Must Watch: Another Phenomenal 4-Minute Watchmen Featurette

December 30, 2008
Source: MySpace

Another Phenomenal 4-Minute Watchmen Featurette

If only to fuel the fire of Fox hatred even more, another phenomenal featurette for Watchmen featuring extensive amounts of new footage has popped up on MySpace tonight. This feels like a 4-minute extended trailer narrated ny Zack Snyder featuring some truly spine-chilling moments -- it just looks that good. Every time I watch something like this I completely forget that there is a legal battle going all. In the end all I want is to see this exactly as Zack Snyder imagined. Just as the graphic novel changed the comic book world forever, this movie might have as big of an impact on the cinematic world. Enjoy!

Watch the latest Watchmen featurette:

[flv: 580 326]

Watchmen is directed by Zack Snyder (of Dawn of the Dead and 300) and written by David Hayter (The Scorpion King, X-Men, X-Men 2) and Alex Tse. The movie arrives in theaters everywhere on March 6th, 2009. Stay tuned for even more Watchmen coverage, photos, and more right here at!

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It is official, this movie looks just as good maybe better than The Dark Knight.

moviefan553 on Dec 30, 2008


Is it March yet?!

Daniel on Dec 30, 2008


Looks good. I can't wait for this movie. I w ill be seeing this open day

Dave on Dec 30, 2008


looks great

Padme on Dec 31, 2008


Fox better not f*ck this movie up, it would be a total travesty.

nate on Dec 31, 2008


Your right Alex it does fuel the hatred for Fox a bit, this looks even more insanely amazing with every trailer. Think I might actually read the novel.

Cody on Dec 31, 2008


I'm going to have to agree with Alex and everyone who posted already.

Kable on Dec 31, 2008


I don't know what the fuss is all about with Alan Moore. This adaptation certainly looks faithful. Hopefully he will give it a chance.

Farris on Dec 31, 2008


it will hopefully be a good movie but it won't be groundbreaking in any way, shape or form. I think it will be next years Speed Racer, a film which i (and alot of people) loved that tried new things and had a great look, but was quickly out of cinemas left to history.

chris on Dec 31, 2008


I really really really need time to fast forward and for Fox leave the movie the hell alone so I can watch the movie already.

Sojourner on Dec 31, 2008


Awesomeness. #8 The "fuss" with Alan Moore is that he's had his work fucked up by Hollywood on so many occasions prior to this that he has no faith in the movie business. I understand that and surely thats his right. But I sincerely hope Zack Snyder will buck the trend with this one.

Dr. Duvel on Dec 31, 2008


Haha that was sick. It wouldve been funny to see rorshach jump out of the fridge though.

toddflanders on Dec 31, 2008


Funny that , last time I looked myspace belongs to fox

whatever on Dec 31, 2008


another trailer with a muse song!! yipeeee. and it looks awesome.

sarah on Dec 31, 2008


Ozmondious still irks me in casting. On the flipside, Rocharch's mask is awesome

L on Dec 31, 2008


Holy F'in Wow! Thanks was amazing! All I can say is FOX better not F this up for us!

K on Dec 31, 2008


I wonder if they'll keep the Doomsday Clock in it. Seems appropriate, since they kept it in the '80's.

Djo on Dec 31, 2008


Looks good Alex. @15. I like the mask as well.

Film-Book dot Com on Dec 31, 2008


Now it looks amazing.

Darunia on Dec 31, 2008


Fox is starting to get really disappointing with their quality of movies these days... This link might make for some interesting reading for some of you, it talks about some of Fox's struggles this year...

Dubya on Dec 31, 2008


Wow. I love everything about this movie except for Malin Akerman. Poor casting choice there. But nonetheless.....Wow. It just keeps looking better.

Steven on Dec 31, 2008


i can't believe they actually kept a lot of the minor details and events from the book. the pregnant vietnamese lady, laurie puking after teleporting, etc. i can't wait. even tho the ending has changed i still have faith snyder's retained a lot of the material and themes from the book. can't wait. esp. rorsach's origin and the talk between laurie/dr. manhatten on mars. tho i will say ozymandias doesn't look godly enough. more like a weird Bowie look-a-like. way off but we'll see. fuck fox and here's to hoping it comes out in March!

andrew on Dec 31, 2008


#9 you couldn't be more wrong. This will be groundbreaking in that it will give the general public a new way of seeing superheroes and heroes in general. Ever since I have read the novel I see superheroes in a new light. Dark Knight somewhat helped with that a bit, but Watchmen brings it to a whole new level. And also it is such a great story and so involved that people will be affected just by the story and characters alone. Best movie of 09'

Dan W on Dec 31, 2008


Definitely the one to "watch' for. Can't wait. Hooray for Blue Ray...

yaeker on Dec 31, 2008


Anyone have a tissue.....................

insanartist on Dec 31, 2008


the movie looks fantastic but seriously the graphic novel was so fuckingboring it was was talking talking and more talking the

Eric on Dec 31, 2008


@20 Dubya That article is from sept 5th this year, which only list details most already know about or quickly found! Nothing we did'nt know already. It seem fashionable to write anything slagging Fox these days.

MJC on Dec 31, 2008


Number 27 for what you have just written, you do not even deserve to see the film adaptation of Watchmen. Do you not think this is going to be a lot of scenes of just talking in rooms? That's how the story is portrayed....

Conrad on Jan 1, 2009


ALthough it looks absolutely incredible, I am not so sure that it will be regarded as higly as TDK. The Dark Knight was groud-breaking because it was able to shake off its comic-book roots and stand as an awesome film. The film was somewhat familiar to some Batman stories, yet had a distinct feeling of its own. Meanwhile, Watchmen is completely based off of Alan Moore's epic novel. As good as the film will be, it will always be compared to the graphic novel, and most people would probably choose the book. Still, the film looks amazing and is probably the top must-see film on my list.

Ajax on Jan 1, 2009


Re: No.8-The "fuss" with Alan Moore- Besides his stories getting messed in movie (LoEG? Travesty!)form, he is one of the literary geniuses of the 20th Century. He went the comic book/graphic novel route to get his ideas out there, because (I guess) it may have been easier than getting a book published--maybe paid more-- and he's loved comic books since he was a kid, among other reasons. Read Watchmen. It's not just another "comic book." If you don't get Alan Moore then, you won't ever (like #27, who I think should restrict himself to early 90's Image comics. Oops! There's some Alan Moore there, too). If the movie just touches most/some of the ideas in the gn, it'll be amazing, whether it's a box office success or not.

zubzwank on Jan 1, 2009


^ I agree The main reason I'm still not sure it will be better than The Dark Knight is because I feel that Watchmen's ideas are no longer revolutionary. Although it was one of the originators of the "realistic superhero" concept, this has been done in so many mediums now. I still expect it to be phenomenal, even though I'm still not entirely convinved that they can pull it off.

SlashBeast on Jan 1, 2009


This is awesome. Does anyone know if this will be on itunes fro free like the comic-con footage?

bobbyboy on Jan 1, 2009


If anyone can remember, "300" was a pretty impressive comic, as well. Not on caliber with "Watchmen," but it was a decent work of fiction, to say the least. Then, look what Snyder did to that. Sure, it was pretty, but that movie was terrible, and I challenge anyone to say otherwise. The same fate seems to be approaching "Watchmen." I'm already beginning to see shots that utilize his retarded super-fast-to-super-slow-mo direction. I mean, is anyone really impressed by that? Doesn't anyone else find it redundant and unnecessary? It's arguably no different than bullet-time, and that got stale a LONG time ago. "Watchmen" isn't exactly the most action/adventure oriented piece of graphic fiction ever published, but if I have to sit through more fight scenes like the ones in "300," my enjoyment of this film will severely decline. Is no one else bothered that Dr. Manhattan's voice doesn't have any sort of ethereal qualities to it either? I feel like they could've done some really neat stuff to his voice in post (see Mr. Freeze from "Batman: The Animated Series") that would have really set his character apart as being something inhuman. I'm still anxious to see it, but I'm more concerned with Zach Snyder directing it than Fox blocking it.

Yale on Jan 1, 2009


Dear God! It looks almost exactly like the comic! I say we boycott Fox if they fuck this up! ... anyone with me?

A-Dog on Jan 1, 2009


@34 Yale, you got some strong arguments there with Watchmen being a non action comic and all but lets realise that Mr Manhattan is the only one of the Watchmen that got real powers, powers really place him amognst gods in either marvel or DC or image or whicever comic continum. his outlook his aura, his way of percepting our world is different and its kinda alienating when you think of it. it may be the only way for him to relate to the ounny being that us, humans, to speak as his former self, void of any emotions, which is i believe way more creepier than a godly voice. i dont know, thats absolutely my own idea but its a wise choice to have him speak that way. and regarding the action sequences, i believe for such a comic that was very hard to read because of the heavy dialogues not to have visually striking scenes in the film was gonna bore the viewers. the real question i think is how well it is spread, if it follows the comics layouts etc it woulndt hurt to see some action, and the few action in the GN really speaks louder than words. well hope everything goes in order and we get to see this in theaters with no delay. 😀 cheers happy new years guys and gals 😀

burak "daequitas" on Jan 2, 2009


All the trailers have had a heavy emphasis on the action scenes, then again, which trailer doesn't. I'm also tired of the slow-motion effects which seem to be plaguing the trailers and was one of the most annoying parts of 300. Also, why are they calling Zack Snyder a "visionary director"? Adapting panel for panel of a comic book (300) or remaking a movie is not "visionary", even if he pulls of Watchmen with the panel for panel approach it still isn't going to make him a "visionary".

SlashBeast on Jan 2, 2009


I like that he doesn't try to make the movie his own. He's showing respect for another artists vision. Something hollywood never gives to the comic book. Hollywood is so arrogant and thinks they're so smart that they can improve someone else's art form. Thank god Snyder gives comic book artists their dues.

jeremy on Jan 2, 2009



Eric on Jan 2, 2009


#32- You are right. While it was groundbreaking when originally published (i.e., Watchmen, Dark Knight gn) The concept of the "realistic" or dysfunctional superhero is no longer new, even on the screen. I'm not sure if that will help some viewers in accepting Watchmen or if it'll be "seen this, done that."

zubzwank on Jan 2, 2009


My only complain is Dr. Manhattan's voice. I think they shoul've done something with it like Xerxes on 300. Maybe it'll grow on me

bltzie on Jan 2, 2009


Never even heard of Watchmen before the trailers! But this is seriously going to be in my top 10 movies methinks!

Ken on Jan 2, 2009


I just completed reading watchmen graphic novel and i cant see anything new or groundbreaking. may be it was when it was published. the movie also will be quickly forgotten like speed racer. Like #40 said,"The concept of the "realistic" or dysfunctional superhero is no longer new, even on the screen". Also the fear of cold war is so old now. I have but a little hope pinned on the fact that they changed the ending.otherwise it was very depressing.

manu on Jan 2, 2009


Another french teaser (0,58min)

Florian on Jan 3, 2009


I agree with #30. At best, The Watchmen will be regarded as a great, even superb, adaptation of its legendary source material. It will be known for its Sin City/300-esque faithfulness. But unlike TDK, I don't think The Watchmen will be able to claim to be as a brilliant movie on its own, with its own story. It definitely won't be considered visionary. Doesn't mean that Watchmen won't be cooler than The Dark Knight, or that I won't like it more than TDK. #43- Cold War fears are old now? Russian invasion of Georgia, secret alliances with Syria, buddying up to Venezuela. My friend, they're just only restarting.

AltWorlder on Jan 3, 2009


Did anybody else notice that Civil War and Identity Crisis both ripped off Watchmen?

dougfunnie on Jan 4, 2009


Well, 46, at least Identity Crisis was published by the same company as Watchmen.

zubzwank on Jan 6, 2009


to 46, and 47... i was thinking roughly the same when i saw the 1st trailer... this really is shockingly relevant, and possibly even more so, given the singular oddness of people. i have felt a modicum of Moore's sadness with each film i've seen to have raped his talent, but i do feel that this story is utterly now. so let's watch Rupe and his monkeys steal it away, eh?

the patient english on Jan 8, 2009


zack snyder has balls of steel

icke on Jan 9, 2009


Wake me up when it's March please... Zzzzzz

Shady on Jan 12, 2009


In my opinion they already did seroius damage to what could have been a incredible movie in more ways then one. If you have a problem with my opinion just don't swear at me. I know comic book movies so far have been brilliant no less but these recent ones such as "The Spirit" and "Watchman" dampered this image by adding unessesary things of which language and sexuality that can be avoided while still maintaining the essense of a comic book. To be fair take the movie "The Dark Knight" which is PG-13 for violence and menace but had almost no sexuality (two kissing scenes that it) and very little language (less 20 altogether) and outdid all the movies of 2008 (check the record books). So why add things you don't need to still get the point across, without nudity almost half the movies of 2008 would have been PG-13 and better maintined. Finally one the plus for Watchmen I DO like the trailers. But to be honest allot of comic book movie adaptations will be hard pressed to match Christopher Nolan's batman movie reboots let alone Marvels upcoming movies. I will comend DC comics for it artistic feat. Still a better movie doesn't need the whole extra baggage.

Vitokris on Jan 26, 2009


fuck this movie

Vic on Feb 3, 2009


Holy crap, i didn't know "Solid Snake" was a script writer. HAHA awesome!!

Martin on Feb 8, 2009


to #54 - Hurman hey there pal, i didnt say in the GN the voice was not changed, only stated that in the trailer all we hear is Osterman's voice but stripped any emotion that defines our "voice" as "our own" and "human". on the contrary , no i did not miss al those blue tinted word balloons 😀 just wanted to say that those blue tints/highlights may not indicate an inhumanly voice. it may be interpreted that the bluish word balloons in the GN was to reflect his aura and not a godly voice, we here all around us as Dr. Manhattan speaks. a human speaking in a way stripped of any emotions (as he himself states he no longer sees himself as a human and doesnt relate himself to humanly matters) is disturbing, irritating and alien enough for any street level human hence such are dubbed as "freaks" even amongst today's people too. and about the Brucheimer-Batmanish Ozzy costume you are right all the way 😀 and one final statement; i still believe Watchmen as written by Alan Moore is not filmable. because it deals with so many hard-conversations and sub plots etc it should be at least twelve episoed TV series at best 😀 but what we will see in the theatres soon should be satisfying. cause no comic or novel could be adapted truly true the the original. always something should be left out or tweaked a bit to fit the screen, to make it filmable and understandable by the most of the movie goers and not only the hard core fans. and we can only judge the film whether its true to the original source or not only by the least amount of things left out and tweaked. so to sum up i believe we will see a great movie experience. but to see if it will satisfy our expectations we will have to see the whole pic 😀 whatever the outcome; let us all enjoy those movies at most and expect even greater better movies, adaptations original ones in the coming days and increased in both quantity and quality. cheers, burak

burak "daequitas" on Feb 9, 2009


Hey, Hurman, maybe you should stop whining about comic books and move to Britain to join Alan Moore's cult of bitter old snake-worshipers.

AltWorlder on Feb 9, 2009

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