Must Watch: First International Trailer for Max Payne

July 10, 2008

Max Payne Trailer

The first trailer for John Moore's adaptation of the video game Max Payne has finally arrived. After months and months of waiting and immense early praise, we finally have our first look at what to expect in this upcoming video game adaptation. Honestly, I'm impressed, very impressed, by this trailer. It won't be what you expect, but it might leave you quite excited. I really love the visual style and this time I think Mark Wahlberg will kick ass, unlike in The Happening. I have no clue what that angel was at the end and if there is a dark fantasy or paranormal element to this, but that scene was pretty intense. I've been looking forward to this since I first heard about it and now I'm truly excited to see it.

This is an international trailer courtesy of We expect there to be a different American version that might hit theaters soon as well. Although this looks much different from the games, it still looks very entertaining. Does the trailer live up to all of your expectations?

Watch the first trailer for Max Payne:

[flv: 596 326]

Max Payne is directed by Irish filmmaker John Moore, of Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Phoenix, and The Omen previously, with a screenplay written by first-time writer Beau Thorne. The film is based on the popular Max Payne series of third-person-shooter video games that first arrived in 2001. Fox is debuting Max Payne in theaters on October 17th just before Halloween. I'll be there!

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HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! FINALLY!!! Haha, thanks for posting this Alex, I am so excited for this movie.

Sojourner on Jul 10, 2008


And... what did you think of the trailer?

Alex Billington on Jul 10, 2008


It looks alright but honestly, it didn't really remind me of the games much. Where is the noir?

Andreas on Jul 10, 2008


I enjoyed the trailer, I am excited to see Marky Mark in something he can perform well, he is one of my favorite actors and The Happening just about killed me. I agree with number #3, I don't see any of the noir that was prevalent in the game in the trailer, but it could just be the way it was edited. Then angels and demons bit confuses me some but I am going to withhold opinion until i see it in theaters. But the style of the movie shown in the trailer is as dark and violence ridden as Max Payne should be, I can't wait for the next trailer to come out, hopefully some different footage, if not. Then i can be patient.

Sojourner on Jul 10, 2008


I'm kinda interested. Its looking pretty good actually. Just a bit curious about the winged folk.

James on Jul 10, 2008


Wow, actually looks pretty good even with the demon things flyin around. i dont remember those being in the game, anyone?

tw on Jul 10, 2008


MAN... that was bad @ss!!! Looks like it will be an interesting story. God I love movies!

K on Jul 10, 2008


this movie looks bad ass! I think we may finally have a good game to movie adaption! I don't really get the demon part of it but I think it adds a nice touch to the movie.

Curtis on Jul 10, 2008


I HAVE TASTED THE FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELS! I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings.

BillQ on Jul 10, 2008


Yo that shit looks kinda ill man!!!

REAL6 on Jul 10, 2008


Firstly, I should let you know that I haven't played either of the two games. In my opinion the trailer does its job of creating interest in the movie in those people who aren't fans of the game... At least it did in this case. Secondly, while I haven't played the games, I didn't think there was such a fantastical element to them. I had to go and read a plot synopsis of each of the games to find out if angels/demons were present in the games. By the looks of it, the demonic creatures will be playing a significant role in the film's story. It's not a big deal if the film and games differ, as long as the movie is done well, but I've got this strange feeling that upon seeing the trailer many people will liken the movie to Constantine (which didn't do too hot domestically ~$76m) and not go see it. But I guess we'll see what happens when it's released.

Ugh, did I miss something? on Jul 10, 2008


damn im really excited for this film now, trailer really got me pumped. Theres and errie feel to this trailer in a good way looking forward to an North American trailer. I have never played the games but i no there is some awesome bullet time and i hope they added it into the movie experience

Curtis on Jul 10, 2008


Try playing the games before your make judgments about films based on games ...

E on Jul 10, 2008


Absolutely great trailer!!! I agree with Andreas and Sojourner, the trailer lacks noir, something which was at the core of the game. I hope this turns out great, I've played both the games and am addicted to them. Thanks a lot Alex!

Vishal on Jul 10, 2008


Ok- to everyone thinking those are 'real' angels/demons- They are angels, and like the game, this movie looks like its ripe with metaphor. Those angels are a visual cue of being taken from this world- death. Notice how the one at the end pulls out the man being shot by max out from the building?

BillQ on Jul 10, 2008


WHy the hell should he? Are you saying only people who play the games are allowed to watch the movie? Don't be an idiot, the movie should be good for both veterans and newbies alike. I played the games, loved the games, and I thought this movie looks amazing, way better than I expected.

Aldonn on Jul 10, 2008


my last comment was directed at 13...

Aldonn on Jul 10, 2008


Yo yo... there's something wrong! Max Payne has a ... mid long hair cut... You should add the Movie special Kung Fu mod :p

Chabs on Jul 10, 2008


I agree the angels are probably a metaphor. The game practically beats you over the head with them. Great dialogue in the cut scenes. The angels may also be the hallucinations of the people on Valkyr.

Riley on Jul 10, 2008


I played and finished the second game and I think it was a good, but not a great trailer. All the visuals and introspection of self-discovery of Max's life is dead on, as well as the angels and demons because there was a huge religious and spiritual aspect to Max's motivation in the game. And the action simple looked awesome. But what I didn't like about the trailer was the music. I don't think it fits with the grieving that Max is supposed to be dealing with. The trailer has music that's a little too upbeat and exciting. The aura and mood of Max Payne is more of sadness, depression, and pain (hence the name). If you go to youtube and search for "Max Payne 2 theme song", you'll know what I'm talking about. The music is of viola strings and a heartbeat. But I think the trailer shows promise for the film. If they can get the mood of the film correct...then awesomeness awaits. Thanks for the post, Alex.

Matt Suhu on Jul 10, 2008


Sorry to double post: While the trailer was dark, it didn't really seem very noir as mentioned above. It's more traditional action than gritty action. Also, I'm surprised there wasn't much matrix-style slow-mo which is what the entire combat system in the games was based around. That and heavy artillery.

Riley on Jul 10, 2008


Looks pretty good. I am interested in what the black angels have to do with this. Could possibly be death taking the dead away. In that last scene where the dark angel was pulling the guy through the window, It looked like he was being shot from inside the building and death was taking him away.

Eric on Jul 10, 2008


Awesome! Super ?????? cool! "_"

egghub on Jul 10, 2008


Holy Crap!!!!! This Movie looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

atg2040 on Jul 10, 2008


The song in the background is Marilyn Manson's new track "If I was Your Vampire" off of Eat Me, Drink me.

TJ on Jul 10, 2008


Great to hear some bad-ass trailer music that isn't completely overused.

Asinine on Jul 10, 2008


oh yeah! This looks bad-ass...I definitely want to check this out. Hope the story is cool and the acting is good! This trailer rocks though 🙂

sneebee7 on Jul 10, 2008


i shat myslef right now! very very awesome!!!!!!!

jeprox chang on Jul 10, 2008


It looks like any other action film with a dark violent protagonist and nonsense voiceovers one-liners. If you hadn't told us it was Max Payne, nobody would have known.

Dave on Jul 10, 2008


@16 ... nice ... name calling. Always a bonus. Did I say that? All I said ... which I've even commented to Alex in the past ... How can you make a determination about anything if you don't have a proper frame of reference to do so? I didn't say anything about who was allowed and who wasn't allowed. My point is ... how fair is it, and how accurate is it, to discuss something or judge something if you have no idea what kind of frame of reference you need? That's flippant - like judging a movie by its trailer. Being hostile serves no purpose at all.

E on Jul 10, 2008


I liked it a bunch. Very stylish. And this director appears to be letting Wahlberg dig deeper and use more of his acting skills, such as they are, than M. Night did for The (un)Happening. However.... that slow-mo bullet-time stuff may look fantastic in these little 2-second bursts, but I'm wondering how it's going to play out in extended action sequences. One shot of Payne leaping through the air gunning down the bad guys could go on for 45 seconds. Sounds fun now, but let's see how enjoyable it is after the 12th wave of bad guys. This film's worth is going to come down to what they do in the editing room. But then isn't that always the case?

kevjohn on Jul 10, 2008


i 'm not a fan of the game but that look great. something definitley worth seeing.

Darrin on Jul 10, 2008


I loved the games to hell, and you know what, I like what they did with this visually. And the insturmentals from ``If I was your Vampire`` by Marilyn Manson worked. I don`t understand the demons though, and I don`t know if I trust this movie enough to be that symbolic, but if it is, then I`ll shut up, MAAAAAN.

DCompose on Jul 10, 2008


Is it me.. or are the Bridges Brother are the best sub character/actors in the industry. This movie has a feel that it is so much more than Hit-man.. yeah i said it. Walberg is making another tent pole for FOX and would love to see the one sheet poster! Thanks first showing for making Film/Movie Buzz a pleasure and a right.

Ryan McCarthy on Jul 10, 2008


Looks so good..God i love the lead girl she is so hott...its the girl from Hitman and the 007 new one..oh boy cant wait!! will be bad ass

mikev on Jul 10, 2008


I hope they keep the mystery of the first game. The best part was unravelling the conspiracy and the devil worshippers. And, by the way, good job on not taking the bullet time and making it like the Matrix. I don't know who I'm talking to here; maybe Max Payne.

DCompose on Jul 10, 2008


See i like the director of this film. His films have always been stylized and pretty different.

Jojo on Jul 10, 2008


Wow!! I loved the games and when I saw they got Mark for the gig I got interested in the movie and looks like it wont be a waste of money to go see this. Seems like the director has a good sense of what max payne would be/look like behind a camera and not a controller. (I think thats whats kills most video game movies is they try to keep it sooo close to the game that it hurts the movie but they are two very different expressions and need to be handled individually)

Unseen on Jul 10, 2008


I'd rather just play the video game again.

Sean Kelly on Jul 10, 2008


1 - Badass! 2 - Its def capturing the Max Payne vibe. 3 - the angels and demons will be a different spin, but I'm sure its projected through Max's POV, as if the entire movie he's waiting for his angel of death to come carry him away, therefore, giving his monologue a grittier edge to it, rather than the standard inevitable looming death - it gives the audience that image to be scared of rather than the basic "lying in a pool of blood - birds eye view camera pan" ya heard?! 4 - I'm really excited to see how it pans out. I hope they push the noir style in a subtle way. I think juicing that up may take away from the realism they're trying to portray. Not to mention it'll probabaly make ignorant people think its trying to knock Sin City. 5 - MFing Bullet Time! 7 - Is the girl from Hitman the new videogame to film dame? 8 - Where's the lousy taste in neckties????

Nick Sears on Jul 10, 2008


fuck yeah!! This is awesome

dom on Jul 10, 2008


whoever edited the music for this trailer deserves a standing-o

alex on Jul 10, 2008


It was a grreat trailer, but i'm concerned Max will end up as a Constantine wannabe... I've played and finished both games and there wasn't any demons involved in the story, just greedy and mentally unstable villians (being Max the most unstable of the characters). And maybe against 90% of the public opinion: I still want Johnny Knoxville to be Max!!!! XD

Moreira on Jul 10, 2008


holy mother! that looks like a good movie!

sean on Jul 10, 2008


PG-13. No thanks.

Joshua on Jul 10, 2008


I don't know the game but this trailer looks great! And I like Mark so much, i'm really excited ^^

sam on Jul 10, 2008


Well that looks like its going to suck the big one.

Dr Phaust on Jul 10, 2008


The game got a little fucked up towards the end a little creepy, but this with the use of the black winged angle adds a little more depth and sets a mood of darkness. It will probably be way better than the game wich was fun up until the end of it all, got strange but I kept with til the end. The film will be good especially after seeing the trailer that really didn't reveal a lot thankfully.

Xerxex on Jul 10, 2008


Very impressed, the cinematography looks very well done - The angel sequences looked like they had weight to them, this looks way deeper than just another "shoot em up" movie, but at the same time looks like its going to be a hell of a cool ride.

SmartGuy on Jul 10, 2008


a complete waste of time

David Rose on Jul 10, 2008


To 20: Marilyn Manson = depression, stupid. How was that song in any way "upbeat"? It was slow, grinding, and set the stage perfectly. Music made this trailer more than anything else - CERTAINLY not Beau Bridges randomly popping up.

nitsuD on Jul 10, 2008


Please make this rated R guys...

C-Young on Jul 10, 2008


awesome,,, looks very good,,,

mikey on Jul 10, 2008


The first game (the only one I played) was riddled with bizarre dream-sequence levels which were pretty dark. I think the flying demons are likely part of Max's internal psychosis. He is kind of nuts, you know...

André on Jul 10, 2008


HOLY CRAP! I was not expecting anything that good. That just shot to the top of my anticipation list.

Walter on Jul 10, 2008


@ 52 nitsuD: Dumbass, I was comparing the music to that of the video game's music. I don't care what song it is or who performs the song, it just doesn't match the mood of the video game. I think I can presume that you have not played the video game and therefore I have the advantage to what may work better.

Matt Suhu on Jul 10, 2008


The movie looks like it'll be fun. But it looks NOTHING like Max Payne.

The Better Bard on Jul 10, 2008


Those angels are likely more of the symbolism and/or dreams that Max Payne is always having. Can't wait for the movie!

Max Payne Fan on Jul 10, 2008

59 alot of flashbacks watching this trailer...lots of scenes are exactly like in the game...same buildings, the elevator scene with mona sax...etc....seems it's gonna be a goodmovie..or at least i hope so.

Alex T. on Jul 10, 2008


I hope i wont be pg-13

Drake on Jul 10, 2008


My favorite video game of all time. I liked the trailer, but I didn't love it. This games soundtrack is what made it great. The music in the trailer didn't seem to fit.

John on Jul 10, 2008


I LOVE the music in this trailer, it absolutely makes the whole thing. Is that Marilyn Manson?

Big BALLS BRUNO BRUTUS on Jul 10, 2008


Watching this trailer makes me want to go get the video games....

Colin Dean on Jul 10, 2008


Honestly, I was expecting something much different, much more of a hollywood version of the game. But this looks very dark, and although it looks different from the game, I like what I see.

Travis on Jul 10, 2008


O-o-o! Yes-yes-yes! My likes game! So many years ago, I think, what we see MaxPayne movie. My imagenations is real )

lezzvie on Jul 10, 2008


Im' kind of surprised that i was pretty good in fact. I wans't expecting anything from that film and finally it seems cool.

chandleyr on Jul 10, 2008


I really love the Look, its Noir enough for me, plus with Sin City already out and the Spirit right around the corner they really needed to get their own niche style and it looks like they found it. I hope they do just enough bullet time to make it cool but not so much as it copies the Matrix or goes way overboard like Wanted, and from the trailer it looks like they did that too. Man the Angles and Devils, how awesome. Don't you guys remember the game? It has these flashes in in it like nightmares where he'd see evil things happen and all this crazy stuff and I think the metaphor of Angels and Demons will play off that psychosis in the game and really kick ass, in fact man this is on my Must See list unless I see something that really makes me think otherwise.

Richard on Jul 10, 2008


Sure, looks like they twisted the storyline a bit, but it looks absolutely amazing. This is one video-game/film that I have been waiting for a long time! I really appreciate the posting of the trailer!

Echelon on Jul 10, 2008


Oh yeah also I NEED this in High Res! LOL

Richard on Jul 10, 2008


I am really glad to see even fans of the games are very exited to see this! I wish Dragonball fans would be this accepting... Max Payne looks AMAZING!! I can not wait to see this! Marky has been growing higher and higher on my list of favorite actors ever since Four Brothers, and peaked after Invincible.. And The Happening just shattered it! He is incredible!

Blake B on Jul 10, 2008


I really wish they would have used the haunting Max Payne theme song for this trailer instead of that terrible stuff. That would really add a lot of emotion. But in any case the movie looks like it's going to be great; I'm excited!

Lorelei on Jul 10, 2008


I'm just pumped they added elements of the gameplay into there, lunged forward through the door or when he jumped back with the shotgun in bullet time. I can't wait for this movie.

Nick on Jul 10, 2008


Good trailer. Not like the game 100% but it seems solid.

Ryan on Jul 10, 2008


I'm sure someone has mentioned this already but I haven't read through all 74 comments. About the angels/demons; the website for the movie says this in the synopsis: "As the mystery deepens, Max (Mark Wahlberg) is forced to battle enemies beyond the natural world..." So I'm going to assume for now that the angels/demons are not metaphorical.

Shay on Jul 10, 2008


No Noir? 1. The opening dialogue--in fact all of the dialogue, is totally inspired not only by the dialogue of the game, but dime-novels, noir films and lore. 2. the incredibly Pin-up inspired, dark-haired woman Payne stumbles upon in a very classical, clothed position 3. Winter in a dark, lonely cityscape 4. The girl alone in an alley If you think for this film to be Noir-ish it has to be shot as over-the-top as Sin City, then you need to some depth to your definition. The games certainly had an element of noir, but the game play was steeped in John Woo-style, infinite bullets Action. The last level of the first game? I don't recall Noir. The movie has shown it has both of the elements that made the game renown. Plus, its an adaption. I, for one, am pleasantly surprised by this trailer. Looks like this might be a keeper.

John on Jul 10, 2008


Shay if he actually is fighting freaking demons and angels then this is a utter failure AGAIN for a game to movie adaptation. I mean they have ludacris as bravura WTF!?!? Bravura was an over the top old fashioned like 65 year old police chief and they cast ludacris. The only thing that even looked close to the game was the bullet time AND ITS NOT EVEN RATED R. how can you possibly have the grittyness/awesomeness that is max payne without the words fuck like alot and without alot of drugs and o yeah without FREAKING AWESOME GORE. I mean do you remember the videogame sequences (first to come up with bullet follow) when youd follow a bullet into someones head but no pg 13 cause we need the teen (money money money> quality game to movie adaptaions) audience even though if it was R all the teens would get into it ANYWAY! I have waited for a max payne movie for a very long time ever since I played max payne the original on my ps2( the very first videogame I ever picked up) I have waited and to see this trailer really disappoints me. Who ever said that this keeps to max payne the videogame needs to just leave. Long I have wanted and waited for a good game adaptation (being the nerd that I am) and this just pisses me off. Once again the directors want to make just a good action flick instead of actually making a good adaptation AND THE STORY OF MAX PAYNE IS AWESOME BY ITSELF but leave it to hollywood to fuck that up. its just another hitman

cody on Jul 10, 2008


This does not look like another hitman to me. It looks very good. I have to admit that from the first moment I played the game, I thought it would make a great movie if done right. This is definitely different than I expected, but Wahlberg has the look and the voice down. So while this may not be the same max payne that I enjoyed in the video game, I'm excited to see this movie. As with any video game to movie adaptation, you have to let the film stand up as it's own vehicle and expect it to be a separate entity. I for one, can't wait for this flick.

Reverend on Jul 10, 2008


I felt(as everyone did) MAX PAYNE in me when i played the game.....(1 & 2)........ so eagerly waiting for the film.......wanna get the same feelings.......i hope it wont disappoint me....or us.....

Sam on Jul 11, 2008


This Black-Angel-Thing at the end is probably a hallucination after using a drug called the Valkyr.

Eduardo Costa on Jul 11, 2008


nah dont think the drug had anything to do with it, I am convinced like the others said its metaphor for death, demons and angels, if its really as deep as the games were then it'll most likely be a demon for the bad an angel for the good. I guess i shouldn't excuse it for a piece of crap maybe itll still be max payne but toned down and its own story...hopefully

cody on Jul 11, 2008


Music is by Marco Beltrami, so there's a chance "generic emo trailer music" might be swapped for a dark, brooding, strings-heavy orchestral score deserving of the Max Payne pedigree. We can hope.

Ganaesh D. on Jul 11, 2008


One word....HELLL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

Sean on Jul 11, 2008

83 isn't by Marco Beltrami (whoever that is) it's "If I was your Vampire" by Marilyn Manson. I recognized it right off the bat. (I am after all a Mansonite) I had no idea that Max Payne was about this kinda shit, I'm so in to see this. Wow, amazing trailer.

Garrett.king on Jul 11, 2008


And the woman from Hitman, I can't remember her name but she doesn't play Mona Sax, Mila Kunissupposedly plays her according to IMDb. And if you look closely you can tell it's her. I don't know if she's fit for the role, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Sean on Jul 11, 2008


@ 57 Matt Suhu: Well, you can think and presume as much as you like, because I own and have beaten both Max Payne games, and I STILL think "If I Was Your Vampire" was a perfect choice for the trailer. My friend and I double-teamed them both, and we've been amped about the very idea of this movie since Winter - ESPECIALLY since we got wind that Wahlberg is on board. Don't wet your little panties, I'm sure all the beautiful, Godfather-meets-Castlevania music you crave will be in the movie - it wouldn't be Max Payne without that signature tune. But it would be so gratifying if there was a balancing mix of rock, too (or are you forgetting about the Poets Of The Fall song that played a MAJOR PART IN THE ENTIRE SECOND GAME?)

nitsuD on Jul 11, 2008


One thing Wahlberg should do during the movie: Do the signature 'Max Payne' constipation face during a shoot-dodge 😛 One thing that really hit me about this trailer: Mona Sax looks like Mona Sax. 🙂

LW on Jul 11, 2008


"In Norse mythology the valkyries (Old Norse Valkyrja "Choosers of the Slain") are dísir, minor female deities, who served Odin. The valkyries' purpose was to choose the most heroic of those who had died in battle and to carry them off to Valhalla."

Helena on Jul 11, 2008


I have a theory on the winged creatures Alex and everyone else. I think that is deaths minions. Everytime Max kills a bad guy they come to get them. It's just a theory. The trailer looks awesome. I think they strayed away from the noir because they feared it would be too close to Sin City and people who don't know the game would have pulled it aside as a simple rip off. I think that they have done a brilliant job with it. I will have to hold off the final word until it actually comes out. I'M EXCITED.

TKaihea on Jul 11, 2008


Can we know what's this movie about? The FIRST Max Payne? Or the SECOND one? There are lots of differences betwen those two episodes... 1st one : Max's Family got killed, then lot of stuff + Ragnarock club, last level the tower, when he meet Mona Sax. I don't want to spoil... So I won't talk about that. 2nd one : He's now WITH the police (1st one he was all alone) To 87 : FOR SURE MONA SAX'S MONA SAX! 😀 😀 But... Max Payne's not realy Max Payne 🙁 Talking about the hair cut here. And about that other woman? Hope they didn't added kind of new character 😮 Please say no!

Chabs on Jul 11, 2008


I don't know.. the main actor didn't look like or sound like Max Payne at all. I hope that they will put a lot of action to the movie and keeps the plot interesting as it was in the game..

finnishbwooy on Jul 11, 2008


@ 86 nitsuD: Dumbass, you are again in the minority. Most of us here who've played the games would prefer the theme music so that the movie can keep true to the source material. Yes, poets of the fall was good for the game and this manson song is similar in some aspects, but the theme song is more recognizable and therefore would better suit the trailer. If one is marketing something from another medium, then it would be helpful if it contained similar elements. Having the same theme music would just enhance the trailer. I wouldn't mind at all if this manson song was in the film, but if this trailer is being used to advertise the film...then I believe it would be a better trailer if the theme song was used. And learn to grow some balls and submit comments that can back your argument up rather than wasting half your time talking about yourself and whining like a little girl.

Matt Suhu on Jul 11, 2008


Do u guys know that the game is made in finland? Amazing to thing about that this game is now coming a movie.

light on Jul 11, 2008


Look @ all the comments! I didn't know there was this must interest in Max Payne. So who thinks this has a shot at being the best video game movie ever? I know, I know, not much competition to choose from. If Resident Evil or Tomb Raider is the best of the bunch, how hard could it be to top those?

kevjohn on Jul 11, 2008


Jaaaaaaa sieltä tuli suomi kortti :DDD This movie is going to rock!!!

homonaama on Jul 11, 2008


Chabs I dont think its either one, I think its a true adaptation. Now the story of the max paynes were great but weve seen those. Maybe the director decided to use the feel (noir bad-assery) and action (freaking sweet epic moments/bullet time) that is max payne to create his own story of max payne in new york just a thought 🙂

cody on Jul 11, 2008


@92 Matt Suhu: Maybe you CAN'T read (shocker), but so far I count maybe one comment other than your own "omigod them crazy beats" bawlfest that dogged on the choice of Manson over strings; everybody else loved it, INCLUDING one person who mentioned they would probably go see Max Payne based on their music choice alone. Seems to me they were hoping for something just like that when they chose it. Like I said, I'm sure the game's score will be faithfully adapted throughout the movie - but we all know that they don't always use music from the actual movie in the trailer. In all likelihood, Manson probably won't be on the soundtrack, which I'm sure will make you squeal with glee. On the other foot, you're making the mistake of thinking marketing it exclusively to fans of the game will bring in money. Usually, that tends not to work; you have to appeal to a wider demographic or you end up with a winner like Mortal Kombat. They made the executive decision to show off the action-oriented aspects of the movie in its trailer, and seeing as bullets-flying-everywhere goes hand in hand with electric guitars and heavy beats... And why shouldn't I talk about myself? My balls probably weigh more than your head. I'm sorry you feel so disaffected and betrayed by the world, the movie industry and the other kids in your suburb who won't let you play hopscotch with them, but I guess if you are determined to hate this trailer then nothing I can say will change your wanksty mind. Pessimists are stubborn that way.

nitsuD on Jul 11, 2008


The story is supposed to be mainly based on the first game but with some bits and pieces from the second thrown in. At least that's what people involved have mentioned in interviews and such.

Parkar on Jul 11, 2008


I'd just like to revise my comment @ 84, before someone else calls me on it. I got it now, Marco Beltrami is doing the score for the FILM, but the trailer's music ("If I was your Vampire" by Marilyn Manson) may not be what the films score will be anything like. My bad. peace.?..

Garrett.king on Jul 11, 2008


i really hope this movie doesnt bomb just bcuz of mark wahlberg's terribly performance in the happening and it kicks quarantine's ass at the b.o. i never played the game so i'm hoping for this film to blow me away

LeeMan on Jul 11, 2008


This doesn't remind me of the game at all, which was one of my favorite ones ever, can't pinpoint exactly why, it just sucked me in, but the movie looks badass.

Jake Ram on Jul 11, 2008


I kinda dug the faux film noir "hard light" style of cinematography. I'm hoping there's some truly over the top dialog like the stuff in the game, cuz it'll please the fans as much as it'll infuriate the rest of the viewing audience. I'm also hoping they do justice to Max's dream sequences, cuz I didn't find them good in the game but they look like they could be pretty interesting in the movie.

yh on Jul 11, 2008


man they were talking about this movie when I first got the game. Finally! Hope it doesn't suck, there was sooo much to work with!

Tony on Jul 11, 2008


Regardless of how the movie turns out OMG thats how you make a trailer to hype it up!! The mood the naration the music camera shake everything!! beautiful tralier reminds me so much of the experince I got playing the first Max Payne game for the pc very true to the source.

Wes on Jul 12, 2008


wow i cant wait to see max payne, that slo mo gunshot with the glock just looked wild with the snow and all, nice.

original-6ix on Jul 12, 2008


@ (92 & 97) To Matt Suhu and nitsuD, I have played both part of the game. I have also seen the trailer. I have to say, I am with nitsuD. Reasons are, 1. We can play the games as long as we wish. So, the mood can come gradually. But in a one and a half to two hours movie, you can not indulge yourself in so many choices. You have to make it gripping. 2. Though I support Matt partly for keeping the original soundtrack but I must say, this one is even better. If the focus in pain and grief becomes dominant then the focus on strength and determination of Max would be shadowed. This soundtrack just resonates the strength spawned from the pain. So, I think the trailer is an exceptional piece of work and all the applause goes to its maker. I am eagerly looking forward to it.

kc8407 on Jul 12, 2008


damn, hey I found a piece of clean shit, this COULD be a good movie if they changed the f*cking name, seriously, if they try to make a movie ´bout Max Payne it should be like fr*aking Max Payne,, not like another movie straight from the sewers of Hollywood. I just think the Movie should be all like the game(MP1)/actor(Sam Lake)/story, and the places I think would be interesting for the gamers to see how fox would make it look like, example RagnaRoc, the doc, just...everything.

northern lights on Jul 12, 2008


Ok, first I have to say that I mostly enjoyed the trailer. I thought the music was nice, I hope that the angel thingies are nothing but metaphorical illusions of death or something. I like feeling and most of the sceneadaptions from the games. But seriously guys, Mark-fucking-Wahlberg... seriously? Do I have to shoot someone?

Cyberborn on Jul 12, 2008


What's wrong with Dirk Diggler 109? 😀

LW on Jul 12, 2008


Excellent, simply excellent.

John on Jul 13, 2008


he´s an asshole...don´t look like Max Payne, he´s voice could have been changed so it would sound a little like Payne, but then he would have look´d too young, just......NO

northern lights on Jul 13, 2008


The Element of Max Payne games is the Bullet time, which in the Trailer pretty nice. Secondly is his infamous Dash forward 2 guns pointing move. Shown in trailer too. Hopefully the movie doesn't try something funny like the movie (shoot em up) Mark Wahlberg suits the role. BTW, whats with the winged demon?

thwallochi on Jul 14, 2008


Looks good.

Xbot on Jul 14, 2008


Max Payne is probably my all time favorite game. I wasn't going to buy Wahlberg as Payne, but as soon as I heard him sound like Max, I was sold. I saw quite a bit that was direct from the game. I saw the burning kitchen scene, Mona Sax, was the red sign Ragna Rock? The bedroom where his family was killed and there was some other stuff. I don't usually go to video game movies, but I might give this one a shot. But the most important questions is - when is Max Payne 3 the GAME coming out?

Sokar on Jul 14, 2008


The trailer looks cool... Hope the movie will be good too, unlike all the other video game based movies We've so far. The angel demon things seem odd. But maybe they are related to the sleep sequenses in the game or the trip that weird green drug they used in the game?

Kell on Jul 14, 2008


Honestly, I like MArk Walberg's acting, but I think he doesn't looks like max payne, max payne was a little bit more funnier and cooler, he had many funny faces al the game.

Daniel on Jul 14, 2008


That clip didn't look too bad. I hope they put in some Noir type atmosphere. That was the main coolness with that particular game. While Marky Mark and the Funky bunch don't look like Max Payne, he can pull it off if they kick the shit outta him, and toss him out a window or two. I think he'd look the part then. But whatever. The movie's already done. Who gives a crap what I think.

PolishJoke on Jul 15, 2008


Ok, this trailer looks bad ass. The winged creatures. At the end, where one pulls a guy out of the window, Wahlberg pumps his shotgun directly after, as if reloading after shooting the dude. So my guess is Payne is handling god's dirty work and taking out the garbage. The demons are simply vultures feasting on the rotten souls, or carrying them off to hell. Metaphor? I think so. I think this is an indication of the depth the film is going for. I would say that's noir to the bone, just with a little innovation in style.

Reverend on Jul 15, 2008


max payne only had funny faces in the first game cause the graphics sucked ass, in the 2nd max payne was depressed badass who only wanted to kill the ppl who killed his family

cody on Jul 15, 2008


Looks awesome. Dont like Mark wahlberg as Max Payne. But i can't complain. Atleast there making a Max Payne movie. I've been waiting for this a long time. Hopefully after this they can finally make a Max Payne 3.Thats would be killer

MastaFoo on Jul 16, 2008


The demons in the trailer are an element of Max's perception and insanity. In the game, after he remarks, "I haven't slept in a million years," it becomes clear he is not mentally sound, and reasonably so - i.e death of family, partner, social status, exposure to the drug V, et cetera. He probably sees the men he's killing (like the man he shoots out of the window - yes, that's Max on the left) as being carried to hell when he kills them, correlating to his anhero complex. Certainly the demons play no "real" role, for no gamer could suspend their disbelief in a bullet-time film for angels and demons.

Joe Travers on Jul 16, 2008


I'm not too big of a Mark W. fan, and he does not look Max Payne'ish to me, but shoot, I like the look of the action and the slick feel of the movie, so I'm there! Now if he can only have a cool car...

Bry from Chi on Jul 16, 2008


The Angels are hallucinations from the valkyr

Cam on Jul 17, 2008


huge walhburg fan kunis is hotter than hell can't wait

jarhead on Jul 21, 2008


does anyone know the name of the song used in the trailer? i want that as a ringtone! anyways, max payne 1 and 2 are my favorite video games of all time. with that said, i am super pumped about the movie. i was intrigued that wahlberg got payne but the part that sticks out most is the chick from the 70's show playing mona?? i think if she really got into the character it will work but im not sure.

CBow on Jul 21, 2008


nevermind my question i saw that it was marilyn mansons song. great music for the trailer!!!

CBow on Jul 21, 2008


Looks better then Punisher War Zone.

Josh on Jul 22, 2008


Some quick facts about the new movie -- -- It combines the stories of MP 1 and 2 -- The chick from Hitman whom many are referring to as Mona is not Mona. The short hair girl plays Michelle Payne (wife of Max Payne) --- Mona Sax is played by Mila Kunis ---- There is no Vlad in the movie (Sad) ---- There is no Alfred Woden ---- Lud plays Brauvura (Bad choice) ---- Finally, the winged creature is just symbolic for Max's inner demons. It does not exist in reality but Max will fight against them (yeah there are more than one) --- The Bald Guy is Jack Lupino (remember the psycho satan worshiper from the first game?) --- The song is "If I was your Vampire" by Marilyn Manson but with the vocals removed --- The original Max Payne theme will not be in the movie but will be played when the credits roll --- There won't be any sequel. It has already been confirmed ---- There will be some new characters introduced in the movie (Source: Reliable insider friends from FOX)

Vlad on Jul 28, 2008


the song is "If I was Your Vampire" by Marilyn Manson

Cam on Jul 28, 2008


Look really good, actually.

Brian on Jul 29, 2008


Nice... Vrey nice... Does someone know what is the name of this kripy song??? plz help mee

Dor on Jul 31, 2008


#132, If I was Your Vampire by Marilyn Manson.

Sean on Aug 1, 2008


Not sure about the whole demon-angel thing. My guess is that it's some sort of skitso-dream thing from the first game. Guess I'll just have to wait for the movie.

Yithna on Aug 2, 2008


Everybody here seems baffled by the Angel thing at the end - let's not forget the whole Valkyr issue in the games... The drug that underpinned *everything* in the game. There's a guy in the trailer (approx 51s) that is ingesting something then does the whole Valkyr-berserker thing. Tell you what though, I can't wait to see the entire Aesir gunfight... Oh Lordy...

Somebody on Aug 7, 2008


Not only was the game underpinned by a citywide addiction to valkyr, but the game also dealt with right and wrong, Payne's vengeance motivated search for the killers of his family, and his internal battles. The "dark winged creatures" probably represent the angel of death, especially from Max Payne's point of view. He probably sees every person he kills as deserving of death and headed strait to hell.

JL on Aug 8, 2008


ok, i'm a die hard fan of the game and the story in the game so I'm inclined to say I'm a little disturbed by the way the movie storyline looks to play out. with that being said, if all the angels and demons talk (Valkyr drug or something maybe), and the ones we see are just symbolic of max's inner demons/internal struggle, then i think it'll make the movie a nice blend of symbolism and action, but if the first-time screenwriter Beau something who wrote this script is actually throwing in supernatural elements into the mix, he is a complete and total idiot. On a positive note, Mark Wahlberg usually does a damn fine job in anything he acts in, the cinematography of the film looks superb, and the narration of the trailer is obviously put in to feel like the game, in which if they do it during the movie, it'll be a nice element. Right now, I could go either way on the movie. As is, I'll be at the theater on opening night to see it, rate it, like it, or detest it.

EyesOnly on Aug 9, 2008


That movie looks pretty good but whats up with the demon. I think the movie will come out great and i cant wait to see it in theaters.

nelson on Aug 10, 2008


Thank God "Uwe Boll" is not directing it!

Whoosh on Aug 10, 2008


That sure is awesome, and the angel-demon thing could be just hallucinations, which the game has plenty, and maybe the TEASER Trailer isn't supposed to tell people if theres noir or slo-mo in the movie. And I'm sure it'll be well-made.

teharttttttttttt on Aug 12, 2008


That Max Payn Movie looks pretty awesome! I love Mark Whalberg he can some serious butt. I don't know if this will be a good adaptation of the game as I have not played it. But this movie looks amazing!

James Heinrich on Aug 15, 2008


Ok well I have watched my bf play the game and it really is an amazing game but... ya... wondering about the demon/angel thing??? Is it Max fighting his own inner demons? I like what EyesOnly says... "if all the angels and demons talk (Valkyr drug or something maybe), and the ones we see are just symbolic of max's inner demons/internal struggle, then i think it'll make the movie a nice blend of symbolism and action". Mark really does an amazing job at acting and can play any role that he comes up against!! Cannot wait to see It... btw when does it come out?? Been looking but haven't seen the date yet 🙂

Foxspirit726 on Aug 16, 2008


ok nm I found it Oct 17th 🙂

Foxspirit726 on Aug 16, 2008


I have been waiting a long time for someone to make a movie on Max Payne and I am very excited.Awhile back I heard that Micky Rourke was going to play the part and nothing ever happen. I saw the trailer and it looked allsome and Mark Walberg was an excellent choice to Plat Max Payne. I will be there at the very first showing in October.I hope the writer's strike won't affect the release date of the movie like it did with the next Harry Potter movie.Once again the trailer looks allsome and i hope the rest of the movie wll be the same. pete

Peter J.Pistello Jr. on Aug 17, 2008


I dont know if this was addressed somewhere in the long list of posts, but someone mentioned they didnt think that the music was appropriate because it was not depressing enough. Imo the music they used for this trailer is spot on perfect, it was slow-ish and kind of down in the spots talking about his wife and during the awesome monologue (I really loved the monologues in the game, sue me) and picks up to a really fast action pace during the rest of the trailer when it suits it. This is the best trailer for a movie I have seen in ages. I guess I should also take note that I loved the Hitman trailer though too. Too bad that one was horrible.

Daniel on Aug 27, 2008


Marco Beltrami is doing the score which is great news. Also heard that "Metsuo" are recording new works for it and afew other bands.

Jacksonslide on Sep 1, 2008


Reply to #140 LOL think of the amount of painkillers you gotta eat throughout the game. I don't think you'd go for long without seeing some sort of hallucinations...or die...

ToxicFungi on Sep 2, 2008


Everyone is complaining about the demons and angels or whatever you see. What I get from the trailer is those are the "Valkyrie"... if you remember right, there was a big V theme in the first game. Valkyrie is the drug. When the dude get's pulled out the window I'm betting what really happened is that he got shot, that is why he is flying out the window and the flying thing is symbol/tripout caused by V. I doubt it's gonna be like van Helsing, prolly just some guy tripping out shooting people and imagining stuff that isn't there... Just like the game.

Iceface on Sep 3, 2008


ok so this is what i have to say bout the valkyrie....if u pay attention to the american trailer max talks to the old guy (tattoo artist) about getting the tattoo which the tattoo artist explains is a valkyrie or an angel of rightous death. now if u know anything about the game and the style thereof then my geuss would be at some point theres gonna be some hallucinating going on and since we obviously know that max payne knows of these death angels then it only makes sense to suspect that the man is tripping when it shows these angels. look at the scene when he sees them on the other side of the glass, when the glass breaks they dissapear. so it is my usumption that they are not really want answers u can find em in the source, the trailer gives clues if ude only pay attention lol...but who knows i could be talkin out my ass,full a shit and be completely wrong, geuss i'll just have to wait to see it to know for sure.

joe on Oct 9, 2008


This is to the guy giving quick facts about the movie, have you seen at the end of the credits, leaves for another movie. So yes there will be another you dumbass.

MasterB on Oct 18, 2008

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