More Sequels: The Host, Kung Fu Panda, 300, Hellboy and More!

June 26, 2008


With the Saturn Awards this week as well as upcoming press junkets in Los Angeles for Hellboy II and The Dark Knight, fresh news has been rampant. We already mentioned Bourne 4 earlier today, but some minor details have hit on so many other various sequels that I thought it would best to put all of the sequel news together into one article. Not only for the sake of conveniently finding the news you want, but because I'm getting tired of writing and reading about sequels all day long. Below you'll find the latest updates on sequels to The Host, Kung Fu Panda, 300, Hellboy, and Cloverfield. Not all of it is great news, but most of it is at least exciting to hear about. Read on to find out all the latest details.

The Host 2 - Although it's been mentioned before, Variety now confirms that a sequel to 2006's Korean monster flick The Host is in the works. Although it's being produced partially by the same Korean company, Chungeorahm, the film is a "Chinese sequel" that will explore what happens when people ignore a monster due to their desire for money. The production budget is around $12 million and shooting will start sometime early next year for release by the end of 2009.

Kung Fu Panda 2 - This is completely unconfirmed, but the blog of The Animators Guild recently wrote a post that mentions that DreamWorks is already working on a story for a sequel to Kung Fu Panda. Considering the film has already earned $162 million at the box office, it's very likely that this is accurate. The film definitely leaves open the possibility for sequels at the end and I think I'm not alone when I say I'd love to see Po the Panda return in yet another adventure.

300 - We first mentioned that this was "in the works" after 300 hit theaters in early 2007, now it seems to be actually coming together. Producer Gianni Nunnari tells Collider that they're currently working on a sequel to 300. He says that they're working with Frank Miller and Zack Snyder to create something authentic which would involve a new story of some kind. If you don't believe it, Collider says they spoke with Zack Snyder separately and confirmed that it is indeed true and is indeed in the works.

Hellboy III - All eyes are currently set on Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy II: The Golden Army, due out in theaters on July 11th, and his work on The Hobbit soon thereafter. However, Guillermo told Collider that he would love to make Hellboy III after he finishes work on The Hobbit, so if all goes as planned, we might see Hellboy III in 2012 or 2013. Don't hold your breath though - that's so far out and the success of Hellboy II hasn't been guaranteed yet, so the possibility of this actually happening anytime soon is very slim.

Cloverfield 2 - Unfortunately this is the bad news of the bunch today. Cloverfield's director Matt Reeves also spoke to Collider and told them that unfortunately Cloverfield 2 is on hold. He confirms that they promised only to make a sequel if they could find a story that was as fresh and unique as the first Cloverfield and right now they haven't come up with that. He does say that they do have a couple of exciting ideas, but it's in the very early stages and it's not clear if they'll develop into anything.

There's not much to specifically discuss from all of this news, but I'm interested in the sequel to 300 the most. First off, I loved The Host and would be open to a sequel, but I'm not entirely sure about this Chinese aspect to it. I just hope it's as good as the original and the story doesn't deviate too far from the concept that made the first one so interesting. As for 300, I've been excited at the prospect of a sequel (or a prequel) since first reporting on it in 2007. The first one sets the stage for so many potential sequel ideas that I'm sure Frank Miller and Zack Snyder will come up with something exciting. Does a 300 sequel sound appealing to anyone else? Are any of these other sequels a good idea either?

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OMG YES. Hopefully its a pre-quel instead of a sequel for 300 so we can see most of the same actors. Kung Fu Panda sequel = +++++ I cant wait. I'm also pretty interested in the Host. What a great movie it was, hopefully it doesn't change into a drastically different film, but the initial premise you discussed sounds very interesting.

Billy on Jun 26, 2008


300 2? Not really excited.

Cinexcellence on Jun 26, 2008


no 300 2. but yes for host 2

John on Jun 26, 2008


300 was a perfect movie and although I would love to see more violence from the Spartans, I think they should leave it alone. What kind of story would it be? And I don't think I would like it near as much without Gerard Butler. Can you imagine if they did a Braveheart or a Gladiator sequel? Where would the story go? Not far I think.

Tim on Jun 26, 2008


300 was historically inaccurate. So who cares if they need it to be authentic? They should put aliens in it. HOST 2 will be crap. It's the equivalent of a direct-to-dvd sequel to GOODFELLAS with Brian Austin Green and Ian Ziering reuniting. As for HELLBOY III... at some point, Ron Perlman will get too old. He's already 58. Besides, where's IN THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS... oh, right, nowhere.

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 26, 2008


* Hellboy III : Is a marvel comic hero that I like to see it again and again like Batman - Hulk - Siderman and others .... * Kung Fu Panda 2 : Is a Animation movie and of course it will be nice to see them again and again as the Ice Age and Madagascar ,..and others * The Host 2 : I think just because it is a chines version It will be nice to see more from them . * Bourne 4 : Is like James Bond stuff ...and I think it is not bad to see him in different countries again and again . ........................................ * 300 !!???? I am really not with this idea ... to see David Wenham fighting after we saw Gerard Butler ???? and how they will call the movie this time ? 3000 ? or 300 *2 =600 ? 🙂 they will bring Gerard Butler back from the death ??? then let's we make Titanic 2 too 🙂 300 is enough ...and if they make another movie ... OK with me to use the same kind of movie making tools in it but not a serial story . and maybe they must think about 30 warriors this time fighting 300 000 000 * Cloverfield 2 : I respect what they said about getting a real story ... that movie was really good and original and it is better to leave it like that

Shero on Jun 26, 2008


As far as the 300 goes, it would be great if they could do the naval battle side of the story. Historically that was going on while the 300 were doing their thing. A movie could be made out of that, or a prequel about the Persian empire and everything that lead up to the battle. There's a lot of great stuff they could do. I'm glad that their not rushing these sequels and trying to do them right. Most rushed sequels end up being terrible. The story is they key to a successful sequel or prequel.

ObiWop on Jun 26, 2008


Where could they go with a 300 2? Theres nothing to tell, unless they put them in th future or something. Which is what producers do when they can't come up with an idea. Like Jason x or Leprecon in Space.

Jesse on Jun 26, 2008


I'm a bit reprehensive about 300 2. But I think I'd be interested if David Wenham was returning as Dilios. HELLBOY III: HELL YEAH! THE HOST 2: ..didn't see the first one, don't care. KUNG FU PANDA 2: Duh! Of COURSE this is getting a sequel, and I think it deserves one. That movie was incredible. And they can do so much more with the Furious Five. CLOVERFIELD 2: If they tell the same story from a different perspective..but personally I wanna see something that's going on months later. Remember, the cloverfield monster was a it's not as big as they can get, I'm assuming. And I wonder if there will be more than one? That would be a bitch, wouldn't it? And BASE IT IN PORTLAND! (that's near me and it would be awesome to see)

Garrett.king on Jun 26, 2008


300 is probably one of my favorite movies - so with no plot or really confirmed story ideas - I'm a little leery of this. I guess if they're going back to Miller and Snyder that's at least a step in the right direction. I'll hold off full judgment until there's more substance, but my initial thought is leave it alone unless there is a really good story or way to extend it into a new movie.

Boo-Yah on Jun 26, 2008


300 2? eh...the Peloponnesian war. They could kick some Athen's ass...since it was a civil war. I'm sure it is not chronologically accurate but who cares. Just throwin ideas out seems like a stretch though.

Kevin on Jun 26, 2008


I used to really like 300, but with every viewing, it reveals its flaws. First, the whole Sparta storyline with his wife and the traitor is crap. It bogs down the movie. Secondly, the movie relies too much upon slow-motion action sequences, so when it's all said and done, you have about 45 minutes of actual substance. It's fine without a sequel, and it's already had its stylistic copycats (like 10,000 B.C.) All I can see out of a sequel is something not as original. In retrospect, they should have lengthened the story and turned the entire war into a trilogy. They kinda bunched the battle scenes together in a quick montage. Not really excited about any of these prospects, but none of them are that surprising. I don't think Hellboy 1 did all that well in the theatres, became a sleeper hit on DVD, I don't think Hellboy 2 has that much box office appeal either. There's something about Del Toro films that the general public is disinterested in. BTW, when I saw that pic of Kung Fu Panda and 300, I thought the article was gonna be about Meet the Spartans Part 2.

The Brain on Jun 26, 2008


What the hell is the sequel to 300 going to be called? 1?

Izathatch on Jun 26, 2008


Agree....if they do some other story for 300 dont call it 300 or even use that in the title. 300 was called that for a reason. Some other loosely attached story will not hold the meaning. Host 2? Eh... I loved the first one and dont want to see it turn into Jaws 4

Heckle on Jun 26, 2008


No. No. NOOOO. 300 and 2?! Gimme a break! It must stop! IT MUST STOP! Like somebody commented before, BRAVEHEART and GLADIATOR would be nothing without Mel Gibson or Russell Crowe. So will 300 without Gerard Butler. Please, oh please, oh PLEASE don't let this happen.

Juan Carlo on Jun 26, 2008


In reference to a 300 sequel... Personally I would love to see some sort of sequel or a different war with the Spartans, as long as it was in the same visual and audio style as 300. Specifically, I would like to see a movie that sort of chronicles the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens and focus for the last 3/5 of the movie on the climax battle of the war. It took place 50 years after the events of 300. I say "chronicles" in the sense of showing short clips with narration of battles preceding the movie's main battle because the Peloponnesian War lasted just under 30 years or so. They could have the movie focus on the Spartan general / fleet admiral named Lysander.

Viper on Jun 26, 2008


I agree with number 1. a 300 sequel would blow unless its a prequel

Brian Ricci on Jun 26, 2008


#6 Hellboy is a Dark Horse Comics caracter,not Marvel(they wish!),but hey, bring on nr.3 as long as there is some sort of involvement from Mike Mignola,Guillermo Del Toro is the director and Ron Perlman returns as "big red"! #12 Maybe you should pick up the comic 300 wich the movie is based on. I think that all your cons to the movie will start to make sense,and I defenitly share your concerns for a sequel.

Zerge on Jun 26, 2008


Okay, that's it! I've put up with this for too long now. I was not happy about all the remakes, and sequels, but even the TALK about a sequel to 300 is completely absurd!!!!! Someone please do something! Is it even freakin' possible?!?!!?

Brian on Jun 26, 2008


I would watch a 300 sequel but I would prefer it not be made. The first was too good to dilute with a so-so sequel, but if Zack is directing and Frank is working on it as well it would probably turn out good. Please let there be a Cloverfield sequel. I loved the original. Please.

Keith on Jun 26, 2008


The Host 2 -- Never saw the first one; was not impressed by the trailer. If they make a second one, I won't see that one either. Kung-Fu Panda -- Of course they'll make a sequel; the first one is raking in the dough. I don't have kids, so if I ever see the first one or the sequel it will only be via Netflix. 300 -- Was not as blown away by this as some were. The best I could do for this one is rent it after I've exhausted any and all other options. The first film had an interesting visual style; but it still fell short as a whole film experience. Hellboy III -- Have not seen the first one, the trailers for the second one show Del Torro's masterful style; but I'm not sure it's enough to make me part with 10 bucks for the "privilege" of seeing it in a theater. Pan's Labyrinth was incredible... looking forward to The Hobbit. Cloverfield II -- Why? The first one outright sucked, a second one could only be worse. ...well, so much for my unsolicited opinions... although, it is an internet chat board... just my slant on it... I could be wrong.

Dave Lister, JMC on Jun 26, 2008


I hope 300 is about how the whole thing was Indiana Jones' dream and then he goes back in time to the 1940's to fight the ghost of Hitler who is about to fire an AIDS cannon at Chicago.

DCompose on Jun 26, 2008


Nnnoooooooooo! Here's the thing about sequels: Hollywood makes them for money. That's it. They don't care about story, or the fans, or the creators. All they care about is taking a popular movie and making as much money from it as they can until it's no longer popular. So here's how we (as movie fans) should look at sequels: Take a look at the list of movies above. Now, out of those movies how many of them did you love? How many were awesome? Now, how many of them would you like to see ruined with a crappy sequel? And there you go. If you love the movie, LET IT STAY THAT GOOD. Don't turn Kung Fu Panda into the Matrix. Sure, there's always the chance that the sequel might be good... but how many sequels can you think of that were as good as the original? Now how many are worse than the original? Bad sequels are far more common than good. Keep on doing what you do, Hollywood. Kick that dead horse.

Peter on Jun 26, 2008


#5 HAhahahah Andrew! I would love to see aliens fight those spartans!!

Nate on Jun 26, 2008


I would love to see a sequel to 300 but it would have to have a good story and be as fresh as the first one. Kung Fu Panda would be great but i dont no about dreamworks they'll most likely just throw a story together just to make some good money. The Host i wouldn't mind to see i thought the first one was great, it was hilarious loved the Dad, hopefully we dont get stuck with a crap story. Who wouldn't want a 3rd hellboy, and for Cloverfield the only way i would want them to make sequel is with a good story and for it to focus more on the monster then with the cam this time around.

Curtis on Jun 26, 2008


KFP is the only one I would really like. Then 300 (I like how the first one is and just that). Others are alright.

Ryan on Jun 26, 2008


The Host: the first one was absolute rubbish. I admit I am not korean (koreans them selves said you should know korea well to appreciate that film) but to me it was a bunch of separately filmed episodes switching between comedy and crappy horror that alltogether did not make any sense. Hellboy 3. This has to be the only one you mentioned that could be great. The 300: Please dont touch it 🙁 No Gerard Butler No sequel Kung Fu Panda 2. The first one follows the recent trend of fast moving badly designed animated polygons with famous voices behind the screen, aka NOT FUN. Cute animals that do stuff and no sensible story... seen it 100 times and I will never understand why the Road Runner-like movements should be fun. Slow down. The sole exception being Scrat from Ice Age.

Shige on Jun 26, 2008


To shige, I have a totally different opinion from you, I think the characters in kung fu panda were beautifully designed, and the chineese setting, the landscapes were visually great. Dreamworks gave a step above of all the shitty animated movies they have done in the past.

Hector on Jun 26, 2008


I'm down for a sequel to "300", the first one was pretty good! The Host I haven't seen, but I can't imagine that being bad or even less than good. So I'll back up a sequel for that as well. Del Toro is a champ and I'd like to see a "Hellboy 3" but one thing at a time. I can definitely wait for it as he is revamping "The Hobbit" which I think will be pretty good considering he's making it an epic two-parter - sweet! "Cloverfield" hasn't had very good buzz regarding a sequel since...forever! I don't care if they make another one. I thought the first one was EXTREMELY MEDIOCRE and I was not jazzed before it came out or after it came out. Besides, I thought those little creatures that dropped out from the creature and attacked our "heroes" looked waaaaay too much like the bugs from "Starship Troopers". So much it was almost embarrassing! Am I alone on this? Kung Fu Panda....surrrrrrre. I like Jackie boy to start with!

Conrad on Jun 26, 2008


300 part 2? Sign me up for more sexy Speedo-ed Spartans! hopefully in this one, they can have an orgy with each other and Xerxes! so HOT.

D on Jun 26, 2008


a sequel to 3oo??? I thought all the Spartans died in that, what, maybe 300: The Alternative Ending???...and please, please, please put a bullet in that steaming pile of sh*t CLoverfield... I had never seen a movie where I wanted every last member of the cast to die until that cowflop came out....the others I think might work...jmho...

moldybread on Jun 26, 2008


prequel or a sequel to i am legend would be great

Owen on Jun 26, 2008


ok, i got everyone covered... First time ever in Hollywood history...The newest movie creation is called! 300 Kung Fu Hellboys Host the Cloverfield The story is simple: Between Hellboy 2 and 3, Ron Perlman(having internet access of course)read the post concerning his age, and decided to travel to the UK. You know, to one of those "secret labs" to have himself cloned, but had the cloning process stopped at a much younger age... Po, after KFP 1, took the Shaolin route from the Shaw Brothers, decided to go on one of those epic "mountain journeys" and ran into Uwe Boll dressed in Spartan gear weeping over his latest epic failure of video game to movie disasters...Po, feeling a sense passion, not to mention outrage at a possiblely gay film maker dressed in "manly" attire...decapitates Uwe and saves the gear... Meanwhile... The Host is pissed because Cloverfield had Bad Robot directing at the Helm, while the Host had Korean equivilent President Kim directing his...decided to "pretend" to be friends with Cloverfield and have a nice sit down and discuss possibly teaming up for a "double Dragon" style action flick... to be continued...

Nicc on Jun 27, 2008


Zerge on Jun 26, 2008 : You are right Hellboy is a Dark Horse Comics character , not Marvel .... Sorry my mistake 🙂

Shero on Jun 28, 2008


kung fu panda2 was probably already penned before the first hit theaters. hellboy 3? haven't seen the first two but they look great and i'm sure a third would pull in the dollars. host2 never even heard of host 1 so can't comment but i think i need to watch.... cloverfield NEEDS a second movie for those of us who liked the first one to tie up the MANY loose ends from the movie, where did it come from? what the hell is it? is it really dead? and how did they get the camera in the first place?!? and also i think it should be a day after movie in the third person to explain all of that and maybe from the army's perspective a or an investigative team trying to gather more info about the monster. also what happened to the monster and why manhattan islad is quarantined? 300, now this one needs to be a stand alone movie! there is no part two to the last stand of the 300 spartans, HELLO THEY ALL DIE!!! the next step in the persian army marching into greece and waging war with the greeks and almost conquering rome! until rome bands together and forms one united country instead of many city states and crushes the persians. i know everyone loved this movie and yes cinematically it would be a hit but theres no story except a made up one based on nothing but pure fiction and then it would piss off the fans of the first and ruin the legacy that was 300 hen it hit theaters. gewt a grip people and buy the DVD and enjoy it over and over again but a sequel OR prequel would be a total disaster

thejugfather on Jun 29, 2008


The first Kung Fu Panda was certainly lucrative enough to inspire a sequel, even if the second makes half as much as the first that wouldn't be too bad

movie buff on Aug 14, 2008

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