Morgan Freeman Involved in Car Crash - Serious But Stable

August 4, 2008

Morgan Freeman

Yesterday evening shortly before midnight, Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman was involved in a car accident near his home in Mississippi that has left him in serious, but stable condition in a Memphis-area hospital. The Associated Press states, "Freeman was driving a 1997 Nissan Maxima… when the car left a rural highway and flipped several times," while gossip blogs are rumoring that Freeman might have fallen asleep at the wheel. Considering the time of night and that there's "no indication that either alcohol or drugs were involved," that makes a deal of sense. But a '97 Maxima? For shame.

Freeman's business partner, Bill Luckett, plays things down a bit, saying that the Oscar-winning actor is "resting quietly and has some fractures. Nothing life-threatening. Nothing permanent. He's in good spirits, but he's in some pain." That's great news since Freeman had to be airlifted to the hospital after being freed from the wrecked vehicle via the jaws of life. Reportedly, the 71-year-old actor broke his arm and shoulder. Freeman was driving the car owned by a woman, Demaris Meyer, who was in the passenger seat at the time and taken to the hospital as well. Oddly, not much is being reported on the woman's condition save for it being similar to Freeman's.

Despite the apparent severity of the crash, Freeman was said to be conscious during his extraction from the vehicle, apparently joking with rescue workers and looky-loos trying to snap photos-- he reportedly joked with an invasive photographer, saying "no freebies, no freebies." I bet TMZ will have those up anytime now. And speaking of jokes, a local newspaper is quoted as saying Freeman was "lucid, conscious." I really hope the guy intended for that to be a sly pun. If you combine those two words, you can get "Lucious," which is the name of Freeman's latest character as Bruce Wayne's corporate ally in The Dark Knight. Clever.

Overall, it sounds like Freeman is going to be fine. We'll certainly keep tabs on the story and report back anything worthwhile. But if I had to guess, this story won't go much further. Freeman is scheduled next to lead a B-grade film called The Code due out later this year and co-starring Antonio Banderas.

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I am glad he is fine ... I hope we don't loss anyone after Heath Ledger for the next Batman movie .

Shero on Aug 4, 2008


Morgan Freeman is quite possibly my favorite actor, and this news worried me at first, but I am glad to hear that he is doing okay.

Bo on Aug 4, 2008


Great actor, hopefully he gets well soon. And yeh a 97 maxima seriously? Should opt out for a recent car (much safer).

Slacker on Aug 4, 2008


Great news that Morgan Freeman is ok! As for the '97 Nissan Maxima, not bad! Really good, safe vehicle. I know! For shame? Kevin, you have a shallow, blatant sarcastic point of view, just like Alex lately. Suppose it was the woman's car he was driving.... Maybe Mr. Freeman was trying to keep a low profile! Nobody knows! Slacker,#4, a recent car, safer? I doubt that. Let me tell you something Slacker, Mr. Freeman is fine (maybe the '97 Maxima worked out well for him,yes?) but bear in mind, in an accident, if it's your time to go, the type of car or truck won't matter. Don't be shallow like Kevin is!!

Spider on Aug 4, 2008


Amen to that Spider. Glad to see your doing well Morgan!

Blue Silver on Aug 4, 2008


Let's not get testy, Spider. I'm a car dork, so I have to poke fun where I can. but to be fair, it was the woman's car...but still 🙂

Kevin Powers on Aug 4, 2008


Starting to sound like there is a Dark Knight curse Ledgers untimely death, Bale's family issues, now Freemans car wreck. If I was Michael Caine Id be staying home for awhile.

Darknight on Aug 4, 2008


At least he is alive.

Xerxex on Aug 4, 2008


ohh interesting comments Darknight! Superman curse lifted and placed on the now successful batman.

dom on Aug 4, 2008


This man has one of the greatest voices in Hollywood - aside from his acting talents. Glad to hear that he appears to be bruised up, but it's nothing too, too serious. I want to have a chance to appreciate his acting talents some more - hopefully in a third Batman!

Boo-Yah on Aug 4, 2008


From BBC : He is with broken hand and elbow ...and tonight or tomorrow will be the operation ...

Shero on Aug 4, 2008


#8 Darknight That is a very good, verys scary observation

Rodan8812 on Aug 4, 2008


Glad to hear Mr. Freeman is okay. We need another good 25 years of awesome voice acting out of this guy! (well, that would be nice, let's hope so)

Mr. Pockets on Aug 5, 2008


"Lucid, conscious" does not equal "Lucious." And Morgan Freeman's character's name is actually spelled "Lucius." Geez...

Joshua on Aug 5, 2008


The Joker is at work!

Brad on Aug 5, 2008


Goodness yes, something bad happened to three people out of the hundreds (thousands?) of people involved in this movie....OBVIOUSLY a curse. People are retarded.

Joel on Aug 5, 2008


What is going on people ... I may mentioned Batman Movie ..but I didn't meant anything wrong by that ... But some freaks who are here to make fun of everything.... are continuing their idiotic thoughts again and again...and of course all of them have no real profiles .... What I meant is : I hope we don't loss anyone ells from the crew of the movie The Dark Knight and that is it .... but some people just like to make scandals ...and I remember even in the day that Heath Ledger died ...some said that it is from the Joker character that still controle him and don't leave him relax and such an idiotic thoughts... Again my comment in this article was just a good wish for having all the crew again in the new Batman Movie nothing ells .... of course it is enough that we lost Ledger and Conway Wickliffe ( Special Effect ) ......................................................... I don't want to make it look tragic or drama ...but if we really speak about a curse then it must begin from me because I had to work in the movie and in the time I was making the documents to get the work permit to UK and begin working in the Visual Effects for the Dark Knight in the company Double Negative ... I got an accident that broke both of my legs .... now I can make a big deal from that and say look the curse of Dark Knight didn't let me be a part of the movie but it is not true because even if it not happen that accident the UK doesn't gave me the work permit 🙂 ... Now if some one in the way to the theater to watch the movie have an accident and die then what again a curse ...what about another millions who watches the movie ??? 😉 Look do you know what if you don't watch the movie 3 times then you will die ... that is good one 🙂 Oh wait Christian Bale's scandal with his family ...that was a curse too ??? 🙂 come on ... have a bit brain .

Shero on Aug 5, 2008


By the way My accident was in the time of shooting a stunt scene for a movie called The Tournament and the accident happen in 21 August 2007 ... ( I was not a stuntman I was Assistant Director ..but these stuff happen when you live and work with fucking nonprofessionals Bulgarian )... And it mean almost a month before the accident that happen to Conway Wickliffe in the time of shooting The Dark Knight 25 September 2007.

Shero on Aug 5, 2008


We love watching Morgan. He's in one of the best hospitals in the nation and they will take very good care of him. We wish him well in his recovery and hope to visit his place of business in Mississippi very soon. I wouldn't put too much of the curse of The Dark Knight, accidents happen, even to famous people, they aren't immune to the same things everyone else copes with everyday. He will recover and all will be well. Patience is a very fine virtue. Let him do what he needs to and he'll be back, just as good as ever. Bless him and his family in this terrible time and leave them alone to cope with this.

Carol & Jay Peirce on Aug 5, 2008


I agree with shero. I am glad morgan is well. I hope this TDK doesn't turn out to be cursed movie.

Buttons on Aug 8, 2008

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