Must Watch: Brutal Red Band Trailer for The Happening!

May 16, 2008
Source: JoBlo

Red Band Trailer for The Happening!

While everyone else is talking about the negative reviews floating around or the new trailer for The Mummy 3, instead I'm still sitting in shock from this absolutely incredible short red band trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening! If you're excited for this in the least, you need to watch this trailer. If you haven't heard yet, The Happening got an R rating for "violent and disturbing images." There is some brutal violence and incredibly gruesome images in this trailer alone and it's just a tease! Thank goodness we finally get a real glimpse at the actual nature of The Happening, because with this now I'm finally hyped for it. Despite that one bad review, I've still got a feeling this could be great!

Thanks to JoBlo for first debuting this trailer exclusively. You've been warned - if you can't handle gruesome imagery, including suicides and the like, then I suggest you stay away!

Watch the red band trailer for The Happening:

Trailer has been removed at the request of 20th Century Fox / MPAA.

The Happening is both written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, of Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village and Lady in the Water previously. This marks Shyamalan's sixth feature film as an auteur. The Happening will arrive in theaters everywhere on June 13th this summer.

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WTF That was sick, but in a good way... Only heard bad things about this movie, but this "trailer" made me wanna see it!

Enola on May 16, 2008


the movie looks like it could be good! I am just hoping the reason for why these events are happening is not a cheesy, unbelievable often happens in sci-fi films like these. But, I'm def interested to see it.

Young on May 16, 2008


wow...i think we can all say that m. night has upped his game. for good or worse, we shall see.

Matt Suhu on May 16, 2008


One bad review? They're all terrible reviews.

Andrew Wickliffe on May 16, 2008


Holy crap! I watched this and my jaw just dropped...definitely didn't except that

Obi Nneji on May 16, 2008


My stomach is turning and not in a good way. I will probably never watch this movie. If I wanted to see that much death I could go get a "Faces of Death" film. I don't care at all what is causing them all to do that, its f-ing disgusting.

Breebaby on May 16, 2008


Interesting. Glad to see that Shyamalan isn't holding anything back. This trailer made me lean more towards seeing it at the cinema.

Andreas Climent on May 16, 2008


incredible trailer!!!

Perturabo on May 16, 2008


Wow! Totally agree with #5 but I feel that the concept and twist will be too ridiculous to make any sense whatsoever.

Ryan on May 16, 2008


I saw an advanced screening of this film a few days ago and it was absolute rubbish! The audience was laughing during some of the violent suicide scenes due to the poor acting (by everyone, including the leads actors). The reason behind the happening was also totally ridiculous and one audience member remarked "straight to video!" on her way out. Seems M. Night skill as a Director, Producer, Writer and sorry actor gets worse with every film. Maybe he should move to telly movies.

Trev on May 16, 2008


Mikey likes it. He really likes it!

ramez on May 16, 2008


really got my attention... previous trailers made me interested but this trailer really hit me... but then again lets see.. previous m.night movies i saw were not that really good...

miracle disease on May 16, 2008


Wow - was NOT expecting that. Something that makes everyone commit suicide? This looks like one messed up movie...

Mubariz Ahmedi on May 16, 2008


damn that was brutal, and im more excited for it now. no more of this lady in the water crap, it loks like shyamalan is coming back t form.

Keith on May 16, 2008


WTF!!! Sick trailer, but I can see a Robot Chicken parody in the works. What a twist!

JLA Reject on May 16, 2008


do we need to see this movie now? I understand showing a teaser trailer to get people interested, but showing what actually happens in this movie in the trailor kinda ruins it a little. Don't sell out even before the movies out because people lose faith in you, stay true to yourself Night. Don't give up the goods before the fucking movie comes out.

wm on May 16, 2008


about fucking time somebody had the balls 2 do something like this

jono on May 16, 2008


gees...that's...really disturbing. haha. my friends don't want to see it. so i'm gonna have to find someone that does. now i have two strong reasons to see this film, zooey and the "violent and disturbing images." awesome.

craziemutant on May 16, 2008


O_O i hope this movie will make people stop complaining about The Village ( which i actually like)

The Delightful Deviant on May 16, 2008


I like how you can see John Leguizamo cutting his wrists. Man I hate watching trailers.

D on May 16, 2008


The Happening is officially off my "maybe list" & on my "must see" list. This is what I was waiting to see, in order to make the final decision. This will be next, after Narnia, & definitely appears worthy of a couple movie tickets & some treats ($35).

Sinner on May 16, 2008


After seeing that clip I went to from "wanting to see the film because I'm a fan of M. Night Shyamalan" to just plain "wanting to see the film." Too bad most people write-off Shyamalan for being a one-trick pony these days (almost feel sorry).

Sean Kelly on May 16, 2008


Wow looks awesome. I don't care what the reason is, the only real reason I like his films is because of the intensity and feeling of impending doom that is always around the corner, think about most of his movies, the "reasons" are always kinda dumb, but the movies themselves are usually good for what I want out of them, except lady in the water, it was trash from the beginning to the end.

Richard on May 16, 2008


HOLY FUCKIN SHIT! yeah..think that sums it up nicely.

Garrett.king on May 16, 2008


looks amazng, lawnmower scenes great, ill be the guy laughing through the whole thing

harrison on May 16, 2008


Did a dog just tear a mans arm off? Wow brutal.

Jesse on May 16, 2008


think that was a lion, not a dog

The Delightful Deviant on May 16, 2008


looks fucking awesome

Leland on May 16, 2008


Holy HELL, that was really really disturbing.

Icarus on May 16, 2008


Looks cool! And I never pay any attention to reviews anyway. That's someone else's opinion, which I often disagree with. Reviews are a waste of page space to me.

cufford on May 16, 2008


I peed my pants.

tommyturner on May 16, 2008


I think its sad that as soon as a gore and violence show up in a trailer that people decide they want to see this movie. Something is wrong about that.

chris on May 16, 2008


Why would anyone subject themselves to this sickening crap?

Sick on May 16, 2008


umm, wow. i wasn't that interested in this till that trailer and that shit looks fucked up

Alexander on May 17, 2008


now i am going to see this, im a m night fan, i liked signs, unbreakable and the village, this looks so good, and to those who say that we are fucked up for wanting to see this, WE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE MOVIES FOR ADULTS, maybe you should go watch pirates of the caribbean and spiderman, bring it on m night.

jeff s. on May 17, 2008


WOW... this looks REALLY freaky! I have goosebumps after watching this thing!

Andrew on May 17, 2008


This made me want to see the movie

DCompose on May 17, 2008


I liked all of his films, but have not seen "Lady in the Water." I think everyone has been expecting a constant "Sixth Sense" surprise reveal brilliance. But most of his later films have been about the suspense he builds and the character development...not some big twist. I am totally into creepy, gross films, so this looks like it is right up my alley. I don't really care if the reason behind the 'disaster' is stupid or not. It's the execution, the building of fear/dread, the character development that matters to me most with M. Night's films. However, the clip I watched the other day did reveal some pretty bad acting...even from Zooey Dechanel. The dialogue was a little off. Unnatural. But I'm hoping that when I experience the film from beginning to end, it will not seem that way. Considering "Cloverfield" was very hit or miss with me, I still don't know if I really liked it...I don't tend to listen to comments on this blog or reviews very much.

Movie Lover on May 17, 2008


I read the concept for this movie ... the script and its totally stupid. People are going to be really disappointing for people who see trailers like this ... Thats why people have been disliking his movies. This is so preachy and ridiculous people are going to walk out laughing ...

E on May 17, 2008


wow this looks gruesome, finally a smart horror/Suspense flick that is rated R im looking forward to this...

Curtis on May 17, 2008


the whole movie i read is about all the plants in the world releasing nero-toxin because they are not going to take the human pollution any longer, hence people committing suicide

dan on May 17, 2008


So the plant toxins make people want to kill themselves, or they all feel really guilty?

DCompose on May 17, 2008


Maybe everyone commits suicide after seeing this film! Just kidding...I just hope M. Night S. can recover from that Lady in the Water crapfest...

jason_md2020 on May 17, 2008


I think he should fashion himself a name that doesn't infuriate people when they try to spell it.

DCompose on May 17, 2008


haha. #45, yea, i can never remember how to spell his name.

craziemutant on May 17, 2008


Really intense stuff I'm still not sure if I will see this from the trailers all that will be interesting was just shown in this trailer .

Eric on May 17, 2008


Damn didn't expect that......................... I think my wife may not be able to watch this 😛

SHANE D on May 17, 2008


Trailer made my jaw drop. And made me want to barf. Pretty disgusting. But I must admit I watched it a few times. Movie looks pretty fucked up. But I'll wait until it comes out on DVD. And I'm one of those who actually liked "The Village."

Hawaii on May 18, 2008


Holy God that guy was ran over by a freaking lawn mower. The people hanging from the trees, the person getting ripped apart by the mountain lion! My god M. Night is going postal.

Xerxex on May 18, 2008


that looks real weird but it looks fun to watch as long as it is not a HEAD DOER

ADZ4EVRE on May 19, 2008


I enjoy M. Night S. movies I just don't like the endings. My wife is NOT seeing this. I am, though. It's kinda weird to see M.Night step over psych. horror and aim straight to gore (with I'M SURE OF IT a side of psych. horror). I like where it's going though. I usually enjoy movies that depict mass histeria, world going apeshit and all that jazz. It's like this movie I haven't yet seen called 'SIGNAL'. Is it any good? Is it totally inspired in Stephen King's 'Cell' or not? Cause that would rock my european socks! Cheers.

Huckpaletos on May 19, 2008


Wow, before seeing this I thought the plants were giving off a chemical that make people stare aimlessly into the distance. Crazy disturbing images, the tractor, I got chills. from the spoilers it sounds like Al Gore and Mel Gibson had a love child and this movie was the un-aborted offspring.

Logan Mauldin on May 19, 2008


I will DEFINITELY be seeing the Hulk that weekend, instead of taking a gamble on this. This one can wait.

Djo on May 19, 2008


"It's like this movie I haven't yet seen called 'SIGNAL'. Is it any good?" Hey Huckpaletos, I've seen "THE SIGNAL" and it's a very, VERY uneven film. It starts out strong but then it tries to go for comedy in the middle and then back to serious for the ending. "Is it totally inspired in Stephen King's 'Cell' or not?" Sorry, I never read "CELL", so I don't know. Cheers. Shutter

Shutter on May 19, 2008


Thanks Shutter. I'm gonna give it a try anyhoot. And BTW, you should read 'Cell' it's fun fun FUN!

Huckpaletos on May 20, 2008


lol, i was dying to see this when the boring previews came out and now this!!! IDK if i will be able to see this in theaters though, because i was planning to go with my mom (i'm 14, u think it's a good idea???). I might just have to sneak-a-peek at my cousin's house when it's on DVD....

Zack B on May 23, 2008


god i am so glad ive been boasting about this movie and telling people to stfu who hated it Jont <---- last laugh

Jont on May 28, 2008


Is it a plant toxin or what? I heard plant toxin.

shymalan on Jun 5, 2008


Shyamalan rocks, village was great movie... This looks a bit sick, and I've heard people saying what causes these "attacks", but really cant say if it same rumour going on and on.. Anyway, this looks very interesting movie, and I hope there's is some great plot twist at the end, instead of something very stupid.. like in lady in the water 🙂

Qud on Jun 10, 2008



MovieHack on Jun 12, 2008


ok everybody listen. what made the people in the movie commit suicide was themselves. people dont take good care of the earth and the trees. therefore, the plants trees and grass looked at the people as threats. but unlike humans and animals plants cant jump out the ground and run when they sense threats. so instead, as a self defense against the people, the plants release the toxin into the air. then the wind blows the toxin towards the people which causes the people to commit suicide. thank you for listening.

gaara on Feb 22, 2009

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