Movie Voice Guy Don LaFontaine Has Died

September 1, 2008

Don LaFontaine

The legendary movie voice guy known as Don LaFontaine passed away on Monday at the age of 68. Entertainment Tonight is reporting that LaFontaine passed away of complications from Pneumothorax, a condition that is the result of a collapsed lung. Why am I writing this tribute to Don? Because even though you might not know it, Don is the voice that you recognize from nearly every last movie trailer and every last movie voiceover. He's got that deep, thrilling voice that you'll instantly recognize the moment you hear it. He may never have been seen in any actual movies, but to me, he has been and always will be the voice of movies and movie trailers. Don and his voice will most certainly never be forgotten.

Don is known as that "movie trailer guy" or "movie voice guy" or whatever you want to call him. From the first time I can remember watching movies, I remember hearing Don's voice. He's done so many voiceovers that it's almost pointless to count them, although the official number is upwards of 5,000 or more. Not only has he provided voiceovers, but he's written and produced films as well. This is one of the most tragic years for Hollywood with the loss of such iconic behind-the-scenes individuals like Stan Winston and now Don LaFontaine. Will anyone be able to ever replace him and his voice? "The man, the myth, the voiceover legend…" We leave you with a great video showing the story behind Don LaFontaine.

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Is his job available, cuz I can do it for half the price!

The Rambler on Sep 1, 2008


Well that sucks ass. I know many do his voice, but it will never be the same with out his voice. To this day when someone else is doing a trailer, its just not the same.

AllmightyKeim on Sep 1, 2008


It's a shame, Don was a great guy. I know the guys who made the video you're displaying. They worked with him a few times on things and Don was just a fantastic person.

Zimz on Sep 1, 2008


2008 is a deadly year, so many great entertainers are being lost this year.

The Delightful Deviant on Sep 2, 2008


Yeah, I'm almost afraid to read the paper because I keep getting bad news. So many comedians and people who hold nostalgic value for us are dying.

thisgirltv on Sep 2, 2008


When the world enters it's darkest hour.... When Mankind has lost all hope... One Man will step forward... This Summer from the people who brought you The Adventures of Pluto Nash and Schindler's List... Comes, THE RAMBLER.

The Rambler on Sep 2, 2008


In a world where the original voice over guy has died, one man must take the torch! The Rambler! Coming this summer

Kail on Sep 2, 2008


This news makes me incredibly sad, after watching him in interviews in various late night shows he was both an amazing man, and the VOICE of movies.

Robb3d on Sep 2, 2008


wow what a seemingly genuine and funny guy, that's a bloody tragedy will they just keep recycling his voiceovers? sampling the odd word here and there...might make for a strange soundbite Rest your voice in peace Don LaFontaine

mikesta on Sep 2, 2008


I suspected he might have been in some trouble ever since Sir Ian McKellan did the voice over for the Wall.E trailer. As fabulous as Sir Ian is, I didn't really believe he'd be the first choice. Sad to think that we'll never again hear "In a preposterous movie, with an intangible plot, one shallow actor will overcome excessive special effects...." I wonder who'll bubble to the surface as the next Voice over guy ? My money's on Brian Blessed "Gordons Alive!"

Dr.Duvel on Sep 2, 2008


i was just talking about don to my gf! i was telling her that he is the voice of the movie trailers. i even had a video of him on my myspace page. RIP my man! you will be missed!

Ray on Sep 2, 2008


RIP sir. A true legend.

Stuart Mellor on Sep 2, 2008


One of best trailer quotes I heard him say: "They came in a mothership, there going home in a body bag." RIP

zwandaba on Sep 2, 2008


This truly is a terrible loss. Movie trailers will never feel the same again. I think Frank Caliendo would be a good guy to fill Don's shoes. RIP Don. We love you.

Nick on Sep 2, 2008


They should get pablo francisco to do it now (twas a joke) R.I.P don

JaeJokah on Sep 2, 2008


That's messed up. This literally changes the landscape of movies for generations of people. I've lived my entire life knowing LaFontaine as *THE* movie guy. Sure, there are lots of other voice over artists, but he's the one I identified with first. This sucks.

Tom Brazelton on Sep 2, 2008


Another tragedy this year! May you rest in peace Don. My deepest condolences to his family!

Spider on Sep 2, 2008


Great guy, I caught his segment with Good Morning America a few years back and loved it. He was king in a small, much-overlooked sect of Hollywood and practically defined the voiceover... and he'll be greatly missed.

Devon Shaw on Sep 2, 2008



Viper on Sep 2, 2008


RIP will be missed.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 2, 2008


He may have been a nice guy, but I always hated his voice and the commercials his voice was on.

Klink on Sep 2, 2008


Paul Frees, Mel Blanc, Mary Kay Bergman, Ernie Anderson, Tony Jay...and now Don. Wherever you are now I'll bet it's a glorious noise. Cheers and thanks for your gift of voice - you will be missed.

Dino on Sep 2, 2008


he'll be missed even the shittiest movie he made it sound good by the way...fuck "The Rambler"

drunkimus on Sep 2, 2008


aw man... and his Geico commercial was my favorite.. 🙁 "Payback...this time, its for real!" he will truly be missed.. RIP Don LaFontaine and on a side note, Pablo Francisco can talk in an almost identical tone as Don...maybe he can take the reins... :l

carlos on Sep 2, 2008


Rest in Peace Don.

Shane on Sep 2, 2008


Drunkimus, The Rambler joke was an homage to the many trailer cliche's that his voice lent a hand to continuing, it wasn't meant to degrade him in any way. When a person dies you're not supposed to mourn their death, you're supposed to celebrate their life. I heard that in one of the straight to video The Crow sequels, and it's true! Don will be missed, but he will forever be immortalized for being the biggest movie cliche of all time, one that has always and will always be loved

Kail on Sep 2, 2008


wow, bummer. he will truely be missed. rest in peace, voiceover legend. but "leave a message at the beep. i know where you live." hahaha. wish i could have met him.

craziemutant on Sep 2, 2008


this sucks

bigsimpsin on Sep 2, 2008


Yeah, Pablo Francisco could really nail Don's voice. And in his act, he never even had to mention Don by name. The entire audience knew who he was talking about, Fontaine's memorable voice was THAT ingrained into our pop culture! Farewell Don. You were THE VOICE!

Feo Amante on Sep 2, 2008


too bad his last words on tv had to be "this summer, you're favorite movies... are getting destroyed. it's disaster movie!"

LeeMan on Sep 2, 2008


Don is a legend. The new voice of the movies is a guy named Scott Rummell. He's been doing them for several years now.

Bob on Sep 2, 2008


That's some bad news, Don has a voice of a god!!!!

Xerxex on Sep 2, 2008


In the midst of Gustav and all it's terrible aftermath...i will never forget the man behind the greatest voice in history. RIP.

BRBomber on Sep 2, 2008


I knew him which is really sad. He was a nice guy too. I saw him the Friday before he died. I know his younger daughter too. She goes to my school.

Kita on Sep 2, 2008



bltzie on Sep 2, 2008


I know... really sad stuff going on here...

Kita on Sep 2, 2008


The only guy that could take his place is Peter Cullen. The voice of Optimus Prime in the new Transformers movie and the original 1984 cartoon series. He's also done MANY other voices.

John on Sep 2, 2008


Don, a man that has inspired many of us getting into the voice field, a pillar an icon has departed. My thoughts are with you and you family, may you rest in peace. JML.

Jean Michel Landry on Sep 3, 2008


#37, my thoughts exactly. RIP Don...

Omega728 on Sep 3, 2008


Sir Ian didn't do Wall-E... this guy did: RIP DLF -A

Anthony on Sep 3, 2008


Well, how about this guy to replace him?

well... on Sep 3, 2008


yeah, Pablo Francisco. that's his name. If you need that voice he can do it, though it's a little on the "sharp" side.

well... on Sep 3, 2008


Wow, this is very sad sad news.

Ryan on Sep 3, 2008


very sad news. seemed like a stand-up regular joe with a spectacular talent. no doubt he'll be missed. gotta say, tho, that pablo dude nails it.

mac on Sep 3, 2008


Don's voice was more than amazing. So powerful, so charged. The movie trailers would come to life with a single whisp of his voice. They will NEVER be the same again. I won't go see half as many movies now and the trailers will be such a bore to sit through. His memory will live on forever. R.I.P x

Jodie on Sep 7, 2008


This is turning out to be a terrible summer for Hollywood. Roy Scheider, Stan Winston, George Carlin, Bernie Mac and now Don Lafontaine...these all represent irreplaceable talent.

Jason on Sep 8, 2008


I look for Howard Coogan to probably step in a little bit to do some of the work on comedy movies. This is not my website but, one of the best video sites out there!

Eric B on Sep 8, 2008


IN A WOOORLD.. with out DON LAFONTAINE .. SAD . SAD .. R.I.P .. now the previews are gonna suck..

web on Sep 13, 2008


So sad, a lifetime of trailers, a national icon, gone. If anyone should try and fill Don's shoes, I recommend Pablo Franscico. Here is a link featuring Pablo.

Ashley on Sep 15, 2008


I have the same voice as him serius, I would like to do the same job latter

Cj on Nov 12, 2008


God Rest his Soul in Peace,Amen. He was a Legend Indeed.

Fisherr on Jan 8, 2009



ho on Apr 3, 2010


Wow ,, nice

card on Apr 3, 2010

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