Must Watch: Final Theatrical Trailer for Oliver Stone's W.

September 24, 2008
Source: Yahoo

W. Trailer

As promised, we've got more from Oliver Stone's W. Another full theatrical trailer has debuted that seems like an extended version of that flashy TV spot we posted earlier in the week. This is finally starting to look a lot better, but George W. Bush still looks very goofy and the film seems like way too much of a light-hearted farce than an actual serious drama telling the story behind our 43rd President. Is this enough to bring in big audiences? Have we seen enough? Do we even know what we're getting into? I'll be anxiously awaiting to hear early reports on whether or not this is actually any good and will definitely be seeing it as soon as I can. Feast your eyes on this final trailer for W., if you stomach one more before it hits theaters.

Watch the final theatrical trailer for Oliver Stone's W.:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch the final W. trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

W. is directed by Oliver Stone (Platoon, Wall Street, JFK, Nixon, Alexander) with a screenplay written by Stanley Weiser (Project X, Wall Street). Lionsgate recently picked up the distribution rights to W. and will be releasing it on October 17th just before the election.

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I have to see this. Just have to...

Chris @ on Sep 25, 2008


In my opinion this movie can't go any other way than goofy and being a farce in order to be representative of fact.

Henjo on Sep 25, 2008


Totally agreed.. looks weird and i dont know about this movie

Max Russian on Sep 25, 2008


Honestly, it looks like a TV movie.

Brian on Sep 25, 2008


I think this film looks great. It's not going to be serious, its a satire.

adam on Sep 25, 2008


The more I look at Brolin in this role the more I think he's starting to look like Dennis Quaid.

Tom Brazelton on Sep 25, 2008


Haha I'll pass. My 10 bucks is too much for this.

vegeta on Sep 25, 2008


So much publicity for this, but very little for 'an american carol'. bias?

OMF on Sep 25, 2008


This is one of those movies they used to play in the 80s and ealry to mid 90's in New York on Channel 7 i think it was called 'The late late movie. They would show it like 3 am. This movie looks fucking horrible. I wouldnt even netflix this. Id put it on my Que in the Library. hahahhaa

REAL6 on Sep 25, 2008


@ #8 Probably because 'An American Carol' is a retarded comedy that only appeals to the lowest denominator of movie watchers like 'Disaster Movie', where this looks to be an entertaining satire based on documented events. Is it 100% factual? Of course not, it's not a documentary. But to imply that 'Carol' garbage is in any way near as good of a movie and deserves anymore coverage? Give me a break.

Stop your crying. on Sep 25, 2008


I'm with #10 on this one...American Carol isn't even in the same playing field as W...I don't know what to make of this yet, but I trust in Stone's research abilities and I think he will give us an accurate portrayal of Bush just from all the background work he did prior to shooting. Seems like Bush is a pretty likeable guy and not the war mongering evil doer I've made him out to be...he just surrounded himself with evil doers and was easily persuaded (from the way it looks in the trailer at least). Either way...I'll be dishing out my 10 $ for this...Brolin's impression of Bush is the best I've seen yet. Are those nicknames used the actual names he calls his cabinet? Rummy? Haha

Peloquin on Sep 25, 2008


okay so I read someone mention An American Carol!! If anyone is going to see MUST go see An American Carol. I mean This site hasn't really given that an publicity. I'm definitely going to go see both.

JayBear on Sep 25, 2008


I watched Alexander the other wasn't THAT bad. It wasn't that great, but it wasn't THAT bad.

JayBear on Sep 25, 2008


This will be nothing more then a one sided smear of the president. It doesnt even matter if your a liberal or a conservative. Stone said that he wanted to make a fair portrayal of Bush's journey to the white house. What he ended up with was a movie that makes fun of Bush every time it gets a chance. I wouldnt expect Oliver Stone to make a movie that wasnt one sided. That's why i wouldnt expect a lot of people to see this

Chris Henry on Sep 25, 2008


A wise man once said "It takes a left wing and a right wing to make the Eagle fly" I am excited about this, and after the last 2 weeks events, I think it is important for everyone to get as much info as they can. You watch MSNBC, then you watch FOX....I would think somewhere in the middle is the truth. ( ? )

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 25, 2008


imagine will ferell played bush

Darrin on Sep 25, 2008


No way I'll see this. I swore I'd never see another Stone film after Alexander. But I will say that Brolin looks good in this. I think he's a good actor.

Lefthanded on Sep 25, 2008


#8 No bias. American Carol looks like a steaming pile of crap. Maybe if it looked funny. But it doesn't. From the makers of Scary Movie 2345 comes American Carol. With Chris Farley's brother and Kelsey Grammer.

John on Sep 25, 2008


The first trailer looked sort of promising, but now I see what this movie is; slander. Look, I'm not a huge fan of Bush or anything, but making an entire movie just to make fun of the guy is counterproductive. That Based on a True Story thing at the end is bullshit.

DinoChow on Sep 25, 2008


I really did not understand that FS was a Rebublican fansite. Light hearted farce Alex? You just described our 43rd President.

eflnmagic on Sep 25, 2008


ummm. No it isn't Dino.

sobercity300 on Sep 25, 2008


Wow! What a mind-blowing trailer! Looks like Stone packed quite a bit into this film, and I can't wait to check it out in a few week....definitely smell Oscar contender all over this one

Bradd on Sep 25, 2008


Typical Looney Left propaganda. Hey if O'Reilly isnt promoting this, it must be bad. Will not watch.

Sweet on Sep 25, 2008


LoL. Fox news comes in my cables "comedy" package. 🙂

Red Buttons on Sep 25, 2008


#23: STFU, please. The Republican party looks like a house filled with masturbating retards. Kudos to Ollie Stone for making the film.

Roy on Sep 26, 2008


#10: An entertaining satire? Wow, that's a stretch. I never said either one of these movies would be worth seeing, I simply made reference to the fact that this movie has received quite a bit more push on this site than 'an american carol' has. Also, I distinctly remember Alex mentioning that he hoped any mockery of Michael Moore would be done with taste... So would that be with more or less taste than this mockery of W?

OMF on Sep 26, 2008


OMG! Where are they attacks?! How can Roy, Red, Sweet and elfinmagic get away with these comments??!!, And all I do is say I am gonna take some time off and get folks to register to Vote to excersize their rights as said in the Constitiution of the United States? ???!!! And I get bloody crucified. Holy SHIT! Jesus Joesph!!!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 26, 2008


@26 Since when did this site HAVE to report any movie the same in comparison to another? Or for that matter, any movie that didn't seem worth the time? Sure, you may feel this movie falls into that category as well, but that's just your opinion. I'm glad movies like 'Disaster Movie' don't get as many articles as say, 'Tropic Thunder', but I guess I'm nutty like that. If you don't agree with the way the site does its reporting then try getting your movie fix elsewhere. I could care less if any mockery of M Moore is done with taste or not, as long as its entertaining. 'Carol' is far from it. I'd subject myself to 'Bait Shop' before being dragged to see that corny pile. Maybe you have to eat popcorn laced with lead paint chips to appreciate it. I wouldn't call either movie 'tasteful'. But then again, doing a 'tasteful' film about either one would be a work of fiction.

Stop your crying. on Sep 26, 2008


debate or don't!

mclame on Sep 26, 2008


i am confused on how i feel about it, either it is going to suck really bad or it is going to be okay i don't think it has a chance to be any more than that

kirch on Sep 27, 2008


So when does this air on HBO?

Arnold on Sep 28, 2008


American Carol looks to be a serious waste of film. Chris Farley's brother trying to act like Chris Farley in the Avis commercials turned me off to anything brother tries. "W" looks like it could have some promise. "W" compared to American Carol? Apples to garbage.

Jerry on Sep 29, 2008


GW is like a rockstar. I think it's great that he is so important they make movies about him. He is one of the coolest dudes out there. What other president as gotten so many movies? that about it? Lately anyhow. Even if they give him bad press, it's still good, because he is so fascinating. The worse they make him out to be, the more sexy he is gonna look too!

Jaxx on Oct 4, 2008


I really don't know how this will turn out, but I really can't wait for it.

-Peter- on Oct 6, 2008


when is W. showing in central wisconsin?

Bev on Oct 8, 2008

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