Must Watch: Badass Final Trailer for Frank Miller's The Spirit

September 26, 2008
Source: AOL

The Spirit Trailer

Just after we were teased with a fantastic trailer for Valkyrie, Lionsgate has unveiled the final trailer for Frank Miller's The Spirit - and it kicks the crap out of Valkyrie. They've finally put out a trailer that makes me feel like Frank Miller has pulled it off! This looks great, seems incredibly entertaining, and sounds like it should be very fun, so why am I not convinced that it will be?! I guess that footage from Comic-Con really threw me off, but this trailer puts me right back on track. Frank Miller's visual style really shines through and this finally looks like it will be a solid hit. Or at least I can say that it'll be entertaining as all hell, right?

Watch the final trailer for The Spirit:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch The Spirit trailer in High Definition on AOL

The Spirit is both written and directed by legendary comic book author Frank Miller, who previously worked with Robert Rodriguez to direct segments of Sin City. The film is based Will Eisner's newspaper comic strip of the same name that originally debuted in 1940. Lionsgate pushed up its release from January next year. The Spirit will now hit theaters everywhere on December 25th, Christmas Day, later this year.

The Spirit Poster

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MAN this thing looks weird. It still looks like one hell of a piece of entertainment though, but something that you can point and laugh at at the same time.

Frame on Sep 26, 2008


"I'm gonna kill you all kinds of dead"...haha This looks much better now that I have some idea of the story and not just flashes of red, white, and black.

Peloquin on Sep 26, 2008


Better than the first trailer. This one had a lot more action and feedback to the characters. Should be a great film.

edward on Sep 26, 2008


I'm with you Alex... I'm officially declaring my excitement for this!!! It looks fantastic. All that other crap made it look so bad, but now, now we're talking!!

Jeff Warner on Sep 26, 2008


100 times better than anything else we've seen of this movie. "It sure as hell better be red!"

vegeta on Sep 26, 2008


maybe miller, in his enthusiasm and perhaps sense of obligation to fandom, rushed out some footage for comic con that could have done with a little more prep. cos this looks really damn fun.

fanboy d on Sep 26, 2008



MBD on Sep 26, 2008


The only reason this trailer is slightly previous than the one that has come before is because it has narrative. The other's were a clusterfuck if imagery and thematic gobblety-gook. Still not sold on Miller's take. It doesn't represent Will Eisner at all, and that's a damn shame.

Tom Brazelton on Sep 26, 2008


A little bit of time and thought has won me over.

Red Buttons on Sep 26, 2008


WHAT A LOAD OF USELESS, OVER-STYLISED PIECE OF GARBAGE!!! Sam Jackson has now put the last nail in his own coffin...he is an official movie whore...he'll play in anything!!!!! "The Shitpirit" I'm calling this one...

israelidude on Sep 26, 2008


A very good trailer, but I'll wait for some reviews before I decide to see it or not.

Keith on Sep 26, 2008


Little better, not totally convinced, about 70% compaired to 40% from the last trailer (which was down from the teasr).

goudos on Sep 26, 2008


i'm sorry for the past remarks i made about this film. this looks great. please forgive me

Darrin on Sep 26, 2008


I just hate this Sin City look.

Darunia on Sep 26, 2008


This looks like it could be great, everything seems to be top quality film making. (Except for the glued on sideburns at 1:15) - Hmm

SmartGuy on Sep 26, 2008


Again, I'm still in love with this stuff!!!^^ Gonna see it in theatre in France(31st december)! Can't wait...

Florian on Sep 26, 2008


This trailer finally has me interested. Should be a fun movie.

Reverend on Sep 26, 2008


its good, but would this movie have gotten this much attention if it wasn't released on x-mas? i think not.

LeeMan on Sep 26, 2008


Ummm...maybe it's just me...but Sam Jackson, Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johanson, a cool visual style and the guy that created 300 and Sin City...I'm in. All those bitches crying about...this looks like sin city...f*ck off....this looks great!

Boo-Yah on Sep 26, 2008


The fan boys can suck it. The trailer is great. I knew this film would be fine from the beginning because the cast is really good. The fan boys can whine all they want about "his suit isn't black, it's blue." This time, though, no one will be listening to them. Perhaps this will encourage them to start dating, that is, if they learn to wash first. Alex, you should be ashamed of all the negative buzz you created. Do you like your crow with ketchup?

Ann on Sep 26, 2008


#19 You're a fool. #1 Frank Miller... Were you in a coma when he made Sin City and 300? #2 The cast... Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes just to mention the biggest names involved. #3 It's a pretty well known comic written a well known comic book author.. #4 Comic book adaptions is the new trend in Hollywood, I guess you failed to notice as you were in a coma... Protip: go see The Dark Knight.

MBD on Sep 26, 2008


Still looks cheesy and goofy to me. on Sep 26, 2008


"I'm the Octopus; I have eight of everything." " Somebody get me a tie; and it better be red." and they expect pepople to pay real $$$ to see this? saints preserve us. ten pounds of sh*t in a five pound bag.

cornholio_by_the_sea on Sep 26, 2008


it looks so Cheezy but i love it

Darren on Sep 26, 2008


now this is what i have been waiting for a kick ass trailer to get me pumped for this movie, finally made up my mind and now im so going to see this looks like it could be a lot of fun with hot babes great action and kick ass visuals, though i did find some of the dialogue to be goofy but i dont care!

Curtis on Sep 26, 2008


@ 23 and 24 yall are idiots its from a comic book ... what kind of dialogue do you expect haha... the visuals are great and im sure the story and action will make this movie great...

filmbuff on Sep 26, 2008


i think movies like this generally only look good in trailers. but with that said i think ill check it out, if only for the women in this movie

mos on Sep 26, 2008


I'm totally down with this. It looks really badass, almost like a Statham-type of comic book movie. Can't wait.

Ben on Sep 26, 2008


@27 Hey thanks for calling me an idiot you dork when you've never met me. And your comic book movie excuse is idiotic. Ever hear of a little film called "The Dark Knight?" Dipshit. Vic on Sep 26, 2008


Comic books don't have to be cheesy and over the top. "Road To Perdition" was a comic before it was a movie. So was "A History Of Violence". Frank Miller wrote the 300 comic, but had little to do with the film. Sin City was written by him and he Co-Directed it. The Spirit was - by today's standards - a fairly campy comic. It's entertaining, and at the time it dealt with some pretty heavy stuff. The trailers for this sort of remind me of the trailers for Speed Racer, only with the bright primary colors replaced with gray and brown. Visually it looks amazing, but will that add to the film, or will it clash with the somewhat campy characters and dialogue. I'm with Keith... I'll just wait for some reviews to come out, and if they're good then I'll get excited. I would love this to be a great movie, but 1) I hate camp and 2) style over substance bothers me a lot.

Squiggly on Sep 26, 2008


This trailer is 100% better than the first one! I am very excited to see this now! #18, your comment has got to be the most retarded one I have ever read on this site. I wish I knew who you were so I could put my fist all the way through your face.

JD on Sep 26, 2008


not fuckin bad... still not completely sold though lol "sure as hell better be red"

Silver on Sep 26, 2008


this thing looked amazing from the beginning, can't wait to see it

Caleb on Sep 27, 2008


I don't know, I'm still not 100% on this film. It looks like Frank Miller is just putting a big stamp with his name on it all over Will Eisner's ideas and vision. I may go see it, but I'll read up on a few of the comics.

Chris C. on Sep 27, 2008


The over-produced 300 look just puts me right off and cheesy dialogue ain't helping any. I'll be avoiding this like the plague.

Chris on Sep 27, 2008


Somethings looks wrong with this. Might just be my non-affection for Sam Jackson and Eva Mendes. I'll be waiting until they release it for dvd...

Robin on Sep 27, 2008


Holy shit. I'm so there!!! FRANK "I OWN GODDAMN SIN CITY, BITCH!!!" MILLER RULES!!! #10: You're an idiot1

Roy on Sep 27, 2008


still looks like Sin City... everything is just same... the only thing that different is its not frank miller's work...he just directed it. by the way, would u agree if he direct his very own masterpiece "the dark knight return"?? he has done it before with 300...

safichan on Sep 27, 2008


Looks very good, but doesn't strike me as a PG-13 film, but an R. However, this looks like it should really be shown on the IMAX compared to films like EAGLE EYE (it was very very good, but didn't really have the visuals and stuff to be needed to be seen on IMAX).

Ryan on Sep 27, 2008


I was excited until I saw Eva Mendes. Just something about her I do not care for... The rest of it looks okay. Even with the cool visuals, it has a "been there, seen that" vibe...(including the cool visuals!)

kitano0 on Sep 27, 2008


Why it looks just like the guy who designed Sin City made this movie. What a surprise...

michael on Sep 27, 2008


WOW! Looks Bad Ass!!! Much better than previous trailers. They've swung me over the "hell yeah" side. A lot of negative comments posted... To each their own. Visually, looks like Sin City. So what??? Different story, actors... looks like a fun flick. I'm sure it will be over the top cheeze. Can't wait!

K on Sep 27, 2008


the dad from "the wonder years" is in it! haha samuel l. jacksons everywhere... i thought snakes on a plane would have ended his career,lol,hes just that legit to play in whatever he wants...i guess

billermo on Sep 27, 2008


awesome. Can't wait for this crazy ride

Nick Sears on Sep 28, 2008


ok I would be excited but if theres gonna be good miller style action than why is this pg 13, Kinda got my doubts cause it does look fairly dumb and cheezy

Cody on Sep 28, 2008


look alright from this trailer not all the way sold yet i just have to see the whole thing to be sure

raider98 on Sep 28, 2008


Anyone now the name of the cue that starts at 0:34?

hector on Sep 28, 2008


Number 10, I agree with you, I am COMPLETELY sick of Samuel Jackson (that's right no "L"). Now he's playing Octopus who has eight of everything? Hopefully that doesn't include himself! I think they're contradicting their own style here. We see a silhouette of the Spirit all in black with a red necktie, which looks great, then we see sooo much of him in the light with a mask on, and then without the mask completely! heck, even his shirt is off! Frank Miller should stick to making the graphic novels, leave filmmaking for filmmakers. Number 39 - YOU shut up!! one word: crap

Conrad on Sep 28, 2008


Is it just me, or do these one-liners seem worse than the ones from The Mummy 3's trailer? Regardless, this looks okay, but I have a felling you'll really have to let your mind go to enjoy it.

Zamora on Sep 28, 2008


Well, I'm seein' it.

Lauren on Sep 29, 2008



Zerge on Sep 29, 2008


Well, it's like the title says: "Must Watch: Badass Final Trailer for Frank Miller's The Spirit" It looks badass, but it's Frank Miller's version. The real Spirit is Will Eisner's version, and it is very little like this movie. I think this movie will rock, but it's just not really the Spirit....

Rooster on Sep 30, 2008


Oh, please. #22 - Frank Miller did NOT make the film versions of SIN CITY or 300. The director credit he had on SIN CITY was in conjunction with Robert Rodriguez, a seasoned director, and Zack Snyder directed 300...if anything, Miller's credit on SIN CITY was for artistic and/or marketing purposes and nothing more. WRITING A COMIC BOOK IS NOT THE SAME THING AS WRITING A FILM. Samuel L. Jackson looks downright stupid (what the his mascara running??). That said...Will Eisner, I'm terribly sorry that you have sound reason to be rolling in your grave.

Steph D. on Sep 30, 2008


#50: Miller's the only person who has an understanding of Will Eisner's work, but he has translate it within a "Sin City" look so that a modern audience could accept it. As for you, why don't you suck a bull, dick lips?

Roy on Oct 1, 2008


I would like to question the posed fact that he would have translated it in his famous style in order to make it accepted by "the modern audience", since 300 and Sin City (both great movies imho) were not really created for a wide audience (nor received that way). Futhermore I think we can safely say that there are more persons capable of understanding and working with Will Eisner's work, but in a much different way. I think I will find myself with mixed feelings after this movie, cool, but not what I find completely suited. And let's all agree to disagree if we have to, but keep it nice people.

Rooster on Oct 1, 2008


This trailer is awesome and a definitely will see this but does anyone know the name of the song that plays in the first half of the trailer? I've gotta have it!

Chris on Oct 1, 2008


badass. watchin.

sdfg on Oct 4, 2008


defenitly gonna watch this one

theori on Oct 4, 2008


I was in no way interested in this at first, but now I can't wait for it! It's looks perfectly badass. How could it not be with Samuel L. with huge smokin' guns? Also, I can't get enough of Eva Mendes flaunting her stuff.

-Peter- on Oct 6, 2008


It's even cooler if you watch it without sound. To me it seems more like Frank Miller's The Spirit, at least from a visual standpoint. Whatever, I'm seeing it.

Da Man on Oct 10, 2008


This movie is going to kick so many different kinds of ass, I can't even believe it! "Some one get me a tie, and it sure as hell better be red". epic fuckin win

Clamson on Oct 22, 2008


first off, I will not say 2 much, it seems between all you all, you got it all figured out? 1st major issue. Frank spent half his life working and learning with his closest friend "WILL"!when Frank was a kid he had 1 comic book THE SPIRIT. And at the age of 17 left home, traveled, worked and with the love of the art finally got him in the door. WILL'S visionary SPIRIT was the building blocks of Franks career, get off the web, and take a look, THE SPIRIT is Frank. 2nd major issue. The D.P. Bill Pope has a say in the overall look and feel. Have you really watched some of his last films, SPIDERMAN 3, THE MATRIX and so on. Well, then there is everyone else. THE ORPHANAGE did an amazing job on V. F. X. side. the amount of time and soulful energy the crew put into this new art form at least should be worth your few hours your life spent critiquing others lives! 3rd issue. WILL'S family [for FRANK'S needs] were very commonly seen w/FRANK on set. Hey what about the fact that FRANK refused to even think about doing the film due to the lack of technology advances that at that time would not allow him to do the film justice! but now with 500 frames per/second, with 17 mega pixels per frame, yea! Last but not least any of you even know FRANK MILLER? and on that note how many of you little bitches even know shit about film making, I CAN TELL ALOT OF YOU ARE JUST BORED, AND THE REST FUCK OFF! IF YOUR AROUND COME SAY HI!

hellbilly DEE on Oct 27, 2008


Well I've seen it and it put me to sleep

RSH on Dec 28, 2008

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