday dinnertimes back in the early 1980s. The A-Team, Knight Rider, Automan, Street Hawk, Airwolf... ahh 🙂 Ed Norton, the script, and the CG quality will determine the success or flop of this Hulk.

avoidz on May 15, 2008


Overseas, they know a good movie when they see one. See EMPIRE online's piece of Louis Letterier breaking down the first trailer: Or this, on Screen Rant: Or any of these links to people excited about the Incredible Hulk's prospects for erasing the memory of the last one. Iron Man was a 180 million dollar movie, according to IMDB, and it's done smashingly well. Hulk is about 150 million. With a new poster (FINALLY!) and a new, action-oriented trailer, I think many people's eyes are finally perking up that the Incredible Hulk is REALLY what will be "happening" opening weekend.

Telehubby on May 15, 2008


This film looks like it will do ANYthing but disappoint, especially compared to the first one but in general, I think we're in for a very, very good ride w/ this one. I think the people complaining about the CG should shut up, learn Maya and start up their own company. From a business perspective, they didn't have a huge budget to bank on from the last one, so they've gone to a less known NY studio for FX, and this film is actually the FIRST to hit screens, using James Cameron's AVATAR facial recognition tech. It's no wonder they want to show it off, but as w/ any new Technology, they're ironing out a few kinks. (Iron Man's CG, for example, required NO facial expressions - so we're talking a wholly different animal here. As an artist, the face is the most important, expressive, and recognizable component of a character. On the big screen you can see alot of the details far better than on these tiny little internet trailers. And he's got LIFE in those eyes-)

Felipe' on May 15, 2008


So...they're doing so well with the CG...huh? Alright...look at his scale when he's running with the Humvees and then look at his scale when he's holding the taxis. Beside getting the "oh-my-god-oh-so-modern-facial-recognition" about making him the same size in all the shots! I love fanboys...serve me the shit and I'll eat it because the world needs to know my entertainment is so much better than yours. EVEN IF IT SUCKS. Case-in-point: Star Wars prequels. The worst pap in the world...big money makers. Hollywood is a business and they've found suckers who will eat up anything you throw at them so they can prove to the world their shit is cool. They've been marginalized and made fun of so long...they will like anything with their big green man in it...HULK's infantile. If it looks lame...just say it, man...and make them give you a good movie. So, back to the humvee...ever stand by one? We come up to about 3/4's if I'm not mistaken...about the same as the hulk looks in the shots where he's running with them. And then a taxi? We maybe stand a bit over the roof? He's holding them in his hands. This is something a good director would fix...wouldn't allow to happen. He's as big as the walkway he jumps out's a building! Oh, and the kick to Tim Roth? Stephen: He would be dead Crazy Fanboy #1: No he wouldn't. In issue 10 of the civil war chronicles, he had 15 pounds of serum in his gut, that cushioned the blow....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Oh, sorry...I fell asleep writing that.

brian on May 15, 2008


Alright dude. You can calm down now. We all know you'll be in the theatre due to the effort you've put in complaining. It's cool. We all know your type. That soft spot you've got there? Yeah, that's right. I'm under your skin. Don't scratch. It'll only make it worse. 😉

Djo. on May 15, 2008


will this movie tie into all the upcoming marvel movies? i didnt see any hulk references in iron man. whats up with that?

dre on May 15, 2008


Dre: On IMDB Robert Downey is credited as playing Tony Stark in the Hulk movie. Also, General Ross is chasing down Banner for holding the secrets to the serum, which he further develops in this film. (This isn't fan-boy stuff. In fact none of this appears in comics. It comes from watching the trailers and figuring out just WTF is going on. BRIAN. 🙂 How the serum connects w/ Cap, unless he was the Beta test for it or something, I honestly have no clue. And the Hulk IS the strongest one there is, b/c once you start wearing "Tighty Reddies" on the outside of your pants, you fore-go ALL claims to Manhood.

Djo. on May 15, 2008


Alex, you should've put up the new international poster. Here's a link: Iron Man kind of spoiled us all, giving us fresh, unseen new material every few weeks. Obviously the Hulk movie has plenty more to offer that we haven't seen yet. Let's hope they roll out a few more posters, before the world Hulk's out, opening night!

Drokk!!! on May 15, 2008


People like Brian crack me up.....spends a boatload of time bitching about a movie and ranking on fanboys...but apparently has plenty of time to compare the size of the Hulk next to a humvee. You KNOW he's gonna go see this flick....regardless of how much he complains about how he knows it will suck after seeing three spliced up minutes. Smell what you're shoveling bud.....

Backlash on May 15, 2008


+1 for you Backlash 🙂 we'll surely see brian sneak in the theaters come premiere.

egghub on May 15, 2008


Not sure about the movie, but I do love the poster.

Joel on May 16, 2008


Please don't start a personal fight guys. If I continue to see this, I'll be shutting discussion down and putting both of you on moderation watch. This is ridiculous, please don't fight in our comments about petty personal complaints!

Alex Billington on May 16, 2008


@#36 As the Hulk gets more mad, he gains in strength AND SIZE. That might very well be why there is a difference in his proportion to other things in each shot. It might also be that it is quick renders for the triailer. Only time will tell.

Tim on May 19, 2008


looks like a good movie.shoulda had the man play him..

cordaryle on May 22, 2008


looks like bruce and betty are madly in love in this one

dan sich on Jun 6, 2008

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