Must Watch: Extended The Day the Earth Stood Still Preview

September 15, 2008
Source: Cinema Blend

Extended The Day the Earth Stood Still Preview

Before the encore presentation of J.J. Abrams' "Fringe" last night on Fox, an extended 7-minute preview for the upcoming remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still aired. I actually watched it on TV before it showed up here and will say again what I thought then - this looks awesome! I know I'm excited for a lot of movies a lot of the time, but being a big sci-fi fan, The Day the Earth Stood Still has now shot to the top of my most anticipated list for the rest of the year, right below Quantum of Solace. This 7-minute extended preview features a lot of the scenes we saw at Comic-Con, including the incredibly intense part in the middle where Keanu Reeves takes over the guy who is interviewing him and escapes. I know I'm not alone in my excitement, so hopefully those who are in agreement with me will voice their opinion, too.

I wish I could better explain why I think this looks great, but it's a bit hard. Not only does it look very polished, which is a very important thing for me, but Keanu actually looks like the perfect choice and the story looks like an appropriately modern upgrade. Being a huge sci-fi guy, my excitement for this is driven purely by my interest in the subject and the intensity of the scenes, including that ending with Gort. We'll see how all of this holds up in December when I actually get to see the finished film. Thoughts?

Watch the extended preview for The Day the Earth Stood Still:

Preview removed at the urgent request of 20th Century Fox. Sorry!

The Day the Earth Stood Still is directed by up-and-coming director Scott Derrickson, of only The Exorcism of Emily Rose previously, with a script written by screenwriter David Scarpa, of only The Last Castle previously. There are a lot of fresh creative minds involved in this project who haven't yet had a lot of experience. The film is a remake of Robert Wise's 1951 sci-fi classic of the same name. Fox is releasing the re-imagined The Day the Earth Stood Still on December 12th later this year.

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It looks GREAT!!! Great sci-fi fan here and I can't wait to see it! The color, the mood, sound, Keanu, just plain perfect. I hope this one delivers!

Lez on Sep 15, 2008


Can't wait for December! Looks really GREAt!!!

Florian on Sep 15, 2008


The interrogation scene wasn't nearly as intense this time around. I'm not sure if it's because I'd already seen it once before, or if it just needs to be seen on a big screen to have the same effect. Probably a bit of both. Anyway, the footage looked great, I can't wait for this one to come out.

Keith on Sep 15, 2008


WOW!!!!! This looks like total shit! Limp dialogue and dazzling special effects with no substance warrants this to be another pass. If this seven minute featurette is what is supposed to get us wet for the actual movie, than I am not at all impressed. Kinda reminds me of that washout "Dreamcatcher" a few years back...shame. Directed by Scott Derrickson too...again, not impressed.

Conrad on Sep 15, 2008


i saw this on FOX last night, for a second i was like wow is that Johnny Mnemonic? then i remembered about TDTEST.

The Delightful Deviant on Sep 15, 2008


Number five, you got the initials for the movie wrong. You also didn't mention whether you're looking forward to this or not... "Think Ricky, Think!" - TPB

Conrad on Sep 15, 2008


Keanu is so typed cast. This is a mix between Johnny N and Neo. This movie does look pretty good though. The acting bothers me. At least from what I see. It does look quite clean. The special effects are really polished. The actors seem to be fairly realistic and well chosen (if not type casted). I don't know I am conflicted about seeing it in theaters but I am excited.

Kyle A. Koyote on Sep 15, 2008


Number 4 watch your tongue around here boy. You think about things too much, it looks good. Alex im a big sci fi nut too. Although i havent seen enough of them i love them anyway, ive seen my share. Name a few that i should go see, you being more involved in movies and such. Or anyone for that matter

big r on Sep 15, 2008


let's part matrix, a little dash of fincher, i wonder if any of the will smith family is available? should we try & get keanu? no, that'd too over the top.

baconfan on Sep 15, 2008


well i apologize for abbreviating wrong then, also i'm not sure yet whether or not i am anticipating this, footage seems interesting enough but i'll have to wait and see.

The Delightful Deviant on Sep 15, 2008


I had to go back and read some older posts on from when we first heard about this remake and everyone was so pissed that they were remaking it, and even more pissed that Keanu was playing Klaatu. I was a bit skeptical myself, but after seeing this footage I'm thoroughly excited. Is December going to be the month for apocalyptic film? (I am Legend from last year) Also, I have to give Alex kudos on being positive about this movie since the very first post (even before the cast was announced)...this looks fantastic

Peloquin on Sep 15, 2008


this looks fantastic. No doubt this needs an IMAX treatment.

Darrin on Sep 15, 2008


wow it looks fairly good. a lot more realistic in the way the government would handle that. like not letting klaatu jump out a window.

taylor on Sep 15, 2008


^ thats what i like about the footage. It does look realistic, i cant wait to see this movie.

big r on Sep 15, 2008


Looks good. I'm all about the sci-fi. The only thing that irks me is the fact it is going be some environmental message. You know, humans bad, earth without humans good. But I guess I can live with that...

Movie Lover on Sep 15, 2008


On its own i have to agree, i think it looks like a great stand alone film. However, as a remake of the classic original i dont like it. By adding countless other ships and having Klatu actually harm people just doesnt sit well with me. He merely served as a warning to us about destroying Earth and our home. Not wanting to get rid of us to save Earth. But thats just me...

Bucs37 on Sep 15, 2008


Number 8, I am no boy, so go fuck yourself. I think about things because others (not you Alex) tend to not think at all, including the producers for this flick. By the way, this a blog for movie fans, swearing is always aloud. Heck, even the reviewers themselves use foul language from time to time...

Conrad on Sep 15, 2008


So they basicly showed half of the movie. The only thing that remains is the twist, if there is one, and a few action CGI scenes.

shige on Sep 15, 2008


Seems like the only movie that i am intisapating that is coming out this year! I have not seen the movie back in BC years but if its anything like War Of The World, which was one of my greatest movies, then it is a must watch.. I dont know if we will see the aliens or whatever is attacking! do u>?

Max Russian on Sep 15, 2008


In his heart, he´s always playing Neo.

Mario Tenorio on Sep 15, 2008


Looks like another War of The Worlds to me. The clip of the silver ships and explosions probably mean we're getting a slightly more serious Independence Day! I'll still watch it, i watch everything, the curse of an unlimited cinema pass! *shudders at thought of re-watching Disaster Movie*

chris on Sep 15, 2008

22 #8 where the hell do you get off telling people not to think hard about things u moron. "watch your mouth boy you think about things too much" !?!?!?!? what the fuck is that suppost to mean that we should totally like this movie for waht it looks like and not to actually think about something get outta here trashity trash. But yeah that whole scene gave me goosebumps pretty freaking sweet if ya ask me definetly a theater movie.

Cody on Sep 15, 2008


I had zero hope for this movie, thinking that it would be half of what War of the Worlds was, and that wasn't amazing in the first place. But now, seeing this... this looks phenomenal.

Zamora on Sep 15, 2008


Surprisingly this looks incredible, and like one of the previous comments it does seem that Keanu Reeves is perfectly cast. Didn't hold much hope out for this but i have been pleasantly surprised. Hope it lives up to it, and i hope everyone reading enjoys it when its released.

Barry Dent on Sep 15, 2008


number 22 get off of my d!ck.... Number 4 i should not have come off that way, i was actually laughing at the fact you took me seriously. But anyway, your first sentence in your first post is based off of what we saw above... 7 minutes out of a possible 2hr. movie!? You say it looks like shit! I think that statement is bogus,but again its your opinion. I do hope you check out the film and have reversed feelings... maybe then can you have reason to support your bogus statement.

big r on Sep 15, 2008


yea i saw it last night on fox... an i really was surprised at how bad neo's acting was. i never thought he could be so terrible. even the way he nodded his head while he said "...the earth survives" sent a shiver don my spine. and also that naked guy giving the test pissed me off heavily. the rest as great, and hopefully i can get the stiff acting and like the movie

LeeMan on Sep 15, 2008


this is a great.i cant wait to look whole movie.keanu is great,i love him,i cant wait for december!

SS on Sep 15, 2008


Independence Day meets War of the Worlds

David on Sep 15, 2008


FANTASTIC!!!! It is all I have to say! It is a reimagination of the original and I have faith Scott Derrickson will bring us great science-fiction in december. And to the ones bashing Keanu Reeves: the guy is GREAT! OK? Another iconic role for him.

Sam on Sep 15, 2008


so, what's goin' to happen to us?! let's go watch and give this a chance...

miracle disease on Sep 15, 2008


Yeah, I will go see that! A little, Independence Day, but I bet it will be a lot better.

Brian on Sep 15, 2008


Spoiler: Randy Quaid flies his plane into the alien ship and saves the day.

It's PAYBACK TIME!!!! on Sep 15, 2008


lol with 32.

Buttons on Sep 15, 2008


it looks more like matrix and hint of terminator, neo sent back in time but all in all it seems its going to be nice

lescatenaccio on Sep 15, 2008


When I hear Jon Hamm's use phrases like "the most important discovery in the history of mankind," I'm expecting to see Don Draper describe a new kind of deodorant on "Mad Men." His intonation in this trailer sounds just like his intonation he uses when smugly pitching modern products on behalf of Sterling Cooper Advertising. The movie looks awesome, but Hamm's delivery needs a little more variation.

Jason on Sep 15, 2008


Which computer virus are we going to be uploading into the Mother Ship this time? This unfortunately lacks the subtlety and intelligence of the original. Another alien invasion (I'd rather have flying saucers than giant marbles), the same old CG mass destruction effects seen dozens of times before *yawn* And Keanu (miscast) should stick to making Point Break 2.

avoidz on Sep 15, 2008


TOTALLY! TOTALLY AMAZING MOVIE SCENES!!! This should be a BLOCK BUSTER!!! I Too, LOVE SCI-FI Movies!!! Keanu is Brillient in it! He actually scares me how serious and determined he is! The scenes are absolutely Spell Binding! Can't wait until, December!!! I gotta see this on the BIG screen!!!

Judy I. on Sep 15, 2008


Highly Intrigued Reeves looks perfect in the role of Klaatu, cool and collected and a great sense of style Looking forward to seeing it opening night.

xerxex on Sep 15, 2008


I was very surprised by how engaging this preview was. It doesn't look or feel like typical Hollywood BS, it has long, drawn out shots, and Reeves was weirdly riveting. I went from being totally disinterested in seeing "yet another Hollywood remake" to feeling a sense of genuine excitement at seeing this film. I found something satisfying and refreshing about the energy of the cinematography and the acting.

Unexpectedly Good on Sep 16, 2008


Jennifer Connelly can't act.

Chuck A. Spear on Sep 16, 2008


Boring... There is nothing excitement in the movie. No action stun, no acting, reeve just stand still and everyone fall down, what a JOKE! Who want to come to distroy the whole earth? what they want from a totally destroyed earth which full of mud and rubbish?? a movie with no sense. all the computer graphic can be seen from so many other movie, there is nothing special here. total a waste of time, not even worth the 7 mins.

Quek on Sep 16, 2008


The original TDTESS movie had almost no action. Anyone complaining that it lacks action clearly don't know what is all about. The preview of the remake showed incredible action pieces and I believe they will work well with younger audiences. But anyone going to see it only for the action will be disappointed, IMO it will be much more about the story than about explosions. And the cinematography is very impressive. I am feeling higly positive about it, december can come fast enough.

Lez on Sep 16, 2008


Looks good. I will spend my hard earned money to support my sci-fi habit. If I didn't clutch at every little thing sci-fi though, I would be less than impressed. (I think.)

bozoconnors on Sep 16, 2008


# 42 i dont know exactly what cinematography is, i just know that it is to do with lighting and camera choices. Can you explain what exactly it is and why it looks great in TDTESS?

big r on Sep 16, 2008


To the person who says Reeves is miscast as Klaatu... are you stoned or something? No that's not right. If you were stoned you'd be screaming about how "weirdly riveting" (i love that) he is in this clip. I think he's perfect for the part. This movie is about the STORY not action. Action is necessary in a good sci-fi flick these days - we all expect it. I have watched interviews with Reeves and his comments, along with the director and Connelly, explain what will happen between the scary alien on a mission and his new human friends. Just those few seconds of Klaatu and Jayden in the truck, the look on Keanu's face, speaks volumes. I have been looking forward to the film but now I'm dying to see it. I agree the polish and the direction are more than even I had hoped for. It's simply beautiful. I tend to like films that demand you pay attention to every frame, that demand the viewer be somewhat intellectuat, films that beg you to think, which is why The Matrix killed me. Style *and* substance and this movie obviously is overflowing with both. I like the ship - like that it looks like a planet. Like the drama, intensity and the message too because it's true. Most people alive today have not seen the wonderful original so this will be all new to them and may have the effect of getting them to watch it.

reevesfan on Sep 16, 2008


#44 For what I understand is the same term applied to photography in cinema. I liked the shots of the flaming sphere, the lightinings coming from it, the cold colors in the interrogation room and the camera movements when Klaatu starts to react, the shots of the others spheres... a lot of things.

Lez on Sep 16, 2008


i've never felt the need to comment on movies here before, but this compels me to break my silence. this looks horrible. anyone who has seen the original must surely feel the same way. i realize they couldn't use the same premise and everything that they used for the original, but other posters are correct in saying that this looks poorly acted and attempting to over compensate for poor script and writing with special effects. there is a small chance it will be ok when seen in its entirety, but this preview made it looks horrible. if they screw up gort, the movie is beyond redemption.

caine on Sep 16, 2008


To 47... your comment just proves how different people are. Most of the people I know who have seen it like it a lot. But, they're smart. Most of the film is devoid of what you're calling special effects. You can see Gort for a second at the end and he looks awesome.

reevesfan on Sep 16, 2008


TDTESS again....(sigh) is one of the true Sci-Fi classics of all time. All of you that are putting it down, rent it, better yet BUY IT and take a lesson in flim making, then realize when it was made. This is an up-date for this generation to be able to relate too....this is not that hard to understand. The "Cold War exsisted.....some of you, Red for instance does not understand what the "Cold " war was about. This movie scared the shit out of everyone, including me when I was a kid, but I didn't get it either till I was older. Reeves is PERFECT to play Klaatu....END OF STORY. And Gort is NOT fucked with, and should be perfect as well. The director and screen writers have all agreed on this. Try the orginal then make a comment. I for one have been looking foward to this since it was announced almost 2 years ago. Alas I have to keep repeating myself. The trailer is brilliant, not horrible as some have said. I cannot fathom those comments.

D-9 on Sep 16, 2008


PS reevesfan. BRAVO to you! Great comments!

D-9 on Sep 16, 2008


im dying to see the original. I have an open mind when it comes to movies, but from what i understand, the original is from way back. Thanks 46.

big r on Sep 16, 2008


To enjoy the remake people need to have an open mind. It ISN'T the SAME movie! period. Everything changed! To follow exactly the original would be the more certain route to failure! This thing looks pitch perfect science fiction. Anyone complaining is just acting like a snob movie buff!

Sam on Sep 16, 2008


OMG......TDTESS Orginal is the inspiration for this re-make. Not realizing that is just plain ignorance, not being a snob. Many of us relish the brilliance with the the orginal, which still strong now in the 21st Century. The fact many that comment have never seen it, or even care about it is just sad. The WOTW and ID comments are jibberish. D-9 makes good points as well as reevesfan. PERIOD!

Tim "Clovefield" on Sep 17, 2008


Let me first say that I love the original film. For its *time*. Looking at it now it is completely dated. The remake is not only telling a story that is more relevant in this day and age, almost 60 years after the first was made, but it's showing a more thrilling pulse-pounding direction with the advancements in cinematography, effects and better acting. Part of the original are downright silly; if you can't admit that you're not being truthful. Klaatu still has the message that Earth will be destroyed if we don't get our act together. He still rips off a suit so he can walk among humans. Dr. Barnhard is still present (John Cleese whom I can't wait to see), Helen and her little boy still there only now, she is a physicist. These new details reflect the world today. Gort is still with us. The ship is beautiful... unless you want a frisbee? I believe the push by Fox for this film means they know they have a good on on their hands. It's officially slated for IMAX release at opening. I get a feeling from the 7 minute clip we've seen here that many landmark sci-fi stepping stone films such as Close Encounters, Alien, E.T. and 2001 have influenced this version of TDTESS more than films like Independence Day. Eerie tension, geek intellectuals, science, seamless direction, wonder and awe in the bag with enough human and humane characters to jack us into the experience. I do feel it will be an experience. What movies are all about.

reevesfan on Sep 17, 2008


A total remake with a complete change in premise.....hmmm. I'll hold judgement until I see the whole movie, or did I just see it? Hopefully they have not shown the whole thing in 7 minutes. The original (OTDTESS?) still looks much better.

John on Sep 17, 2008


reevesfan, your my HERO! Cloverfield I value your statements as well. I just watched this again ( orginal) and being truthful, it does kick was so far ahead of it's time. I honestly love that film, in b & w and all. Scarey stuff and the message. I just think like anything like this whether it's Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Wonderful Life, Maltese Falcon, Frankenstein, The Wolfman or need to immerse your self in the brilliance of the time, and realize how these films were shot, and the expertise of breaking new ground. I cannot wait for this film. IMAX or BUST!

D-9 on Sep 17, 2008


neo lives bitches!

hooray on Sep 18, 2008


Ha! Neo is back and he's pissed! It's payback time for that shrimp in his belly.

reevesfan on Sep 18, 2008


Wow! I don't know what all you Keanu haters are talking about when you say Keanu is wooden as ever. If anything, Keanu is very convincing and creepy in this. Look closely at his eyes when he looks at interviewer..they are so intense it's creepy. In fact, the movie seems to have an intense, creepy feel to it that will certainly have me on the edge of my seat. I'm really looking forward to seeing this when it comes out.

Chris on Sep 18, 2008


Me 2 Chris! NEO LIVES!

sobercity300 on Sep 22, 2008


It has always been a fantasy that someday we people of earth will be visited by a race or species that is not of our own. And I'm sure we often wondered how will they welcome us.My father and my brother whom have worked for NASA and the Defence Dept, have said over casuaul conversation dinners ,even though they had limited security clearance, have said we have found nothing out there, even though we've been looking for decades.Probes to the outter reach's of our solar system, Radio signals to deep space, and telescopes that can see 100's of millon miles away, still nothing. Still !!!! We might not be able to see them, BUT what happens if they find US ???. I have often thought about this .Are we going to be doomed or judged. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie, and wonder how we people of earth come out. We were lucky in Independance Day .

Bob on Nov 26, 2008


Keano Reeves would have been better cast as the robot. His acting is so one dimensional even that role might be too deep for him to portray. Why do they mess with the classics? If it had been a sequel it would have made more sense but the original was perfect. There are no more good writers. They rely on stories that have already been done. Sad!

Pommette2 on Dec 19, 2008


Can't wait to see John Cleese! Is this a comedy? Probably more like a tragedy.

mistralv on Dec 19, 2008


The film is awesome -- I've seen it twice already and will probably go again. The original film is NOT perfect and saying it is just proves to me what a sentimental idiot someone is for thinking so. Rennie was wonderful but there was no distinguishable difference between his Klaatu and a nice man at the grocery store. Keanu nailed it because he is a wonderful actor. It's much harder to act the way he did in this film than it was to be, say, johnny utah in point break. And if you think this was just Keanu playing Keanu, well, he's not actually Ted Logan is he. So which is it? I loved the story much better than the original -- it makes a lot more sense. love the Messiah metaphors and thought the message was powerful. What baffles me is why some people think it's a movie about global warming. He never said anything about global warming; the message was still heavily on the side of anti-violence and human disdain for each other, which affects the planet. Kudos to Jennifer and Jaden too. I thought they were perfect. What is messing with people's heads and making them feel disappointed or even nasty about this film I think lies in their expectations. If you wanted a bunch of explosions and the Enterprise, you didn't get it. It's more of a thinking person's film. It was also very gripping so the critics who thought it was boring must be boring. I laughed when a lot of them said the famous phrase "Klaatu barada nikto" was not in the film. It's the first thing Klaatu says. You know the real resonance for me was in the relationship between Klaatu and Helen. She was the only one who reached out her hand to him, unafraid, and he depended on her throughout the film. There is a lot more as I said than some folks are seeing, which is a terrible shame.

reevesfan on Dec 19, 2008

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