Must Watch: Final Theatrical Max Payne Trailer!

August 28, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Max Payne Trailer

A new extended trailer for Max Payne has just hit and it looks better than the first trailer, but I've still got my doubts. As great as this looks, I have a strong feeling that it's going to be just like Hitman - another mediocre video game movie with too many problems to turn out good. I think the style of this movie is what may set it above the rest, but for some odd reason it just doesn't look amazing. The trailer below comes with new never-before-seen action sequences and more exciting footage. As I said with the last poster set for Max Payne, even if this movie turns out bad at least we'll have some great imagery. I'll admit that I love the visual style in this, but as for the film overall (and the action), I don't think it looks so hot. Thoughts?

Watch the theatrical trailer for Max Payne:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch the final Max Payne trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Max Payne is directed by Irish filmmaker John Moore, of Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Phoenix, and The Omen previously, with a screenplay written by first-time writer Beau Thorne. The film is based on the popular Max Payne series of third-person-shooter video games that first arrived in 2001. Fox is debuting Max Payne in theaters on October 17th. The latest poster for the film is featured below.

Max Payne Poster

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Well, either way, I am going to see this because I enjoyed the game, and because the song is the trailer is amazing...

Chris W. (Co. Springs...) on Aug 28, 2008


eugh a Pantene advert 🙁 is that the target audience for Max Payne?

Vole on Aug 28, 2008


looking forward to it... will not get any high hopes but as a fan of wahlberg i'll make the effort.

Nick on Aug 28, 2008


Ditto @ #1

Echelon on Aug 28, 2008


Ok first whats the song name, second I dont remember any fucking angles in the game. Its been a while though sense I played it.

OCP on Aug 28, 2008


why tie so much to the actual game plot... this could be something better. Max Payne the game was a revenge story. this looks to be a little bit more besides.

Nick on Aug 28, 2008


@ #5 Demon possession was implied in the game...looks like they're just making it more explicit...? idk

Echelon on Aug 28, 2008


i have not played the game in a looong time but were there valkyries in the game? i dont remember that

drew on Aug 28, 2008


I think the angels are not really there. There is a drug that makes people think they are seing angels but i could be wrong.

CHICKImonkey on Aug 28, 2008


the name of the song is "If i was your vampire" by marilyn manson

CHICKImonkey on Aug 28, 2008


I think the angles/valkyries are more symbolic than anything. I think this looks pretty bad ass. Am I expecting The Dark Knight? No. But I think it will be fun.

Necrothug on Aug 28, 2008


This doesn't look anything like Hitman to me. I think this will be much better. At least it has a stronger lead. But we'll see.

Reverend on Aug 28, 2008


OR its the dream sequences from the game, and if thats true I am in.

Cody on Aug 28, 2008


The valkyries/supernatural twist on this story is a little strange to me, but hopefully they can pull it off. Wahlberg is a great choice to play Max Payne, but this has the feeling of a movie that is too focused on being "cool" and having good stunts and visuals rather than the priority being on a quality story. I hope I'm wrong.

Steven on Aug 28, 2008



BinYe East on Aug 28, 2008


ahahah but trailer looks great,i still have a hope for this movie.loved games.

joker on Aug 28, 2008


SPOILERS: I have read the final script. There are no supernatural element in the movie as there are none the game. If you played the game the people who use the drug "V" see the Angels and go crazy. After reading the script, this will be a good adaptation.

Ryan on Aug 28, 2008


Hey! A poster of him looking up! lol anyways. although they do have have odd casting choices, i'm still going to go see this movie. i loved the games and although this is seemingly way different than the game it still caught my attention. i cant wait

Chris on Aug 28, 2008


Does it look kind of like Constantine???

David on Aug 28, 2008


If you'll recall, the game was heavy-laden with drug use and the occult. it's not a far stretch to see drug-fuled hallucinations of demonic beings / angles and possibly using the drug (Valkyr if I recall) as some kind of link or something. maybe that stuff is just part of the long-term effects of the drug. I know Payne gets drugged at least once in the game (actually twice I think... can't remember if one was a dream or if both were hallucinations), but there's definitely a lot of stuff inspired by the various levels of the game in the trailer. At least, that's how it looks to me. I'll see it. I loved the game. If nothing else it will look really really neat on screen.

Squiggly_P on Aug 28, 2008


#17 It's funny how people still take things so literally, like #5. Thanks for the confirmation on what most of us already felt. 🙂

Quanah on Aug 28, 2008


I was at first skeptical but it does look pretty good. I'll probably check it out.(I don't know about you guys but angels kick ass)

vu on Aug 28, 2008


Looks awesome, but the chick doesn't look like she belongs there. Anyway, looking forward to it.

Darunia on Aug 28, 2008


oh god i hate that poster but anyway this movie is gonna do great solely on the fact that anybody would rather watch this than w., so there's your no.1 at the box office already

LeeMan on Aug 28, 2008


This looks like a kickass popcorn flick and I can't wait to see it!

Joshua on Aug 28, 2008


I think its ludicrous that Ludicrous is an actor.

Trent on Aug 28, 2008


So I guess it's a paranormal action movie now?

DCompose on Aug 28, 2008


Guys c'mon the Valykries are going to have some sort of meaning, and the game was strange enough, the movie will most likely be looked down upon by todays critics but for the people it will be amazing! Open minds will met you enjoy this film...

Xerxex on Aug 28, 2008


woohoo!!! looks fantastic.

Tom Anderson on Aug 28, 2008


I am SOOOOOO excited for this movie. It is scary to me how much it looks like the game. As I watch both trailers so many things stick out that were exactly the same in the game. There were between 40 and 50 levels if I remember right, so they could definitely make a movie using every single level. It is not a paranormal action movie #28-the Valkyries are going to be symbolic of death and/or have to do with the drug in the game. #21-he gets drugged once, and the other WAS a dream sequence. they nailed the dream sequence, the ending( The ending is in the trailer for everyone that never played the game), OMG everything looks exaclty like the game! I'm so excited! I am officially more excited for this than I was for Batman. Hopefully it is a better overall film than Batman (yes I said it. I was one of the few people in America who did not piss themselves when they saw Batman). Why do you not like it so far Alex? I'm not angry at you but I seriously want to know why.

KG (719) on Aug 28, 2008


I can sense your hesitance, but regardless, ............doesn't it make you want to check it out for that very reason... see if it IS good or not.

Nick Sears on Aug 28, 2008


#28, just read #17, please.

Paulo on Aug 28, 2008


this movie looks great. I'm suprise that they haven't shown off the new bullet-time cgi that they showed in comic-con.

Darrin on Aug 28, 2008


i think theyre supposed to be valkyries not angels, looks like itll be worth goin to see

harrison on Aug 29, 2008


I'm excited for this one, looks to be one of the best video game movies. As I am a HUGE Max Payne fan (played both games), I can see how they are implementing the drug effects which is cool. I don't like their choice for Mona Sax, but it shouldn't ruin the movie.

mrsatan on Aug 29, 2008


Sorry but I'm a huge fan of the Max Payne games, still playing them to this day when I get time! AND THIS FILM LOOKS FUCKING AWESOME!! How any real fan of the game, doesn't think this looks amazing is beyond me.. The style, music, crazy gunfights look perfect to me!! Also @ 11 "I think the angels/valkyries are more symbolic than anything" You are bang on right... At least someone got it...

Lee on Aug 29, 2008


Looks cool or maybe it's just 'cos of Marilyn Manson as soundtrack!

Hairgel_Addict on Aug 29, 2008


No denying that looks like a slick piece of film-making. Really hope the end result is as enjoyable as the premise and promise!

mrbobbyboy on Aug 29, 2008


The Valykrie was the drugs the people were on as I recall.... Remeber the wierdo junkies just standing around in the bathroom stalls every once in a while.... didn't really matter if you wasted them or not...

Twisted Uterus on Aug 29, 2008


oh yeah... ALAN WAKE is coming soon.... this has been in the works for some time now... it's supposed to be Max Payne 3...

Twisted Uterus on Aug 29, 2008


yeah this definitely has promise, but can it deliver?.. I'm hoping so. One thing thats annoying me is all the supernatural creatures, I swear this wasn't a big part of the Max Payne world in the 2 games. It was the grity reality mixed with the supernatural flashbacks that I liked - I dont remember fighting flying creatures??

dom on Aug 29, 2008


Looks good to me. Looks like a cross between Hitman and Constantine, which were both great flicks. I'll definitely be checking it out.

K on Aug 29, 2008


Is that the original soundtrack?

Deepak T on Aug 29, 2008


I may get flamed for this but, I am not sure Wahlberg is the right casting choice for this. He seems too...sane. Max Payne should feel like he is closer to the edge of sanity. *shrug*

gl on Aug 29, 2008


I'm leaning with you on this, Alex. It's looking exceptionally stylish, but at its heart the Max Payne story is just another "avenging cop" tale. I got enough of those in the 80's. This might as well be Cobra II with Stallone in it, or Raw Deal 2 starring Ahnold.

kevjohn on Aug 29, 2008


it looks to have a lot of action but i will just have to wait to see if the movie is good the trailer looks good though

raider98 on Aug 29, 2008


Dude. That was..... EPIC!!!!!!!!! Best movie based of a videogame EVER!!!!!!

zwandaba on Aug 29, 2008


Holy shitballs. Say what you will, but personally I think this movie looks BADASS! I'm getting chills watching this trailer. I'm not going to expect TDK, but I am going to expect some friggin amazing badass stuff. Holy holy hell. I'm so excited for this movie now.

Icarus on Aug 29, 2008


Looks good to me. Marky Mark is money. He cant miss. F@k Vin Diesel !!!

X-man on Aug 29, 2008


WHY do you all keep saying its the drug V and not the fact that the weirdest parts o the game were from his extremely fked up dream sequences, even though either one is good cause tehr both from the game. What I am hoping is that populace who dont know about the game dont mistake this for another constantine.

Cody on Aug 29, 2008


#50, It's obvious that it will be explaining the valkyries... geez. #41... are you serious? At least read every other comment before talking dumb stuff. You'll just see that it's all part of the game. Geez, people.

Paulo on Aug 29, 2008



Rory on Aug 30, 2008


This movie looks bad ass! I've played the game a few times, and I really feel that atmosphere I felt with the game. This movie looks amazing whether or not its accurate with the game.

Joel on Aug 30, 2008


When I played Max Payne 1, I couldn't help but think that he resembled Gary Sinise.

Arslaan on Aug 30, 2008


I was just thinking, Eddie Cahill from CSI: NY looks a lot like Max Payne. Anybody?

JL on Aug 30, 2008


Please no red line dream sequences!!! Those drove me insane in the game...

sol on Aug 31, 2008


I think this trailer better explains the Valkries; it connects the infamous "V-drug" with Max's delusional state, while enabling the filmmakers to have especially stylistic and unique death sequences. Also, it makes Max Payne somewhat of a Count of Monte Cristo/ Grim Reaper figure. Stellar!

Joe Travers on Sep 2, 2008


Although i also cringed at the thought of Valkyries, It makes total sense that they would be assosiated with the junkies and that one boss (???) who is apparently possessed. Looking forward to this movie. To those who havent played the game, read up about it and the levels because there are trippy dreams that you go through that everything is kinda out of this world.

ToxicFungi on Sep 2, 2008


I'm playing the game again to remember the whole story before the movie opens. I'm about to finish the game in 5 days. lol. Another actor that I always thought to be Max is David Boreanaz (Angel). Even though Max Payne is really skinny in the game.

Paulo on Sep 3, 2008


Its looks like yet another kick ass Walberg movie.Whether or not it follows the fuckin game.jeez.

Cyfer1 on Sep 3, 2008


Well, this looks amazig.

PayneInthebutt on Sep 11, 2008


looks prettyu effing goo to me. a mix of the crow and constantine mixed together..

desiree on Sep 14, 2008


everyone just read # 17 so most of you can stop sounding like complete idiots saying that its paranormal and there is angels/valkryies.

Stan on Sep 25, 2008


By the way this movie looks incredible and I hope it lives up to all our expectations.

Stan on Sep 25, 2008


Its the best game ever played. I am counting days for it to get released. It will be the first day first show for sure.... I have booked my tickets already.. Cant wait to see

Max Payne on Oct 12, 2008

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