Must Watch: Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Featurette for Wanted!

May 17, 2008
Source: Empire


Rarely do we get to see great behind-the-scenes featurettes this early on. More often than not, the best featurettes end up on the DVD months late. However, today I've come across one of the greatest featurettes I've seen in a while that has completely converted me from "interested" to "addicted." Empire has debuted a featurette for Wanted, the film due out this June based on Mark Millar's comic book. The featurette includes dialogue from Mark Millar, director Timur Bekmambetov, and actor James McAvoy. Not only is the video designed and edited fantastically, but the footage they show and the way they explain the film makes me wonder how I've missed those scenes all along?! You definitely need to watch this!

The visual style of this movie looks insane (in a good way)! I knew Timur was a unique filmmaker, but the footage I've seen so far elsewhere has been unimpressive. I've seen that entire Viper car chase scene about four times, and I've seen the scene where he shoots the wings off the flies. Both were unimpressive, but after watching this, I'm wondering whether I've just been show the worst parts so far and there is so much more to come. The opening fight scene looks stunning and the scene where Wesley quits his job and the keyboard letters fly through the air looks great, too. I know that it's a bit cliché and over-the-top, but that scene looks frickin' awesome!

Watch the behind-the-scenes featurette for Wanted:

Everything that Timur Bekmambetov said about "using the same tools" that Mark Millar used in the comic and really working from the source material was quite impressive. I had originally heard that Wanted was not going to be anything like the comic book, so that rumor must be wrong. Either they're trying to squash all those rumors by putting out a great video that puts them shame even that statement is still true, or they're literally just ridiculous rumors. For me at least, this featurette has left me incredibly anxious to see Wanted! How excited are you for Wanted after watching the featurette?

Wanted is directed by Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov, of Night Watch and Day Watch previously. The movie is based on a comic book series by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones published by Image Comics. Wanted hits theaters full force this summer on June 27th.

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Man, it looks awesome. I will definitely see this movie!

Chuck A. Spear on May 17, 2008


I've been waiting for this movie ever since I saw the first trailer. I've got a feeling this is going to make me feel the same way I felt after watching the first Matrix for the first time...

Mubariz Ahmedi on May 17, 2008


And you're just telling a part of society, sorry this is too cool for you. This looks. A Mazing

Kelley on May 17, 2008


It will be a very good movie.

Erman Haskan on May 17, 2008


Probably not an Oscar contender, but Wanted looks very cool. Can't wait to see it!

Andreas Climent on May 17, 2008


What hell, i had this written as crap. But after seeing this, it looks awesome.

Discateia on May 17, 2008


Night Watch was one of the more visually unique movies I've seen and it certainly looks like that style is going to translate to this film. I had also heard that this movie was going to be nothing like the source material, which had me somewhat concerned, but after watching this I'm beginning to think that isn't the case. When you've got the writer of graphic novel telling you the first 40 minutes of the movie is virtually frame by frame from the book, who am I to argue?

Boo-Yah on May 17, 2008


i am totally blown away, a friend of mine who knew the comic long before this told me about it and said how cool the comic was. This looks like they tried to bring a comic to life (other movies take note) and i will definately see this!!!!! Looks freakin amazing, and angelina is hot.

taurinh on May 17, 2008


Yeah ditto #6 I think I'll have to give this a chance now

Silver on May 17, 2008


Big, slick action thriller with a high fun 'n' gun factor? Yup, count me in. And how sweet was that stunt with the car at the end?

sleepykid on May 17, 2008


I have to say that this featurette has sold me more on the film than the trailer, which I believe concentrates more on Angelina Jolie's tattoos. Also, call me naive, but I did not know until now that this film was based on a comic.

Sean Kelly on May 17, 2008


Im seeing it opening day for sure now

Keith on May 17, 2008


Oh man, the key board gad with the keys forming Fu. Oh man that was to cool.

Jesse on May 17, 2008


They aren't rumors that they're not sticking to the base material, it's complete truth. True, there doing alot of the same scenes straight from the panels and godamnit! I'm not gonna lie and say that scene where he hits the guy with a keyboard and the keys spell out "fuck you" isn't amazing but...they're still mainstreaming it. And for me, the part they cut out was the best part. FYI...anjolina jolie's character is supposed to be black (making a joke that the only way to get out of the hood was to play basketball or be a supervillain), morgan freeman's character is supposed to be a white midget (making fun of the generic evil scientist as a father figure), and the league of super-spies that keep the world at peace is supposed to be a league of super-villains who killed all the super-heroes and made everyone forget about it. Kind of a big difference. There's gonna be no Shit-head, no fuck-wit, no johnny two dicks, no Mr. Rictus, no doll master (and if you don't know who these characters are, you REALLY need to pick up a copy of WANTED), and no jet black suit for wes, and that's just like making a spider-man movie but taking out the costume, the villains, the web-shooters, and pitting him against a bunch of generic terrorists. It changes the whole meaning. It does look cool, but it's not wanted. Then again, if Mark Miller is so excited, it might have a chance. We'll just have to see how they end it. But I'm still not convinced. And I'm probably going to rant about it every chance I get.

Josh on May 17, 2008


fuckin sweet

Darrin on May 17, 2008


I have some of the same thoughts as Josh, the main point is how far can you change a story from its original source before it becomes a different entity.. Did Peter Jackson take the Orc's out of LOTR ? You can see in the comic book that Mark Millar had an eye towards a movie with his blatant use of eminem as wesley and Halle berry as Fox. Even so the comic book is an awesome work and i strongly reccomend it.. Btw you need to check his latest comic book out for a fantastic read its called "Kick-Ass" and it does.. and it WILL be a movie 🙂 I think i will keep an open mind and go see this flick forgetting the great comic book source material and judge it for itself.

Fenris on May 17, 2008


Thart keyboard hit was EXTRAVAGANT! I have been so psyched for this thing for a while now and I love Jolie 🙂

Ryan on May 17, 2008


still iffy

jono on May 17, 2008


This has always been high on my list of must see summer movies (along with Hulk and TDK...) and I've just read the comic of Wanted, and i love it! Ever since i saw the Mazda driving on the buidling in Day Watch, and the action bits in Night Watch, i hoped for Timur to make a full action movie...looks like he might have delivered something to rival The Matrix as setting a new standard in cool action movies. Look out Wachowski's, it looks like you have some competition!

chrisUK on May 17, 2008


This (I'll just say) trailer did exactly what the latest "The Happening" trailer did; propelled it out of the "maybe list" & made it a must see. This is going to change many people's minds & already has. After Speed Racer, I'd say that Timur is superior to the Wachowski's. Timur was already competition & now he's officially left em' in the dust.

Sinner on May 17, 2008


Awesome + Wanted don't mix.

Brad on May 18, 2008


Yeah...I'm not seeing this movie, it has zero to do with the source material. This is the first sign of desperation since Wanted has absolutly nill buzz, all I see is a slick Matrix copycat that's cashing in on Mark Millar's name and Angelina's sweet...sweet ass. The studios think fanboys are stupid and not recognize how much this is a cash grab, Iron Man proved that if you simply respect the source material and not be embarrassed that's it's based on a comic book with superheroes and supervillains it'll still be successful even box office record breaking successfull like Iron Man. Pass

PimpSlapStick on May 18, 2008


#14 your right on point, it's gonna be Wanted in name only. Oh and Mark Millar is excited, because of all the cold hard cash he's making off of this. He's even said so in numerous interviews within the comics community.

PimpSlapStick on May 18, 2008


It looks like this will be a fun movie to watch, but it won't be "Wanted". If nothing else the whole "league of super-spies that keep the world at peace" change makes this a completely different story. If you take "Robin Hood", but change it so the main character robs from poor and keeps it for himself.....it isn't "Robin Hood" anymore.

Joel on May 19, 2008


cannot wait to see this, for me it looks to be the best R rated movie of the year, Bring IT ON.

Neil on May 23, 2008


Im not see this movie and dont give a fuck.

Gretna on May 29, 2008


this movie rocked!

la on Jul 5, 2008

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