Must Watch: American Teen Trailer!

April 11, 2008
Source: Yahoo

American Teen Trailer

After hearing all about American Teen for months, we finally have the first trailer to show all of you! This is the sensational documentary that both Ken and I have fallen in love with. It's incredible, in fact, it may be one of the best movies of the year. I'm not normally a documentary guy, but I love everything about American Teen. I've even seen it twice now and still want to see it again. The doc follows four seniors as they finish their last year in high school in a small Indiana town. There's nothing more I can say now besides that you must watch this trailer.

You can read both my review and Ken's review on American Teen - both very positive. Definitely a film worth seeing this summer!

Watch the trailer for American Teen:

[flv: 596 336]

You can also watch the American Teen trailer in High Definition at Yahoo

American Teen is directed by documentary filmmaker Nanette Burstein, of 1999's On the Ropes previously. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year and was bought by Paramount Vantage for around $1 million. American Teen hits theaters this summer on July 25th. Don't miss it!

American Teen Poster

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This is my favorite movie of 2008 so far. It's just so wonderfully relatable. You would have to not have a heart and have never gone to High School not to enjoy this movie.

Peter Sciretta ( on Apr 11, 2008


This looks amazing!!! i really really want to see it

ha1rball on Apr 11, 2008


wheres all the drugs, drinks and causing trouble in this movie? did they edit it all out? or is there actually stuff to do in that town besides get wasted every day

harrison on Apr 11, 2008


and it looks very cliche

harrison on Apr 11, 2008


cliche ... its a documentary about teenagers ... life is a cliche ... Nothing EVER changes about teenagers about cliches, about who they are, about what they deal with, about the stupid stuff they do, about their triumphs and about their failures. Nothing changes. EVER. So yes, its a cliche but its a sad one that after all this time we still have these stupid categories in school and that people are still mauled for being this way or that way. This is why we have crazy adults and people who cant adjust in their lives, this stupid Breakfast Club-ish nonsense that still happens ... So cliche ... maybe. But a damn sad one.

E on Apr 11, 2008


Looks boring,nothing new!Looks like another mtv show yupeee!!!

miguel on Apr 12, 2008


Why is something completely realistic cliche? Is it cliche because it's happening in your schools and in front of you and so you've seen it before? I'd ask what the definition of cliche is in the context of movies like this because this definitely breaks the bounds because it's real and it's NOT another MTV creation.

Alex Billington on Apr 12, 2008


An amazing trailer--surely has me pumped.

Michael on Apr 12, 2008


I saw it last week and found it just to be average. It had insight but never anything that we haven't seen before. I found the animations to be awkward too and it NEVER broke any bounds really. **1/2 out of ****

Ryan on Apr 13, 2008


a documentary version of the breakfast club, i dont know about that. i might check it out on dvd

Darrin on Apr 13, 2008


Ryan, I agree with you on the animations, but the rest of it was amazing. I guess... it's not trying to be insightful but I would say truthful. Does that make sense? Either way, I wish you would've seen it with us - our enthusiasm would've made you feel better about the movie. 🙂

Alex Billington on Apr 13, 2008


Wow this looks way more interesting than any of that fake Laguna Beach or The Hills which I refuse to watch and have somehow miraculously not been forced to watch at a friends house. These people seem real and actually look like everyday people. I really want to see this.

Bridget on Apr 14, 2008


Movie should be called "American Teens from Indiana" Nothing but mainly, caucasian faces sprinkled with some occasional other ethnicity. The filmmaker should have did a doc from a bigger city. More interesting stories there than some "Varsity Blues, Cant hardly wait" style documentary. Hell, look at the damn poster. Yawn...

Adam on Apr 14, 2008


I'm actually from Warsaw and was a freshmen when they were filming and I think, Adam, it was a great place to do the documentary and a bigger city would have mostly likely not made this movie as exciting as it is. This is because many documentaries or mtv shows are from bigger cities so I think the filmmaker made a great decision on using a small country town in the middle of almost no where Indiana, instead of going main stream and doing a big city documentary. Although the camera crews where very annoying through out the school, I think this overall is going to be a good movie whether it does or does not exactly depict what High School really is.

RB on Apr 14, 2008


This is one of the stupidest movies i've seen in a while.... thats just my opinion though.

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2008


Eh. Its a good idea, will probably be a good movie but id like to see them pick a school like the one i went to were kids a using drugs joining gangs and getting pregnant. some real problems kids a facing today.

D Mizzle on Apr 16, 2008


I AM A SENIOR AT THIS SCHOOL. =] this movie was made my sophmore year. i had to sign a paper to be in it. hahah man i cant wait to watch this!

M Stahl on Apr 17, 2008


and just so you all know. this is NOT fake. these are real people and actual events. nothing was acted.

M Stahl on Apr 17, 2008


i graduated from this high school, and i don't know about the gang stuff, but there are definately kids who use drugs and PLENTY of pregnant girls, trust me. they just weren't in this documentary. and yea, i've heard rumors that some things were staged, but from my limited experience most of the events were real. some conversations were re-shoot because of poor sound quality and things like that, that could be where the 'staged' rumors started.

S. Fox on Apr 18, 2008


and, i believe the poster is purposefully spoofing the breakfast club. and i also believe that it was a goal of the filmmakers to pick a small, rural city/town in the midwest. if i'm right with that assumption, they definately picked a good place.

S. Fox on Apr 18, 2008


the breakfast club is my all time favorite i am really excited to see this. i was a sophmore when they filmed this movie and my brother was in the senior class! i can't wait

Kristin on May 28, 2008


wait i wanna watch it now. how did you guys get to see it first? sorry i'm new to this but im enjoying our page rather much. :LOL:

ASIAN STEAM on May 29, 2008


Adam, your comments are the typical "politically correct" whining I am so tired of. Let's be completely honest here. 66% of the population in America is non-hispanic white, 12% is black. The other 22% is split among hispanic, asian, and other races. The reason I am pointing this out? The fact that the large majority of people in this country are white might explain why a documentary (that is being completely honest) would feature more white kids than any other race. In fact, if they had purposely shoe-horned in a couple of other races as the main "characters" that would actually be far more insulting. It would be pandering to the idea that other races can't identify with a teenager of a race other than their own. In fact, the idea that only white people can identify with other white people, and only black people can identify with other black people is possibly the biggest racial problem this country faces. Who needs government mandated segregation, when we do it ourselves?

James on May 30, 2008


Anyone else plan on checking out the new movie American Teen? Watched a trailer for it today and it looks great. There's more info for it here:

Bradd on Jul 24, 2008


Maybe I go to the wrong high-school, but I've never seen anything in that movie happen in real life.

Not the other Bridget who commented on Aug 5, 2008


Whoa, when did this movie begin to represent a race issue? I think that's taking it a bit far. Personally I never felt that there were any cliques at my High School (of course, looking back this was not the case), and even though I couldn't relate to the idea that person X and person Y couldn't be friends or date or whatever due to social hierarchy I was moved by the way adolescence was portrayed here. The film makers apparently worked very hard to show an accurate view of the way High School is perceived through an insider's eyes. I think they did a good job of showing how selfish, ridiculous, and sometimes unkind youth is. Anyway, that is all beyond the point. This is not ''overly dramatic'' and it doesn't have great animations (but I kinda liked them anyway), but what it does is show the life of the typical American teen without making it seem as though their problems are trivial. In that way, everyone can relate. We have all had a problem at one point or another that seems to be catastrophic in our minds and no one else can see the big deal. So why do we constantly put down the younger generations for feeling too much? It seems unfair. We all react to difficulties proportional to the other hardships we've had to experience in our past, and high schoolers have experienced less. This is definitely worth a watch. But don't be so close minded, and try to be patient with our youth. They will be in charge someday! 😉 ****1/2 out of *****

Kirsten on Apr 9, 2009

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