Must Watch: Behind-the-Scenes Incredible Hulk Featurette

April 4, 2008

Incredible Hulk

After months and months of waiting we're finally getting some footage from The Incredible Hulk. The teaser trailer debuted back in March and now we've got an extra special behind-the-scenes look at the big green superhero. Not only does this feature LOTS of new footage, but it really puts the entire movie into perspective the way the trailer did not. This video right here has sold me on The Incredible Hulk. Now I have a feeling that this could be incredible. I don't know what it is, but all the scenes and footage and everything just looks so much better in this featurette than it did in the trailer.

I'll admit - something about that first trailer felt off. I could sense there was more hidden beneath within the actual movie, but they didn't reveal it. However, this featurette finally showed me what this movie could be capable of achieving and with that I am now very excited. This has been playing in theaters in front of select shows, so you might have seen it already, but if not - enjoy!

Watch the behind-the-scenes featurette for The Incredible Hulk:

[flv:incredible-hulk-ncm-v2.flv 502 282]

The Incredible Hulk is directed by French filmmaker Louis Leterrier of The Transporter, Unleashed, and The Transporter 2. The script for the film was originally written by Zak Penn (Behind Enemy Lines, X-Men 2, X-Men 3), but after joining the film as the lead character Bruce Banner, Edward Norton himself took over the reigns and re-wrote the screenplay. The Incredible Hulk arrives in theaters on June 13th.

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"anger can easily be transformed into courage..." not bad. Yeah this featurette did give this movie the perspective it needed to get my 10$ 🙂

silver on Apr 4, 2008


This looks great! I'm actually getting excited for this movie!

bltzie on Apr 4, 2008


Had a good script - this should be a great popcorn flick.

John on Apr 4, 2008


this made up for some of the things that weren't in the trailer and makes me even more excited to go see it.

Curtis on Apr 4, 2008


Download code or link anyone?

Advanced Dark on Apr 5, 2008


Hasn't sold me yet. I'm sure it'll be better than Ghostrider and the first attempt... but don't think it'll be up to par with Iron Man or Dark Knight.

Kvamme on Apr 5, 2008


Or Hellboy.

Zerge on Apr 5, 2008


Yeah everyone seems to forget the awesome that is Hellboy.

john on Apr 5, 2008


Hellboy isn't forgotten! We just launched the new trailer: I'm just excited to see something that actually makes Incredible Hulk look like it can compete with the "big boys" of the superhero line-up this summer.

Alex Billington on Apr 5, 2008


I cant wait to see this movie!! Hulk rules!!

sean on Apr 5, 2008


looks like it will be more interesting by getiing deeper into the chracter of Bruce Banner/Hulk...but will somebody PLEASE explain to me why every shred of clothing is destroyed in the transformation process except for the pants??? never did understand that one....

cornholio_by_the_sea on Apr 5, 2008


Banner always wears pants with an elastic waste....duh

Heckle on Apr 5, 2008


If I were Ang Lee I'd be so pissed off at how everyone is saying this will be better than his. Because they mention it in every single piece of promotion for this thing. Like the inferiority of Ang Lee's Hulk is the principle selling point of this thing.

DCompose on Apr 6, 2008


Forget Ang Lee's version. This movie is much better. It is more faithful to the comics & has more action. Ang Lee's version had more drama than action.

Michael on Apr 7, 2008


Ang Lee's Hulk had a baby face.

Michael on Apr 7, 2008


If my baby had the face of the Hulk at the end of this clip, I'd FLIP. Probably feed it to sharks and see who won out. My bet goes on the Hulk Baby. (*This one. Not Ang Lee's one)

Djough Boy on Apr 8, 2008


THE INCREDIBLE HULK........n'uff said!

R-Two D-Twizzle on Apr 15, 2008


How did they get the money to make this film when The Hulk was already made in 2003. Nick Nolte got pulled over for Driving Under the Influence in full make-up for his role in The Hulk (2003) and it was a costume that made him look like a vagrant Heroin Addict. The only think I can think is that Edward Norton was involved and Dark Knight's success? Any other thoughts on how they got this made so soon after the lackluster The Hulk (2003) "The United States has become too illiterate and stupid to realize just how far we have fallen. Our cities are crap, our products are (other than maybe Software and a Entertainment) crap, and our government is now run by the worst citizens we have who are also criminal pyschopath failures who only care about the .0001 percent of the wealthiest in-bred's. Most in the U.S. allow CNN, MSN, and FOX tell them what the U.S. Inflation Rate is when the government does not even count Food and Gasoline as part of the Inflation Index. Food and Gasoline are the two most commonly purchased products by the majority of the population. They do this and people actually continue to watch these "News" Channels for information. What a God Damned disgrace. God help us all..."

ApostolypseNow on Apr 20, 2008


It's a conspiracy, Apostolypse. It's a Conspiracy, plotted by Ed Norton- Against YOU. This Hulk movie is the product of so many back-office deals and back-alley handshakes, that you don't even want to KNOW how much it REALLY cost them to make! And furthermore: the CGI sequence is a red herring. Michael Moore is actually going to play the Hulk- in a sequence where he reprises the 'American Dad' Hulk Out. It's going to be perfect- ! But you're right. Your little rant was exactly what I needed to put a sour internet taste in my stomach, so I could get some work done. HULK= CONSPIRACY. Rupert SMASH!!! (p.s. the answer to your question is that an underground movement of fans wanted to see a Hulk movie done right SO badly, that they each contributed a percentage of their yearly income to ensure that this thing would be made. IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!!! SOUND THE ALARMS TO PARENTS EVERYWHERE!!! YOUR KID'S ALLOWANCE MONEY IS GOING TOWARD MAKING CGI SEQUENCES FOR THE 26-MINUTE CLIMAX SCENE OF THE NEW INCREDIBLE HULK MOVIE!!!!) Heavens to Murgatroid~*

Djo. on Apr 21, 2008


All the skeptism is unfounded. If batman started afresh and good, why not the hulk. I’m worried that they will dumb down the Hulk and Banner charactert on the basis of the first. Many thought the first to be to intelligent, what a load of crap. the reason it failed was because of its stupidity. generally good acting in Ang Lees version, but everything else was nonsence. I’m not sure Ang Lee had ever read a Hulk comic or seen the tv series. The TV movies created a Banner and Hulk one could relate to much more than the 2003 film. Hulk relates and is flawed in a way that batman does, I think he and batman play the opposite psychological and mythic roles than supes and spidey, where as the former draw on the primordial rage, angst and innerdemons manifest in all of us, the latter rel;ate as archetypal heroes to aspire to. thats why people related to Banner, he expressed the suppressed rage in us all. the irony that banner and hulk ultimates goals are to find peace, and yet it is because of the very existence of the other that neither can do so, is one of the most interesting and subtle psychologiocal dilemas explored in superhero mythology. The sense of lonilinesss and pathos in both is really interesting, especially because we know ultimately they are both good guys, and like ying and yang, the soul of hulk and why he is so heroic is banner, but it is also actually banners rage that fuels the hulk, not the obstacles that Hulk faces. By Ang Lee making banner enjoy becoming the Hulk, the story was immediately going to lose the depth and humanity of the original character. which is why nobody related to him. it was awful, stupid, and it will be unfortunate if they dumb down Hulk again because the first film was to clever, apparently. That’s all I have to say.

bathulk on Apr 21, 2008


#20 Sweet Jeebus, ALL you have to say?? Your whitless amateur psycho-babble just makes me want to say:HELLBOY!!!!! Yeah baby yeah!

Zerge on Apr 22, 2008


New Trailer Debuted at Comic Con, NY. All looks AWESOME. Bruce will Hulk out not once, not twice, but Several Times throughout the film... And Emil Blonsky will undergo various stages of Abomination, building up to that 26 minute Fight Sequence, which we've seen almost nothing of yet. New Hulk Trailer goes Public, on-screen ahead of Iron Man's release. Smart cookies, those marvel guys.

Djo. on Apr 23, 2008


Really such a strange comment, I didn't claim to be a psychologically astute analyst, and i wasn't just talking about the movie, I was talking about the premis of the banner character. It really doesn't bother me that you have a different opinion as I happen to be a grownup. anyway have a nice time at hellboy del torro is a fantastic director; although hellboy wasn't exactly his best work.

bathulk on Apr 23, 2008


guys geust what its kicking ass and talking names its doing better then alot of supper hero movies

dan sich on Jun 6, 2008

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