Must Watch: First The Day the Earth Stood Still Trailer!

July 3, 2008
Source: Apple

The Day the Earth Stood Still Trailer

Although most might have already seen this trailer in front of Hancock, it is just making its online debut today. The first trailer for The Day the Earth Stood Still remake has launched below and it actually looks surprisingly promising. I don't have as big of a problem as most do with Keanu Reeves, but it wasn't actually his scenes that made me think this could be pretty damn good. Be aware that this is not a direct remake, but more of a re-imagining, and with that in mind I get shivers watching some of these epic scenes unfold. Of course it reminds me of Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds, but with a much different feel and with Keanu as the eerie alien Klaatu instead. I'm very curious to hear what people think of this remake now that we've got this trailer, since the reaction was initially negative. Is there hope?

Update: Added it officially in high definition from Apple below. Looks so much better this way!

Watch the first teaser trailer for The Day the Earth Stood Still:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch The Day the Earth Stood Still teaser trailer in High Definition on Apple

The Day the Earth Stood Still is directed by Scott Derrickson, of only The Exorcism of Emily Rose previously, with a script written by screenwriter David Scarpa, of only The Last Castle previously. There are a lot of fresh creative minds involved in this project who haven't yet had a lot of experience. The film is a remake of Robert Wise's 1951 sci-fi classic of the same name. Fox is releasing the re-imagined The Day the Earth Stood Still on December 12th later this year.

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I think it looks very promising. Really nice trailer. Jennifer Connely is a great actress and Keanue seems to be a good fit for his role.

Andreas on Jul 3, 2008


I must say, this looks pretty a good way. I do agree with you about Keanu fitting as the alien, especially since he's not to great expressing any facial emotions. It makes him look like he's actually acting weird on purpose. Beside Big K, I'm feel good about it, but we'll have to just wait and see more in the next few months to be confident.

Lazarus on Jul 3, 2008


Looks cake. I love keanu for his choise of roles. You can always count on some good action Sci fi ?If?he?is?involved.

Shige on Jul 3, 2008


WHOA! FUCKING COOL! I wasn't expecting ...well..ANYTHING from this..but..WOW. This looks amazing..I'm a huge fan of Keanu and I will definitely be there opening day. Cannot wait!

Garrett.king on Jul 3, 2008


will smith's son is becomin like dad. this movies looks gd, it makes me think war of the worlds...

05a88 on Jul 3, 2008


I uploaded this trailer onto YouTube and it got removed by request of 20th Century Fox. also removed their story about it. Seems Fox don't want people to see it yet!

Liam on Jul 3, 2008


cant wait for this...been waiting for a trailer!! looks GREAT!

sixth on Jul 3, 2008


They found the perfect role for Keanu, a blank wooden alien!

Josh Rowe on Jul 3, 2008


This looks a lot better then what I was expecting but I'm not ashamed to admit I'll be seeing twilight that weekend first.

Janet on Jul 3, 2008


Never really like Keneau Reeves until the Matrix. I think he has found his niche. This movie looks awesome. We need more good Sci-Fi these days!

Unlived on Jul 3, 2008


i absolutly LOVE the origianl movie so when i heard about this remake i was very skeptical but seeing the trailer makes me giddy like a schoolgril to see this one! keanu looks to be a prefect choice for the role as the alien, can't wait for a better shot of GORT!

thejugfather on Jul 3, 2008


nothin gets me goin more than a good "earth is doomed" movie 😀 in a good way 😛

Nick on Jul 3, 2008


a must see in theatres. please dont compare this to War or the worlds, because that movie was a pack of non-sense.

Darrin on Jul 3, 2008


I agree,this (The Day the Earth Stood Still)looks like an awesome movie!

Bob H. on Jul 3, 2008


Looks really great.

Discateia on Jul 3, 2008


nooooo they removed ittttt, till later thoughhh did seee it before hancock, but i want to watch it again!

Rigo on Jul 3, 2008


looks ok

Keith on Jul 3, 2008


Many still think that Reeves is from Hawaii, but in fact he wasn't born in the U.S. but in Lebanon, Syria weird...He had that Surfer personality, but this film is going to be awesome.

Xerxex on Jul 3, 2008


Trailer wasn't with HANCOCK at my theater 🙁 and now it is down here.

Ryan on Jul 3, 2008


Why can't Hollywood leave the classics alone?! It is bad enough that Hollywood remakes them, but to retrofit them with their flavor of the month 'Yeah, we're elitist Hollywood phonies but we care ... No, seriously, we do ... Okay, we don't, but you lowly mortals should buy into it anyway because we are your superiors' trend, that of course being the church of environmentalism.

Joseph Kastner on Jul 3, 2008


"Why can't Hollywood leave the classics alone?!" *shrug* It's not like the original suddenly ceases to exist...

Chris on Jul 3, 2008


hey that's SFU in the beginning of the trailer! (Simon Fraser University)!

Andy on Jul 3, 2008


having been skeptical of this from the begining, I must now admit that the trailer looks quite interesting...maybe it will be a good remake after all...or reimagining, whatever...the effects will certainly be worth the viewing...looking forward to it...

moldybread on Jul 3, 2008


"*shrug* It's not like the original suddenly ceases to exist ..." That's not what I meant. I mean, is Hollywood so out of ideas that they have to be constantly raiding their vaults for films to remake. The Day the Earth Stood Still, unless you are a film buff or lived through the Cold War-era, isn't exactly a film that screams REMAKE ME.

Joseph Kastner on Jul 3, 2008


looks real coo

Tirrell on Jul 3, 2008



Iron Man Fan on Jul 3, 2008


This looks good. I didn't see the original though. Keanu is a good choice. He looks creepy.

Fisherman on Jul 3, 2008


Not bad, not bad at all... Best line in the trailer is "You should let me go" 🙂 Looks like they're taking a bit of a change of direction from the original, what with actual property destruction and all - nothing much happened in the original when the day stood still, apart from things just, er, stood still. I sincerely hope there's no bloody environmental message in it, although that's strongly hinted at 🙁 Again, in the original, Klaatu is there to warn the Earth to keep their wars in their own patch - if they come out to space, a whole score of Gorts will get 'em - much better message than all this save the planet crap.

Mike Kingscott on Jul 4, 2008


Very pretty, but I have my doubts nonetheless. The acting doesn't seem very promising, for one thing.

Minic on Jul 4, 2008


The trailer does look promising. I do get a bit of a "War of the Worlds" feel from the trailer. It this an actual remake of the 1951 film? I saw the original film, a true classic, not too long ago. I think Gort and Patricia Neal were the real stand-outs.

Kidgamer on Jul 4, 2008


Looks like overblown, pretentious... nothing.

Bob on Jul 4, 2008


It looks like a cross between The Sphere and Spielbergs War of the Worlds.

ED_1138 on Jul 4, 2008


Keanu rocks!! The guy has more persistence than most and no matter what he'll give 110% - Looking forward to this. Street Kings was great because of him!

dom on Jul 4, 2008


This doesn't look as good as the original movie so far. I also get that "War of the Worlds" vibe (the Beard's version) from this trailer; not a good thing.

avoidz on Jul 4, 2008


I see that thankfully Jennifer C. is cast in another role where she looks like she might burst into tears at any second...since that is the _only_ expression she can make. ugh. Anyhow. I will go see it, for the sake of Sci-Fi. And the trailer looks promising, I just wish it wasn't her in the movie.

MelissaAnne on Jul 4, 2008


this looks really impressive i love the whole War of the Worlds feel (im one of the few who actually enjoyed the movie). Reeves makes a great alien that has a eerie feel to it all. Wasn't to excited about this before but now im really looking forward to The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Curtis on Jul 4, 2008


compared to last year, this year features little in terms of holdiay blockbusters. i mean all i know of that even comes close to a big movie this december is either yes man, seven pounds or the spirit. hopefully this movie will change everything. judging by the looks of the trailer, this movie is gonna be huge

LeeMan on Jul 4, 2008


I hate Keanu Reeves so, so much. But I like this story and I like Jennifer Connelly, so I'll see it anyway and grind my teeth through his lines.

Alyx on Jul 4, 2008


that music is hauntingly familiar...anybody know where it was used before?? or what it is reminicent of???

moldybread on Jul 4, 2008


Great. The new Gort is Al Gore.

eman on Jul 4, 2008


Well I never saw the original, so I'm not concerned with anything, ever.

DCompose on Jul 4, 2008


looks good. I love keanu, gonna be a good one.

mrsatan on Jul 4, 2008


Prediction. It's going to suck, hard. Stereotypical visuals hooked to a flimsy premise, and with a lousy actor in the lead. Unlike the original, it will be dated in a year, and forgotten in two.

nef deppard on Jul 4, 2008


It looks awesome. The original might be good but, man... it's dated as hell! The shot of the robot at the end was perfect and the FX looks neat. Keanu just seems to fit that part very well. To say the truth, I believe Keanu is indeed an alien in real life...

Sam on Jul 5, 2008


The dumbest thing i have ever heard "the earth dies you die you die the earth dies" really sherlock didn't know i needed the earth so is there much of a choice??? please the only reason this movie won't tank is because of the actors and crisp cgi

nmatt on Jul 5, 2008


actually he says"if the earth dies you die , if you die , the earth survives".

vanstone on Jul 5, 2008


45, you didn't understand this words. See the trailer again. Klaatu says he is a friend of the Earth, not a friend of humans. That is clear in the teaser.

Sam on Jul 5, 2008


@39 I know that the song is different but it reminds me of the 28 Days/Weeks score with the constantly building guitar riffs. Oh yeah, and the destruction of the stadium & the big black ball o' whirling death, shouldn't those be in the Akira film they're working on?

jason_md2020 on Jul 5, 2008


If they can tie in this "love the earth or die" theme in with a really good story and some good action, I think it will be well accepted by audiences. Though, this is just a teaser trailer, I hope they save the gutts of all the footage for the theater and not show the cliff-notes to get us to see it. Either way, putting this enviormental spin in is what hoolywood does best...shape the viewers uncoinscienceness into the appropriate agenda or threat of the time.

Dave V. on Jul 5, 2008



damuh_yuzah on Jul 5, 2008


It will be better than WOTW. It has GORT!!!!!

Sam on Jul 5, 2008


This movie looks promising IMHO... can someone tell me what GORT is?

big r on Jul 5, 2008


Gort is the "Policeman" that were created to have total control over their make sure what has happened to Earth ( and WAR) in the orginal. A 10" Mettalic Robot with the power to destroy a PLANET! Very scarey......and this brief glimpse is totally very much like the orginal. "Gort....Klatuu....Birada.....Nictoe"......or spelling similar. C'mon Dec.12th!!!!!!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Jul 5, 2008


It's "Klaatu Barada Nikto". And Scott Derrickson just said in an interview to MTV that he chose to keep Gort almost the same way.

Sam on Jul 5, 2008


I'm for sure going to have to rent the first one. If this trailer is any indication, it should be pretty awesome.

C.M. Lamson on Jul 6, 2008


a chill ran down my spine!!! i loved it... also it seems the story line might be similar to the Rise of the Silver Surfer... DAMN keaunu knows how to pick the meatiest roles... and i lvoe both jennifer connelley and kathy bates to bits.

Viral on Jul 7, 2008


this movie is gonna kick sci fi ass because Keanu is your god but you just don't want to admit it.

cream of sumyunguy on Jul 7, 2008


this looks really good cant wait till it comes out

raider98 on Jul 9, 2008


Ive read these comments and there are some fools about. In saying "If the Earth dies you die, If you die the Earth survives" Klatu means mankind not the woman he is explaining that given a choice the alien comunity would rather the demise of man and his destructive nature than lose all life on the planet, I cant believe that guy as never seen the original movie. I was only saying a couple of months ago that they will never remake this movie because they couldnt do it justice so I was wrong on the first point I hope I'm wrong on the second. The guy in the second comment is soooo wrong about Keanu, he fits some awsome parts, he is a good actor and nobody can say he as a style of acting, the role of Constantine is nothing like his portrayal of Neo and this part is played as it is because the alien is using the human form which is unnatural to it, although that was never said in the original movie and Gort was created with bipedal form I'm certain thats the idea in this re imagined version. In the original there are only a few human casualties it looks like maybe millions die in this. I am really looking forward to this movie, there is sooo little good Sci Fi made. War of the Worlds was a disapointment, if they mess this up lets hope they leave Forbidden Planet and This Island Earth alone. As anyone actually come across the animated version of War of the Worlds which was suppose to be released around the same time the Tom Cruise version was released or was it scrapped?

Michael on Jul 13, 2008


Here is a linK to one mans thoughts after reading the script and before they altered Gort 's appearance to more in line with the original..SPOILERS

Michael on Jul 13, 2008


I believe liberal Hollywood is not satisfied with messing up America with its communists bull shit now it is going to mess up a classic with its envrionmental - communists bull shit take on the Classic The Day the Earth Stood Still. As a sci-fi fan I find this personally offensive.

Monte L. Earwood on Jul 13, 2008


I refuse to judge an entire movie based on 2 minutes of footage. It looked pretty cool, I will watch it, It might not be great, but the visuals could be pretty stunning. Granted, visuals don't make the movie (the fountain comes to mind) but if your working from a good idea it might turn out nice, I guess we will have to wait and see the entire movie AND NOT JUST TWO MINUTES OF IT. But, to the point of my post. that music is great, is it original or does someone know the name of it?

Armimcokn on Jul 13, 2008


I would also like to know where the music is from. It's just great as it builds up.

HotShot on Jul 14, 2008


Neo lives!!!

hibbity dibbity on Jul 14, 2008


YUCK! I'd rather shoot myself in the balls over and over again for the rest of eternity. I can't believe people still buy into this unoriginal Hollywood bullshit. Hey, since we can't come up with any good original ideas, lets just remake a classic, and instead of giving roles to people who can actually act, lets just continue to let reeves pretend to be an actor.

Jesse on Jul 15, 2008


How about we make a movie about Keanu Reeves shooting you in the balls for the rest of eternity #66. Now that would be original. YUM!

Uncle Joey on Jul 16, 2008


Hahaha, thank you American idiocracy.

Jesse on Jul 17, 2008


Just kidding! It's all in fun. PEACE =]

Matrix Fan 01 on Jul 17, 2008


I was very skeptical when I first heard of the remake, but after seeing some of it, I think it might be worth a movie ticket. 🙂 *I hope it is a very good movie*

RSH on Jul 18, 2008


Oh wait! Did you see how Kathy *badass* Bates moved in front of the window, while Klaatu was being questioned? "Kathy, er Gort! Klaatu Barata Niktoe"

RSH on Jul 18, 2008


I love Keanu Reeves...ever since Bill and Ted. But this movie looks bad. Actually, the trailer looks bad. I need another one. I need more and looks like another War of the Worlds (stated in article) and we know that was bad. Help!!!!!!!!!! I need another trailer.

Chanel on Jul 19, 2008


The music was amazing in this. I'd like to know if it's a band or just somebody writing a score. It definitely reminds me of the music in 28 Days Later.. especially the song from that movie by Godspeed You Black Emperor! when he first wakes up in the hospital.

anthony on Jul 20, 2008


Yet another "America, you're destroying the planet" movie. At least the nuclear threat of the first one was actually plausible. That humanity could have any real impact on the planet's climate in only 100 years is laughable. The sun alone has more to do with our weather than all the earths peoples ever born, could ever have. More species of life died before mankind even existed than have lived in the entirity of human history, it's called life, not existance, there must be death even of the species. How arrogant are we to think that we alone are so great, how self-centered to place ourselves at the front of creation when we can't even explain why or even how life exists in the first place, unless we are willing to accept the Divine. Those of who already cracking your knuckels over your keyboards to attack me should ask yourselves; when has humanity been able to "create" life? Not just allowing it to happen naturally, but to actually take non living molecules and create a new lifeform with its own unique DNA sequence? We can splice this and that, tamper with already existing genetic codes, but we can't create a DNA sequence from scratch. We can't even adequately explain where the spark comes from, the life spark that is actually evident when life happens. Keanu may be great in the movie, but I believe this movie will be waste of life to see, two hours that can not be gotten back.

David on Jul 21, 2008


I for one, don't care if I get this two hours back. I love movies, and TDTESS is one of my faves. I believe Humans are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. They cannot help but react correctly to that which has been encoded into them. I like the idea of tampering with genetic codes and using stem cells as long as no life is killed in the process. If human scientists want to make people have better vision by infusing bird DNA into our eyeball juice, then so be it. This movie can offer a whole lot without being preachy. I just want it to be great science fiction, with good acting. I want to be able to sit in the theater and enjoy it, immensely.

RSH on Jul 21, 2008


eerie and intruiging. I loved the original. I hope it makes good on the hope of a decent/if not interesting movie.

eva on Jul 21, 2008


No, watching the entire trailer did not change my mind. This movie will never be able to take away or overtake the classic The Day The Earth Stood Still. Klaatu is the most important role in TDTESS. it's a very, very difficult role to cast, as it was in '51. Reeves has got to be the worst possible choice. A role like this requires skill and subtlety, not wooden-ness. Reeves is pure wood. It's big, it's flashy, it's overdone, and in the end it really doesn't matter who plays any of the roles because it's all about the special effects, anyway, and creating maximum noise and mayhem for an audience with a short attention span who wouldn't know an intelligent script if it bit them in the butt -- i.e. it's typical Hollywood re-make trash. In other words, this film is perfect for a dumbed-down America.

Cathy on Jul 22, 2008


Amen! Thank you Cathy, I'm glad to see there are still people out there that know about good cinema!

Jesse on Jul 22, 2008


I really get sick of people saying america this and america that. WE MAKE THE BEST GODDAMN MOVIES PERIOD! DONT LIKE EM, DONT WATCH EM. My country ain't perfect. Not all of us are fat, not all of us are stupid. We are people like you. DOES YOUR COUNTRY MAKE BETTER MOVIES? DIDN'T THINK SO.

vu on Jul 22, 2008


I hope you're not implying that I come from a different country other than America. I'm actually a third-generation American -- born, raised and educated here, and raised on movies since I was born, as well as books. Yes, I know America's movie history very well -- we used to make the best movies in the world -- we were the pioneers in this area. That's all changed now and it's too bad. We still make some excellent, original work for the small screen, however. And there is the X-Files movie to look forward to in a few days. Fox almost dropped the ball on the series and the fans were able to bring it back -- that doesn't happen anymore either. Fox would have done better to re-release the original The Day The Earth Stood Still for a limited release. I saw it once on the big screen and it was truly a pleasure. Ted Turner used to colorize classics and there was a big backlash by many. Then he started to restore and re-release movies like Citizen Kane in their original format. It was very popular. The original Day The Earth Stood Still was built around the script and the talent and that's why it's a classic today -- it is a very mature and subtle script and the movie has spurred so much discussion over the years on the meaning of the film and the characters. In other words, it's thought-provoking. That is not going to happen with this re-make.

Cathy on Jul 22, 2008


This whole trailer is at SFU Burnaby Campus!! Yet another Vancouver movie!!

Kitty on Jul 23, 2008


Thank you Hollywood. You have destroyed another classic sci-fi movie. Instead of ruining the old classics, why don't you try to come up with something new? Sometimes it's best just to leave memories alone. Let me remember this fantastic movie in it's original form, not this convoluted mess you call a 're-make' This is just another special effect no substance movie filled with catch causes and political correctness. You can add this one along with The War of the Worlds and others Hollywood has massacred. Keanu Reeves as Klaatu? I rest my case.

John C on Jul 23, 2008


Cathy, I was implying that you were from another country because that's what it sounded like. Don't get me wrong, I'm an american too (unfortunatley) and I agree that we're dumbed down too (except those of us who can see through the bullshit) but I do love alot of our movies, not all of them. I honestly think alot of our mainstream movies are brainwashing bullshit. (because they are) But I would say no one takes film as seriously america. Maybe I feel a need to defend Keanu cause nothing has effected and touched my life as much as the Matrix.(the first one) And I do think he could act if he wanted to. In The Gift he played an asshole very well showing he has range, but maybe he does what he does because it works. I just don't like it when people look at something as one entity (america). Even a government is made up of different people with different opinions some good, some bad. At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, I probably hate america more than you do because it's full of assholes who should know better. But all I can do is be a good person and set an example (cause it's the most powerful thing you can do) Anyways I love Keanu because he reminds me of me and I'll watch everything he does. And that's what movies are about. Fantasy. Getting away from this hellhole for two hours or so and go somewhere else, be sombody else. Honestly I haven't seen the original but I love sci-fi, anything too old I can't take seriously because the effects back then sucked and I need to be fooled into believing it's real. (please don't say I'm not a movie buff because I am) But sorry, maybe I'm blabbering but let's watch it first and then come up with a verdict. Half the fun of movies is watching trailers, and getting excited about them and talking about them, and sometimes bitching about them,(same thing with video games) and I love this site be the way. Different folks, Different strokes. I'm gonna go cry now. PEACE.

vu on Jul 24, 2008


If the overall message is "Man's Pollution crap", instead of today's REAL problems with War and Violence, I'm going to have some problems with this..

Nick on Jul 28, 2008


In my mind a true classic can never be destroyed. That is why this is called a "Remake". It is almost like a totally different movie. So many science fiction films today, have huge objects coming from under the earth or from outer space, then we see alot of pyrotechnics, and explosions--boring! It all looks the same to me, but with fine actors and good writing and direction, maybe this movie with be pleasing to fans of the classic. A 1940's car, or a car from the 2nd millenia? This is like, steel vs plastic.

RSH on Jul 28, 2008


I've only seen Keanu Reeves in one thing I liked him in. I was never a huge "Matrix" fan, although I found it interesting. My son, of course, was crazy about it. That's why our two dogs are named "Trinity" and "Neo." You're right, RSH, classics cannot be destroyed, not even by re-makes. I wish I could say I had hopes for this re-make being anything but, as you say, a lot of pyrotechnics and explosions has become too commonplace and too boring and, sadly, this is all I'm seeing in the trailers. I loved the first two "Mummy" movies with Brandon Frasier -- terrific casts, stories, music (two scores I've played to death), but I won't be seeing the third after watching the trailer -- too much of the CGI crap and even the brief lines from the script I heard were not good and the acting doesn't look too promising either, so I guess this franchise is down the dumper. I always thought they were going to do a third in the series, which I was looking forward -- with, of course, the same cast. But the entire supporting cast from the first two is gone. Too much time went by on this one. BTW, I don't count "The Scorpion King," as the third in the series, although I probably should. This also did not have the ensemble cast from the first two and so for me it just didn't hold any interest.

Cathy on Jul 28, 2008


If you hate America, I suggest you go live elsewhere. What loving or hating America has to do with the movies remains to be understood. A movie is just a movie... good, bad or totally indifferent. He's made a lot of money acting, so obviously he has a lot of fans who want to see him. BTW this movie looks excellent - overdone or no... it is ENTERTAINMENT - not to be taken seriously.

Dot on Jul 28, 2008


Well spoken Dot.

Hibbity Dibbity on Jul 28, 2008


The earth seems to stand still every day to me. So if I watch this movie will I be wasting money and just watching another day in my life?

I have anxiety on Jul 28, 2008


I was eating at a restaurant in Martha's Vineyard last night and ran into Patricia Neal from the original film. She had a great time remembering her time in Hollywood including her work on "The Day the Earth Stood Still." I think she would approve of the remake but I did not ask her. She is one classy woman from old Hollywood back - when it was "real." She was so excited to talk about her hsitory in film and actually thanked me afterward. She is amazing considering all the tragedy in her life.

Jeffothejungle on Aug 2, 2008


In response to vu #79, What in God's name are you TALKING ABOUT?! America doesn't make the best movies, period. I've seen french movies that top anything that this country can spew out of it's ass. The best movies are independent films and foreign language films. Most films in America are like everything else in America: cheap shit intended to make the most amount of profit for the least amount of effort, man hours, or expense. Too many movies are made on huge budgets that don't have any more to offer than computer effects, tits, and stupid jokes. You want to see a good movie? Huh? Watch "A Very Long Engagement" or if you want to see a mind boggling action movie, "District B13". Movies of that quality are made only every several years, like "Dances With Wolves", "Forest Gump", "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", "Last of the Mohicans", or more recently, "No Country for Old Men" and "There Will Be Blood". And another thing. Here in America, we may not all be fat and stupid, but a staggering proportion are. And I would wager that you're one of 'em.

JL on Aug 8, 2008


I'm six foot tall and weigh 150 pounds and am intelligent. (I like to think so) And I love and hate america at the same time.

vu on Aug 9, 2008


yes keanue reaves. fricken sweet.

akira_freak(anime) on Aug 13, 2008


Jesus Christ. everybodys entitled to their own opinions. But dont judge a movie just by its trailer! And the movie isnt trying to take the originals place, its a reimagining. The visuals do look good. I have to agree that visuals doesnt define a movie, it takes the visuals, AND good casting, acting, editing, and script. Im not sure why so many people are negative about remakes. We wont be able to force hollywood to NOT make remakes. I may be wrong, but a large amount of original ideas have been taken already. Like plots and messages. ideas can be thought up of, but its difficult thinking of a new idea without taking some originality. Oh, and keanu is an ok choice. Cold, and no facial expressions. hehe :}.

Moviefan on Aug 30, 2008


i dont know why keanu is so bashed. sure he has a narrow character profile, but he has actually done some great work. after watching a scanner darkly it seemed as if he had really found himself as an actor, and i suspect we will see him play some very impactful roles (much like i anticipate this one will be). i'm not a fan of remakes but i have high hopes for this one. keanu is an acquired taste, many find his acting refreshing, others are just left with a bad taste in their mouths. i will say this, i bet this film is a success.

k on Oct 8, 2008


Hi to all who is very interested in this shortly to arrive at a theater near you remake of the classic (the day the earth stood still) , i have just took a sneak look at the trailer and it looks ok , i must be honest and say that i am not a fan of remakes as it can spoil the original classics that we have all seen in our childhood , but in this case i am prepared to make an exception as this movie is my all time favorite , sure hope it lives up to the original. Best regards. Mike.

mike ( West Sussex- UK ) on Oct 21, 2008


There's a reason that "The Day The Earth Stood Still" was the first movie ever to win a Hugo. It was a different time and a time of very real paranoia, and it was a good story told well. It can never be "remade" because the times are different. This trailer looks very little like a remake, and for that I am grateful, and looking forward to this new movie.

Dick on Nov 2, 2008


Why can't people leave the remakes which looks promising, Alone? There's always a pussy on these forums who's complaining "Why can't they leave the original alone wahh wahhh" Well i tell you what, The original dates back to 1951 and if you watch now, It looks more like a comedy movie than a serious sci fi flick. And people know i'm not bullshitting. So why don't you old hags stop living in the past and embrace the present? because remake movies will keep coming out and trust me, Some of them would ALWAYS be better than the originals. Nauman.

Nauman on Nov 15, 2008


^ thank you Nauman

big r on Nov 16, 2008


Another remake of a classic, using speical effects and a nonsense script to cover for yet another lousy film.

Mike on Nov 30, 2008


Actually, Fox, just released a Special Edition 2-disc set on the original "Day The Earth Stood Still." It's already been a very hot in the pre-orders, apparently. It comes out today officially. I was very interested in the timing, 12 days before this so-called "remake" is to hit the theaters. Is Fox hedging its bets in putting this out to possibly blunt the pain if this yet-another-over-the-top sci-fi flic doesn't make it's numbers? I may try to get this myself, even though I already have the copy that is currently out. This new one has even more and a real gem is an audio "book" of "Farewell to the Master," the original story on which the original TDTESS was based. I have to say that now that they are starting to advertise this re-make on TV, were it not for the title and the names of the characters, I would not be able to distinguish this from any other current sci-fi movie. They all look the same, just like romance novels -- after you read two or three you start forgetting which character belongs to which book, etc., etc. Yes, I confess to having read romance novels for about a year and, I have to admit, they are the only books that have no lasting memory of, while other books I may have read 20, 30 or more years ago left a lasting impression on me. So just based on the trailers alone I have no curiosity and no burning reason to pay an extra $10 plus gas and food over and above the price I pay for cable. If I really want to see this I can wait the six months (or three, if it's a real bomb) to see it on cable. Of course, I don't live off credit and my income hasn't gone up in 8 years, so every dime is well thought-out.

Cathy on Dec 1, 2008


I can understand the implication, but the feel and texture is not here, why? I grew up with watching SI Fi, the orginal had a more relaxed element that brought the public into a stage of 1950's thinking and understanding that we were on the edge of holocost As a Sc Fi ( via Trailer) they kept the mystery out of it, go look back at the original trailer and tell me what you think, just an observation. Will have to see the movie to determine if Earth should survive.

david on Dec 2, 2008

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