Must Watch: Badass Transporter 3 Teaser Trailer!!

June 10, 2008

Transporter 3 Teaser Trailer

We told you they were making Transporter 3! And hot damn this looks intense! The very first French teaser trailer for Transporter 3 has just hit. It's one of the most badass and exciting teaser trailers I've seen in a while - no thanks to Jason Statham. Although Statham is back as delivery driver Frank Martin, filmmaker Louis Leterrier, who directed the first two, has otherwise been working on a little movie called The Incredible Hulk. Instead we've got upcoming French filmmaker and former graffiti artist Olivier Megaton directing this one. From this short teaser trailer alone, it looks like he'll deliver! Thoughts?

Thanks to for debuting the trailer - it was a great ending to an otherwise thrilling evening!

Watch the teaser trailer for Transporter 3:

[flv: 598 304]

Transporter 3 is directed by French filmmaker Olivier Megaton, of Exit, The Red Siren, and Angie previously, with a script penned by both Robert Mark Kamen and Luc Besson, the same two who also wrote the first and second Transporter. Lionsgate will be releasing Transporter 3 on November 26th later this year. How about this for an end to a trilogy?

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OMG yes!!! i love these movies!

ha1rball on Jun 10, 2008


Oooh, I'm that excited, a little bit of wee came out!!! Seriously looking forward to this, looks like it's a bit more like 1, and less than 2, which is good 🙂 Also, it's got T-Bag in it - yay!

Mike Kingscott on Jun 10, 2008


These movies are so fast, and so absurd, and so ludicrous, and SO AWESOME. I can't wait. Grab some popcorn, turn off your brain, and enjoy.

Icarus on Jun 10, 2008


But I do have to say, isn't the medical lab and the bracelet a bit... well... CRANK-ish?

Icarus on Jun 10, 2008


hopefully it's better than the 2005 sequel one. I'm a car nut and Statham nut...but that 2nd one hurt

Kevin Powers on Jun 10, 2008


badaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss!!! a good popcorn flick!

scar on Jun 10, 2008


I'm pumped.

Ben on Jun 10, 2008


yea, and its coming out this year, well 2008 is going to be alright.

Darrin on Jun 10, 2008


I was also thinking it looked a little crank-esc, but the first one has always been a guilty pleasure, and as a fight choreographer I have to say I'm pumped to see the upgrade in fighting scenes from the 2nd one which, while packed of fun, didn't quiet do it for me...

emil Lamprecht on Jun 10, 2008


Best Transporter was the 1st although deflecting an RPG with a pizza pan was unreal it was still a good film. The second was too unreal. I mean taking a bomb off the bottom of a car with a crane is jump impossible. The movies are too repetitive. Now they got a "Crank" twist to it. Here's what's prob. gonna happen; A bad guy needs a transporter who gets a bomb on his arm, he'll escape steal a car from some chick, then instead of someone shooting the dude they fight in a warehouse or parking garage and he saves the day. Well, no need for you to go to the theater and watch it I just told the I like Stathom but to me the Transporter series is great for DVD, not for theater.

Tirrell on Jun 10, 2008


Please be better than the second one..

Kyle A. K. on Jun 10, 2008


Seriously, nobody likes Jason Statham? He puts guys like Arnold and Stallone to shame, acting-wise.

Ollie on Jun 10, 2008


Megaton delivers.

Jojo on Jun 10, 2008


What the fuck you mean "no thanks to Jason Statham?"

DCompose on Jun 10, 2008


So can we all agree that the second one never existed? Because the third is going to overshadow it. Transporter 3 will be amazing.

Xerxex on Jun 10, 2008


Looks like a hit...and better than the second one! Just the right amount of a half-naked Jason! Yowzah!!!

jayfan on Jun 10, 2008


Wow they made another one :X Looks OK.....streaming it

SHANE D on Jun 10, 2008


Complaining that the second transporter movie was "Too Unreal" is like complaining that your ice cream is too cold. The whole point of these movies is to go so far over the top it's ridiculous. The second transporter was great, stupid as hell, but fun as hell too. They're about hilarious action and they know it, and with that, this one looks just as good. Who cares what it's about, the action looks tight, I'll be there to see it.

tuwhitt on Jun 10, 2008



Ryan on Jun 10, 2008


looks good as a DVD release. 🙂 Another great popcorn movie. They should make Jason Statham the Green Hornet, not that lard ass Seth.

iDavid on Jun 10, 2008


i love Jason Statham, I just think a lot of his movies are very similar to eachother. But he's wicked sexy

aubyn on Jun 10, 2008


Nice to see the guy from prison break Robert Knepper is in it if they let him could be a great villan

Derek on Jun 10, 2008


yea it will be good with tea-bag in the flick.. y is it coming out thanksgiving weekend?!?! makes no sense and how do these distributors choose their dates anyway cuz if its this ez then y didnt they make transporter 1 and 2 on thanksgiving as well to make more money at the b.o.

Penguin on Jun 10, 2008


@tuwhitt - Seeing the first one, I wasn't too sure what to make of it. I figured we were in for a treat and it seemed like we were headed that way for a good portion of the film; but then we dove out of an airplane and landed on a moving semi. I can understand why one should think, by the second film, that this is going to be a load of crap, but the Transporter series lost me at that parachuting stunt. It was an insult, more than anything, and that's never fun. @iDavid - Is Seth going to BE green hornet or is he producing or directing it? I didn't think he was starring in it.

dRailer on Jun 10, 2008


should be great action wise but i think thats about it, don't get me wrong im looking forward to this but just for action and not much else.

Curtis on Jun 10, 2008


Woah wasn't that bad guy shown right at the end, the gay pedophile guy from Prison Break? He's such a great villain...soo creepy. This looks good, and I love these hardcore action movies, all the better to watch at home in glorious Blu-Ray HD 😉 On a different note, this was a French trailer....why was the dialogue in English ;0

jman571 on Jun 10, 2008


i seem to be the rare person who liked Transporter 2 a lot more than the first one.

Tom on Jun 10, 2008


Yes...I'll definitely be seein' this movie.

Bry from Chi on Jun 11, 2008


This is a different animal than the other ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm there

Iron Man Fan on Jun 11, 2008


I don't know if they recycle music a lot...but I am pretty sure that Track playing is from Lock Stock & 2 Smoking barrels, which JS was in also!

Obi Nneji on Jun 13, 2008


go kick ass jason,and the car,they should have considered giving him a lambo galardo or the super fast bugatti veryon then will see some kickass car chases.maybe in the next sequel ha....

tatoka on Jun 13, 2008


I think jason statham is fucking god!

Black People on Jun 16, 2008


Horrible music, but a great trailer!. The Transporter series definately has a place in my heart.

Merc on Jun 17, 2008


Can't wait for this!. But where on earth is Tarconi?.

James on Jun 17, 2008


Cool. Why is u hating on Statham? D dude is a better action film actor then freakin AHR-nold OR Diesel(such a stupid fuccin name) Transporter 2 WAS stupid BUT fun. This looks 1 of those VERY rare occasions when a sequel is better than the last. Im in.

Cyfer1 on Jun 18, 2008


transporter 3 rules looking forward to it alot

krizez on Jul 2, 2008


First one was the best, second one was still good and I hope that Transporter 3 will be better from both.

Minas on Jul 4, 2008


Exellent i loved the first 2 (possibly the 2nd better then 1st) But watching the trailer i can't but think that ut us a little unreal. To me it looks like he has been kidnapped and then forced to do a job....ermmm And they could have gave him a new car, the Audi is getting a little dusty there. However i am very much looking forward to it

Sir_Shellshocker on Jul 5, 2008


I am glad it comes back again but i am not surprise it will be part 3 so I will foward to seeing that movie. It seem cool and alot of action i hope it will be better than second one smile

philippe augustin on Jul 8, 2008


Did anyone actually enjoy the second one? I hope the got it right this time but I'll pass because part 2 sucked so bad. As a matter of fact I still want my money back.

BUTTHEAD on Jul 14, 2008


fuck it man 2nd one was not that bad

spider on Aug 16, 2008


I loved both transporter movies.unreal?well no shit,its a movie!Its meant for entertainment,not a life story.

Android on Aug 24, 2008


shut up jason statham is the best actor never seen it before and the transporter 2 was very good and 3rd transporter would be

wanted on Sep 7, 2008


I can't wait I always love the Transporter I wondering if they are having the French Guy! in this to he was pretty funny to:)

supercool! on Sep 19, 2008


OOPS!!! I forgot the Madeleine in the oven!

supercool! on Sep 19, 2008


yeah 🙂 Transporter 3! That's cool.. probably. I like his movies most than usual "actions", because here we see action, adrenalin, fast movement, fight (very good fight, ninja:D) and.. unexpected development!

Mrazzzzz on Oct 25, 2008


I only herd of transporter 1,2 but transporter but now 3 it is sick

radz on Nov 12, 2008


the first one was a blast, the second one was kick ass! Frank Martin says SCREW james bond! jason statham really does well in action movies, with a great physique, and good acting, transporter 3 will kick hollywood's ass baby! YEAH!!!

krust on Nov 24, 2008


this looks nothing like the firt one witch was good number 2 was shit and so will this one

n on Nov 28, 2008


What type of audi is it?

Luke on Dec 4, 2008


This may be a dumb question, but is it necessary to watch the first two in order to get the third? Thanks.

Lisa on Dec 10, 2008



Rebecca on Jan 31, 2009


Somebody knows the track in the car when is on the gas stantion begans with Bounce someting ?

TM on Jun 12, 2009


Jason Statham is simply perfect in the Frank Martin role !!! I think The Transporter trilogy is simply the best action movies . Very wild, original and cool combat scenes !!! Bruce Willis is fired !!! Now let the place to Jason Statham !!!! My best action movies hero !!! Can invite you to my own Transporter tribute page: Now i'm ready for the Transporter 4 !!!!

Transporter on Sep 25, 2009

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