Must Watch: Edward Zwick's Defiance Trailer

January 17, 2008
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Must Watch: Edward Zwick's Defiance Trailer

There are so many good WWII movies coming out in 2008! We've already seen the trailer for Bryan Singer's Valkyrie, now the first teaser trailer for Edward Zwick's Defiance has hit as well. Edward Zwick is the director responsible for bringing us most recently The Last Samurai and Blood Diamond. Defiance stars the three very talented actors Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, and Jamie Bell as three Jewish brothers who escape from Nazi-occupied Poland into the Belarussian forest, where they join Russian resistance fighters to defend themselves. This looks absolutely incredible, and I really love epic WWII films, which this looks like it definitely will be.

Watch the trailer for Defiance:

[flv:defiance-trailer.flv 500 270]

You can also watch the Defiance trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Defiance is directed by Edward Zwick, of Legends of the Fall, Courage Under Fire, The Last Samurai, and Blood Diamond previously, and is written by Clayton Frohman, of The Delinquents and Checkered Flag. The film is based on a book of the same name by Nechama Tec. Defiance is being released by Paramount Vantage and arrives in theaters on December 12th later this year.

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Looks like a great WWII movie and looking forward to it, specially when Edward Zwick has directed it, i loved Blood Diamond and ill most likely enjoy this one as well. From what the trailer has given us it looks like its going to be a great film.

Justu on Jan 17, 2008


It looks pretty good but... "By the summer of 1941 Hitlers Armies were on the move." Umm, they attacked Poland in 1939 and all of Western Europe in 1940 so most of Europe was already under the jackboot. Bit of a blooper there (not sure if its laziness or "WW2 began with Pearl Harbour" going on...).

Guy on Jan 18, 2008


Looks good, but I'm not sure about Daniel's accent.

Jeff Warner on Jan 18, 2008


OMG, this looks like it could be amazingly good. I'm a fan of all three actors, and I see Craig becoming more & more rooted in action and doing a great job within the genre. Can't wait to see it.

Young on Jan 18, 2008


This looks really good.

Stephen on Jan 18, 2008


Looks average to me but with the cast and creew behind it I think it will be very good.

Ryan on Jan 18, 2008


Red Dawn of WWII... I'm in. Call me what you want... but I'm not a big fan of movies taking place in foreign lands and everyone speaking english. It just loses it's authenticity in my opinion. Hopefully they'll pull a "Hunt for Red October" tactic in which they gradually begin to speak english. This is just me being picky though. Movie still looks awesome.

C-Young on Jan 18, 2008


Wrong Guy. Not a blooper. The movie is accurate b/c Nazi's invaded Russia on June 22, 1941. The summer of 1941. This movie is definetely worth a look.

Sinner on Jan 18, 2008


"Wrong Guy. Not a blooper. The movie is accurate b/c Nazi's invaded Russia on June 22, 1941. The summer of 1941. This movie is definetely worth a look." Yes, but these fellows are in Poland (to begin with at least). And in which case the statement is still inaccurate because the armies have already moved over Europe, now they would just be moving over a different part and heading into Asia.

Guy on Jan 19, 2008


What the hell are you talking about Guy. These Jewish people escaped from Poland into Belarus, which was part of the Soviet Union, to stay alive and help Russians fight the Nazi's. In fact Belarus means White Russia. The trailer already says Europe was about to fall so yes, the German army already moved over almost all of Europe. Then in the Summer of 1941, the Germans are "on the move" again when they invade Russia (Soviet Union). The trailer already talks about most of this. It's accurate. Give it a rest.

Sinner on Jan 19, 2008


What? I know Belarus was part of the Soviet Union but that has no bearing on the point (which was just a stupid joke anyway). The trailer says the army is on the move, for millions it was a death sentence yadda yadda and that Europe was about to fall. As I originally said, Europe had fallen. By 1941 all that was left was allies and the European part of the Soviet Union. Hence the statement that Europe was about to fall was inaccurate.

Guy on Jan 20, 2008


if russia tried nazis would be dead long time.

as on Jan 22, 2008


There was resistance all over the continent. It was never completely conquered or completely under Nazi control. It was dangerously close however. The vast majority was Europe was finished. It was about to fall.

Sinner on Jan 22, 2008


How does that make sense? The vast majority of Europe can not be finished AND about to fall. Either its fallen, in the process of falling or about to fall. If its finished then its fallen. That is just logic.

Guy on Jan 23, 2008


I don't know if you need to brush up on your history or if you're just not comprehending this. It seems like you desperately want to be right but I just don't have any more patience to explain this to you. I think the rest of us get it already. The movie trailer is accurate. Go do your homework. Over it. FIN.

Sinner on Jan 23, 2008


I'm not comprehending because your arguement makes no logical sense, regardless of history. In purely historical terms post 11 proved that the trailer wasn't historically accurate. If you don't have the patience, fine, but don't make a mass appeal when no mass opinion has been shown. Nobody has said they view either you or me as right.

Guy on Jan 23, 2008


Pretty sure they're laughing at us. Guess we're the only military buffs here. Good talk though. Much respect to ya. Might have to check this movie out.

Sinner on Jan 24, 2008


Haha, you're probably right, us two sad buzzards debating. All respect to you bro. I think the movie should definately be worth checking out, I want to see how it compares to "Come and See".

Guy on Jan 24, 2008


Worth checking out, not so sure about Daniel Craig accent. It is schedule for the holiday, hope they don't crew this up.

Preview Trailer on Jan 24, 2008


Looks good and here is the thing. Much of Euorpe had fallen but White Russia, the Baltic Seas States, Belarus, the Ukraine, and Eastern Poland (the part of the country conqured by the Red Army due to the Ribbentrop Molotov Pact) were about to fall. What is important to remember to is that historically in Soviet Euopre the Nazis didn't send alot of Jews and Gypsies to the death camps. THey simply shot them. Infact in Belarus the Jews in much of the country were shot in most places within days of the Nazis taking over the area. The excpetion owas the capital Minsk which had a ghetto created in it that was eventually liquadated by the Nazis due to shooting much of the Jewish interness or killing them in the gas vans. But amyways I wanna check this out it looks good.

Kyon Saucier on Jan 27, 2008


These four guys stood in the face of the Nazis and said to them that they are punks. Simple as that, Zus told me those Nazis are very imposing when they are in a 10-1 situation but they have the brains of a cho-cho train. I knew their schedules and set up where we could kill them and take their weapons. They are not worth a dime in the fightings and their souls. All in all after what Zus went through he turned out to be cold hearted killer of Jew murderers. Thanks for that Zusia we are here to continue the fight.

bellskee on Feb 9, 2008


edward zwick has turned out quality films i have no doubt that he can handle this film

Jarhead on Apr 21, 2008


I will watch this film 🙂

Mike on Aug 14, 2008


i think you guys, Guy & Sinner should go see the movie together!!! hahaha jk guys

For Guy and Sinner on Sep 27, 2008


at least we know that not every jew allowed themselves to be herded into death camps

jarhead on Nov 27, 2008


Go to for free educator materials about the Bielskis as well as a guide on Ethics and Defiance. There are also profiles and short films about former Bielski partisans.

JPEF on Jan 27, 2009

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