More Sequels: Fourth Jason Bourne Film on Track for 2010

June 26, 2008
Source: IESB

Jason Bourne

Although the ending to The Bourne Ultimatum last summer was ranked by EW as one of 40 perfect endings, that's not stopping Universal from continuing on the franchise. Late last year there were early rumblings of a fourth Bourne movie being in the works, but nothing major was confirmed until this year, when Universal announced that they were trying to make it happen. Now we have some new details from producer Frank Marshall courtesy of IESB. Marshall said that they're currently working on a story, but since the fourth book wasn't written by Robert Ludlum, they want to do something entirely on their own. With that in development, they're hoping to shoot next summer for release in 2010.

Marshall told IESB on the red carpet of the Saturn Awards that Bourne 4, as it's being called, will "absolutely" happen. Since the fourth book, titled The Bourne Legacy, was written by Eric Van Lustbader instead of Ludlum because he was no longer alive at the time, they're going to go down their own path. "We're probably going to take our own direction and we're working on what that storyline's gonna be right now." As for where Bourne might be going to this time, since he already made it all the way back to New York City - South America. Marshall says that they'll probably take him "down south" to South America in the fourth installment, but story details aren't fully finished yet.

In February, Universal confirmed that they're bringing Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass back to work on Bourne 4, however not much else has been mentioned since then. Damon is a busy guy, always working on new films, like Greengrass' Green Zone and Steven Soderbergh's The Informant. To be honest, the Bourne films always kept getting better and better, so with Greengrass and Damon back, I'd love to see Bourne 4 get made. I really think it would be great to see Bourne return primarily because he's worked his way up to the level of James Bond where he's become a character that can step outside of the confines of one storyline. Would you be up for seeing Jason Bourne return in 2010?

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Personally I hope I am wrong in this assessment but I think this is a bad direction...the reason every Bourne film got better was because of Ludlum's literary genius on how to make a suspenseful tone in the story...yes of course the screenwriters do their part to make a novel into a film but to just start from scratch? it worries me...I would love to have a fourth film as well but I am on the fence on this one...I would have to wait for more on the story until I know if I am interested in seeing it... (who am I kidding...if Greengrass and Damon come back I will probably be the first at the opening show in my town...) I just hope I am wrong and they write an amazing story that wont ruin the franchise...

Maxx on Jun 26, 2008


I'd love to see a 4th film, although it is a shame as it all worked really well as a trilogy and I loved the ending of 3. I think the films were only really very loosely based around the books anyway though.

P on Jun 26, 2008


STOP DON'T Do IT I loved the bourne movies and the fact that they were based on the books was good but their is no fourth book so to just "go with it" i think is a bad Idea I'de hate to see them Mess up the Bourne sereis

ZERO on Jun 26, 2008


Absolutely. The more the merrier.

Cinexcellence on Jun 26, 2008


I'm torn. I absolutely loved the Bourne series. But a 4th one that is subpar could spoil it. Where is the image from the article from? I'd like to see the full thing.

Riley on Jun 26, 2008


bourne 4, bourne conspiracy. thats the same name of the game.

John on Jun 26, 2008


I'm sure that people complained when the Bond franchise continued after there were no more Ian Fleming books left, too. It's good to see that they've already decided against using material from a sub-par fourth book for the new movie. Hopefully it means that they're going to do a better job with a fresh storyline. They've got a great set of characters to work with, I'd like to see the series continue if they do it right.

Jedi on Jun 26, 2008


YES do it. I'm a huge fan and simply, i want more. Jason Bourne is more exciting than James bond and i don't want Bourne to end, at least already, i want more. People who say "stop" are way to worried about "prestige" when the fact of the matter is, Bourne was made to entertain, and right now, it still has entertainment left to give.

Discateia on Jun 26, 2008


Oh and people saying they are based on the books, people...god read the books. It was loosely based on the books, the differences are huge, and the movies became a thing of its own.

Discateia on Jun 26, 2008


I never read the books. in fact I didn't even know there were books until after the third one was released and Matt Damon started bitching about doing a fourth with the fourth book being wrong. I think there should be many more Bourne films, because nobody's stopping the fucking Bond movies and didn't they start out as Books?..or are there still books. I don't fuckin' know. I hate james bond anyway...

Garrett.king on Jun 26, 2008


TERRIBLE idea. The last one ended perfectly and there is no need to continue the story.

Heckle on Jun 26, 2008


i am excited to see another bourne movie and would love to see more, maybe :/ but lets get this one of the gronud and see how it flys, sounds risky going away from the books.

Loren on Jun 26, 2008


WRONG the 4th is called "the ourne etrayl" sorry key raod roken

the guy that dosen,t like "ihatechildren" in chuai station on Jun 26, 2008


Fine with me, the other movies weren't really based off the books anyway- the third one did end in a perfect character arc but you can always ignore the fourth if it isn't any good.

Staatz on Jun 26, 2008


Bourne 4 will be AWESOME in 3D.

Jim Dorey on Jun 26, 2008


HEY what about if they made another movie and actually based it off the books premise instead of the fuckin' name... you know where he has to track an elusive Assassin, my god you know what this means? they could have a whole new trilogy. or why now use the new Bourne novels? they're not bad, lets see Bourne legacy, Bourne Betrayal and the Bourne Sanction (due out in October) I for one read and loved the books and was sooooo very disappointed when they didn't make the books into a movie (for those of you who say WTF, I say read the fucking books and you may understand) The movies WERE highly entertaining but it was not the Books, with the exception of the character names and the title, there was nothing else even remotely close to the books' plotline Hell Ya baby bring on some Bourne action!!! and for the guy who hates Bourne, have you not seen Casino Royale? Dude!!!!

John on Jun 26, 2008


@9... Yeah seriously, I can't believe all this nonsense about the movies following the books. The ONLY thing they had in common was a well-trained guy who lost his memory. The movies are in no way similar to the books, completely different plots, characters, settings, tone, you name it. Even Bourne himself is different in the book, particularly his heavy reliance on disguise and subterfuge which is almost completely absent from the movies. I find it amusing that they don't want to follow the fourth story because it wasn't written by Ludlum, considering how little they followed the other three in the first place.

Jon on Jun 26, 2008


I loved all three of the Bourne movies and since Damon and Greengrass are coming back i am all for a fourth Bourne movie. I no a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this but i think Bourne is a lot better then any of the Bond movies.

Curtis on Jun 26, 2008


Ha. Seeing as how the third film had absolutely nothing to do with the third book (you know, besides the name and the fact that jason bourne existed), I don't see a problem with them taking the fourth film in their own direction as well. Did ya know that Jason Bourne got back in the good graces of the government in the first book... and went through years of therapy and his wife never died in any book?... And he became a college professor in Asia. Yeah. People please. I love the books. I love the movies. But don't pretend you read the books. Here's poking at you Maxx. LMAO!

Manda on Jun 26, 2008


I'm for it. I mean, didn't the third practically leave the door open for another???

Ryan on Jun 26, 2008


Hellz yeah More Bourne this is the 'Die Hard' Lethal Weapon' of the millenium

PimpSlapStick on Jun 26, 2008


Yes.... ....but the story better be good!

Johan on Jun 26, 2008


Honestly, have any of you read any of the books? the movies have NOTHING to do with the books. the story is completely different. some of the characters have the same names, thats about it. and he had amnesia, thats where the similarities end. did anyone hear any mentions of Carlos in the movies???

Danny on Jun 26, 2008


they might as well call it: 'The Bourne Redundancy'

Daniel on Jun 28, 2008


Bring it on!! Until recently, I had no interest in watching any of the Bourne movies. A friend told me I should see them. After seeing all three of them in the last week, I am hooked! As long as they keep to the original story line from the first three, they can call it what ever they want. I will be first in line!!

Matt on Jul 1, 2008


Redundancy? All films are redundant, genius, so get over it. Can't wait for Bourne 4!!!

AA on Jul 2, 2008


I think it is a great idea the 3rd one did end perfectly but i would love to see another film especially if had matt damon and paul greengrass are in it i just hope they dont ruin the trilogy.

aj on Jul 9, 2008


stop bitching. if u're that passionate about bourne, u'll be in the theaters to see it when it comes out.

Killor Bekilled on Jul 10, 2008


I hope everyone that make Bournes movies happen, stay together to do the best Bourne we ever seen for one time more... Please dont turn Bournes into a James Bond, changing actors and writers... Dont mess with Bournes image, that is completly perfect at the moment..

Tominugen on Jul 13, 2008


Bourn is the James bond of or generation and the third film they hinted more his past was he in a relationship with Nicky ...a man on the run still search for him self

mikeh on Jul 15, 2008


I SO want a fourth "Bourne" film! And I love the fact they're going with an original story. They will have more freedom with the character and Matt Damon, hopefully, will have more acting range to explore. I, too, hope they keep all the characters from the films ... especially Nicky Parsons. I have a feeling the Jason Bourne/David Webb and Nicky Parsons story isn't finished.

GirlCompleted on Jul 24, 2008


Please bring it on. I'm looking forward to adding it to my collection. If I don't like it, I'll hide it when company comes over. The third movie left such an open invitation I hate to see it wasted. I'm sure they can come up with a gripping plot to keep us satisfied.

Steve on Jul 29, 2008


The first three Bourne books were written by Ludlum but the next two written by another author are just as good or better than the first three. The sixth book The Bourne Sanction just came out so I am anxiously looking forward to reading that one as well. The books are not at all like the movies and I feel the books are much much better. The movies are great yet the books are just BETTER.

Don on Aug 5, 2008


I would love to see a 4th jason bourne movie but i think they should continue following the storyline written in the books. Theres a reason people say the books are always better than the movie and i feel it would be foolish to stray away from ludlum brilliant series.

Mike on Aug 12, 2008


Daniel, dont be a hater the Bourne movies are sum of the best films thats came out in a long time since the godfathers and movies that hooks u right in with bourne his skills in fighting weapons tracking and so on. the 4th will be good. at first i didnt think the movie would be good cuz who was playin jason bourne untill i saw him whoopin asses i was like shit matt kickin sum serious ass is this flick then after the 1st i was hooked i went 2 all 3 films when they came out and went out and bought all 3 bourne movies the i say The Departed he did a damn good role in that movie too. and people need 2 stop thinking jus cuz theres the books they goota say and or happen word 4 word and stage by stage the books are in its own way graet like the movies when it transfers from 1 media 2 another its gonna change they wont change matt acting as jason like wit james bond, batman and so on. i watched Burn Notice cuz its on the same kinda thang as jason boune spys who have skills and use them Bourne is better of course but 4 t.v. its good. the game of jason bourne was great how it was the 1st movie and his flashbacks were missions he did that u never saw in the movie the thang i didnt like was that it didnt look like matt but oh well still gotta whoop ass as jason boure. but if ur that worried bout if dont go c it dont comment bout it and dont hate just shut up. cuz Jason Bourne will become and are is already a classic series that will go down as great films and just made matt rich and boosted his career, like pirates wit jack made him rich. all i can say is i cant wait 4 the 4th movie and or a new bourne game just dont be a hater and stop goin on bout how its not word 4 word like the books see it as this way the books and the movies are in away new another story/journey of the bourne/bournes legacy/adventure. hate it or love it this just the way it is and how it goes down. they're both great in their own ways. myself i cant wait for the next movie/game, peace.

TONY FATE on Aug 14, 2008


The BOURNE books are COMPLETELY different than the movies. Anyone who has experienced both can see that. Now, the movies should conitnue indefinitely... like the James Bond character. This way, the story line is kind of like Bourne's tragic life... unresolved and always moving forward. As far as the books, Eric Van Lustbader is a genius and picked up exactly where Ludlum left off. I can't think of a better author to continue the Bourne Legacy (no pun). Incidentally, check out Lustbader's old stuff... The Ninja, The Miko, etc. Fantastic. As far as the next Bourne book and/or movie... bring it on!!

Shadow Man on Aug 28, 2008


I would love to see another Bourne movie. I have just finished reading the Bourne Betrayal and loved it. My biggest concern is that they don't screw it up in the way that often happens with sequels. It would need to be made in a similar way, to keep the flow. The Bourne Betrayal would make an awesome movie -But the fact that Jason Bourne is a master of disguises plays an important role in the book and this has so far been inconsistent with the movies.

Tina on Aug 28, 2008


Yes it is truly a shame that all cannot be captured within a movie. They should have stuck to the storyline of the books from the beginning. But, don't get me wrong, the movies are to be appreciated in their own right. The movies can't show the details that the books can describe...... but the boks can never bring alive the AWESOME hand-to-hand fight scenes contained within the BOURNE movies. Regardless.... Jason Bourne is an engenius character who comes to life within the mind of the reader/viewer

Shadow Man on Aug 28, 2008


If any of you had ever read the three original books you would know that the screenplay writers parted from Ludlum's story from the get go. The only thing they kept was the names of a few of the a fourth movie will be good no matter what. The fourth, and fifth books are good as well anyways...

johnny tsunami on Aug 29, 2008


I can't wait for the 4th movie. It will be interesting to see where they take the character. I would almost like to see the David Webb, revert back to Jason Bourne, like in the book The Bourne Legacy. Will they expand on the Nikki and Jason referance that was made over coffee when they were on the run? If all else fails they could make movies form Ludlums other spy books, like the Janson Directive.

Robert Pitcher on Aug 29, 2008


If there is another movie, I feel it would be important to expand on Webb's prior relationship with Nikki. I feel that this was something that Ludlum (or the screen writers) were keeping in the background to play a major part in the next movie. I am very anxious to see the 4th movie as many others have espressed in the prior comments.

Richard on Sep 10, 2008


Scenario: Nikki and Jason were together before he joined the C.I.A. She was pregnant with his child. HE left without knowing. After the child was born, she tried to locate him. Nikki joins the company to get information to contact him. She finds him only to realize what he has become. Now she is afraid to say anything, fearing for herself and their child. Now that they have talked(In the Bourn Ultimatium)she realizes that he wants to be David again. After some time, David(Bourne) remembers that he and Nikki had a relationship. Now he tries to find Nikki(now that she has disappeared and hiding) to talk about their past relationship. While trying to find her, he goes through more confrontations with the C.I.A. Finally finding her, he finds that he is a father. They fall back in love and live happily after after. That is the perfect ending to the saga!!

Richard on Sep 11, 2008


They should make them until Matt Damon is 96 years old ! Fantastic trilogy, keep it going, and going..........

Stu on Sep 11, 2008


I just received "The Bourne Sanction" but haven't started it yet. Just finished Clive Cussler's "Plague Ship". I thought "The Bourne Ultimatum" just screamed sequel!

Ted on Sep 15, 2008


Not to be too redundant, but a little bit of the original plot lines from Ludlums books would be great. Personally I'd like to see something along the lines of the Bourne Supremacy (book) where David is coerced by the CIA to become Jason and travel to Asia where he assists the government in reaching their goal. So far he has been thought of as a hinderance to the CIA in the movies, them wanting him dead... however in the books he was used as an unwilling asset, doing things that only he could do, but all with the strings being pulled by the CIA. The other story line which could be an interesting exploration would be the Medusa line, where it is revealed that there is a group of former military people involved at all levels of government and private sector. I think it is too late the introduce Carlos the Jackal, but we could definitely have some other hired gun who has a vendetta with Bourne come out to play? Anyway, a few plots from the original books that could be adapted for the screen; put a modern touch on them and they would make fantastics additions to the franchise!

gary on Sep 16, 2008


This is the best series surpassing Bond due to the most recent unsatisfactory bond. Matt Damon is great and personally I hope they make 20 more movies. Everything is great about these movies except the lag time between new ones. How about shooting 2 or 3 at a time and then releasing one per year?

Mike Davis on Sep 16, 2008


I would love to see a 4th movie. I want to see something more on the story line between Nikki Parsons and Jason/David. Put in the story of how he became Bourne and Since the Ultimatium left off with the inquisition - use that as a basis. I think they have a lot to work with to make an excellent Bourne 4!

Traci on Sep 18, 2008


Love the idea, I live for these movies. I think Jason and Nikki should definately hook up. I feel that Jason has not come full circle yet. I think there is a couple more movies that could be made..Love your work. Can't wait to 2010..

spade21 on Sep 19, 2008


A 4th Bourne film, cool. As long as Paul Greengrass directs it. Matt Damon is the perfect actor to play Jason Bourne. Hope Julia Stiles and Joan Allen come back for this 4th film too. I thought Pamela Landy still had some unfinished business on the 3rd film, like when she asked Jason to go in together and bring down the CIA cause' that's not what she'd sign up for. And Nikki still needs to reveal what Jason doesn't remember, perhaps they're brothers and sisters, and Jason could look for his Dad or something. Became a BIG fan of the series after the 2nd film. Seen Ultimatum like 60 times now, and it still gives me the chills, especially the Tangier scene when Jason is running off rooftops. But perhaps, really make the 4th film THE final film, and don't drag it like the Bond series, I lost interest in Bond after Pierce Brosnan left the series. So, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, make this one a great one, and hope they win it for Best Actor and Best Director and maybe even Best Picture and go out with a BANG....!

Rick on Sep 22, 2008


I cannot wait for it. The Bourne Trilogy are my favorite movies of all time!!!

Chris on Sep 24, 2008


I, too, would like to see something become of a releationship between Borne(Webb) and Parsons. It is like they had a secret affair prior to his joining the Treadstone program, that is why he never harmed her. Borne subconscienous would not let him. I think the movie should go in a retirement direction with parsons. But then is needed to save the world and brought out of retirement, maybe with Parson's help. It could be called "Borne Again".

Carmen on Sep 26, 2008


I really do have some doubts on 4th installmen which may be a superflop or do low business unless there comes a good n convincing script. I am satisfied so far with 3 installments n dont want any more.

Cybersupam on Sep 30, 2008


Come on guys... Jason Bourne is dead in the water. Matt Damon grew to old to be Jason/David Webb. Paul Greengrass is busy with other works. Frank Marshall became miser to be a producer. So stop dreaming.

Jackie Chan on Sep 30, 2008


YES YES YES. The best series. Just keep it simple, but smart.

steven newman on Oct 6, 2008


I love all 3 movies but they could have done a better job of sequencing the titles in a more logical manner: 1 - The Bourne Identity - he identifies 2 - The Bourne Supremacy - he reigns supreme 3 - The Bourne Conspiracy - he faces conspiracy 4 - The Bourne Betrayal - he faces betrayal 5 - The Bourne Legacy - he leaves ... something behind

Ramon Tan on Oct 10, 2008


I'd simply like to see them re-edit/re-shoot the 3rd movie so I could watch it without getting nauseous. Hand-holding the camera to make the viewer feel like they're there is one thing, but intentionally shaking it was the ultimate in bad film making. If they'll hold the camera steady, I'd LOVE to see a 4th film. And 5th, and 6th and so on...

Fred on Oct 10, 2008


I love all the bourne movies and its a brillant idear, i no its going to be good and im excited. He should be the next james bond i agree, seems as the next bond movies in 2008 has a similar story line. more against the secret services than with them. And really thats what we want to see. Now what i would love to see is bourne vs bond i already have a story line for that one.

Shackil. on Oct 19, 2008


Just watched Saw V . . . can't get enough. A fourth Bourne thriller would be nothing more than spectacular.

Vince on Oct 24, 2008


There is no true way to capture the genius that is Robert Ludlum onto the silver screen. He epitomizes suspense and espionage. The books are so complex and intricate, that it would be impossible to create them into a movie. The movies now should be considered at face value, for only then can they been seen with any light. Comparing 500 pg. novel and a 2 hr. movie doesn't make sense. For, Ramon, the titles make sense when applied to the novels. Ex: For The Bourne Supremacy, there is an assassin that grows out of Asia, and calls himself Bourne. The novel deals with the real Jason Bourne and his attempt to regain "supremacy". There is a bigger plot that arises because of that, but it would be a waste to explain here. I too would love to see Bourne in the next movie portrayed as the best: Delta 1 , Cain , "Le Chameleon". If they could master Bourne's artistry of disguise, they would have a true assassin. The surface of The Jackal would be great as well, thanks Danny.

Ghost on Oct 26, 2008


I just love the film, and my son also love it! He just love the soundtrack of the movie. Hell Yeah, please do the film sequel again, TQ

dogol on Oct 28, 2008


I think it would be awesome if they made another one.. me and my dad are major fans and have been wondering if they were going to make another.. they have all been so good, i think making another one would be a great idea! 🙂

big fan on Nov 3, 2008


I just want to see Bourne (finally) nail that sexy Pamela Lindee (or whatever her name was)....

Perry Jones on Nov 3, 2008


This is not joke. many human have life like bourne. try to undrestand is their job right or no ?

a human on Nov 5, 2008


Who the hell says no? There should be no limit for awesomeness. 4th bourne is a must . . . . :-)-please make it as fast as possible. We are waiting. Desperately.:-).

yogesh velapurkar on Nov 13, 2008


We need Carlos in the story

Mathew Simon on Nov 18, 2008


I'd like to see Bourne come out as gay...maybe hook up with Bond - now THERE'S a story!

Ken on Nov 21, 2008


definitely go for a 4th bourne.. i think his movies have the best action out of most action movies such as 007 etc the fighting scenes are amazing and id love to see another bourne movie

dominick on Nov 25, 2008


i think that they need to be more clear on the relationship with bourne and no what i mean..she was his first..the films were mint..matt damon is the only person tha can play bourne !!!..simple as,,if they get anyone else it would not be the same..the did a good job,bringn it from book to film..thanks to you all for readn and long live BOURNE!!!!!!

Davizas on Nov 27, 2008


Quit complaining about the films not mirroring the books people!. I haven't read the books, and i'm sure they're great. But why can't the books be great and the movies be great as well? The movies stand alone as one some of the best i've ever seen! I dare anybody to say anything negative about the characters or the storyline of the movies. That being said, bring on bourne 4! I really like the title: the bourne conspiracy.

John Doe on Nov 30, 2008


Yes, I want another sequel. The movies are too exciting to not have more of them. Matt Damon is perfect in his role. I also hope the next movie has Jullia Stiles. She has the mysterious female spy character down perfect. Their relationship makes for a perfect story line within the overall story.

mangelox on Dec 1, 2008


DO IT!!! I Love Matt Damon and his character, it would great to see another one with Matt as Jason Bourne. The only thing I ask is to slow down the camera movement...they seemed to get faster and faster from each movie...I would prefer to see the action instead of experiencing

Marcello on Dec 3, 2008


I'm going to make my own Bourne movie, base it on Winnie the Pooh's troublesome teenage years, throw in Tin Tin as a nemesis and have Shrek play them against each other in a battle to the death. Claim I've based it on Ludlums books and cash in on the back of some fantastic books! I think I could make better films than what has been done! The books are unbelievable - the films ruin a legacy!!!!!



i tend to agree with jason bourne the accountant. when i heard that there were going to be bourne films i was very excited about this fact and wanted to know how my character was going to be portrayed... to say i was disappointed with the fact that i wasnt even in the films is a huge understatement! ludlum created a great story with wonderful plots and sub-plots and whilst you could call the films"entertaining" they had no real depth and the magic of jason bourne was lost. so i say bring on the 4 film with and i look forward to seeing winnie the pooh in his new role

carlos the jackal on Dec 4, 2008


I too am not looking forward to the new film. I was never a fan of the original films because I am very proud of my striking red hair and to portray me as having short dark hair was very unfair indeed! Carlos - i know we've had our differences in the past, but I can see why you were upset about not being in the films - you were such a big part of Jason's life (not like the b i t c h, pamela landee who stole all the limelight in the movies) I say that this potential movie with Winnie could be a real success! I'd be interested to hear what Echo thinks, seeing as really was an influence on Jason...... "Rest is a weapon"

Marie St. Jacques on Dec 4, 2008


after spending time with jason in the jungles of tam quam i feel i know him better than most. so when a film was to be made of his life i was excited to see how it would turn out. whilst there are very loose links, such as the amnesia and working for the cia, to say the films have been based on the books is a farce. not only have i helped jason in tam quam, but also in china when trying to trap an imposter bourne. but is there any mention of this... no! i was outraged to say the least. jason is a great man and yet so much of his life has been glossed over (no mention of his former wife and kids) which i think is a real shame. i would like to know what mo panov has to say on the matter as he is one person who knows davids thoughts better than most. i know he is dead but with modern technology these days im sure he will be able to communicate from the beyond.

echo on Dec 4, 2008


After seeing the third Bourne, I fully expect there to be a 4th. The movie left a question that begs to be answered. And that is"What is the real relationship between Jason and Nikki?" There were at least 2 scenes that implied there was a prior relationship. However, I, like some have noted am not sure the moviemakers can maintain the mystery and intensity without Ludlam. I also agree that Bourne has been brought up the level of Bond

jim on Dec 12, 2008


Well, there goes one of this year's Christmas presents to my husband! I was going to get him the much anticipated book which the next Bourne movie is based on. Bourne 4 has no book! How's Bourne Legacy and Bourne Betrayal? Are they not up to Ludlum's standards? Is this why the next movie won't be based on one of these books? I think we'll all go to see any Bourne movie that Matt Damon stars in, but I think it would be a courtesy to Bourne followers if a book preceded the Bourne 4 debut. Please give us a book!

Gloria Perri on Dec 14, 2008


YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHEN TO STOP. Jesus man, did anyone watch the trilogy? It's over. The ending was as close to perfect as they could have hoped for. I am a HUGE Bourne fan, and if you like the movies, just watch them again. And now they want to make it without any structure from a Ludlum book. This is a bad step guys. It is all about the money any more. Stop.

Sam on Dec 31, 2008


there have been a series written by another author. my personal favorite is Bourne Sanction. After the Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne becomes a professor in an attempt to redeem a regular life. Meanwhile in Russia another branch of Treadstone still resides. Its run by a corrupt Congress person. Due to a sudden spike in activity, the Russians become increasingly worried about Pamela Landi and how she destroyed Black Bryer. The Russians go in full pursuit to eliminate Landi, and anyone affiliated with her, including Nikki Parsons and Bourne. They found some information on Bourne where abouts from Parsons, she had been in contact with him. They found out he was a professor in a college somewhere in North Carolina. So they stage a terrorist attack to try to lure Bourne in to help, and he some what takes the bate. There's been rumors of all 3 new books to be fused into one, but i feel Bourne Sanction would be a worthy sequel.

Kayur on Jan 2, 2009


To be honest, I never read the books and it doesn't bother me that there are only three books, and not a fourth one. Be creative. I ABSOLUTELY want to see a 4th BOURNE movie. I could even tell you a storyline continuation that I think would be awesome...his memory comes back and the 4th movie could play off a love story with how Bourne and Nikki Parsons know each other. I love the action romance in the movies.

Bridgett on Jan 10, 2009


It would be nice to see Jason in more of a sniper role, as in the movie shooter starring Mark Walberg. Come on producers, get creative. Have a setting like Blackhawk Down in which the only way to rescue hostages is for the government to find Jason & talk him in to leading a special ops team. I think many people would like to see more J Bourne movies.

gambleone on Jan 12, 2009


Just Do It, the ones who likes Bourne hate Bond, and a fourth one would never hurt the trilogy, I think the challenge is whorthy, so get creative and if there no book to based the movie just leave the movie to the writers this time so the can write a good book.

EdBoum on Jan 17, 2009


I read the 4th book and loved it. I just bought the 5th and 6th. Can't wait for the 4th movie, I hope they make more. The first three movies were the best I have ever seen.

Tom L. on Jan 19, 2009


All the people saying that they hope that they don't try to make up the story from now on: DON'T WORRY. The last two movies had no connection whatsoever to the novels that they pulled their titles from, other than the general story established in Identity. Even there, the movie was only very loosely based on the novel. Don't worry about it. It'll be as good as the other three.

Sara on Jan 28, 2009


Didn't the first three get better as they went on.... The first one was good, but the second was even better. As long as they keep the same characters (actors), the fourth should continue to get better. The possibilities for Bourne are endless......... Look at the world that we live in, people eat this stuff up. I too believe that Bourne is head and shoulders above Bond now. As long as Sean Connery was Bond, the series was good........ As long as Matt Damon is Bourne the series will continue to be good, along with Greengrass. We all remember the good series, like Die Hard. Just because Die Hard 2 sucked didn't keep us from seeing the rest of the series ( that did suck though). Go see it when it comes out, you know that you will or you wouldn't be on this website and if it sucks no one will have to know that you saw it, and then you won't have to buy it and they won't make a 5th and everyone will remember the trilogy being the best of the Bourne movies. I think it will continue to be good and I look forward to going to see it and buy it and support it up until it sucks then we all move on to the next action drama seat of your pants thriller!!!!!!!!!!!!

CharlesP on Feb 13, 2009


Born before Bourne but bamboozled believing Bourne 4 becoming big bit.

Art K on Feb 15, 2009


YES YES YES. Even if it's a bad one, it's still better than anything i've seen recently.

steve on Feb 16, 2009


Ovbiously the fans agree that a next film is in order. The ending of the The Bourne Ultimatum left things wide open for another. Great job on the first three!!! Loking forward for the 4.

Tim on Feb 22, 2009


im not up for seeing him in 2010... cause i could see him in march of 09 but looks like we got to wait. loved these movies and always will. hes on the top of his game in every movie and always has a step ahead. bourne all the way

grant h. on Feb 24, 2009


Did anyone else notice that the first and third films entirely involved CIA agents and operatives; but it was in the second movie where Bourne's up against a Russian agent from a Russian Intelligence Agency? So perhaps, on Bourne 4, the producers could expand on the Russian part, seeing as how the Russian agent, Kirill's, boss was arrested at the end of the second movie? Maybe in the 4th it's going to be all about him getting released and trying to take Bourne out with even more Russian agents? I dunno...I'm not a very creative person myself, but this particular opening in the entire Bourne tale seemed to me like a potential point for expansion on the next film.

Arnab on Feb 25, 2009


Oh, I forgot to add (but you can probably figure it out anyway) that I am a HUUUUUUUUUUGE fan of the Bourne films. Damn! The ending of The Bourne Ultimatum leaves soooo many openings for a new movie. I'm shitting my pants in excitement!!! =P

Arnab on Feb 25, 2009


I would love to see Matt Damon back, he plays that role so good and would definitely like to stiles back and they hook up or Landy.....They would make a good team.

Terence on Feb 28, 2009


I'm exited to learn of a 4th movie because the 3rd one left a lot of questions. For instance did I here someone call him Captain Webb when he returned to the training facility on 415 East 71st street, and why did he continually reply " I cant" when he was asked if he was ready to give himself to the "Program"? Verrrrry Interesting!!!!

Randy on Mar 1, 2009


I am thrilled that a fourth Bourne movie is being made. Alot of people are worried about it not being a ludlum spinoff. The first three movies were nothing like the books. All you need for a good Bourne movie is to keep the same ingredients used in the first three. Same actors (within reason) same writers and director. It will be great.

ROB on Mar 2, 2009


You have got to be kidding about there not being a fourth "Bourne" book as a reason not to make the film. I thought the first Bourne book was one of the best spy books I had ever read when it was published. The Bourne movies follow the original plot of the book only in the sense that there was a man who was a trained killer, and a woman who was "rescued". The woman in the Identity book was a Canadian financial professional, not a Geman drifter. Bourne was tracking "Carlos", not trying to kill some thrid world dictator. From that point on the screen writers have had "poetic license". Make Boure 4, it isn't as if they have followed the plots of the original books.

Trev on Mar 7, 2009


Not unless it's set between the 1st and the 2nd films, has Franka Potente in it and is directed by Doug Liman. Otherwise, nah.

Kane on Mar 10, 2009


According to Vanity Fair, Matt Damon said he's done with the Bourne stories. Damon said this during a press confrence for Oceans 14. Who could replace Damon. He did a great job with this series. Maybe Mark Wahlberg?

TS on Mar 11, 2009


I've been waiting for #4 but since the news at the end of #3 said they never found his body in the river I think #4 should be "The Bourne Resurrection". Like everyone else I hope they keep the quality up.

TMSTEVE on Mar 14, 2009


Awsome I hope they don't screw up the 3 movies are great I hope the forth will be even better.

Kevin on Mar 16, 2009


what is wrong with you people?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the films are LOOSELY based on the books, the actors, writers and director say it and so does every website that says anything about the series! the only thing they have in common is a few characters and an over all story line of the amnisia thing. Besides when the CIA think the hero is dead then the movie ends with him swimming off they just CAN'T leave it at that! it would be a film making CRIME!!! any way the producers have said they already making it so whats the point in saying leave it when it already happening?! DUH!! the bourne movies rock. no 2 ways about it and no descusion. brin on bourne 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ellen woj on Mar 16, 2009


Well, I'm all for another one. I've even been giving lots of thought about a good story line for it. First maybe how about calling it " Boune Again " ? Catchy huh? Well my idea of a perfect start to the next in the series is that Jason being a free man and all decides to find his family and returns home. But suspicious things are happening to him as he travels back home. Such as instances where he thinks he's being followed. Probably I would place him taking a train back to his home town. Gives a bit a time to build up to finally getting there rather then taking a plane. Plus he needs time to relax. But during that time more past hidden memories begin to surface. Once he finally gets home to be reunited with his family members father, mother, brother, and maybe a youger sister he enters the house where there is suppose to be a welcome home party for jason. Big sign on the front of the house, ballons and music. As he knocks on the door, no one answers. Thinking because no one can hear him because of the music he just walks in. Still no sight of anyone. He then enters into a famly room where the music is coming from only to find that his entire family has been brutally murdered. Blood is every where. On one wall is writen a message in blood. Now the mission starts to find out why and by who killed his family. Take it from there. My idea for the next bourne movie.

Brian on Mar 25, 2009


I luved all 3 movies...the action and suspense are fun to watch....I definitely want to see a 4th movie but they have a lot 2 live up 2...if it isnt as good as the other 3, a lot of people will be disappointed. I like the cliffhanger of Ultimatum, but I want 2 c what happens in the very end.

BourneFan on Apr 3, 2009


Bond movies had nothing over bourne . By for the best spy series in history of film making . bourne movies should live for ever . most people are sick of bond already.

al on Apr 14, 2009


F uck all of you make the movie

Travis on Apr 15, 2009


I cannot wait for Bourne 4 ! I am hooked on his character now! Bring him on!

Tony on Apr 22, 2009


I love the Bourne trilogy, and as with many others, I would be excited to see another movie, but I share the concern that a bad fourth movie could torpedo the entire franchise. Personally, I don't see how they could come out with another movie continuing from the 3rd because he exposed the whole program. BUT, I think they could get away with a fantastic prequel movie, if that is the direction they choose. Prequels are in right now for some reason, and they did never really explain why David Webb volunteered for the program in the first place. It would give them a unique opportunity to explain how David Webb became Jason Bourne, as well outline the beginning of his relationship with Nicky. The movie could show his intensive training, his unofficial first mission to kill Neski, other undescribed official missions and end with him on the yacht during his mission to kill Wombosi. That's my thought anyways.. I guess we'll see what happens! Regardless, I will definetly see the next Bourne movie.

Phil on Apr 27, 2009


@ maxx have you read any of the books? the films are nothing like them - apart from some minor things like locations and character names. So as far as i am concerned why would it matter if they continued to make more? If they had followed the books i doubt they would have translated very well to film - seeing as they are so far out of date! The bourne books were amazing for what they were! but in my opinion the films are way more appealing and realistic. Oh and they do p**s all over the bond films >,<

Ben on May 1, 2009


There is an aesthetic to leaving the trilogy alone. George Lucas really screwed this up when he decided to bring back the Death Star in his original trilogy, then screwed it up again when he decided to make a prequel trilogy that turned the best movie villain into a pseudo-tragic character. Greengrass nailed the relationship of the last two stories (yes, they are at best "loosely" based on the books) by weaving them into each other and then ending the storyline with Bourne back in the water. Great framing decision for the symbolism it evokes. This is what Spielberg did with the Indiana Jones Trilogy. Leave it to George Lucas to screw it up again with his "aliens / interdimensional beings" idea to put Indy into the 1950s. Almost makes one want Indy's son to be Marty McFly rather than a Marlin Brando rip-off. So, the Bourne trilogy is likely to get screwed up like the Indiana Jones trilogy now is with a pretty lame continuation following a clear "wrap up" ending defining a cool aesthetic. This storyline is not like Terminator or Star Trek or James Bond, you can't just keep going with it if you believe in the artistic aspect of things. What is interesting is that the new James Bond series that has been restarted with Daniel Craig is more like Bourne than Bourne is like Bond. I like the new Bond because it is not silly like the old Bonds tended to get. Of Roger Moore's films, only FOR YOUR EYES ONLY was Flemingesque, of Connery's only FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, of Dalton's only THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS, and of Brosnan's, well, perhaps DIE ANOTHER DAY. ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE was regrettable to say the least, sorry Lazenby. CASINO ROYAL was an incredible recreation of the character, and the film was as gritty and almost as realistic as Bourne, and with the exception of blowing up the whole desert hotel in QUANTUM OF SILENCE, its sequel was on a par with it. But the Bond films tend to get sillier as they go on with the focus going away from the characters and their situations into gadgets and stunts. Just look at how ridiculous MOONRAKER is for the epitome of the franchise gone silly. OCTOPUSSY sort of brought some reality back, but not by much. Let's not have Bourne turn into Bond or Rocky or Indiana Jones or a Jedi...leave well enough alone.

Erik on May 3, 2009


All i really want to say is that the Bourne series are obviously amazing and i can sit back in my bed and just run through the story in my head, which is great. However what's even better is the fact your left there to wonder what will become of Bourne now. So from that you can add your own ending and be happy with the film makers blah blah .. However if they do bring out a new Bourne, which is not as we all hoped, then we can no longer dream a different ending or marvel at the greatness of the films and we could be left with a horrible film clinging to perfection :/ Obviously it could be amazing and we are all happy 😛 but i'm anxious for the news, and i pray greed for wealth does not corrupt a superb trilogy !!

Alexander on May 20, 2009


i am so glad its not a prequel. prequels are horrible and this movie is going rape your eyes when you see it

arnold schwarzenegger on May 26, 2009


I completely agree with Phil in comment 106. A prequel for Bourne done in the way he described would be great!

Bond on May 28, 2009


yes...i watched the three parts...i fell in love with jason bourne!matt's the perfect man for such a character!am dying to watch the fourth!please do something!thanks a lot!more power to the people behind the success!

bosslexx12 on May 30, 2009


I'd love to see a fourth Bourne movie. They are superior to the "Bond" films, at this point. They have the feel of espionage that Bond has lost along the way and Matt Damon is fine as agent. They could use some of the story line from the original Bourne Identity story ( The TV Movie with Richard Chamberlain) about the international terrorist Carlos and the french general and wife and build from there. The entire flavor of these films must retain the espionage espect and NOT degenrate into what becomes merely another "action film", or they will lose the entire flavor established by Ludlum. They also need to slow down, just a tad, to allow the flavor of adult espionage and intrigue to establish chases and fight scenes are fine but they are not the whole thing, especially if they want to attract a bigger audience then 12 year olds.

Ralph Acosta on Jun 1, 2009


None of the movies were about the books. Jason Bourne was reinvented. I always though Matt Damon too young to play this role, now he's old enough. A killing machine dressed in black, with no obvious feelings, who never smiles and a car chase in each film- very standard The films work though, the mood is there, trouble is the point of it is missing, its simple visual masturbation. James Bond lost it's punch back in the 70's, a new Bourne film would be visually super But very pointless

Wolf on Jun 11, 2009


The problem with espionage is no more cold war but, these 3 films were updated and modernized for the times at hand very well. I would love to write this story line... I think I could do better than Lustbader although he isn't too bad. I would nail the screen play.

Richard on Jun 16, 2009


A fourth movie will be great, Matt Damon has the dicipline of a trained killer as Jason Bourne, but a good desire to straight things right. Bring his past back, before Treadstone.... make him come back to solve some big national crisis, and at the same time deal with the painful past and bring love back into his life, of course with all the action and car chases, and crashes and all the physical things that he does so well! Please don't compare a man that uses his brain and his body to the max to solve problems with James Bond that always needs a bimbo, a martini and a gadget to get something done. Jason Bourne is the most realistic action movies ever made. Go for it.... make us happy and make a 4th. one.

Lucrecia Valdez on Jun 17, 2009


It would be great to have another Bourne film in the collection but i just think that they should stick to the themes and ways of the first three. changing things will just make a bad movie and is likely to kill the hope of any other films after that, its like bond without his aston and also Bourne 4 why isnt it going to be called The Bourne Legacy.

bourne fan on Jun 17, 2009


Bourne films are synomymous with Matt Damon. It is his acting, and Palu Greengrass diretion that makes the film interesting. Now the trilogy of the original story is over. Bourne is back where he started. He knows who he is, what they made him do and what he did. He got his revenge. All the bad guys are gone. Considering Bourne did not want to get recruited in the first place, considering he hated what he did and the burden of immense guilt he carries with him about the "faces" that he killed, it would be astonishing to see the story line alll of a sudden takes a 180% switch. If Bourne story is to exstend to the 4th installment, then the writers have to thoroughly explain why Bourne decided to continue doing his job. This will be a very hard sell. What is gonna do? Get the Al Quaida bad guys ( we do not know about his political views), or take part in the dismantling of the former Soviet Union (tired old story line)? I dont know. As much as I enjoyed the Bourne trilogy of films, and as much as I would love to see Matt Damon in a a fourth installment of Bourne, I am very apprehensive about the producers going it solo and carry one where Ludlum left. It is like continuing the work of Shakespere's play, or Bethoven's symphony, or Hendrix' guitar solo. It cannot be done. So I say, for the sake of integrity of the Bourne Trilogy, let the story line stop where where Ludlum ended it. Else, it will just be a fake and lousy extention of a beautiful story brought to life for pure and undulterated profit-making reason devoid of any artistic merit.

Jamaal Agdoobai on Jun 28, 2009


Oh my heart missed a beat when I came across this article! I agree it could potentially be very disappointing however just to see Matt Damon starring as JB again would be awesome! By far the best action/spy thriller movie series ever! ~shiver~

Nicki on Jun 29, 2009


I understand what you are saying but if read the books they very different for example Alexander Conklin dies in the 1 movie but never dies in the books and Marie never dies and marries bourne and also in the third book the main enemy is calos the jackal a drug lord. The makers of movies barely used the books as a guide! the were completely different!

aj on Jun 29, 2009


The bottom line is the story is incomplete...If all the actors return to finish then I'm all for it. But if Matt Damon or producer Frank Marshall turns it down, then call it off!!!!

Kevin Collier on Jul 7, 2009


Bourne and Nicky, can it be possible that a plot will include both? With the acquired skills of Nicky teamed with Bourne's the possiblities are endless. All three movies contained strong modern woman with Bourne adventures. Marie and Nicky were critical player in Bourne's struggle against CIA. The fourth movie will continue to draw the large fan base by including the connection with Pamela. Viewers connect with educated well versed attractive females, since they are already in the lives of movies goers. Can the author and screenwriters contine with this challenge? Yes they can.

janet shetler on Jul 8, 2009


Since the movies have absolutely no relevance to the books other than the names of a couple of characters and the titles, what would be wrong with picking up the series? Ludlum didn't write the movies, they were rewritten and had completely different stories from the books, so I don't see a problem with keeping on doing what they've been doing. It works, and I actually enjoy the movies just as much as the books but in a different way.

Nick on Jul 11, 2009


Yes! Make the movie and give us closer.

Yvonne on Jul 13, 2009


Would love to see another Bourne movie, but like others have stated here, there is a worry that it will not meet up to the trilogy. Some state that Ludnum did not write the screenplays agreed, but the movies were based on the books, and that was a draw card, Bourne was looking for something, he found it in the 3rd book and film, (so please explain the non-difference) so where does he go from here. I for one will definitely go and see it, one just hopes that it doesn't disappoint. I enjoyed Bond and I have all the movies (and Bourne movies), but the latest Casino Royale took Bond from an intelligent, charismatic agent to an uneducated gun for hire, and the Quantum of Solace was rubbish in my opinion and had no story line. Lets just hope that BOURNE is not REBOURNE the same as JB.

Marc on Jul 14, 2009


Just saw B-3 (Ultimatum) again. Definitely liked the action and Mr. Damon in character, still do. For me, however, B-1 and B-2 sort of blend together, following the lost soul formula and I eoyed them. I do tend to get tired of the same old car chases though (car chases have to measure up to "Bullit"-and a near second was in "PeaceKeeper" wiith George Clooney "driving"). Anyway, after the authors of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond stories had died others stepped in, some very credibly, to carry on with those stories-why not with the Ludlum characters? Especially since we know the story lines were mostly dropped anyway leaving the characters with new plots. In a B-4 I'd like to see the NIcci character played out as she hinted to Bourne in a private moment, "You don't remember anything, do you?" We could wrap her up in the story even more and Julia Stiles is great in the role. Anyway, my $0.02 worth and hope that B-4 is great too/Cheers/Wallow

Wallow on Jul 17, 2009


Hello,...seeing how the character of Jason Bourne has now learned how he became a Treadstone Assassin, I strongly feel that if there is a 4th Bourne film, it should explore who David Webb is. If you go back and watch the 1st film (Identity) there is a scene with Bourne and Marie in Paris, Maried wakes him up while he is sitting in the passenger seat of marie's Mini-Cooper, as they are talking, Marie asks Jason; "So, you think you have a family somewhere waiting for you"? Jason's reply was; "I've thought about it". Since jason survived the gunshot wound and fall from the 10 story building in New York at the end of "Ultimatum", Jason should go and track down his parents/family in Nixa, Missouri at some point during the next film. (Would you not do the same thing??) Now, seeing that Jason is now David Webb, and wants to be left alone, he will also make every effort to stay in hiding and figure out where he can go to make some sort of life for himself. He will of course go and track down Nicky because he knows they are probably hunting for her. It would only make sense that if David Webb comes out of hiding to use his skills again for some reason, it would be because something has happened to Pamela Landy, after having been named C.I.A Director after Ezra Kramer was arrested and put in prison, if not sentenced to death. Pamela Landy and Jason are of the same character, and mind set, and she is one of only two people who helped Jason discover his identity. I would assume that Jason would come out of hiding to help Pamela Landy if she were kidnapped/killed or something. It would be the least he could do to repay the help she gave him. Does this make any sense??? Carlos the Jackal should be a primary figure, )whatever the character name would be in the next film, it would be a character of equal stature as in the Ludlum novels. Remember, in the novels, Jason and Carlos go toe to toe but Carlos escapes jason Bournes grasp. So I would appreciate some feedback on my thoughts on the possibility of a 4th Bourne film. Sincerely, P.S- Should David Webb go and let the "original" Jason Bourne's parents know what happened to their son, the guy Jason shot in the training facility "flashback" at the end of "Ultimatum"???

Stu on Jul 17, 2009


Why not do a Jason Bourne in Asia? Make a story about YAKUZA or CHINESE TRIAD or Philippines Mafia. Maybe in the Arab world or Jewish Country. Cmon, I just want to see Jason Bourne agai. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.....................................................

Mistersuave on Jul 19, 2009


i think they should deffinatley make the 4th. sure, they wont use ludman's stories anymore because there isnt one. but there is still niki who has to run, and jason knows who he is only to a degree. he doesnt remember if he had a family or what he did previously (or at least they dont let us know that) so you could take that somewhere. he helps niki get out of trouble they hook up and live happily ever after. its alot more difficult than that i know, but veiwers want to see what bourne ends up doing and how niki ends up. i think they can do it and make it good. i know id deffinatley be there at theatres on release date

Nathan Hoxworth on Jul 19, 2009


As I look back on my last posting on this web site- # 127 and after thinking about the Ludlum novel "The Bourne Identity" that novel, the character of Jason Bourne was known as a "Chameleon"...he was a Master of Disguise. It would make sense to me that the Producers should now start integrating that particular trait and skill into Matt Damon's character. At the end of "The Bourne Ultimatum", David Webb's (Jason Bourne's) photo was plastered all over the national and probably international news media. We all know how much coverage the main stream media gives to BIG stories, it would make sense that Jason left the country and is in hiding either in Canada or South America. (remember,...that moment that he jumped off the building, Noah Vosen shot him in the back. ) So it makes sense to me that if he wants to live a life of some solitude and peace and quiete that he would now start using various disguises. What do ya think?? If it were "me",...I would go back to Europe briefly and find the fisherman who removed the bullets from my back and gave me the money to get to Zurich and open the safe deposit box! I would go and tell him who I am and say Thank You again, but I sincerely doubt that the producers would do that, that fishermans name was John Carlo. well, anyway...

Stu on Jul 21, 2009


The Bourne books are totally different than the movies, as some of the previous comments already mentioned. Bad article for not knowing that basic fact! Do your research the next time. About a new movie, I don't think our comments will have any impact on a hundreds of millions of dollars decision.

JB on Jul 23, 2009


I would be so happy to see a fourth Bourne movie!! I'm a huge fan, and anything with Mat in it is worth watching.

Marcy on Jul 23, 2009


We all know that the 3 movies were not completely based upon the 3 Ludlum novels. The way I see it , at this stage of the character development process, you can still use various aspects of the 3 Ludlum novels. Has anyone started a petition drive to present to Universal Pictures Studio to show them that we the people want another Bourne Film???

Stu on Jul 24, 2009


Developing a plot that's not centered in a book might not be that bad since the Bourne movies are very loosely based on the Bourne novels. In order to enjoy the first movie I had to forget about the book because I found myself critiquing the movie based on the book. The Bourne movie starring Richard Chamberlain was actually closer to the novels than the Matt Damon Bourne. Also it took me some time to get use to the Bourne novels without Lludlum but they aren't that bad. And I think Lustbader's Bourne is closer to the Bourne in the movies than Lludlum's.

Rgregory on Jul 24, 2009


As far away from the premise of the first novel that the movie strayed from, I would not really expect any producers and/or directors to follow that novel of "The Bourne Legacy" to any satisfaction. I guess it is just a matter of 'screen-writers' liberty of what we would like to see instead of what is written. I really appreciate the new James Bond films, as they are portraying him as he was written-a hired gun/killer. Too bad the people in charge of Jason could not do him the justice that the author tried to give him. I would probably watch the fourth movie, if only to see where 'Hollywood' would like to rape the character. Sorry, Matt. M.

Malone on Jul 25, 2009


Im all for it. Although I'm not too keen on the idea of filming it in South America. I was way more entertained by the first film in the snowy areas of Europe, brings less of the American influence and mixes it up a bit. Don't just keep it to one continent, so far thats the beauty of the Bourne Films. Perhaps split the film so that he spends some time back in Europe and then shifts to S. America or something? Whatever they do, I hope it doesnt involve a jungle!! A.

Alex B on Jul 27, 2009


I am already holding my ticket for Bourne 4 and 5.

kvasir40 on Aug 3, 2009


I'm an old man with a iffy ticker and the Bourne series have kept me on my meds just to see the next one... Always sought, constantly harassed; only grim resolve, a flicker of memory of forgotten paramilitary training has kept him alive. The edgy paranoia of forever glancing over his shoulder after loosing, Marie H. Kreutz, what chance does he have now of a future worry free life? I'll stay tuned in to find out.

H_Tuttle on Aug 8, 2009


Bourne 4 awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gizzlar on Aug 9, 2009


screw you all.

screwer on Aug 10, 2009


They could run the story close to the 4th book. The story line isn't bad, just not great. I hope they "bring" Bourne and Parsons in before sending them out on an assignment though. They need to keep any sex out of the story line since it would cloud the action in the adventure. Finally, keep it real. Also, the Landy character is solid. She's the "M" in the Bourne story.

Bourne fan on Aug 10, 2009


Are you kidding me? the ending on the third was prettty good, but i was kind of looking forward to a fourth. i know ludlum couldn't write the 4th book but why would they make up their own story line. its going to be the crappy ending to the perfect trilogy.

bourne rocks on Aug 15, 2009


I say it needs to continue! Niki mention in the third that it was always hard for her with Jason. It implied that there is a connection between the two of them. It needs to come out. Please don't stop making them. I will be one to go see it in the show house and buy it on DVD.

Kisty Flint on Aug 17, 2009


I have read the 3 books by ludlum and watched the films, to say the films are based on the books are an understatement to be honest, i loved them both in equal measures. The bourne sanction has a great storyline although not by ludlum, but very similar in style. did you know that jason bourne is the alter ego of bourne, and thats how he should be portrayed. he is like the hulk to banna only comes out when his life is on the line!!!! i was quite surprised at how different the films are!! there is a marie webb and conklin (conklin being a great friend of webb/bourne) seriously reccomend reading the books.

mark jeffries on Aug 20, 2009


sorry that should read "lo0sely based on the books as an understatement"

mark jeffries on Aug 20, 2009


I am very happy to hear that anther one is being made. It's like incomplete in the movie area to have all the books out and not the movies too. my wife an I r huge fans, of the movies and of matt Damon.

Jerry Smith on Aug 27, 2009


I am also willing to watch and very excited that new movie of bourne is coming. Its a great movie to watch and Matt demon is superb actor, action is awesome and brilliant storyline must continue for a sequential. i think this movie will also be an hit. keep up the good work. saad tariq on 1 september 2009

Saad Tariq on Sep 1, 2009


I just watched Bourne Ultimatum for the second time in 3 days. I have seen it at least 2 other times. The film is just rivoting. Bourne 4 come on. They can't mess it up. Not if they ever want to make another movie!!!

Joe Helm on Sep 1, 2009


Best movies ever!!!!!!!!! As long as Matt Damon's in it. If they made fifteen more I would watch it. They are better than Bond films and we needed a replacement. Can't commit on it enough. Awesome! Look forward to it. I new they couldn't stop there, too good.

Michael Somers on Sep 1, 2009


I am so thrilled! I dont care which new writer they get, so long as Damon is on board. Perhaps they can use some of the writers from "24" to help with the tension. But, I will see the new Bourne film even if it gets panned by the press. Most of us fans are die-hard and loyal.

Folkwolf101 on Sep 9, 2009


the movies were so different from the books that it does not matter if there is another book or not. the movies are way better than the books story line wise any way.james bond sucks in comparison

z h on Sep 10, 2009


Have you noticed the difference between bond and bourne movies? You know Bond has all these high tech gadgets to help him, luxury cars, materialism which makes it not believable. If you notice in the bourne movies in every car chase, they don't put luxory cars in the shoots for bourne to use, they are regular everyday cars. This makes chases ever more exciting and believable. He doesn't use high tech gadgets, he uses his smarts. Not I saying I don't like the Bond movies. It just makes me easier to believe that theres a real Bourne out there rather than a Bond.

Steph on Sep 10, 2009


I've been watching the Bourne films repeatedly. Such movies that everybody should watch. I suggest the Bourne 4 be titled "Bourne Again" As if Miss Pamela Landy would shockly say, "Oh God, it's Bourne Again." Hehehe

kokonjai on Sep 11, 2009


Great movies, Bourne 4 .Bring it on can,t wait.

Mike on Sep 13, 2009


I'm all for a fourth installment knowing that both Damon and Greengrass have agreed to return for the next installment. Otherwise I wouldn't be much interested.

Movers Clendaniel on Sep 14, 2009


I own all 3 movies. I own 6 bourne novels. Imagine a fourth bourne movie, taking place at a university with damon playing a professor almost getting shot at and then immediately dropping the entire professor role to chase out an assassin from all over africa to europe to end it in iceland. You could see 4 continents in one movie. that would be insane! If the books could get put out more on the shelves in the open, and more people read them, everyone would want the same. I read the bourne legacy about 10 times in 2005. I couldnt put it down the first time I read it, and the entire time at JRTC I just kept reading in amazement. If they do decide to do another movie, then i hope to hell its close to the same story in legacy. Legacy could mean a huge beginning of a great saga of spy thriller/action genre for greengrass.

SSG Johnson on Sep 20, 2009


I belive if Matt Damon approves the script that I trust it can only get better. Everyone forgot he's not just an actor. Matt Damon can read between the lines and tell if something is $hit or crap. If this next Bourne movie script doesn't bring it Matt will make sure it does. I would be surprised if he didn't co-direct it. I mean if you use the formula it only get's better with every film then by the time the 10the film is made he'll be saving planet earth from the United Nations literally or even something as crazy as the anti-christ. So am I against another Bourne film. Hell no! I think there should be and I think Matt Damon should have a scene where he's surrounded by not 5 or 7 guys but like a whole platoon. If you watch the first Bourne movie he wore a green Marine shirt. There is so much more pre-Bourne information we haven't even discovered yet and with the use of make up or CGI there's room for another 4 Bourne films atleast. I should write them. The basic formula is not suspense it's everyone waiting for this normal looking guy to pull something out of his sleeve next to out smart the smartest people on the planet and then kicking major as all the way to the finish line. That's why we go to the theatres in the first place so we can watch and say wow! I didn't realize that was possible. That was kick a$$!!! Matt Damon should bring Ben Affleck in as his adversary or even best friend. Who knows. They should bring more A list actors in for sure! Why that's not happening obvioulsy has to do with money invested. Everyone knows the money is made on the DVD side as well as merchandising which we are not seeing any Bourne t-shirts. There's a lot of room for Bourne role model type government recruiting. There so much growth that could be done with the Bourne films it blows me away that I'm the only one seeing it. Matt Damon is a dam good actor and if he touches another Bourne film it will only get better. Respectfully Shawn Demosthenis

Shawn Demosthenis on Sep 21, 2009


the next bourne movie is going to be awesome just like all the others i cant wait to watch it.

cloud0084 on Oct 1, 2009


I agree with comment 106!

Kane on Oct 1, 2009


Prequel or sequel ... doesn't matter. They departed from the subject matter of the books in Identity with a number of things (Conklin's death and relationship to Bourne being the biggest that comes to mind) ... so it doesn't matter to me that they are departing from what Van Lustbader wrote in the sequels to Ultimatum. Like at least one poster said though, there is still tons of material to use from the books if the want to go there. Like Bourne versus the Jackal (bring on Bruce Willis? ... ok maybe not). Regardless it would be interesting to see more of a story line with Nikki ... whether it picks up where Ultimatum left off, or is a prequel to Identity. I for one, cannot wait for Bourne 4 ... how about the Bourne Genesis?

uss_midway on Oct 6, 2009


Great for the 4th Bourne film! Bring on Carlos The Jackal from the Bourne TV Movie but it has to have a special type of actor, someone layed back like a Chris Walken or a John Malkovitch (softspoken but menacing) not an actor with a "babyface". Jean Reno would be perfect!!! Someone with the ability to be soft-spoken but to generate menace. So........................bring on Jean Reno! I also agree on expanding Nikki's role, but not tooooooooooo much, this isn't a "chick flick". Howsabout a full soundtrack by Moby to go along with the great end title song. C'mon everyone, get on board for the ride!!!!!! Ralphie

Ralph Acosta on Oct 6, 2009


honestly i love the movies and my opinion i think they should go back to the very beginning where they train jason and base the movie upon his training and show how he became jason bourne

brandon on Oct 8, 2009


Then definately. There is room for atleast 3 more good scripts. 1) The south american version that's coming out in 2010 2) A continuation of that to release in 2011. 3) A prequel to release in 2012. I would definately write in the Leon "The Professional" badass cool character Jean Reno in the upcoming sequels. That guy was sooooooo $#@cking cool!!! He was the same as Bourne but so original and better. That movie will live on no doubt! A killer face off between Bourne and the Professional would put ass's in the seats and profits on the board. I would watch that film over and over. God I would pray for the writing on that one to be right on. Jean Reno in Bourne sequel as the Professional or likeness character,,, best idea I've heard yet!!!

Shawn Demosthenis on Oct 9, 2009


Hey Matt Damon: If you get a chance to read this check out this link: Ask Jean Reno if he'll be interested in joining up for a Bourne sequel. "If you think it's a great idea." ~Shawn Demosthenis

Shawn Demosthenis on Oct 9, 2009


Like others I love the Bourne series a bit like a hard hitting James Bond. It's a pity they don't continue to follow the books even though Ludlham series has been continued with another author. Personnally I would love the series to just keep on going with a consistent timeline (like the start trek concept). Given the next film will "go it alone"so to speak I think this could be terminal for the film franchise. However like Maxx I'll sit on the fence

Greg on Oct 9, 2009


Yawn.... Come on people, it's old news that movies never follow how the book reads. Could be due to that maybe it isn't possible to make movies this way or it wouldn't be as enjoyable in the theaters. Not all of us movie goers are big readers, or at least fictional stuff. Personally I rather be reading automotive or technical manuals where I actually learn something I can use in real life. I go to movies to be entertained not to compare it to a book I read. And as far as 007 movies go, I think the last one was finally on the right track. The previous ones I enjoyed when I was a kid, but as a adult they basically suck. two cents

EuroRash on Oct 17, 2009


The name of the fourth installment should simply be: "Bourne Again"

Name of #4 on Oct 31, 2009


If it's going to be a sequel and prequel mixed which it should be before Mr. Damon get's any older it should be called "Jason Bourne". If it's going to be a prequel all the way it should be called "Web of lies" or "David Web". If it's going to be a sequel with no prequel it should be called "Bourne Unleashed". I wish I could get paid to consult on this film. I wouldn't release it unless it broke all barriers on the screen. I would shock every sense of the human body. People would be talking about this film for years to come! "Bourne Unleashed"

Shawn Demosthenis on Nov 1, 2009


I think Bourne Triology is one of the best series I have witnesed in my life . Jason Bourne (30 million dollar US armay weapon) is introduced as a super intellegent guy with capabilities to shake out the whole system . All three movies Were amazing .... ND giving a 4th chance 2 paul greengrass could be effective . But also its a brave dicision 2 continue the series In my opinion he should start a new series ending dis 1 . That may be a better Idea as ending 2 dis series will remain unharmed

Varun Sachar on Nov 8, 2009


I have been impationately waiting to hear that a 4th Bourne was on the way. I just found this site tonight (11/09/09) and would like to add my 2 cents. Not knowing anyone in Hollywood or remotely connected. I would like to submit a storyline of Bourne still dealing with the identity crisis and using his superior abilities to both train and advise up and coming agents. He could get involved with the tougher cases and even argue ethics morals with those upstairs. But the capstone of movie are flashbacks on the endurance Bourne had to go through to become the killing machine he is. I truly hope Bourne 4 becomes reality...

Larry W. on Nov 9, 2009


We are BIG Fans of Bourne we watch every movie at least every weekend never borning. It will be a big bonus for me and my wife to see Bourne 4. Keep planning the punches we are waiting.

David and Rose on Nov 15, 2009


YESSSSSSSSSSSSS The Bourne movies are absolutely genius! The movies are amazing and soo many people would enjoy a 4th one.

john mark on Nov 16, 2009


I don't understand the ones that love the first three but don't want a fourth. Go play in the street please. I love the series and would love to see it follow a Bond like life. It cant be anything but great with Damon, Greengrass and a writer from the third on board. And as far as the movies not following the books, well that just gives us four more Bourne stories to love. Damon fits the character so perfectly and the story has a wonderful underdog that the audience seems to connect so well with. I enjoyed watching the people around me react to the best scenes so much that I cant wait to see that again. I'm already on the edge of my seat. One thing I would love to see and think the series needs is to bring in Carlos. That was such a magical elusive character that could really make this movie even better than the rest. It just has to happen!!! Give us Carlos and Bourne!!!

Ran Mc on Nov 20, 2009


i love matt damon and julia stiles so in 4 i hope they add a little romance between them and more fight scenes. the only thinbg i have ever seen julia in with much romance was along time ago with freddie prince and i guess the last dance. i'd like to see her in more of this. wait i think she was in a movie uh lets see 10 things i hate about you also so maybe she has been in more romance stuff afterall so please cast her in this kind of stuff. keep doing your thing matt your great.

bruce on Nov 21, 2009


The Bourne movies are fantastic and their success must have prompted Casino Royale to be made when it was since it appeared to have taken on the darker tone of the Bourne Series as compared to previous Bond films. I was just going to say that Bourne and Bond could come to a stop as long as this type of film is recreated, then I saw Green Zone is coming out. However, the ingredients that seemed to be what makes a good film in this genre is the fight scenes (Bourne's fight scenes are all phenomenal (Paris apartment particularly, and Bond's bathroom scene in Casino Royale was raw), the love interest (even dead ones work in flashbacks), a cool soundtrack (preferred Olkenfold, Moby..), international destinations and cool architecture. The Bourne Identity car chase scene was the most inventive ever and the Bond Par Coeur scenes were again an inventive spin on the typical "Chase scene" which is as stale as an 80's guitar riff. If they are just going to make a war drama without all of this in the mix, then forget it.

tdev on Nov 23, 2009


The Bourne Books are the best pieces of literature written in the last 30 years. The movies are a huge, huge dissappointment, because they have nothing to do with the plot in the books. The books are hardcore whereas the movies are just slightly above average. Jason Bourne, for those of you who haven't read the books, but praise the movies, is a savage, brutal assasin, who's lost his mind and is destroying human lifes with ease in his pursuit of Carlos the Jackal. Delta is for Cain and Cain is for Carlos. Get Carlos. Kill Carlos.

doktora on Dec 22, 2009


My story line would be that Pamela Landy would be trying to contact Jason Bourne when she is in trouble and only Jason can help her as she needs someone she can trust. Someone in her past is forcing her to do something that she does not want to do and she does not know who it is. After she tries to contact Jason but can't he finds out through a contact that she needs his help and after checking it out on his own he contacts her with a name that she does not recognize. When she finally is shown a picture of the person she realizes what is going on. When Pamela was an operative in South America she was wrongly accused of an incident in which a person was killed. She tells Jason that this is a relative of the person and they are very dangerous.

Joe Wilson on Jan 6, 2010


What's wrong with lustbader's stories? Though #178 sounds preety good.

Jasonfanalways on Jan 9, 2010



ANTHONY on Jan 12, 2010


I am a huge fan of the Bourne movies. I have on read The Bourne Ultimatum book. And as far as I can tell, the movies series is diffrent from the book. I would love to see a fourth in the installment of the movie. Matt Damon is a perfect fit. Myself personally, I would not put another love story in it. Yes, its a great motivator for action, but every great story can be ruined by incorperating a love story. Leave that mushy crap in chick flicks. Action should be action. But the way the fourth movie ended, I would say they are going to add a love angle to it. I also hope the bring back Joan Allan. I guess we will see where they take it.

Kevin White on Jan 12, 2010


I would also like to add that I hope they dont ruin it, like they did the Die Hard series. Thats a whole nother subject on its self.

Kevin White on Jan 12, 2010


I have done a little more reading and I found a website that says there will defiantly be a fourth Bourne movie. Here is the link.

Kevin White on Jan 12, 2010



Maria on Jan 17, 2010


I am one of the fan of Bourne movies since I followed it until the last movie "The Bourne Ultimatum" and I'm so excited to have and watch the fourth one. I hope It'll be going to release this 2010 with Matt Damon again as he fits the role.

Jayson on Jan 29, 2010


I Love the Bourne Movies but I LOVE the books even more! It's ridiculous that these Hollywood Film Makers say that they're going in their own direction since Ludlum only wrote 3 of the Bourne books? What are they talking about? Did they even read Ludlum's books? They went in their own direction when making the first 3 movies. How about making the next Bourne movie to follow the storyline of the books this time. Matt Damon is a great actor and no one could play Bourne better, but Hollywood needs to realize that it's not the killing and awesome action scenes that make this work. It's the story and Ludlum's story would make such a better movie than the current ones.

Wiley G on Jan 30, 2010


C'mon people! The relationship between the books and the movies is tenuous at best...apples and oranges. Read the books, enjoy them. Watch the movies, enjoy them. I agree that 'Ultimatum' ended well, and the film makers could screw up pretty big if they continue...but damn I'd love to see another movie or two. Who cares what story line they follow, if they continue to be this good?

Baldylocks on Jan 30, 2010


Right on Baldylocks. It couldn't have been said any better. Simply more Bourne to enjoy!!!

redriverran on Feb 1, 2010


Would love to see the next Bourne movie! Can't wait! Hope it is as good if not better than the James Bond movies of late!!

T on Feb 6, 2010


I think the 1st comment of this chat is spot on. The story is going to have to be really top notch to master with Robert Ludlum's writing. My main issue I have with this is the depth of Bournes problems this 4th installment is going to delve into. I think the identity, supremacy and ultimatum have showed very powerful challenges for Bourne, for e.g. his girlfriend's death in supremacy. I think these brutally emotional challenging situations for Bourne are what make the franchise what it is. Unless Bourne gets tested even further, it isnt worth the weight if you ask me. Lets hope that the 4th installment offers something new and innovative like the previous three have done after one another. And in reply to the comment above, lets hope so because Bond has lost its touch. Its focusing too much on action, innovation is far more essential than action in creating a great film like the Bourne series.

Tim Grafton on Feb 11, 2010


dont most of u be dickheads bourne is all action and very enjoyable to watch. fuck the books and all that shit just let jason do his stuff roll on 4,5,6 lol look at rocky for fuck sake bet at one time or other u have seem them and there shit not like the bourne films which r class.

mark on Feb 17, 2010


You would know class...LOL

RANMC on Feb 18, 2010


I love Bourne and its movies. Eris's novels are getting worse and worse. I'm glad that producers are doing their own Bourne 4. Go for it.

Leon on Feb 19, 2010


Yes, I've been waiting for a new Jason Bourne movie. Would love to see more every year like the James Bond movie. We need this kind of movie to keep us entertain. Want to see the relationship between Matt and Julie develop.

jd on Feb 21, 2010


Bad news here: I have been combing the Internet daily, usually via Google, and recently came up with the news that the Bourne director and its producer had a huge blow-up spat over the costs of The Green Zone, which also stars Matt Damon doing much of what Jason Bourne does. So, because of these two voer-controlling ego maniacs, it no longer looks like we will see a 4th Bourne film. And, as Matt Damon mentioned, it is physically highly demanding playing such rolls. He really doesn't want to playing the roll. He was very willing to play the 4th installment, but only if it could be done in the next two years. That is not gonna happen now. I really, really hope I am wrong and that the director and producer will go on to mend their relationship.

Folkwolf101 on Feb 21, 2010


Bring on a fourth movie! Because the movies were nothing like the books except for the title and the names of the characters, stating that making a fourth based on nothing is basically a joke; as thats what they were doing from the start. Love Matt Damon, all of his movies as well as this intriguing seires. Can't wait for the fourth; hope they don't screw it up though.

Rosie on Feb 24, 2010


YES! Bring them back the movies are like Freaking Incredible........Jason Bourne movies are like heaven...They direct them so well and film them so greatly, Just phenamonal....On a scale from 1-10 jason bourne movies? LAST NUMBER ON EARTH!! Please keep making them...

Chris on Feb 27, 2010


put more fighting into it and more police chases but dont change the person (Matt Damon)

Jay on Feb 28, 2010


I've said it a hundred times! Matt Damon when are you going to act in a 4th Bourne series??? Please hurry up and do it soon. We are all waiting. We don't care what the plot is. Just get in there and rewrite it if you don't like it or act your ass off like you know you can! Please stop making us wait for the script and the studio approval and funding. Get in there and make this movie happen already. Your fan: Shawn Demosthenis p.s. I know you can write : ) You got an oscar for writing and acting in Goodwill Hunting. What the hell are you waiting for? Buy the dam Bourne Franchise if you have to. Just do it!



you guys are so dumb!!!!The movie will be a prequel and damon is not playing the role of bourne

bourne fan on Mar 1, 2010


Hell Yea.... Bring it on... Love Matt Damon... For sure, bring on 4 and more:)

Paula on Mar 8, 2010



PAULA PEREIRA on Mar 8, 2010


if matt damon will still be jason bourne, 4th instalment wont be a problem.. since all movies were JUST BASED on the books, making the bourne 4 from scratch is fine with me..

jheiz on Mar 15, 2010


the bourne films are honestly unreal, pure class. There should definently continue the sequel with another addition the the masterpiece and if yous do decide to do so its defos got to be matt damon he is jason bourne aha....

David Ellis on Mar 17, 2010


I'm all for another Bourne film, but let Matt Damon move on and bring in Mark Wahlberg. He is the perfect Jason Bourne.

Carol on Mar 29, 2010


2010 came and they are NOT going to make another Jason Bourne film. The new story lines from the books written by 'Eric Van Lustbader' have failed to excite anyone. They don't have the 'Spice of Original author Robert Ludlum' the New York times quoted. But the late Robert Ludrums widow is backing plans for the release of 'Young Jason Bourne' aka 'Jason Steed'. Jason Steed was the creation of Ludlum before his death and British young adult author Mark A. Cooper. Due to legal reasons his name was changed to Jason Steed. The first book in the series 'Fledgling Jason Steed' was voted young adult book of the year 2009 by The story tells how young Jason starts Karate and Judo at age 5, when he is 11 he end sup in a race against time when a Sea Cadet summer camp trip gets them in deep water. Jason Steed saved the day, but got noticed by MI5 & MI6. Against his father wishes Jason Steed is used for a secret mission. Matt Damon is to play the 11 year old Jason Steeds father, Damon will be 43 at the start of filming.

Steven Chapman on Mar 31, 2010


And so it's 2010. Uh...Bourne 4 would be announced by now if it's going to be made in..2010. Now if there is going to be a Bourne 4 in the future (Which is most likely) then there shouldn't be a rush. If Matt Damon isn't returning for Bourne 4 then Mark Wahlberg would be a perfect replacement. I mean Mark nearly looks exactly like Matt Damon.

Wayne on May 2, 2010


In Bourne #4...Nikki gets into some sort of trouble and Jason comes to save her. I think they intimated that they may have had a relationship in a previous movie. She seems a little "hurt" when she says, "You don't remember anything, do you?" I think they have enough on-screen chemistry for this to be plausible.

cltav8r on May 5, 2010


msg for jason bourne........... ............Please Mr. Matt Damon dont abandon the bourne 4 movie project the movie series is incomplete without you people ............heard on net that mr. damon would abandon the movie mr.greengrass would not work ..............please dont do this .................... i am a esteemed fan of u and your movies and not only me every fan in this world would get disappointed if this movie doesn't happens...... please for the sake of your fansssssssss

no 1 fan of jason bourne on May 10, 2010


I want to See Jason and Nikki get back together. It seemed apparent to me they were a thing when Jason was David Webb. She helped him get away too. and was the last face you saw in the ultimatum. Thanks, William.

William on May 10, 2010


do it, i'll watch it. plus it will make 100 million dollars for the economy.

mason on May 11, 2010


Please make a 4th and a 5th and a 6th I think you get the picture (no pun intended) Bourne is the Bond of the 21st century. Bill 5/19/2010

Bill on May 19, 2010


I have all 3 Bourne movies on DVD. I started searching for info on a possible 4th installment and am happy to hear there are talks for it to happen this year. I might be asking too much....but I dont think a 4th Bourne movie will ruin anything. I am a Bourne-aholic.

Chris on May 22, 2010


Just watched all three films again and can't wait for a forth and agree Nikki should be there as well. Only watched the films because a friend kept on saying watch it they're really good I disagree I think they are great and hope for another trilogy continuing from where they left off with the Bourne Ultimatum.

Bill on May 26, 2010


I am so excited to hear they are filming a Bourne 4 Movie!!! I really enjoy the 'story-lines and excitement'........... Welcome Back Jason!!!!

Jean on Jun 15, 2010


As long as they lose the shaky camera technique .. that needs to go. It detracts from the film.

Brad on Jul 5, 2010


Yes, but only if they bring back Franka Potente ... Marie bourne's german girlfriend. Something about her that gets me going. since there is no book to follow they can even write her back in that she survived that car crash/drowning and was converted into an assassin femme nikita style... wouldn't that be sweet? hehe

Loth on Jul 27, 2010


~ The 'newer' Jason Bourne books written by Eric Van Lustbader would translate excellently to the screen without being butchered by Screen writers. They are well written and have good story lines that continue in the story. I hope that the new movie sticks to of his books.

Paul on Jul 30, 2010


the producers only wanted the name Jason Bourne and the titles of tge books. Then they changed everything. The books are COMPLETELY different than the movies. And even though I liked the movies, the books were MUCH better. So whats the difference if they make another movie??? Ir wont be the same as the book. And the new author (Van Lustbader) has already screwed up the stories by killing off most of the major characters. The producers already ruined "Angels And Demons," and "Da Vince Code," so why not screw up another Bourne movie.

to on Jul 30, 2010


Didn't Dan Brown do a good enough job of ruining the books himself...? ;o)

Rick on Jan 13, 2011


I would love Universal to produce a movie that has Jason return to his roots as David Webb (his real name) to Nixon Missouri. Though he's an assassin, he's also a good guy. I'd like him to reconnect with his family (if they haven't been wiped out by the CIA to cover the conspiracy). A reunion with his family will develop the human side to his character and make him more endearing. I feel that audiences will relate to him even more than they already do. Naturally whilst he's revisiting his hometown someone from the CIA should track him down and try to destroy him and of course I'd like to see him respond in the appropriate and justified manner. Jason

Jason on Aug 27, 2010


Yes! Another movie!!

Roxanne on Sep 17, 2010


I was vastly disappointed in the 3 movies. How the !@#$ can anyone make a movie about Jason Bourne without any mention of Carlos. He (Carlos) was the reason why Webb was made into the fake assassin, Jason Bourne. Only Marie’s given name was drawn from the book. I forgave the screenplay for making Dr. Washburn a ship’s doctor. But it diverged from there. In the book Marie St. Jacques was taken against her will. The movie said nothing about her fear and surprise in being rescued from certain death at the Guisan Quay. Only resemblance to the books is that Jason Bourne is talented in fighting and is ruining from the CIA and other unsavory characters. And that little bit about the CIA involvement in making him who he was. I read the books again to forget the movies.

PeterB on Oct 8, 2010


I'm a fan of the Bourne series and was glad to that they're going ahead with a fourth. But why does it have to be in order. Make one that fits in between one and two. Then they could bring back Marie and tell more of that story.

RandyB on Oct 23, 2010


Would love to see a 4th Can anyone tell me what Nikki was getting ready to tell Jason at the diner in the last movie? Where she says " you really don't remember, do you?" They had to leave because of the two cops that came in

Widdy on Dec 29, 2010


i love all three bourne movies dieng to see where the next one goes since he has some of an idea how it all began now and how he became who he is cant wait for part 4

Jeremy on Jan 1, 2011


I really admired Matt Damon's performances in all of the Bournes films. Its really so different from James Bonds films and more realistic. More power to Matt Damon. Am one of your fans.

Lbrumbines1955 on Jan 16, 2011


BOURNE 4 YES!!!!!! Julia Stiles (NIKKI) DOUBLE YES!!!!!!

Sbollig on Jan 18, 2011


JASON BOURNE could compete with James Bond, why don't you make all films base on the new books written by Eric V., Practically read the 2nd trilogy it was awesome!!!

Joe on Jan 26, 2011


What do you mean they are going a different direction with it? the first three films bared no relation to the Ludlum books anyway, all they had was the same character names. I'm not even sure what qualifies the films to use the names of the books they are so different...

Jcdh on Jan 26, 2011


from the philippines... looking forward to see more of the bourne series... approach is realistic... acting is excellent, story line unpredictable... makes it great... am collecting copies of the films... very good for student film evaluation in this category..

Tom on Feb 23, 2011


I know this is a old topic but it would be cool to see jason bourne on actions once again right:P

Salival Kayness on Mar 19, 2011


I don't think of a Jason Bourne fourth film without Damon and Greengrass teaming up. The Jason Bourne trilogy is the best films I loved and I keep on watching over and over. It's not a good idea making it like the James Bond movies with different actors playing the character of James Bond. I don't mind watching it if not Damon and Greengrass on it.

rdgubaten on Apr 11, 2011



Tom Pollock on May 7, 2011


No Matt Damon is no watching for me.

Koowie on May 12, 2011


Absolutely I've read the book and can't wait to see the next Bourne film. Don't like the title "Bourne 4" cos I'm sure Ludlum would have wanted the film titled as per the book. So "Bourne Betrayal" it is for me. James Bond Huh!! 

Derekmartin on May 17, 2011


I love the Jason Bourne movies, yes, bring on a FOURTH and FIFTH. 

Michigan JP on May 20, 2011

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