Must Watch: David Goyer's The Unborn Trailer!

October 9, 2008
Source: MTV

The Unborn Trailer

The Unborn, written and directed by Dark Knight-scribe David S. Goyer, has been given a damn impressive first trailer. If you recall, Goyer spoke at length about his "old school horror movie," which is, in part, based on a bit of Jewish folklore. The film surrounds a girl that must fight off a spirit that attempts to inhabit her body, lest that spirit be reborn causing the living girl to wander the netherworld in its place. The plot seems approachable enough, and with Gary Oldman involved as a spiritual advisor, I'm totally on board. Don't let Michael Bay's name scare you off as this might actually be a hit for Platinum Dunes - some of these scenes and effects look top-notch. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think!

Watch the trailer for The Unborn:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch The Unborn trailer in High Definition on MTV

If you're interested in a little joke Goyer has played on Universal, re-watch the trailer - when lead actress Odette Yustman is laying on the couch, The Bourne Identity is on the TV. Goyer did this on purpose because the studio made him change the name of the film from Born to The Unborn. Goyer told MTV, "Universal made me change it because anytime we would be on the conference call or something like that people would be confused and think it related to the Bourne Identity movies. So, this happened a bunch of times - like we would be sent the wrong files or wrong contracts or things. So that's how it became Unborn, but it does fit for the movie." Do we have another potential horror hit on our hands here?

The Unborn is both written and directed by David S. Goyer, who directed Blade: Trinity and The Invisible previously, but also wrote scripts for films ranging from Dark City to Blade to Batman Begins to Jumper to The Dark Knight. This is not based on any other past horror films or books, this is an entirely original project. Rogue Pictures will be bring us The Unborn on January 9th, 2009 next year!

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Now that is some fucked up shit.

JL on Oct 9, 2008


I love it. Especially at the end of the trailer and barely shows her mom and she looks all ewww. I' see it.

Daniel F. on Oct 9, 2008


thats does look quite good nice to see an actual horror movie not a remake that actually looks good

nelson on Oct 9, 2008



Vegeta on Oct 9, 2008


it does look interesting... its nice to see something original being developed rather than a sequel, prequel, reimagining, remake, clone or any mix of those words (preclonequel anyone?)

Janny on Oct 9, 2008


HELL YEAH!!! This movie looks so GOOD! The trailer has that same creepy vibe as the Redband "Mirrors" trailer did! And this should be much better because of Goyer's penmanship and vision! I really hope "The Unborn" is as good as its trailer!

David on Oct 9, 2008


that scene with the dudes head spinning around had me laughing my ass off

Al on Oct 9, 2008


this is the shit. Fuck the grudge and fuck the ring.

Darrin on Oct 9, 2008


its nice to see something original.

Darrin on Oct 9, 2008


Eh it looks kinda cool... but more than likely it will prolly suck bawls...

CSpuppydog on Oct 9, 2008


I liked it but it still kinda looks a little bit more I Know What You Did Last Summer then say The Exorcism of Emily Rose (which I friggin hated cause it scared the shit outta me) but maybe It'll be a good combination of the two.

Richard on Oct 9, 2008


It looks brilliant. Can't wait to check this out.

Heath on Oct 9, 2008


AT LAST!!! I've been waiting to see this again since comic-con, its felt like forever since he showed that footage!!! Can't WAIT for that film, looks immense!

Stuart Mellor on Oct 9, 2008


wow. A horror movie trailer that doesnt look cheesy and stupid. I welcome the change. This looks great.

bret on Oct 9, 2008


Just so so predictable...But Odette looks like a cross between Jessica Alba and Megan Fox....HOT! πŸ˜‰

sd on Oct 9, 2008


Niceeee!!! finally something SCARY!!! (or so i hope) and what was with that dog with a jabbawockeez mask on???

Ck on Oct 9, 2008


I agree(for once), this trailer is wonderfully edited, and I'm sure doesn't even touch the horror of the film. Great visual effects, cinematography, and Odette Yustman is one of the easiest to look at actresses on the planet. So gorgeous. Although this is an original, it does smack a bit of "Rosemary's Baby" and "the Omen", and use a lot of the recent Japanese films as obvious visual influences, although that Human Cat creature was just crazy. Wonderful, I can't wait to see it.

Lincoln on Oct 9, 2008


Odette Yustman is hot. The trailer is better than average. I love most of Goyer's work so I'll be checking this out.

Film-Book dot Com on Oct 9, 2008


sweet baby jesus.....

Divad on Oct 9, 2008


It is some kind of sick horrer movie.For sure I'm going to watch this fucking, horror ,sick movie.

ishteaque on Oct 9, 2008


I thought David was working on "Unique" by Platinum Studios. It was to have start of the art special effects that would blow us away. Im looking forward to hearing about that one.

Goyer fan on Oct 9, 2008


wow...i was totally blown away by this trailer. it has bits and pieces from other films like the ring and the exorcist, but man...that was some scary stuff. can't wait.

Matt Suhu on Oct 9, 2008


Woah, that's going to be fucking scary.

jman571 on Oct 9, 2008


NICE.... its been so long since a quality horror movie has come out... can't wait to see it!

pfft... on Oct 9, 2008


Well it creeped me the "F" yeah i guess it looks pretty good.

Mr. Wizard on Oct 9, 2008


even though it resembles a jacked up Exorcist, it looks pretty damn creepy...gotta be better than that steaming turd (YAWN) Twilight...I hope it does well....

moldybread on Oct 9, 2008


Sorry to dissapoint but there is a taiwanese film called the unbourn, this movie isnt original. its basically the same story except int he original the baby was an abortion, not a twin that never got born. but the trailer does look very good, this looks about as chilling as the first saw before it got played out.

mortuus on Oct 9, 2008


Looks like a quality horror movie, ill def. check it out... Megan Good is effin hotttt as hell!

big r on Oct 10, 2008


I'm honestly amazed that so many people think this looks THIS good?? Maybe I'm just not a big horror movie guy... but this really doesn't make me that excited. Not sure what it is - but it seems like another standard January horror flop, no?

Alex Billington on Oct 10, 2008


Alex, did you see the footage at comic-con? The scene's they showed looked superb! I also think on top of that, a large audience will see the story as quite unique for horror, and for people who know Goyer's behind it, they will go and see it. I have been really excited about this since Comic-Con like i said, so i can't wait to see it.

Stuart Mellor on Oct 10, 2008


Yeah, it looks... OK. but spider walking from The Exorcist? check. raincoats from Dark Water? check. 'scary' children from a whole shedload of J-horror films? check. originalilty? hmm. i thought the Mirrors trailer looked good, too, but see how badly that film sucked. but i will admit that the mighty Gary Oldman's involvement offsets the bad taste in my mouth left by Platinum Dunes even going near yet another horror film. i do i hope the film turns out to be a proper jolt. but any horror film that relies on large orchestral blasts for fright value is starting out seriously weak. fingers crossed hard, though, as ever for these things. my money's on the Commissioner.

lumière on Oct 10, 2008


I think it almost rides the line of the standard fare, but there is just enough (seemingly) well-done effects and sequences, along with what seems like a much deeper story -- if it's just a evil spirit (i.e. the boy), whats up with that creepy monster/mother thing -- that it sets itself apart from the crowd. I would think this too good for Platinum Dunes if not for their upfront billing

Kevin Powers on Oct 10, 2008


Damn... I just shat myself! It's been a while since a movie has given me chills. I'll be see this one fo sho.

K on Oct 10, 2008


Looks alright, but with a hot screaming young woman in the lead, like so many others..

malax on Oct 10, 2008


The preview for this at comic-con was pretty good, generally looking forward to this!

Tom Dearsley on Oct 10, 2008


I don't care for horor films, but like them when they make you think and not just turn into a slasher movie half way through. So I am on the fence on this one, there looks to be some interesting development and discovery, then you see the gall on the stares and someone with a knife, blah blah blah. I know my wife will be into it, so I will be going. πŸ™‚

Dusty on Oct 10, 2008


Great trailer! going to the theater to see it!

Florian on Oct 10, 2008


Actually looks as though it might be good; yes, it recycles some common horror elements, but the trailer gave me chills. If anyone watches The Venture Brothers, the concept is a bit familiar, but handled in an entirely different fashion. πŸ˜‰

Stiles on Oct 10, 2008


O.O Awesome!

SillySil on Oct 10, 2008


Very rarely are horror movies good (or scary for that matter). I'm not totally sold, but this actually looks impressive. That is some bizarre stuff.

Stig on Oct 10, 2008


Recipe for The Unborn- Mix equal parts: The Exorcist The Entity The Thing The Grudge Don't Look Now(!) and whip into a discombobulated mess. Then serve (preferably to an audience who hasn't seen any of these films). However, Odette Yustman and Meagan Good are both hot as blazes.

Krug on Oct 10, 2008


Same with Dusty... my wife would love this so I'm there... Based on the trailer, I'd prefer this one rather than the Jap Horror movie remakes.

miracle disease on Oct 10, 2008


Dammit, Krug. You beat me to it. Here's my list: The Omen, Grudge, Exorcist, Emily Rose, I'll even add that horrible Kiefer Sutherland movie Mirrors. There's probably more but I can't think clearly right now. The two hot babes might get me to check it out when it hits the dollar theater.

kevjohn on Oct 10, 2008


wow. first horror movie i've wanted to see in a long long long long time. trailer looks great.

justin on Oct 10, 2008


I typically hate horror films, but this looks really good. I think whats intriguing is the dimensional aspect which is what I think set apart the Nightmare on Elm Street movies from typical slasher films. What I'm hoping is left out of this movie is the cliche' "dead soul seeking help from the living" plotline that every single supernatural horror flick has had since the Sixth Sense came out. Is that the girl that was in Cloverfield? Who ever she is, she's about to be the next big, not to mention hot girl in town.

ImaginaryVisionary on Oct 10, 2008


WOOW!!! this looks crazy!! I'm with number 16 though, the girl looks like a cross between Alba and Fox --- hoooottt!! Creepy as fuck trailer, that dog like creature with the human-like face was weird chilling! Goyer is back! (Trinity sucked!!! - I saw that with him in the audience for the premiere in Toronto a few years ago, he should've been ashamed!)

Conrad on Oct 10, 2008


holy shit this looks good im in

raider98 on Oct 11, 2008


Commissioner Gordon's gonna need some back up.

rorey on Oct 12, 2008


If he was her unborn twin, wouldn't he either be a.) a fetus (not as scary I admit)? or b.) Her age? The fact that it's a ten year old kid seems to be a bit off.

Somnambulist on Oct 13, 2008


looks promising, but I've learned not to get my hopes up for horror movies these days.

seanzo on Oct 18, 2008



Zerge on Oct 21, 2008


50 said what i was thinking out aloud! i dont get it... i mean its scary and all... but it lacks concept.

viral on Oct 22, 2008


fuccking scary dude this is the shit forget emily rose forget grudge and ring woooowww im definately gonaa watch this

alan on Oct 24, 2008


looks good for the entertainment factor, but not a must-see. on a side note, this is yet another movie that has a scary little white kid in it. a marketable stereotype that doesn't seem to die.

J: on Oct 24, 2008


1:01 LOL!!! I bet that scene was hard to keep the dog from shaking off that mask!

JD on Dec 15, 2008


sorry! 1:26 πŸ˜‰

JD on Dec 15, 2008


gay, trying to copy thai movie... but nothing like it.. dont seem scary as the thai movie either.. wats up with copying asian horror, they jus make it worst..

jack on Dec 24, 2008


Holy crap! =] Dude i get to go see this with my boyfriend in stillwater =]] I'm so excited! He thinks I'm chicken XP

Arielle on Dec 29, 2008

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