Must Watch: Finally The Incredible Hulk Trailer!

March 12, 2008
Source: MTV

The Incredible Hulk Trailer

After waiting and waiting, we now finally have the very first trailer for the upcoming Marvel superhero movie The Incredible Hulk. Starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner and Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, the movie is a completely new envisioning of the big green abomination that has no connection to Ang Lee's 2003 Hulk film. This trailer is pretty well edited, I'm impressed, but I'm still not sure. Please don't tell me the entire movie takes place on that street? I hope there is a LOT more Hulk fighting than that! Check this out and let us know your thoughts!

I didn't know Hulk was in Matrix Revolutions? Is that too much of a copy or is it a good build up for even greater things to come? In regards to the issue with Marvel and Ed Norton, apparently I had heard that Norton wanted a darker movie, but Marvel prefers them to be more "family friendly." It's certainly apparent with this trailer that that doesn't look like they're going for more "family friend", but who knows, since we don't see too much. Your thoughts?

Watch the first trailer for The Incredible Hulk:

[flv:hulk-full-new.flv 598 254]

You can also watch The Incredible Hulk trailer in High Definition on Apple

The Incredible Hulk is directed by French filmmaker Louis Leterrier of The Transporter, Unleashed, and The Transporter 2. The script for the film was originally written by Zak Penn (Behind Enemy Lines, X-Men 2, X-Men 3), but after joining the film as the lead character Bruce Banner, Edward Norton himself took over the reigns and re-wrote the screenplay. The Incredible Hulk arrives in theaters on June 13th.

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Definitely looks better than Ang Lee's 2003 "Hulk". Although the abomination doesn't look like the abomination, it was awesome that the filmmakers included a real villain and no more hulk dogs!! This flick is gonna rock too--along with Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and Indiana Jones!!

Spider on Mar 12, 2008


I saw a lot of Banner, and not enough Hulk. Not something I'm liking. But Norton was performing amazingly as always. This was just a short teaser, so I'm hoping for the best. Hulk's my favorite Marvel character though, so I don't think this can disappoint me whatever the case.

Sean on Mar 12, 2008


Please get this into your normal format Alex...I cant see it on this one....:)

cornholio_by_the_sea on Mar 12, 2008


I'm not impressed at all. Yes, Norton will definitely trump Eric Bana...but that trailer had nothing going for it.

Matt Suhu on Mar 12, 2008


Ah... I know I'm going to wind up putting my foot in my mouth for saying this but it doesn't look completely horrible. I think I am a little excited for this. God help them if it sux...

CSpuppydog on Mar 12, 2008


Updated with our high quality embedded format... Just letting everyone know.

Alex Billington on Mar 12, 2008


Really? It's only "meh" for me, also CG doesn't look that good. Still I have hopes that the real trailer will be better.

Hermond on Mar 12, 2008


ok, they gave us what seems to be at least 90% of the plot in that trailer. bastards. i feel like i already know whats going to happen. but there will probably be a few more action scenes of Hulk fighting the military or whatever agency is trying to capture him, prior to his final battle (in which he will somehow eek out a victory) with that other monster thing. i still want to see it though, of course.

Keith on Mar 12, 2008


it looks better than iron man a lot better

JOHN on Mar 12, 2008


I liked the Bruce Banner parts with Norton but the CG looked pretty bad and the slow-mo jump at the end was really cheesy.

Andreas on Mar 12, 2008


I think the CGI looks far better than what we got in the Ang Lee film. There it looked sloppy and (as I remember) pretty unclear, especially in the fight with the dogs. I hope they got it right this time.

Charlie on Mar 12, 2008


hulk is gonna kick iron man's ass.

Darrin on Mar 12, 2008


1. Remember this is just the first trailer. You know what happens to those who assume.

Buttons on Mar 12, 2008


damn im pumped for this movie, its not going to be the best summer movie but way fun to watch and i cant wait... Hellz yea no hulk dogs!!

Curtis on Mar 12, 2008


This trailer is cool and all ...but beat IRONMAN ?......ha I think NOT!

Pussykat on Mar 12, 2008


CG looks Lousy! Looks like CG from Fantastic Four or Ghost Rider - Lame

Jay Johnson on Mar 12, 2008


thanks for the format change, is it just me or does this Hulk look just like the last Hulk???really cartoonish....but the rest of it looks good though....too bad the main character is just so totally fake looking...

cornholio_by_the_sea on Mar 12, 2008


Might be impossible to sell me on this movie, and I a huge Norton fan. He never truly makes a bad movie, but the look of the Hulk himself was too much too take, as was the look of the bad guy. Hopefully the Hulk won't be able to jumop across continents or throw tanks like the last one, which was abysmal.

Rob on Mar 12, 2008


Ugh I hope they change these effects by the time this thing comes out, reminds of how the monsters in 'I Am Legend' looked; totally unbeleivable. With such a rockstar like the Hulk they can atleast make the effects better than the first 'Incredible Hulk.' Overall though, the performances and story seem neat, I just hope they make the action sequences better than that cheesy Matrix dive-move towards eachother at the end there.

Scott on Mar 12, 2008


Rob have u ever read a comic... Hulk can destroy a planet, y can't he throw a tank?

bigmike23 on Mar 12, 2008


lol. pwned.

Buttons on Mar 12, 2008


OK this has me interested, I always thought Ed Norton would make for a cool Bruce Banner, Eric Bana was too stoic and brawny to be believable as "puny" Dr. Banner. The CGI looks kinda wonky, but hey I'll take shoddy FX and a truer interpretation of the Hulk over fantastic CGI and "Ang editing and creepy Nick Nolte" anyday. Plus the possibility of a Sam Jackson/Tony Stark cameo has me pumped for the future of Marvel based movies.

PimpSlapStick on Mar 12, 2008


Much better than Iron Man in my opinion. I think Iron Man is much more light hearted and frivolous compared to The Incredible Hulk.

Cas on Mar 12, 2008


All I can say is "Mom." That's "Wow" upside down. I'm so very unimpressed. Yes...Looks better than Lee's HULK, but that ain't sayin' much folks. IRON MAN and TDK look infinitely more interesting.

Christopher on Mar 12, 2008


I think we can all agree that the CGI is still not where it needs to be - however, this newest version of the Hulk looks far better than the one in the first film. Another thing... my gosh... you people commenting from the peanut gallery... pick-up a comic book before you embarrass yourselves any further. Iron Man looks veeeery good, might be the best super hero movie ever - and I'm the biggest Hulk fan ever - so that's tuff to swallow.

Jimmy on Mar 12, 2008


Oh yes... and despite of my previous comments... the new Hulk movie looks AWESOME and I can't wait to see it! No matter how good the Iron Man movie might be, the Hulk rules - period!

Jimmy on Mar 12, 2008


Ed Norton looks keen as Bruce Banner, and as the rendering of The Hulk he looks like a comic drawing come to life. Its a comic book movie and I'm excited to see it, as long as the Hulk doesn't cry. should be a nice break between Iron Man and The Dark Knight, which i have no doubt will both be better. Sometimes I just like being entertained and I think this will deliver that. And I agree with most, it can't help but be better than Ang Lee's.

Lucky Lein on Mar 12, 2008


mr. alex billington, the film doesnt all take placein the street i saw some snow and some other stuff in the trailer. but any way this looks frickin epic. the cgi isnt full there but im satisfied and i hope there's alot of shit blowing up. oh yes abomination looks quite good. i like the fact that they didnt make him green then i would be confused. i really have high hopes for this film. hulk ownes 2008.

Darrin on Mar 12, 2008


Post 18 says it all for me. Still looks cartoonish & still looks a lot like the first one. Looks like it will be getting the bronze behind Dark Knight & Iron Man.

Sinner on Mar 12, 2008


I, personally don't think he looks cartoonish at all. But if he does to you- The Hulk is a comic character- the CGI references some of the finest painters who used to covers to those big 'HULK' magazines Marvel put out way back when. The Hulk is an exaggeration- the embodiment of the raw Power Fantasy aspects of super heroes. He's a modern myth- and it's very clear that Ed Norton is treating that myth with the degree of respect it deserves. I'm very excited about this- so long as we don't have to wait 45 minutes to see the Hulk again. (The old show always had that perfectly timed 'Hulk out' - 15 minutes into the episode, and 15 minutes before the end of the hour). But yeah- hearing that he was basing on Bruce Jones's stuff, I wasn't sure if I'd be into it. But I very much like what I see and hear. I just hope they get a good cut of the movie out in theatres, promoted heavily so we can see more of these movies in the future. Then they can have all the director's cuts they want on the DVD. Worked so well for Lord of the Rings & even Blade Runner, ultimately. I am mad stoked for the return of the Hulk- and pretty much about the whole season of films we have ahead. Anyone arguing about which film is going to kick which film's ass should go back to 3rd grade. Seriously.

Djoser on Mar 12, 2008


WOW I really feel bad for those of you who believed the first one was an upset. The first one was amazing yes it lacked in great action scenes but it was great. He look real in the first one now he looks like play doe. It really looks as if he has a mop on his head. Also whats with the color of the hulk? DAMN ITS GONNA SUCK!!!!

Christian on Mar 13, 2008


just a quick note the last scene with the slow motion jump punch taking place in front of the Apollo theater is a nice little reference to one of the rocky movies. It might be coincidental but come on really?

Zach on Mar 13, 2008


Well, everything was great until that last shot of them lunging at each other. It made me chuckle - not good. Um, also, they just gave away the entire movie, because that pretty much looked like a final action scene. What's the point?

Traveler on Mar 13, 2008


I'd have to agree with Keith. It doesn't look bad but they do seem to have laid out the complete film in that trailer. As poor as Ang Lee's version might have been at least the initial trailer didn't give that much away. I know it is important to get people to come and see these films but for the love of christ is it not possible to do a trailer that doesn't tell you the entire story in a condensed format.

Payne by name on Mar 13, 2008


Wow! This looks great! Ed Norton seems perfect for this role! And it seems like we'll bet getting a better look into the Bruce Banner side!

Nate on Mar 13, 2008


AWESOME! That's going to be one hell of a battle scene! Seems like a good back story. Hulk and Abomination looks great. CGI looks fine to me. I get a kick out of these people that say it looks bad. Think you can do better, give Norton and Marvel a call. Going to be an amazing summer of movies! Yeah baby!

K on Mar 13, 2008


does nothing for me 🙁 Loved the last movie. Why couldn't this just be the second movie. How we have to go over the whole set up again. Skip it and get to the action.

louise on Mar 13, 2008


looks better then the first one. Can't wait to see it

movly on Mar 13, 2008


looks awesome. CGI looks fine... it is a big green monster so its never going to look 100% real.

chris on Mar 13, 2008


What was wrong with Ang Lee's version? If Ang Lee's version was so horrible then why for the love of all that is holy is there a slowmo helicopter shot of the Hulks girlfriend in this trailer as well. There was one in Ang Lee's version also. Was it just Ang Lee's movie had far too much heart and not enough action? I love that concept. Too much emotion sucks ... unless its pain and rage in which case that makes a great action film. American storytelling at its best. Isn't Banner kissing his girlfriend a few times in the trailer ... uh oh. CG is getting really really old. It's getting overused and not even in a good way. CG is starting to become the LZ-MAN way of making film. If over 80% of the film is going to be CG then why not just make an animation ... cause animation is for kids ... right and the Hulk is for adults? Transformers was eye candy for the sole purpose of making people pee themselves ... a shootout in the MIDDLE of a downtown area JUST TO SHOW OFF CG effects is just dumb. But then again if you're going to have an entire movie about a giant green hulk that's the size of the world then I guess you need CG. It's gonna look fake because IT IS FAKE. You want Gollum go get Andy ... you want Hulk you got Norton. Enjoy.

E on Mar 13, 2008


Unlike looking at the Watchmen costumes, the more I look at this, the more excited I get. Norton clearly "gets" the Incredible Hulk. The first Hulk movie, Christian (#33) was an exceptional film, in many respects. I actually lobbied a few website to get Ang Lee to do a version that cut out the 45 mins. of exposition. Not that I really minded it, but it delayed the arrival of the Jade Giant- and that's just unthinkable. Much as I hate to admit it, the first film was a box office failure- primarily b/c it was completely marketed wrong. If it were marketed like 'crouching tiger' as a romantic/family drama epic, that could've been cool- but every poster implied "action", and left the theatre unfulfilled. You can't beat negative word of mouth like that, unfortunately. I went w/ my bro & sisters, who always knew what a Hulk fan I was and, after Spider Man, were expecting the popcorn family experience of the summer. How disappointing when they were bait & switched, and I had no defense except- "I don't think Ang Lee got the simple premise of the Hulk..." Lee himself admitted that he'd never been a fan, so he read every Hulk comic, and tried to cram 45 odd years of convoluted plots into one film. Norton is wisely not doing that, b/c he wants non-fans to simply understand what the Hulk is about: Rage. Power. Control. Simple!

Djoser on Mar 13, 2008


I love the trailer, Cant wait. P.s: The downtown scene was filmed a few blocks away from where I live in Toronto. I remember driving by the area and it being blocked for a few days. You can check the pictures here if you want.

walkindude on Mar 13, 2008


Ed Norton is a fantastic actor. As is Tim Roth. So I am there just for the two actors. As far as the CGI is real can they possible make an over-muscled giant green man look? There's only so far you can go with that...sorry. Green skin will never look 'real' to the human eye, unless it's on a lizard. But, if this going to be PG rated, it will make LOTS of money, because my 7-year-old son is a HUGE hulk fan. And that was after he saw the Ang Lee crud version. So, if this is even one iota better, the kids will love it. And that's really all that matters in the end. That some group of people is entertained and in brings in the bucks.

Movie Lover on Mar 13, 2008


BTW- that shot of Banner being dropped from a helicopter like a ticking time-bomb, tied up in restraints is a DIRECT reference to one of the Coolest interpretations of the Hulk in recent memory- 2001's one-shot book: "BANNER", written by Brian Azarello (100 Bullets) and masterfully drawn by 70's Heavy Metal icon, Richard Corben. I'm a child of the 80's, but I knew good stuff when I saw it. And even as a little kid, that 70's shit - Moebius, Corben, Wrightson- totally inspired me to become the Artist I am today. Glad to see Norton has impeccable taste, as well.

Djoser on Mar 13, 2008


well all i got to say is HOLY SHIT! DID U SEE THAT. ok the CG need to be touched up a bit but seeing hulk and abomination running at each other getting ready to throw down almost made me bust one on myself. @ Least Hulk will have somebody to fight this time instead of him wrestling tanks and helicopters and puppies. Abomination sort of reminds me of tyrant or something from resident evil. The trrailer still is no comparison to Iron Man thou. He caught a fucking audi!

Don P on Mar 13, 2008


I dont care!!!!!! what u guys say, the Hulk is a bad-ass, I love the Hulk i have read almost all his comic, and for the movie? I think is as close and real to the comic as it can be....... i just hope instead of reading comic books they will make it as a movie ill see them all......... thanks and (bow)

Bruce on Mar 13, 2008


The preliminary trailer looks good & I thought the CG looked good as well. I agree with #42 their big green monsters their not gonna look real. It also did give away a lot of the movie but then who really cares I'm still gonna see it's not like we all don't know the story of the Hulk anyway. The first film was horribly slow, had a terrible villian and ended horrible. I like Hulks new color it makes him seem darker more evil. I really don't care about what film does what I'm a see them all, I'm fans of TDK, Ironman, and Hulk so I really hope they all do well. Lets hope in the next trailer we can see just a little more of the Hulk.

Tirrell on Mar 13, 2008


I just watched the trailer like 5 more times and it looks more amazing everytime i see it. Can't wait to see the cross scene with tony stark I'm fina go buy the first hulk to get me pumped up for this one. GAMMA WAVE!!! this is going to be a big year for movies but it would have been a great year one if they would have never pushed Dragonball all the way back to next summer WTF!

Don P on Mar 13, 2008


I am sorry but it looks like this one is going to tank like the first one, Maybe the Hulk is not a superhero to be making it in to a movie.

Erwin on Mar 13, 2008


I may be totally incorrect, but I coulda swore I read somewhere that the moviemakers decided against using CGI for the new Hulk??Of course it would have been during the development stages of the film that I would have read that.Was really interested in how they would have pulled that off.Anyone else remember reading that?Maybe I was smokin crack or somethin that particular day.

FISHBONE on Mar 13, 2008


Abomination looks like he's been near the resonator from "From Beyond".

Robert W. on Mar 13, 2008


Yeah, this is NOT appealing to me. Actually the fight scenes remind a LOT like the Hellboy 2 trailer. I don't think I will end up seeing this one, along with most of America. The first Hulk came out to recently to be forgotten. Maybe wait another 5 or so years but the bad taste is still in our mouths.

Ryan on Mar 13, 2008


And now who is going to see DOOMSDAY? 🙂

Ryan on Mar 13, 2008



JONO on Mar 13, 2008


Wow, we've really gotten spoiled with special effects haven't we. A lot of you say that it looks cheesy and cartoony. We should be happy that it looks that good. Have you ever seen a green skinned person in real life, and not one that's painted. That's probably as close to real as it's gonna get until a huge jump in technology happens. What would you rather have, Lou Ferrigno?

booger on Mar 13, 2008


All I see is "The CG looks like garbage!" Do you guys remember the superbowl spot for Iron Man? particularly the scene where Stark shot a rocket at that tank? Compare that scene in the superbowl trailer to the new trailer. This is what we call progression. This is what we call post work. Animated movies are often worked right up until their absolute deadline. Hold your CG criticism until you're actually watching the movie.

Ian Kazimer on Mar 13, 2008


this looks great! Norton is going to make a greak Bruce, Live Tyler seems to draw us in emotionally, that that guy from Pulp Fiction rocks! the trailer did its job- get us interested. I'm excited. Thanks!

Young on Mar 13, 2008


All I have to say is- Louis Letterier claims two things, in an interview at -Bruce will change into the Hulk in the first 3 minutes. -The battle scene w/ Abomination in NY will be about 26 minutes long. Can someone say- "WTF?????" This is gonna be SO good. Let's see if we can get this Bruce Banner guy to stay in theatres long enough to go head to head w/ that other Bruce... Mr. Wayne... At a $150 million budget, they should be able to produce new trailers & commercials for this every 2 weeks, even after its in theatres... I predict that Indy & perhaps Sex in the City will still be in theatres by the time HULK's released- and I don't think being sandwiched btw/ Kung Fu Panda and Get Smart bode too well... It's being released simultaneously against M. Night's "the Happening", too, which unfortunately for Hulk is not looking that bad... They'd better market the HELL out of this movie- either way, I know I'LL be there to see it!

Djo on Mar 13, 2008


Sweet!! I liked the first Hulk film & this looks almost exactly like it! I'll check it out.

Sinner on Mar 13, 2008


Bravo Ian! Some of youn shouold listen to him...and Ed Norton's Brilliance! This is gonna Rock for God's Sake....and the rumor could be true with Iron Man and the the Avenger tie in.....What a crop of films coming our way to blow our minds!

Tim Clovefield on Mar 13, 2008


The first Hulk was a great action movie this seems like a great comic movie CG looks fine. how real can a big green angry guy look? Abom looks sick :p 1) TDK 2) Iron Man 3) HULK long live comic book movies!

EDA on Mar 13, 2008



dave west on Mar 13, 2008


First off, this looks awesome, 100% better than the first, and for all you negative suns o btches who get on here and do nothing but complain, its real simple, if you dont like it then dont watch it and shut the f up. no matter what is on here, all youre going to do is complain, so just go back to your sad pathetic lives and SHUT UP! Id like to see you do better... idiots.

I hate dumb asses on Mar 13, 2008


YES! It going to be awesome. GO ED! Go away all yo haters.

Chuck on Mar 13, 2008


Ok cgi experts,(whateverthafucevr) instead of saying that the cgi looks bad, maybe explain why. because as far as i could see, it was just fine with me. lots of detail and realistic movement. christ, you complainers are so goddamn jaded and cynical, picky and whiney. just shut the fu%% up and go back down in your mother's basement where you can roll your faggy D& D dice. this movie is not Broke Back Hulk .

jason on Mar 13, 2008


wow.... thats what im talking about.... movies rive me crazyyy yeahhh

carlos on Mar 13, 2008


This is great to finally see a Muscled up HULK rather than Angst Lee's Baby Faced Hulk

Subhradeep on Mar 14, 2008


Notice how excited Hulk looks in this as he's rushing to kick Abomination's ass. Like a kid in a candy store. Go HULK! HULK SMASH!!!

Djoser on Mar 14, 2008


Bravo to Neville Page!!!! The Hulk looks great in this one and a little more size appropriate. I see shades of Bill Bixby in Norton's performance, I just hope that does not kill the movie (Superman Returns anyone?) It's weird Tim Roth is in the movie as well, I used to always get those two names mixed up!! Fight Club solved that real quick!! No Doc Samson? Can someone confirm?

H.P. on Mar 14, 2008


Samson's the guy Norton's talking to in the first scene. I know, it's not very clear, but Imdb confirms that's the actor playing "Leonard Samson". Don't ask me how that casting makes sense, if they're going to eventually give him green hair and super powers. Everything else about this movie looks GREAT, though! You can surely bet I'll be there for this one. PG-13... hmm, think I can get my 3 yr. old nephew in there, who loves the Hulk? Or would that just be reckless endangerment....

Djoser on Mar 14, 2008


AHAHA ZANZIBAR IN THE BACK (Toronto strip club)

big papa on Mar 14, 2008


should be good with Edward Norton in it

SHANE D on Mar 14, 2008


I hope they finish the visual effects before the movie's released.

avoidz on Mar 14, 2008


I never saw the first one since the trailer looked so bad to me I couldn't bare paying to see it and then I heard it was horrible so I just never saw it. As for this one it looks ok in the non-Hulk scenes but the Hulk still doesn't look right to me and the Abomination is all wrong I don't understand why they just don't use the comics chartacters design in these movies. Someone said above the Hulk couldn't throw tanks...yes he can in the comics but he can only jump about a based on the comics they must have got that half right. Ed Norton is great so I'm sure his part will be good but they need to tighten up the CGI on the Hulk and hopefully fix the Abomination too. I'm leary on Iron Man too I think that one will look great but I'm afraid the story will be bad. Anyway Fanboys run with this one you'll have a great time arguing. - Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson on Mar 15, 2008


^ Kevin, I totally agree with you on the whole (coming from another Kevin!). Blosky IS completely wrong, but I read before where the filmmakers said they were making their own interpretation of Abomination so I can kinda put that aside. The Hulk looks way better than Ang's interpretation. He looks very intense like he should but there was still something that was a little 'off'. On the whole they both look good and I can see the action scenes being kickass. The story and acting elements look very good as well. To me, this was a great initial trailer. I'm sure the CGI will look a lot more cohesive in the actual film or even in later trailers. Overall, very promising.

Kaos on Mar 15, 2008


I do wonder if Blonsky retains his mind and can talk, the way he could in the books. That was always the tradeoff- he couldn't change back like Bruce could, but he could retain his intelligence. Only problem was, he was never very smart to begin with so Hulk'd always beat him, in the end! Banner: A + Hulk: A (but 3 months to improve) Blonsky: A Abomination: B+ - but extra points for creative input (again, w/ 3 months to improve) 3 out of 4 ain't bad. I have to admit it would be REALLY cool to hear Tim Roth's voice egging him on by calling him "Jade-Jaws". Either way, I'm psyched.

Djo on Mar 15, 2008


Ang Lee made a very good Hulk movie. (Even Roger Ebert said so. ;)) It just wasn't a very good "Hollywood comic book" Hulk movie. It stayed true to various storylines in the comic, including Banner's psychological problems from child abuse and his Incredible form of multiple-personality disorder. People who don't read decent comic books often don't realize how non-comic-booky the stories usually are. I can only go by the trailer, but so far this looks to be a "Hollywood comic book" version of the Hulk. A popcorn action movie with no real substance. And even the action looked ho-hum, but I would guess it gets better. Disappointing. But, it's only a trailer. Go back and watch Ang Lee's version again. It's actually quite good. Maybe a little too emo and didn't care for the Absorbing Man ending, and it's a little more of a psychological story featuring the Hulk than it is a Hulk movie, but it's still pretty good.

Wes on Mar 15, 2008


No matter how many times I look at this, it just keeps getting more and more awesome looking. Difference from Ang Lee's is that, I could already tell it was going to be awesome from the first time watching it!

Felipe on Mar 15, 2008


Man, everyone on this site leaving comments must be CGI wizards, or something. They all think that this is lame looking. How much better can YOU make it? And as far as "it looks too cartoony and fake"... shit man, how real can you make a huge green giant look, anyway. I'm tired of people always complaining about this stuff not looking real... IT'S A COMIC-BOOK, IT'S NOT REAL!!!! Just go with it and have fun. If you want real, watch a documentary. Geesh! I think it looks amazing. It's sure to entertain... DEFINITELY!

Ian J. Snyder on Mar 16, 2008


@Snyder: They ARE unfinished visual effects, you know, and Louis Leterrier himself admitted as much. So yeah, those of us dropping comments about the unsatisfying look of the VFX were right, and we do know good from bad effects. You don't have to be an expert or "wizard", just experienced at seeing good visual effects work in movies, which maybe you're not.

avoidz on Mar 16, 2008


i cant say that im pleased with a new hulk it seems that evrytime a new character is playing the part of the old hulk it takes somthing away from the film people expect to see the same actor that played the hulk i feel cheated in some way.sometimes you can gamble and you win by adding a diffrent actor but sometimes when u loose u win and when u win u loose.i will still in fact watch this film and i will judge it as openly as possible please leave the actors alone allow them there 22 mill to do a repeat film its what we want not a new idea from a writters perspective thinking thats what we want thank

jesse on Mar 16, 2008


This is a treat!! The CGI on the HUlk looks can see a lot of muscle definition and veins. Muscle are tight and tensed. The Hulk's back...OH MY GOD!! Great work guys...details make a big difference when it comes to CGI. Good Work!!

Eddie on Mar 16, 2008


Hmm. First off the abomonation look sick and the hulk is alot more legthy then the first. Looks to me as this will be more about controlling his anger then actually being the hulk. Showing too much of the character will ruin the movie " ghost rider" (cough) and showing to little wont keep people interested "spiderman 3 VENOM) (cough) so i belive this will be a go see twice and buy movie. Looks awsome.

SHane on Mar 16, 2008


@avoidz: Yeah, let's bag on me about "not knowing good FX". Whatever tough-guy. Yet, you're the one critiquing the effects as bad, when you openly admitted to knowing that they are unfinished. Why don't you wait until they're done, then open your big fat mouth. And about not knowing what's good, you might wanna put your foot in your mouth with that comment, cuz I know more about art and detail, then you could ever imagine. I wasn't saying they were "great". I'm just saying, lighten up with being so judgmental about movies based on friggin' cartoons, man. Go make a big, effects-house movie and then I'll tell you how good YOU are. P.S. It's also good to know that you and Mr. Leterrier are so tight, that he confided that info in you.

Ian J. Snyder on Mar 17, 2008


I'm a graphic designer and I think the effects are truly brilliant!!! Neville Page is some fucking wizard!!!!

H.P. on Mar 17, 2008


Boys, boys- go put on some Hulk Hands and take it out on a pile of pillows somewhere. (Sometimes I think those things should be mandatory in every office setting...) I don't care which of you thinks you know what you're talking about. You both look to the rest of us like a bunch of reactionary children. The most ridiculous part is that you both agree on the facts- Louis Letterier's effects shots are unfinished- you're literally just arguing over who is Letterier's bigger butt buddy. Quit yer whinin'. Go put on some Hulk Hands and DON'T call us in the morning! Dr.'s orders.

Djoser on Mar 17, 2008


it was great amazing i'm speechless

antonio on Mar 17, 2008


Thanks for the morning laughs Djoser!!!!

H.P. on Mar 18, 2008


well as far i can see the storyline seems pretty general and idea of power being thrown around with basic concepts like how power can one man control. seems pretty good. the only problem i have is the actual hulk itself. the parts of the hulk climbing out of the rubble was good but when you had the front-on it seemed exaggerated with the skin texture, too rough. and how it looked im not so sure that colour suits him. i believe one thing they should work on is lighting. multiple lighting for the CGI of the Hulk should make it realisitic. focusing on how light reflects off skin and making it work on screen would make a BIG difference. this is the same concept at Transfomers. Im waiting to see this movie and has potential.

a man getting his voice heard on Mar 19, 2008


skin seems plastic or rubbery

bambam on Mar 19, 2008


None of these are final CGI shots. Color is actually much more accurate than the previous film. Iron Man's FX improved 10-fold btw. the Super Bowl & the latest trailer. Hulk's are likely going to do the same. Purveyors of Coffee near their post-production studio are working overtime, adding extra staff... By the end, we will have a fully Caffeinated Hulk, leaping, bounding & smashing around Manhattan, kicking ass for almost a full half hour straight. That's some strong coffee.

Aswipe' Melendez on Mar 19, 2008


I just went to & they just had the trailer. But right before it played & after the flash countdown so many sites have, they played some music I'm assuming is from the film. It's a special treat for the TV show fans as it references the end theme as Bill Bixby walks alone out of town as the credits roll... ...Cool.

jason_md2020 on Mar 19, 2008


I honestly don't see how this movie is going to top the last Hulk. I personally like Banner over Norton he made the transformation more dramatic and I don't see Norton doing that. Jennifer Connelly brought the sensitive side of Hulk demonstrating he was still human inside although I know he is in a different city and I hope Liv Tyler can able to connect with Hulk. I like the part that they finally put a real villain rather than having those stupid dogs!!

Walhumvel on Mar 19, 2008


Will-Hung-vel, erase the last Hulk from your memory. It never happened. This is a different Green Guy. One that doesn't spend 45 minutes plus introducing himself to the camera, in minute psychobabble detail. I like the first hulk movie, too- but this is the one that's going to convince everybody else what a cool guy the hulk would be to hang & have a beer with. Think of it as Hulk's second bid- his re-election campaign. Just think like Karl Rove, and you'll begin to see why this Hulk is a million times more likable and a surefire bet for re-election (read: more sequels). Ang Lee's version was, quite plainly, bait & switch. People came to see Hulk smash, instead they saw Eric Bana brood & Hulk swatting puppies & punching at some poorly lit, gaseous, aqueous excuse for an Absorbing Man. What was the most memorable scene from the movie? Hulk grabbing a tank like a baseball bat and smashing it to smithereens. I rest my case. Expect to more of Banner running, villains chasing, and yes, Hulk SMASHING.

Aswipe' Melendez on Mar 20, 2008


The trailer looks good, but I was unimpressed by the Hulk himself. While it looks like he may benefit from some of the tech advanced between now and last film (which that Hulk was an amazing creation to begin with) the Hulk's far too overscupltured, which makes him look like one of those goofy toys that Todd McFarlane loves to put out. Hopefully he'll look better once we see him in his full glory on the big screen, and the movie should be fun.

Janice on Mar 21, 2008


ROB #19 what are you saying are you insane? did you even read one Incredible hulk Comic? The Tv show is obviously your only source for your Hulk Knowledge. The angrier Hulk gets the stronger he is. He can leap great distances and destroy a planet if he gets angry enough.

Jonathan Cooper on Mar 23, 2008


Sorry #98, but I need to defend Todd McFarlane. All those goofy Spider-Man movies were inspired by Todd's art in the "Spider-Man 1-14" comic series. In my humble opinion I think the company NECA ran with McFarlane's mold. The Cult Classics series is like a rehashing of Movie Maniacs!!!! I have always been inspired by Todd's art and grew up reading his introduction of Venom. I guess now that I think of it his new toys are a bit goofy 🙂

H.P. on Mar 24, 2008


And the new meaningless word of infinity is.... cheesy. Seriously what does it mean anymore?

Kevin on Mar 24, 2008


First of all, those McFarlane toys - though I'm not a collector - are some of the most finely sculpted action figures in history- period. Second- I'll be the 2nd person to bring up that Super Bowl Iron Man teaser. Remember how much it looked like a bad video game, when he blew up the tank? Then- Bam- 2 months later & layers of CGI refinement - looks a million times cooler. Ang Lee's problem was he spent the 4 months after the Super Bowl reaction (to poor CGI) locked up in ILM, refining the Hulk's lifelike effects, to the point where he never even test-screened his film to realize he should simply edit out 45 minutes of exposition and make a clearer ending. I hope if they've got that much CGI left to do- they at least wise up enough to do a test screening, to iron out those kinks that tend to build up when you spend all your time refining the 'Look' of the monster. (And yes- lastly- cheers to this team for FINALLY giving us a Heroic Man-Monster worth cheering for! Can't wait to see the 2nd trailer for this- which I'm sure is on its way...)

Djo on Mar 24, 2008


I'm probably gonna get hulk slammed for this, but I've always hated the hulk as a character...not very interesting to me..but I did watch the Ang Lee version and I felt that too much was off..didn't do the character the (small amount) of justice it deserves. This looks interesting though, hoping Stan Lee will make a cameo in this one as well. Sorry..not into big green ogres that get stronger when they're mad.

Garrett on Mar 31, 2008


Garrett- as if any dude in tights or a cape is any better. I think I speak for us all when I say- Hulk Smite you honorably- in a dual of the Wits! 😉 (Anyone who doesn't like the Hulk simply doesn't understand what it's like to Want to Beat people up when you're a kid. Plain & Simple. I'm sorry for you that you were deprived of this most life fulfilling experience. And I hope Superman taught you how defend yourself against the bullies... because under-roos on the outside of your pj's are SOOOO threatening in a standoff.) So, Garrett. I won't apologize to you. You asked for it. "Hulk painstaking rearrange your variegated facial features !!!" A friend of mine brought up a great idea: President The Incredible Hulk. Has a nice ring to it, doncha think?

Djo on Apr 1, 2008


President Incredible Hulk is the best idea I have heard yet!!!! For the record the Hulk does not want to smash and destroy he wants to be left alone its only when people won't leave him alone that he becomes angry and then "HULK SMASH" - Kevin

Kevin P. Johnson on Apr 1, 2008


You are correct- Hulk doesn't scrap for fights. He only shows up when people won't leave him be. He's just a big, misunderstood teddy bear, that Jade Giant. (Put that way, he almost sounds like a character out of a Shel Silverstein novel-)

Djo Rock on Apr 1, 2008


The Incredible HuLK for President!!! (You laugh, but could you picture the Governator, so many years ago? At least the Hulk was BORN here. HAH!)

Sargeant S. Laughter on Apr 1, 2008


Garrett- as if any dude in tights or a cape is any better. I think I speak for us all when I say- Hulk Smite you honorably- in a dual of the Wits! 😉 (Anyone who doesn't like the Hulk simply doesn't understand what it's like to Want to Beat people up when you're a kid. Plain & Simple. I'm sorry for you that you were deprived of this most life fulfilling experience. And I hope Superman taught you how defend yourself against the bullies… because under-roos on the outside of your pj's are SOOOO threatening in a standoff.) So, Garrett. I won't apologize to you. You asked for it. "Hulk painstaking rearrange your variegated facial features !!!" A friend of mine brought up a great idea: President The Incredible Hulk. Has a nice ring to it, doncha think? --------------------------------------------------- HAHA...superman's lame, the jack ass is way too fuckin' powerful and only has one friggin weakness that is incredibly hard to get ahold of. Lame, boring, emberassing. I do understand that the hulk is kinda like frankenstein, I.E. A big misunderstood monster who's hunted by the people making them the monsters, yadda yadda. And I wasn't deprived of wanting to beat the snot out of anyone. I WAS, however, deprived of getting a chance to, small town. And you're right, if speaking my mind is me asking to have my face rearranged..then I did ask and I'm not afraid to speak my mind. My main comic stimulation comes from Hellblazer and Hellboy, stories that deal with the creatures of the night and what one would do in situations involving ones very soul. and any president, even Hulk, would be better than the 2 candidates we got going now and our current presedick. Please...Hulk Smash that prick out of office already. Thanks, Djo

Garrett on Apr 3, 2008


cough *LAME* cough barely looks better than the first one....but then again, it looks identical to the first one..... Dissapointing.

Grifter on Apr 5, 2008


Hey all you complainers! all the shots in the trailer are not done! There still working on it!!

sean on Apr 5, 2008



hulk on Apr 5, 2008


OK! what is the deal with all this CG crap! why dont they use a real BodyBuilder for the Hulk? the new generation of bodybuilders are massive! not like the 70ies and 80ies like Aronld and big Lue not to knock them at all! just saying if i wanted to go to the movies and watch a video game movie i would. i want to see real actors and stuntmen! next thing you know the hole movie will be like this like how they ruined the last few starwars movies! time for a actors strike against this bullshit!!!!

clayton on Apr 8, 2008


This is definitely an improvement on the last Hulk Movie. Lets face it Ang Lee’s interpretation was pretty bad. There was nothing redeeming about it. I see they still have not got the size right! When I used to read the comics (back in the 70’s), the green goliath was 7’2. While this trailer is better than the whole of Lee’s film, it is still disappointing in some respects. It gives too much of the plot away. Secondly, the confrontation between the two giants should have kept for the theatres. I think the CGI is so much better than the last one, and that’s good. But I feel that the failure (or success) of this film may lie in the script itself. I was hoping that before we see the introduction of super villains we would see the struggle within Bruce himself. To see him wrestle with monster he has become. And it would have been nice to see the hulk talk. In the comics he could talk. The advantages of making him talk are numerous. We will spend more time listen to him than scrutinizing the green giant CGI. If he can talk we can know how he feels and this makes for a much more effective story. When I compare the CGI in the Ironman movie to the Hulk. I feel the Hulk’s is better. However, I am really geared up to see Ironman because judging by the trailer it going to be so much more a better flick. Robert Downey’s Tony Stark is a delight to watch so that I do not find myself waiting anxiously for him to don the tin suit. The Hulk is indeed a mammoth undertaking for anyone to bring to the screen. Sadly I think he is best left in the comic books

Jimi on Apr 10, 2008


All Im saying is that they better not mess this one up like they did the first Hulk movie with to much talking and not enough hulk action!

Smith smith on Apr 14, 2008


edward norton is not all that. he has the snobby weasel look and he is skinny. eric bana did his job. the director messed up hulk 1. i am not happy about edward norton re writing the script. he is an actor. hello. actors act. i will still see the movie and no he is not the best choice to play bruce banner.

willie on Apr 14, 2008


Wow! Forget the trailer for a second, I just got done reading all 115 comments on this page here. You guys are responding as if you've seen the movie in its entirity after the midnight showing! So what if the CGI isn't perfect yet? When's the last time you saw a movie and really, really, really, I mean truly, truly was convinced that what you saw was real? Do they get better and better with time? Hell yeah! But I've never been convinced I was looking at reality. And for the comparison/contrast to Ang Lee's film: The only comparison/contrast I feel that is needed is to the original source and that's the comicbooks themselves. That's where the character came from, so it's really a question of how faithful to it they were. Unfortunately, out of all the characters Marvel has brought to the small screen and big screen, it seems the Hulk is the one everyone wants to monkey around with and screw up. When Ang Lee's film came out I thought that now that it was on the big screen and Marvel was having such "hands on" about their projects and stuff that it had finally been done right. The trailer looked right and I was pumped about it. I remember talking with someone before I went to see it and they told me how disappointed they were with it. I asked them some questions and it turned out they were compairing it to the old Bill Bixby Hulk. I told them right then and there that they needed to go read some comic books. Then I saw the movie myself. I loved the way the Hulk looked. I liked that so many elements from the comic book story were very much there. I liked that the Hulk acted like he did from the comic book. I liked Sam Elliot as General Ross (even though he was a little too soft at times). I liked that Talbot was included in the film even though he was horribly protrayed. I liked the way Gamma Base looked. And then Jennifer Connelly as Betty Ross, wow!! What I really liked is when the Hulk said "Puny human" to Banner in a beginner state of that mental plane Peter David had introduced us to in the comic book. What I couldn't stand was how everything I liked about it was just thrown together willy-nilly as if just having those things in the movie would make the movie. I couldn't stand how long it took to get to the Hulk even though I realized that everything was just leading up to his appearance. As of today I've finally found a site where I can actually watch the trailer of the new film here at this site. I like what I saw, but from my understanding of things I've read and some production pics I've seen, it looks like the fans of the old Bill Bixby version will like this one better because they're trying to include aspects from the old television show. I saw a pic of Ed Norton in a newer version of the chair Bill sat in at the opening credits of each show. C'mon! The Hulk isn't released from Banner from any overdose in some lab! A gamma bomb goes off in the middle of the desert at an army base and Bruce races out right before it goes off because a teenager named Rick Jones is out there on a dare unaware of the bomb. Like I said, they just can't seem to get the Hulk right on either screen. This doesn't mean that the Hulk can't be done, it just means people need to quit f*cking around with his story and just tell it like it was meant to be told! I wonder if we'll even hear him say "Hulk smash!", "Puny humans!", or "Leave Hulk's friend alone" (referring to Betty of course) or anything else those of us who enjoy the comic book the movie is based on would like to hear. At least the Ang Lee version let us hear his voice and the credits don't even tell us who did it!!!!! Was that computer generated too?!?! I'm definitely going to see this one, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it, but I won't give more critique than what I said about the chair until after I actually see the film at my local theater. The trailer on the otherhand was great! It did its job by making me pumped to see the movie!

paradox on Apr 23, 2008


paradox - I was a avid reader of the comic books too. And the comic books were great. Ang Lee's Interpretation was not. And I struggle to find one thing good about the film. I recall Rick Jones and the origins. Its a shame the film makers have chosen not to go down this route. The old Bill Bixby Hulk was good for TV but I must admit I was a little pissed that he could not talk. They keep screwing this Marvel character up. Took away his speech, made him three times his actual size and built a story around just one thing alone - his rage. There are two camps of people keen to see this film - fans who know the comic book hulk and those that are only aware of the old Bill Bixby Hulk. I am afraid those in the first camp may be bitterly disappointed.

jimidacosta on Apr 23, 2008


What this gets more comments than iron man iron man the best movie on my list this at number 8 out of ten what listen the old hulk sucked but I got knew I think any hulk would suck because it is the impossible to make movie I agree with the guy above me the trailer is so tacky he can't turn into hulk on the ground no he must jump off a helicopter then at the end they are running at each other it is so setup sure edward nortons in it well guess what if this does at all good at the box office and all my friends see it I will just tell you this in two years we will have to deal with hulk 2 everywhere

Max on Apr 24, 2008


ok new comment I just saw #34 top 10 list and I will now show you a real top 10 listt 1, Iron Man 2. The Dark Knight 3. Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull 4. The love guru (I'm sorry I like it) 5. Step Brothers (I like Will Ferrell) 6. Hancock 7. You don't mess with the Zohan 8. Hulk 9. Speed Racer 10. Wanted

Max on Apr 24, 2008


Nice list Max, Of course Iron Man tops the Hulk. But you should know there are more people interested in the Hulk than Iron man. The combination of using CGI & a 'real' tin suit together with the excellent casting of Robert Downey as Tony Stark makes Iron Man a winner. What it comes down to is whether you see the Hulk 1. in the theatre 2. wait for DVD release 3. or simply wait for its TV release. I am on the fence there, Better to wait for the reviews from first viewing. If they screw this one up I figure there will be a lot of angry 'Banners' about.

jimi on Apr 25, 2008


Max I mainly agree with you max but need to change some things 1. The Dark Knight 2. Get Smart 3. Hell boy 2 4. Mama Mia 5. Iron Man 6. Speed Racer 7. Indiana Jones 8. The Pineapple Express 9. Sex and the city 10. Walle

Jack on Apr 26, 2008


1. Hancock 2. Indiana Jones 3. Hell boy 2 4. Iron Man 5. The Pineapple Express 6. Speed Racer 7. The Chronicals of Narnia Prince Caspien 8. The Mummy 3 9. Wanted 10. The Dark Knight

the kick ass fucker on Apr 26, 2008


1st of all, they should make these movies based on the comics, not that girly Hulk of Ferrigno (too small). The more mad he gets, the stronger (and bigger) he gets. > 2nd , the Hulk needs to talk , I.E. "Hulk will smash", "why must puny humans always bother Hulk?", Etc., Etc.,Etc. READ the comics!!!!!! > 3rd , They can`t go so long into the movie without us seeing the hulk. Maybe in the 1st one they needed to set up the phony story line (stupid, should have used real story from origin of Hulk) > I will have to spend the cash and see ol green skin on the big screen, but I hope it is better than the 1st movie, like most , I was a bit miffed by the story and long wait to see the hulk. I did like how they atempted to justify David Banner , not Bruce in the Bixby T.V. show, although as I`ve already stated, the comic should have been the script.

Hulk Will Smash on Apr 27, 2008


My top ten is 1. The Dark Knight 2. Iron Man 3. The Chronicals of Narnia 4. Indiana Jones 4 5. Speed Racer 6. Hulk 7. Walle 8. Kung Fu Panda 9. Tropic Thunder 10. Get Smart

Wazup on Apr 27, 2008


1. The Dark Knight 2. Iron Man 3. Hancock 4. Indiana Jones 5. The Love Guru 6. Step Brothers 7. Speed Racer 8. Hulk 9. You Don't Mess with the Zohan 10. Narnia

Glynn on Apr 27, 2008


looks pretty good to me. but i agree with one other poster in that it appears the entire movie has already been laid out. no surprises. hopefully we're wrong about that. acting looks really good.

joe on Apr 29, 2008


1. Sex and the City 2. Made of Honor 3. Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 4. What happens in vegas 5. Mama Mia 6. Son of Ranbow 7. Walle 8. Indiana Jones 9. accidental husband 10. The love Guru

Lucy on Apr 30, 2008


This new hulk looks like garbage. The video on the marvel web site of the CG hulk with spider man and iron man looks more real and truer to the hulk than this new movie does. The new movie CG really looks bad and looks like cheesy CG from a console Game. If universal has millions of dollars to make a really good CG movie, it seems it got wasted.

bb on May 6, 2008


What's with all the top-ten lists? Anyone who says Ang Lee's Hulk didn't fit with the comic books, I don't know what Hulk comics from the past decade or two they were reading since the movie could pretty much fit right in. Iron Man is awesome. The character and (albeit rushed) story is so good that the obligatory action finale is disappointing in comparison. Meanwhile, saw the extended Hulk preview, and the crowd was dead through it. Ang Lee made a good Hulk movie but not a good "Hollywood" Hulk movie. This one looks like a "Hollywood" Hulk movie. The preview had things getting blown up, tanks thrown around, one-liners being tossed about, a climactic battle between two huge monsters, ...and it all felt flat and had no heart. Hopefully it is just a case of bad editing.

Wes on May 7, 2008


hey 129 its not edward norton fault, its marvel there is ablog on first showing about a little fued going on with edward norton and marvel about the final cut.

darrin on May 7, 2008

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