Must Watch: First Righteous Kill Trailer

March 8, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Righteous Kill Trailer

A trailer for one of the most anticipated films of 2008 - or the decade, really - has finally been unveiled. Robert De Niro and Al Pacino will finally share the screen together in Righteous Kill. Honestly, I had to watch this a number of times, as initially I paid no attention to the plot, being so distracted by the simple visage of these two greats interacting with one another - almost tantamount to a Batman-Superman movie. But I fear that's where the appeal will end.

The story seems no more interesting, really, than a Law and Order episode. De Niro and Pacino are weathered cops after a vigilante killer, who appears to be targeting their previous collars. It's hard to garner much more from this eye-candy of a trailer, so perhaps screenwriter Russell Gewirtz (Inside Man) has some twists in store. The two 60-somethings at least play around with some big guns (metal, not muscle).

Most might remember the two had top billing in 1995 classic Heat. Despite the clever marketing, De Niro and Pacino had just a fleeting moment of interplay at the end of the film. Not exactly a satisfying display, which is why Kill is so anticipated.

Watch the trailer for Righteous Kill:

[flv:righteous-kill.flv 500 270]

You can also watch the new Righteous Kill trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Joining the two is a fairly forgettable supporting cast: Donnie Wahlberg, Carla Gugino, John Leguizamo and Brian Dennehy. Included in this group is also the very polarizing Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Err… that's an odd choice. While the other folks can fade into the background more or less, 50 Cent draws a bit more attention by virtue of his persona and lack of acting ability. Thankfully, they've left him out of the one-sheet, despite promotional pics to the contrary.

Righteous Kill is directed by Jon Avnet of Fried Green Tomatoes, The War, and 88 Minutes. The film is being released by Overture Films and is produced by a number of pretty uninteresting folks. Ah well. It's De Niro and Pacino! Righteous Kill arrives in theaters on September 12th.

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"The story seems no more interesting, really, than a Law and Order episode."-agreed "Perhaps screenwriter Russell Gewirtz (Inside Man) has some twists in store."-agreed Perhaps the trailer is deceiving us and in fact there is a deeper plot and/or more interesting narrative here.

Keith on Mar 8, 2008


Yeah, looks typical and I think it will be to tell you the truth but I am there to see them two on screen!

Ryan on Mar 8, 2008


Hello, first of all very nice blog! Thanks for all the information on upcoming movies! It looks like a movie for younger audience (myself being 25) who didn´t grow up or doesn´t know much about these two old farts - not even they both are considered GOAT. I always thought that if those two do really a movie together it has to have big names all over it. We will see how the two carry the movie. Almost breaks my heart but from the trailer this looks almost like a tv-produced sundayevening crime-thriller and nothing spectalar (aside from de Niro/Pacino).

deinemudda on Mar 8, 2008


1. It looks awesome. "Everybody respects the gun." !?!?!?!?!? How f&*%n cool is that? 2. De Niro and Pacino already slay, and to have them backed up by Leguizamo and Brian freakin' Dennehy? Come on. 3. Hopefully they'll spend WAY more time on screen than they did in Heat.

Dillon on Mar 8, 2008


this looks good

james on Mar 8, 2008


It looks interesting just for the fact that those 2 are on screen together but on the same side??? I liked it better when they were against each other like on Heat. Those to should be doing battle on opposite sides not side-by-side. my 2 cents H

Herbert on Mar 8, 2008


looks enjoyable, but yea nothins gonna beat Heat, that was just the best movie they could have togehter, if i remember right, they never were filming at the same time so they didnt really have an scenes together in heat i just saw the trailer for 88 minutes today on apple and that hasnt really gotten any attention over here that i know of and it seems like it could be a good not great but okay movie worth seeing

harrison on Mar 8, 2008


Looks great! I'm sure DeNiro and Pacino on the same side of the law will rock! "Heat", directed by Michael Mann was a kick a$$ flick and I hope this one ranks up there too. The supporting cast seems to be ok too. We'll see!

Spider on Mar 8, 2008


The reviews from Ain't It Cool News left me not expecting much. I'm sure I'll still see it as long as it doesn't get completely trashed, but Jon Avnet is nothing special in terms of filmmaking and DeNiro and Pacino do so much junk anymore that their mere presence in a film summons speculation in the quality rather than satisfaction it once did. Anyone agree that they mostly phone it in these days? For Pacino I think everything after Donnie Brasco, though you could make a case for everything from Scent of a Woman forward (when he started played mentor to younger actors in most of the movies.) For DeNiro, I think it's subjective. He made a lot of turds since Analyse This and most everything after that (my personal exceptions being Meet the Parents and The Score) are instantly forgettable.

Charlie on Mar 8, 2008


don't need even a word.. it's Robert De Niro and Al Pacino..

Mert Bozdo?an on Mar 9, 2008


I am concerned... 50 will be a distraction, writing will rely on star power instead of strong dialogue, and Star power will overshadow any other actors or story development. Just my concerns,,,, I HOPE I AM WRONG... cause I am pumped for the movie

Dusty on Mar 9, 2008


I am thinking that this movie will surprise the people who think it looks like a Law and Order episode. They probably just don't want to let that much slip out about the film. Most likely, the trailer is just the first ten minutes of the flick. I'm guessing there's a lot more to it than just "two cops chase a bad guy" kind of stuff, otherwise I doubt either of them would have done it.

Squiggly_P on Mar 9, 2008


looks to me that deniro is the punisher of the story...getting old, tired and pissed off at the badguys in the city. so much that he decides to take matters in his own hands.

tykjen on Mar 10, 2008


It'll only be good if it turns out that one of them is the killer, and it seems that Pachino may be the killer from what the trailer may have hinted at. Plus whenever trailers don't show who the killer is, nowadays it means there's either it's a good guy or there's a twist at the end. And Heat worked well because DeNiro and Pachino were opposite each other, this film will fall if anyone else besides them is the killer.

Matt S. on Mar 10, 2008


masterfully conveyed sense of rehash in the HEAT line at the end--with the realism of DeNiro's "Im cashin a check" in each word. But might be good. HEAT 2? laughably doubtful after this ripoff.

baggins on Mar 10, 2008


lame i haven't looked at the trailer yet but to set a couple of facts straight. heat is amazing. deniro and pacino actually did have 2 scenes together 3 if you get technical. pacino pulls deniro over they go for a secod or two. then they meet at the diner where they have one of the best conversations ever on film. and you build up the whole movie and its awesome for the story. the end when they shoot each other. also the writer of this blogs says- forgettable actors such as wahlberg, and lequzamo however you spell it!!!! and then he cares about 50 cent!!! hahahahahahahahaha anyway...i learned when i was 19 that usually when you bill these big actors the movie sucks. anyone remember the score with the deniro edward norton and brando. what a terrible film that was! ok enough

nick on Mar 10, 2008


All other comments aside - how can just dismiss John Leguizamo and Brian Dennehy - both quality performers

J-W on Mar 10, 2008


You watched this trailer a few times because you were distracted by the visage of these two actors? I should have stopped reading right then because then I wouldn't have had to read totally idiotic comment about the supporting cast and 50 cent. Anticipated film of the decade? How many different ways can they make a cop movie? Anticipated is the right word. BORING!!!

scott smith on Mar 10, 2008


thank you - a couple comments that make sense. a recommendation for anyone who has not done so. turn the lights down. get your dolby digital system volume up a little bit. descent tv. put HEAT in and be prepared to be immersed in a very awesome movie.

nick kessler on Mar 10, 2008


Just saw Heat last night. Awesome movie! It's got me excited about this:) Thanks for the share!

SAint on Mar 10, 2008


De Niro is the killer.. Heat owns this movie. End.

Armatu on Mar 10, 2008


It would have been better if Martin S. was directing.

Paul on Mar 10, 2008


They have shared the screen together before in Heat. Please remove your stupid, incorrect statement. Thank you.

Steve on Mar 10, 2008


The film looks, "Eh" but the most annoying thing to me is the fact that the words "Films" and "Film" are hyper-linked in the review. "Film? " Really? Do we need "film" hyper-linked? I mean *other* than it just being an opportunity for a Netflix ad? Sheesh....

TheTruth on Mar 10, 2008


So is this article promoting the movie or naysaying it? Subpar writing makes this rather ambiguous.

Alex on Mar 10, 2008


Not really interested, they were together in the movie "Heat" which was an awesome movie. I believe they shared only one scene in that movie though.

Tyler on Mar 10, 2008


hey folks...didn't realize there were so many comments on this article. to clear up one sticking point, I used the term "share" in the equitable screen-time sense. of course realize this isn't the first time in the same film. but it is the first time in a setup such as this. and to be sure, I don't think this will hold a candle to Heat. interest in the film is purely out of these two but not necessarily the plot. and "forgettable" cast was probably too strong. really meant to say "typical" or "unremarkable" since those folks have played similar supporting roles in the past. Like how folks are speculating Deniro or Pacino might the killer. That would be great. As in Heat, it feels better if these guys are against each other.

kevin powers on Mar 10, 2008


HEAT.......................GREAT MOVIE I looked at the ending credits and it has John,Leguizamo will be watching this. Pachino and Deniro make the movie even better

SHANE D on Mar 10, 2008


Wow, that doesn't look good at all. Maybe the trailer was edited poorly, but that looks like a typical, dull who-dunnit movie that just happens to star Pacino and DeNiro. Blah. on Mar 23, 2008


I wouldn't care if they put a camera on Pacino and DeNiro having a conversation over coffee for two hours, It will be compelling to watch. NOTHING could keep me from seeing, and owning this movie. This was the most excited I got over a movie since the very first teaser trailer for Spider-man. I can't wait! MRE

mredom on Mar 25, 2008


The very predigious and synthetic culmination distilled through the screen yields a feeling of sublime catharticism and health. I have never seen to date such pervasive sensitivities ruptering and extruding all at once. I don't get it. Thank God!! This feature film will piece together in total harmony the deliniated bounderies in Northern and Southern Italy deployed all over New York; and I mean all over!!! F

Syntax Caveman on Apr 14, 2008



teresa,as in (mother) on Apr 25, 2008


i agree with most of the comments, just to see two of the screen greats - the Godfathers on screen is enought to out and see this, but yes, the plot looks crap like a late night "Law and Order" repeat. Hey guess what 50 Cents stars in this and you know what i think, he's been cast as an "insurance policy" in case this flick bombs because hordes of his fans i gonna see this whatever happens. Clever marketing. Again shame this shrewdness was not instilled into the script.

Sri on Jul 28, 2008


Hi, I am with Merscom and we just developed and published a game inspired by Righteous Kill (called, aptly, Righteous Kill: The Game). I think it would be fun for anyone interested in the movie and would love it if you could take a look at (and get a free demo): I would also love to hear your feedback as we are planning a sequel to the Righteous Kill game. Please email me any thoughts or ideas, my email is Thanks and enjoy our game

Lloyd Melnick on Aug 25, 2008

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