Must Watch: Brand New Terminator Salvation Trailer - Updated!

December 9, 2008
Source: Apple

Terminator Salvation Trailer

As promised, Warner Brothers has delivered a brand new trailer for Terminator Salvation today. If you thought the teaser trailer looked pretty damn good, just wait until you watch this! McG has literally rebooted the Terminator franchise and is taking it in a much darker, much grittier route than before. As everyone knows, it'll be near impossible live up to Terminator 2, but I think McG is finally giving it a run for its money. While there are some giant robots, there is a lot of face-to-face dialogue, literally, and I'm expecting that we'll see more practical action rather than excessive CGI - which is definitely a good thing for this franchise. Based on this trailer, I'm thoroughly excited for Terminator Salvation to hit theaters.

Update: We've added the new high res US version of the trailer below. Even if you've seen the earlier one, I suggest you watch it again, as there are quite a few change and this one looks a lot better.

Watch the full trailer for Terminator Salvation:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the new Terminator Salvation trailer in High Definition on Apple

Terminator Salvation is directed by McG, of Charlie's Angels and We Are Marshall previously. The script was written by writing duo John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris, of Into the Sun, The Net, The Game, and Terminator 3 previously. This marks the return of the Terminator franchise after Terminator 3 in 2003. Terminator Salvation arrives in theaters next summer on May 22nd, 2009. Stay tuned for more!

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it could never be better than T2. but looks good.

Darrin on Dec 9, 2008


its like an orgasm for the eyes.

Luhts on Dec 9, 2008


beautiful it looks like McG pull it off so far

dave on Dec 9, 2008


incredible! this will be great.

tyler on Dec 9, 2008


Looks like Bale will be using his Batman voice for every movie he is in now.

P on Dec 9, 2008


Nice..lookin' forward to seeing more red eye, metal scull havin' thugs.

Bry from Chi on Dec 9, 2008


man, this film keeps looking better and better. its gonna be like T3 never existed hahaha!!! "the devils hands have been busy" Bring it on!!!

Matt on Dec 9, 2008


Holy crap!

big r on Dec 9, 2008


Beat T2? Nah. An awesome addition? Bale could make this amazing

L on Dec 9, 2008


Doesn't the asian chick remind you of the chick that is playing someone from the future in the Sarah Connor Chronicles....hmmmm interesting...

C on Dec 9, 2008


Lookin good.

Sean19a7x on Dec 9, 2008


no, the "Asian chick" is not from Sarah Connor Chronicles she was recently on Journeyman, an amazing show that NBC cancelled

Tom Jensen on Dec 9, 2008


C. that is exactly what I thought. She looks like Jessie from TSCC. I think that's Moon Bloodgood, and her character's name is Blair Williams. It would be cool if they tied some stuff to the series tho, like have Summer Glau make a cameo. But anyway, this movie looks like it may have some awesomeness within, heh. I wanted to see more robots tho. Can't wait for the HD version.

Alfredo on Dec 9, 2008


Looks great.....

crabby on Dec 9, 2008


I have to say I fraking love robots in fiction. I hope Salvation is as good as the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Ben Connor Barrie on Dec 9, 2008



xerxex on Dec 9, 2008


Batman voice!

Traveler on Dec 9, 2008


Surprisingly looks pretty good from this trailer....who knew McG?!

Conrad on Dec 9, 2008


darrin: i agree with you this time. it will give Terminator (1) a run for its money though.

Keith on Dec 9, 2008


No Summer = No Point. No matter how great of an actor Bale is there is no way to save this from the dream team of sucky writers they have assembled for the 3rd movie, the TV show, and this one.

Stevo on Dec 9, 2008


I watched it. Need a better quality of it. but i came buckets Hopefully it will be good.

Red Buttons on Dec 9, 2008


Follow the HD link. That's the real deal. Dumb this Japanese shit. 🙂

Geez on Dec 9, 2008


I would like to see a higher quality version of this with no japanese subtitles. But anyway, this looks pretty cool.

-Peter- on Dec 9, 2008


#21- Paul Haggis and Shawn Ryan rewrote the screenplay. Do your homework.

BahHumbug on Dec 9, 2008


I'm reminded of Reign of Fire in the strangest way... Looks great!!

Waynson on Dec 9, 2008


Jonathan nolan did some work on the screen play too from what i read.

Red Buttons on Dec 9, 2008


I don't think it's too hard to be better than T-2. The first Terminator is still the best. T-2 had some great moments but WAY too much Edward Furlong and the cheesey lines for Arnold still leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Kevin on Dec 9, 2008


Updated the trailer - it's now the proper HD version. Sorry guys, was at a screening of Valkyrie this afternoon... 🙂

Alex Billington on Dec 9, 2008


That actually looks really good. What CAN'T Christian Bale do?

Brian on Dec 9, 2008


It Looks pretty good.

Jimd on Dec 9, 2008


Even at its worst it'll be better than T3.

Fuelbot on Dec 9, 2008


Why does everybody keep going on about T2. It was good, but not nearly as good as the first, like Kevin said. Kickass looking trailer.

JL on Dec 9, 2008


"...the devil's hands have been busy..." Freakin' sweet - Bale is the man.

Boo-Yah on Dec 9, 2008


This actually looks really good - hoping it turns out to be great. On the other hand while I wanted to be blown away by the Wolverine trailer, it left me feeling kind of disappointed (or at the very least, confused). Vic on Dec 9, 2008


Who knew that McG could go from Charlie's Angels to Terminator Salvation. He has succeded in capturing my attention. Now he has to deliver

Chris on Dec 9, 2008


i kno im gonna find alot of things in this movie that are gonna make me regret watching this movie, sorta like transformers. But theres no way i can miss this sorta like tansformers

Castro on Dec 9, 2008


Explain to me why John Connor needs to sound like Batman.

Lauren on Dec 9, 2008


Moon Bloodgood is THE hottest Korean chick I have ever seen... This movie looks insane!!!

heath on Dec 9, 2008


That looks terrible. What is it with the Transformers style big robots, motorcycle robots etc?? Where's the grit and danger of the original movie? This franchise needs a flush, not a reboot. Why not make a back-to-basics low-budget with the feel of the original movie? Why pick someone like "McG" to do this?

AJ on Dec 10, 2008


"I don't know if I can win this war....cos I'M NOT WEARING HOCKEY PADS!"

John Wayne or Bruce Connor? on Dec 10, 2008


Bryce Dallas Howard looks A LOT like Maggie Grace (Lost) in this trailer 🙂

Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis on Dec 10, 2008


She looks hotter than she did in SM3 that's for sure.

heath on Dec 10, 2008


FYI I think that's Megatron's lovechild baby at the end

Hercie on Dec 10, 2008


holy crap, that was spectacular! i'm looking forward to this for the action alone.

dan on Dec 10, 2008


I can't wait for this movie. Christian Bale was a great choice!!

Jeremy on Dec 10, 2008


It looks good, but Terminator 3 set the bar really really high. HAHAHAHA! *wipes tear from eye*

Syphous on Dec 10, 2008


its just ok

sanju john on Dec 10, 2008


Not really excited by this trailer......i hope they release another explosive trailer

lostboy_1 on Dec 10, 2008


Not too bad, I'll check it out. What did Connor say @ 1:11? He's mumbling.

NadaNuff on Dec 10, 2008


No other terminator is or will be better than the first one. Not even the 2nd one can live up to the original. I first terminator is a classic and is the best.

austin on Dec 10, 2008


OMFG! This looks amazing!!!!! I've wanted to see something like this since I saw T2 as a kid. But if they ruin T4 it will just be another cheap-milking of a great saga. I've done my own blog about, Terminator Salvation (T4). Cheers guys.

Leyton Jay on Dec 10, 2008


He should've used that voice for Batman. He doesn't sound like a fool there.

Frame on Dec 10, 2008


I like Christian bale, but no Teminatior movie is complete with out Arnold. But good luck to it.

oso83 on Dec 10, 2008


@frame Christian Bayle actually did his normal voice for Batman, the producer scrwed around with it in post-production and made it sound dumb!

Leyton Jay on Dec 10, 2008


loool did any one notice the dark knight lookin motorbikes looool whyyy so serious looks like the jokas cumin bck after all. they should call this the silver knight lool

jay on Dec 10, 2008


Sick!!!! 😀

Roy on Dec 10, 2008


Yeaahsaaaaaw! Looks good.

Crapola on Dec 10, 2008


Will Arnold be with us this time?

LEJON on Dec 10, 2008


ummm, I'm gonna disagree with most people here, but this doesn't really look that good. I like Bale and the Terminator movies (maybe not the 3rd one so much) but this looks kind of b-rated with a couple of well known actors thrown in.

kdr on Dec 10, 2008


is that the explosion from Tropic Thunder at 1:41? Hahah

Alfredo on Dec 10, 2008


Cheesy explosion or not... (LOL btw!) this movie looks sick.

j money on Dec 10, 2008


i just came

Darren on Dec 10, 2008


It looks good but not great. What I find funny is how there have been at least 4 different actors playing John Connor over the years and no one cares, but everyone asks if Arnold is gonna be in the movie. I also find it strange that they aren't using the blue laser rifles in this.

Jim on Dec 10, 2008



Ryan on Dec 10, 2008


im imprssed wowo holy shit this looks very nice slleper hit of the year

alan on Dec 10, 2008



Kovah on Dec 10, 2008


looks freaking awesome!! can't wait to see how this new franchise does in theaters....doing okay and the little screen so i'm syked as hell so far

thejugfather on Dec 10, 2008


This looks absolutely amazing...I havent been this excited for a Terminator movie since T2....I thought I heard something about Arnold making a cameo in this...but Im glad he isnt lol "The devils hands have been busy" thats one of those one-liners that sends chills up your spine...I cant wait...and Im glad to see they casted Common in this as a supporting character....I have loved every movie he has been in so far and he always plays really well along side talented actors...Cant wait till they put him in a feature of his own...As far as Christian Bale is concerned...well so far there are 996 million reasons why this man can reboot a franchise....he had some slips with Equilibrium lol but came back strong....cant wait!

Primo! on Dec 10, 2008


yea this officially blows T3 out of the water. This truly looks like it can be a great film. Christian Bale can pull it all together. I can not wait for this.

Jay Selis on Dec 10, 2008


I'm digging the TV series and I'm sure this movie will be awesome but all this stuff is seeming more and more likely. Have you seen the autonomous robotic dog by Boston Dynamics for carrying loads over rough terrain?

virtualnobody on Dec 10, 2008


looks nice.

Betterchill on Dec 10, 2008


WHERES RACHEAL! Looks good, must see

biznatch on Dec 10, 2008


Beat T2 ? T1 is the best !

erik on Dec 11, 2008


Jim, this movie is set in 2018, not 2029. You too must do your homework. 😀

Geez on Dec 11, 2008


you killed my mother, you killed my father, my mother farker, you will not kill me, best line ever...noooooooooooot, looks like transformer, with sexytime explosion.

badassmyass on Dec 11, 2008


the trailer reminds me of a cheezy porn movie.

spurminator on Dec 11, 2008


looks ok but ahh... haven't i seen those cyborg bikes in the japanese Final fantasy animations already?? and that terminator music doesn't sound right without our hero in it... 😐

steven on Dec 11, 2008


Too bad Aahnold is old and fat and political now...

Google The Oct8pus on Dec 11, 2008


looks good! lol, seeing that big robot at the end reminded me of transformers!! haha. transformers was an awesome movie!

Susana on Dec 11, 2008


Looks meh. Better than T3, but nowhere near T2 is where it'll be for me, I can tell.

Movie Fan on Dec 11, 2008

82 the looks of this, maybe McG should of directed Superman like originally intended instead of that fruity ass Bryan Singer !!!

LORD POON on Dec 11, 2008


sorry for being the only one that thinks T3 isn't that bad. I think T3 is a solid movie. I know it's not better than T2 because T2 is the best but I think it's better than T1 don't you think? please don't hate me...hehehe..

jepoy chang on Dec 12, 2008


holy shit. totally blown away. I just... I'm so shocked, and so pumped.

emil Lamprecht on Dec 12, 2008


calm down there... no terminator can compare to a terminator with arnold

Phil MacDonald on Dec 12, 2008


this trailer is amazing. It's really got me excited but when I saw the star trek trailer I was really really excited. I was expecting tht from this but it just didn't happen. Guess I'll be going to see trek first as the come out the same day I think. Peace

Butslam on Dec 13, 2008


Best looking trailer since the new Star trek, cant wait for the movie to come out

Dan on Dec 13, 2008


Being a dedicated fan of Christian's from back in the day (before he even whipped around that American Psycho chainsaw or baleheads united online), when someone told me he had signed up for Terminator x 3 I thought they were making a cruel joke. I still don't see how this will pan out for him - even the first Batman was a weaker script than Christian could really set his teeth into as far as his talent goes, if you're familiar with his work (and arguably, even the second - though Ledger's part was phenomenal and he was most definitely out of this world amazing). The Prestige was MUCH better, as far as the Hollywood ones go. But I don't see how he can work it in Terminator. Not to mention I wouldn't have touched that franchise with a ten foot pole after the utter disgrace of the third one to the first two masterpieces. I will be there in the theaters when it opens, and praying he will be even more awesome than I can imagine and bring this movie home. Regardless, I'm sure his role opposite Johnny Depp in Public Enemies will salvage any potential damage by T4. And no I don't like the posters or the trailers for T4 so far. If anything carries this movie, it'll have to be Bale 110%. And I think it's dumb that they're not pasting his face all over the poster, if they hope for any kind of mainstream crowds flocking to the theaters - milk that Dark Knight success and recognition, people!!! No matter what, I'm crossing my fingers for my man - I'll see you at the movies on May 22nd!

Suicidelle on Dec 13, 2008


I'm loving this one! The only thing that could make it perfect is having some crossover with Cameron from T:TSCC!

Daxion on Dec 14, 2008


Excuse me, Mr. McG? You got Transformer in my Terminator, uh, I mean, peanut butter in my chocolate... Had the same thought as above about Bale's choice to use the Batman voice again. Was waiting for him to tell the (awfully fem looking) T-1000 "Swear to ME!" The original Mobius strip continuity of the first movie has now been contorted and retro-fitted like a Rube Goldberg machine by way of Jigsaw. And someone here wants them to name check the TV show as well? Yikes. Pa, I think the franchise done run outta steam.

robert on Dec 15, 2008


I like the way he talked.

Douche on Dec 15, 2008


I don't see what the fuss is with Aussie actor Sam Worthington. he doesn't seem to be that good and can't do a decent American accent. I watched 2 of his earlier Aussie films and they sucked Allah's balls. I didnt realise he'd been in a film with Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell though. at least Willis can act.

Steve on Dec 16, 2008


Holding reservation til after the films release...I feel that we owe Cameron that much....I never finished the third one, was disguted by it, not to mention i hate Nick Stahl. Irealize Camerons not making this one but we gotta wait and see...Its going to be incredible, or an abomination.

CHICK on Dec 17, 2008


Looks dope! Bale and Common are coming up this year. I wonder if they are stick to the lineage from the original stolen script from T1. For those of you who don't know Terminator and The Matrix were of the same story written by Sophia Stewart under the title "The Third Eye". Look it up.

John Jacoby on Dec 18, 2008


It had the word "Begins" in the trailer. I thought that was funny.

Frame on Dec 18, 2008


I'm thoroughly excited.

MBD on Dec 19, 2008


i'm excited to finally see the war start! there's no other wat this series could possibly go.

pit-face on Dec 21, 2008


The trailer is truly phenomenal. But can we expect anything good from McG? The director of the Charlie's Angels movies? A guy who calls himself by that name on purpose? McG isn't a name, it's a chicken nugget. It's depressing that the brilliantly-written and acted Sarah Connor Chronicles is struggling in the ratings, while this movie will probably be a huge hit even if it does turn out really bad.

Tom on Dec 21, 2008


ummmm jeez man wheres Arnold!

dbzfreak on Dec 26, 2008


The End Begins.... I once read there will be another trilogy,This is just the beginning... Can't Wait.

Fisherr on Dec 27, 2008


Agreed enough about T2 , T1 is by far and will always be the best. No one beats kyle reese! T2 was just too damn comical, completely ruined the atmosphere. And yes this movie looks awesome i will be there opening day!

vuxnut on Jan 1, 2009


This might be cool

Louis on Jan 6, 2009


Oh, thank God! Finally a Terminator in the future where the whole action takes place! i'm dying for it!

Stuff on Jan 7, 2009


Christian Bale.....I'd love to shake that guys hand and tell him Reign Of Fire Was really good. He's a legend. Motorbikes Yeahhhhhhhh. The Terminator Franchise Awwwwwwwww......

DavyDock on Jan 11, 2009


Seriously, it looks ok, but if you remember in the first terminator the "civilians" wore ragged clothes and were generally dieing. Then you see the hip hop black kid with the afro running at :54 seconds, it shows it's become more mainstream or like transformers (especially the giant robot at the end)... It should of been more darker like the first terminator. Even terminator 2 did a great job showing glimpses of the future war -- why couldn't they make it more like that?

Sandeep on Jan 15, 2009


Ya I hope they don't botch it. First 3 are amazing. Comment 106 - Reign of Fire wasn't awesome dude. Get a lobotomy done. Might help.

NorthDude on Jan 19, 2009


Just because it wasnt set in America. Reign Of Fire UNDERRATED. Christian Bale, The guy's just dead-on, the Machinist yeahhh. Oh and Terminators great.

DavyDock on Jan 21, 2009


Everyone Hates T3 Why?

DavyDock on Jan 21, 2009


Generally the reason people detest T3 is because it doesn't measure up to the first two. There were too much punchlines and humour. Nick Stahl did a terrible job -- and wasn't John supposed to be a good leader? They made him out to be a lil kid once again who has to be pushed in the right direction. The extra storyline of John's wife, and his children also just deviate from what the plot should of been. However -- with that said ... T3 in by itself was a good movie. The effects were good, and the storyline was interesting. I would give it a 7 if the first two weren't so good. Instead it's about a 6 in my books.

Sandeep on Jan 21, 2009


His voice is the same in Batman, and Reign of Fire, and Shaft what and who cares! so is Samuel Jackson in every movie he's ever done along with Nicholas Cage along with Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington big f'ing deal! some of you guys need not to be so f'ing picky! Anyway the trailer is whats up. i went blind from its awesomness - Kung Fu Panda

k. promise on May 3, 2009

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