Must Watch: First Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Teaser Trailer!

July 29, 2008
Source: AOL

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Teaser Trailer

As promised, Warner Brothers has debuted the first Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince teaser trailer. Harry Potter fans definitely need to drop what they're doing and take a look - because this looks like it could be the best movie yet. While I haven't read any of the books (but I plan to soon), I'm a huge fan of of the movies and this one looks incredible. Each movie gets darker and darker and this is undoubtedly the darkest I think we've ever seen the Harry Potter movies. We revealed the first two photos from the trailer yesterday, one of a young Tom Riddle the other of Dumbledore fighting in the caves, and now you can see them both in action here. Half-Blood Prince definitely looks much more epic and intense than ever before and I'm incredibly excited to see it! Without any further ado, fire up the first teaser trailer below and get ready for the return of Harry Potter and his friends yet again this November!

Watch the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer in High Definition on AOL

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is again directed by British filmmaker David Yates, of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix previously, and written by Steve Kloves, who also wrote the adaptations of Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, and Goblet of Fire but not Order of the Phoenix. This is the sixth book in J.K. Rowling's immensely popular series. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince arrives in theaters on July 17th, 2009.

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Looks pretty damn awesome!

Icarus on Jul 29, 2008


holy crud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was preatty cool! cant wait for the real thing! 9:00 i was right

sean on Jul 29, 2008


Can't wait for this one!!

Atomic Popcorn on Jul 29, 2008


Je BANDE !!!^^ Looks really AWESOME ! WONDERFULL ! & DARKER !!! LOVE IT ...

Florian on Jul 29, 2008


Holy crap!! That looks in-fucking-credible!!! I haven't even seen OotP yet, but now intend to.. If it was anything like this one looks, it must be amazing..

Blake B on Jul 29, 2008


blake b. #5, OOtP is good, but actually sucked compared to the other ones. I believe it was because of the writer. He wasnt the same, but for this one he is =) This does look like it will be amazing!

sean on Jul 29, 2008


me and my grandma (huge HP fan) are going to dance around the imax screen. YAY!!!!!

cheater on Jul 29, 2008


That was damn good. I've loved all of the previous films and the books, and David Yates did a good job with Order of the Phoenix. That kid is definitely creepy.

Andrew on Jul 29, 2008


what a fucking trailer!, not that much music, the tone is just brilliant: ala batman begins. Nolan raised the standards. gonna be darker, and now Im exited!

Mario on Jul 29, 2008


I ask for your forgiveness in advance, but..... OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Life is soooo good!

Lolly on Jul 29, 2008


Great. Now I'm gonna end up having nightmares bout Voldemort. And everything was going SO well today ...

The Djo on Jul 29, 2008


Movie looks like it may be the best one yet, also did #9 just compare Harry Potter to Batman???????

dac_fan on Jul 29, 2008


Dang. Now THAT is how a preview should be made. Remain interesting without giving away the whole film.

Cinexcellence on Jul 29, 2008


i'm still not sure if this film would be good, because the last one was really boring untill the ending and i think david yates is bringing down the series.

Darrin on Jul 29, 2008


I retract my statement, I am an idiot.

Darrin on Jul 29, 2008


Bloody Brilliant! Looks Just As I Imagined; Dark and Brooding!

David on Jul 29, 2008


Yes Darrin, you are! Harry Potter fever is about to break out again and I'm planning to help spread it. This will be better than the last one, mark my words!

DarkAugust on Jul 29, 2008


Looks awesome!!!! MUCH better than the 5 sec. IMAX shit that they had. But Alex, HOW COULD YOU NOT HAVE READ THESE BOOKS??? I am not much of a book reader myself, but EVERYONE has read this!

Ryan on Jul 29, 2008


Oh my god its fantastic! HP 4 Life!

Matt on Jul 29, 2008


I haven't read it either.

DCompose on Jul 29, 2008


finally, a harry potter movie that DOESNT look like it was a made-for-tv piece of crap

Josh on Jul 29, 2008


The films have pretty much gotten better and better. But this, especially visually, really looks like a leap beyond the rest. Harry Potter officially feels like a product worth more than just being a popcorn flick. Unfortunately this is just the teaser, which means the full trailer will surely give way too much away as usual.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 29, 2008


We can only hope that this is better than order of the phoenix, I am very excited.

Tyler on Jul 29, 2008


You HAVE to read Harry Potter to fully appreciate it. After reading the series the movies are a let down, but still very entertaining nevertheless.

Rick on Jul 29, 2008


I agree. This should be the main trailler. Release no more.

Heckle on Jul 29, 2008


This looks amazing! I'm so excited for this.

janet on Jul 29, 2008


Have they said who is doing the music for this movie? I enjoyed John Williams music in the first three more than the fourth and fith.

Tyler on Jul 29, 2008


Looks awesome!!! cant wait to see the movie.

Eden on Jul 29, 2008


thank god, this one looks great, ootp was really boring up until the last 20 minutes...i thought david yates didnt do it justice, but now someone says it was the writer...ahhh well i'm still a huge fan always and forever

desiree on Jul 29, 2008


The Previous movies in the harry potter franchise have been massive money spinners... probably the most profitable series in movie making... and this one will probably surpass all the previous ones... this is truly the darkest book, probably JKR's best writing... i know most people say that the Chambers was best... but that was untill the HBP... Alex if you read the books start from begining not just the sixth book for the movie... the lead up to this book/movie has been fantastic... i am still suffering from TDK-mania...and i am looking at all the movies i see now more crticially than ever and though i have been a little disappointed by the last HP movies (comapred to the books) this one actually looks AWESOME!!!! it has hints of TDK (colour pallete and background score) the sixth sense (creepy child) and also reminfs me of the prestige for some reason... and this could be the first time i actually like Dumbledore on screen as compared to the book! i am SOLD on this movie... starting today i am officially obsessing over HBP they said they are making this book into 2 movies... i wonder how they go about with the story... cause there are two story lines... one about the half blood prince and how harry inherits one of his things and one about how Tom Riddle became Lord Voldemort... trying real hard to breath 😀

Viral on Jul 29, 2008


Yeah I'm in, I like young Voldy he is what they fear, and what they fear. Anyways this looks good can't wait.

Xerxex on Jul 29, 2008


Ok Im one of those people who hate the movies but love the books, but Im sorry, this trailer is too good not to buy in to the hype!

Kevin on Jul 30, 2008


My god the trailer is looking so fantastic i m thrilled the young tomb riddle is looking so good and talented i can't wait 4 the movie to break out in theaters........but i missed hermoine a lot in the trailer

goodwin on Jul 30, 2008


Boooo there was no Hermione Booooo awesome. HP taking a back seat to Voldemort, like Batman taking a back seat to Joker This is the year of villains fo' sure

Michael Power on Jul 30, 2008


This looks bingo! Looking forward to it!

Crapola on Jul 30, 2008


its fabulous out of this world!!!!!!!

Alfrwwda on Jul 30, 2008


its so good!!! i have been waiting 4 this movie since i read the book and finaly its going to be released i m so exited and this teaser boost my exitment more high********

Alfreeda on Jul 30, 2008


Now we will see if the script of "order of the phoenix" was the reason why the movie was so bad or if Yates is a bad director.

ShyGuy on Jul 30, 2008


thanks alex.. looks awesome

mikey on Jul 30, 2008


Great teaser, no Harry on it. Great teaser.

Mario Tenorio on Jul 30, 2008


NICE! Keeps getting darker and darker. Loved the last one, better than previous 4 put together. When Harry snapped... "LOOK AT ME!!!" This one looks amazing, looks like a great back story, how it all started. Glad the David Yates has signed on to finish off these films. Absolutedy love where he took the last one and can't wait to see what he has in store for us.

Kevin on Jul 30, 2008


Wow, the kid playing Tom played perfect creepy kid scary movie type. Looks great!

Sean on Jul 30, 2008


That movie better be amazing. I was quite disappointed with OotP. It didn't live up to my expectations. Although, I think I'm the only person who really, really LOVED PoA... everyone says it didn't follow the book enough, but I believe the cinematography of it was beautiful. That trailer is AWESOME. I could probably watch it all day. I can't wait to see how they pull this one off. <3

Caitlin on Jul 30, 2008


A W E S O M E ! I like David Yates directing it but if they could bring back Alfonso for the 2 Deathly hallows films it'll be perfect, the darkest of them all.

Fernando on Jul 30, 2008


This has to be better then the steaming pile of shit that was the 4th and 5th movies.

The Better Bard on Jul 30, 2008


Only your opinion Bard...I thought the fourth and fifth (especially the fifth) were very good.

Sam on Jul 30, 2008


i loved POA as well...Alfonso is amazing.

Kevin on Jul 30, 2008


HAHAHAHAHAH wtf is #9 talking about

urface on Jul 30, 2008


wow that was...amazing i really hope this movie is the best in the series. i haven't seen order of the phoenix yet but goblet of fire as the best so far. prisoner of azkaban was trash and the first two are equally as good, but judging by this trailer, this movie is going to blo me away. havent read the book, so im goin into this movie fresh so im totaly psyched.

LeeMan on Jul 30, 2008


looks awssome cannot wait

alan on Jul 30, 2008


Wow...................... great teaser.............................the Darker the better Give me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

insanartist on Jul 30, 2008


My heart kept beating while I was watching it. It is so cool!!!!!1 I cant wait.

daniel on Jul 30, 2008


Leeman #49, Prisoner of azkaban was of the series so far, alfonso Cuaron did a wonderful job on that movie. Theres a before and after Alfonso in the Harry Potter movies.

Paul on Jul 30, 2008


I can't believe so many people disliked the 5th movie. The book was the one dud of the whole series (still pretty brilliant, but it is slow and pretty inconsequential...and Harry is REALLY annoying in it) but I thought the movie got everything right (OotP is my favorite of the movies thus far). The only problem I had with the 5th movie was the lack of Ron and Hermione. Sadly, this one might be the same way because this is very much a Harry and Dumbledore installment. However, Half-Blood Prince is my second favorite of books (after GoF, which the movie hacked to pieces) and promises to be good (and pretty scary).

Kevin on Jul 30, 2008


doesnt look bad... i actually liked it, even if i hate the book...

Yamika on Jul 30, 2008


Gandalf!!! (with a small staff)

miracle disease on Jul 30, 2008


Wow!!! Out of all the HP trailers, that had to be the best! For once it was nice not always to see something different and it looked scary! But saying that I've only ever seen the first HP film and that disappointed me so much that I haven't seen any of the others. I hope it's good but I'm going to spend my money on the upcoming Twilight movie

minadrake on Jul 30, 2008


Im stoked for the new harry potter!!! Tom riddle is what makes this one for mE:D

Hockey4life on Jul 31, 2008


I've seen a lot of trailers in my life, and this is one of the best. The tone of it is perfect...hopefully, Yates will do a better job at this than the last one. I wish Alfonso Cuaron would direct them all!

kitano0 on Jul 31, 2008


Boring and missing the point on key elements in the story and some really Hammy acting this is going to suck just like OotP

Killerzombiemontage on Jul 31, 2008


holy shit this looks to be the best one so far and #60 you are fucking retarded

raider98 on Jul 31, 2008


no 60 u are a fucking retard this looks class

jono on Aug 1, 2008


Just like all the previous Harry Potter movies...I can't...wait...for this to come out... I know everything that going to happen in this movie and I am still gonna love every second of it. w00t!

Jeep-Fu on Aug 3, 2008


I love love love love love harry potter movies I soooooo cant wait for this to come out. 60 you need to get a life!!!!

Rosalina on Aug 5, 2008


check this

RestOFTheMovie on Aug 7, 2008


omg i saw this trailer in theatres 2 days ago at sisterhood of the travelling pants!!!!!!!!!!! i got sooooooo excited but holy crap was i pissed when i found out that it wont be till JULY 09???????? hell, im gonna boycott warner bros. anyone wanna sign the petition?

jasmine on Aug 15, 2008


More Voldemort? Hells yes! I was afraid they wouldn't go into his backstory. That looked freaking awesome, just how I imagined it.

Courtney on Aug 23, 2008


dude!!! this movie looks so SICK!!!!!! i am so freakin Excited for it!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! totally sucks that its date got pushed back! have to wait for like an entire year!!!!!

alice on Aug 30, 2008


the fifth movie was a disappointment there were so many important parts that were cut out from the story i mean really crucial point that come back later in part 7 but like #6 said there was a different writer for part 5 and hopefully they can fit the important missing scenes into this movie i cant wait till it comes out!!

Giselle on Oct 13, 2008


soooooo goood!! i really like harry potter much!! can''t wait to see this one. . . .

bugz on Oct 28, 2008


ohhhhhhh........! Its amazing harry is back oh i m so exited the next part harry p. a. h. b .p.....! who ideat are saying order of phionix are so boring its not bad ,,,,,, but half blood prince are so great I can' believe mmmmmmm love you harry so much,,,,,.....!

Ankit on Nov 17, 2008


No dout breakkkkk ""WORLD RECORD""

Ankit on Nov 17, 2008


'nuff said

Sebastian on Jan 1, 2009


Wow I wait if its not good give me a thousand slaps

Ronit on Jan 7, 2009


yup! akhirnya film ini bakalan diputer tahun 2009. i can't wait too long! good luck 4 this film! AKU CINTA HARRY POTTER( I LOVE HP)

anggie on Jan 8, 2009


it's too cool to watch

gray sighter on Jan 9, 2009


its very good i like all series HARRY POTTER

rustam on Mar 15, 2009

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