Must Watch: Freaky New Quarantine Trailer!

July 9, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Quarantine Trailer

Another new trailer for some documentary called Quarantine has just arrived. The doc is about a television reporter and her cameraman who are assigned to spend the night shift with a Los Angeles Fire Station. It gets pretty interesting when a routine 911 call turns out to be more than just routine. There are a couple of things to note with this trailer. First, Jennifer Carpenter is absolutely gorgeous. Second, this trailer is way too freakin' scary to see in theaters in front of any movie. Third, do not watch this at night by yourself, trust me. Although everyone speaks very highly of the original, [Rec], I'm scared shitless of this as is. I'm incredibly nervous of actually seeing this in theaters in September, but maybe I'll brave it.

Watch the new trailer for Quarantine:

[flv: 596 322]

You can also watch the Quarantine trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Quarantine is directed and co-written by John Erick Dowdle, of last year's indie horror The Poughkeepsie Tapes. The film is based on Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza's 2007 Spanish horror hit [Rec], which has still never been released in the US. Quarantine is set to infect in theaters everywhere on October 17th.

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the first teaser was better but i'm gonna check it out when it comes out

ralph on Jul 9, 2008


From the trailer, that looks pretty much a "shot by shot" remake of the original, except one small scene in this trailer. Saw the original some time ago, thought it was pretty good. Guess I'll check out this version too.

Darius6 on Jul 9, 2008


I didnt think would be scared, but i was...damn! Looks exciting!

MUW on Jul 9, 2008


This looks TERRIBLE! Looks like a Cloverfield wannabe.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 9, 2008


I saw the original [rec] and from what i saw in this trailer it is excactly the same apart from one short scene, they even show the very end, and because i watched the Quarantine teaser before i watched [rec], the US-Remake ruined a bit of the experience for me. A few weeks ago there were this article on about Trailers showing too much of the movie, this Trailer is a good example.

vic on Jul 9, 2008


this looks good, but i have to say america has to stop remaking these international films.

Darrin on Jul 9, 2008


This will be another crap canibalization from Hollywood. The original, [REC] was one of the best zombie movies ever! This trailer gives away the ending FFS. Pfff!

Trent on Jul 9, 2008


Wow, this really looks like shit!

Markus on Jul 9, 2008


Cloverfield wasnt the first to use a camcorder view you know. Also its not all shot through the camera anyway. I think I read somewhere that the reason why alot of these get remade for america is because they think we are too dumb to get the original....I laugh.

Unseen on Jul 9, 2008


Go watch REC - 10 times better!!

dom on Jul 9, 2008


Gave away the ending. [Rec] was great, this, not so much.

StabmasterArson on Jul 9, 2008


Idk mabey it might be good but never know.

Movie dude on Jul 9, 2008


Alex....go watch the original. I keep telling ya jeez.

Heckle on Jul 9, 2008


The Original was damn scary! I felt very uneasy towards the end. There are so much pressure and terror. Quite a psychological thriller!

Kathir 'Sid' Vel on Jul 9, 2008


About your points... 1. Yes, she is. She's great in Dexter too. 2. What?? You've got to be kidding. 3. Oh, come on! Wuss! And yeah, America sucks with all these freakin' remakes simply because the originals were made in another country, especially when it comes to Japanese horror movies. I won't be seeing this (in theaters anyway) because it's all there in the trailer. Don't you just love 2-minute long movies with all thriller and no filler? Mirrors was a great 2-minute long movie too.

Viper on Jul 9, 2008


Hey guys, first post. Hasn't anyone else noticed this is a carbon copy of the original? absolutely everything in this trailer is scene for scene taken from the original.

CrazyAl on Jul 9, 2008



Xerxex on Jul 9, 2008


Well I haven't seen the original so ya'll can quit bitching. That's freaky shit right there. Awesome

C.M. Lamson on Jul 9, 2008


@4 Quarantine is a remake of [REC], and that film premiered months before Cloverfield did. whoops!

chrisUK on Jul 9, 2008


This seems to be a frame by frame remake of [REC]. Proves the lack of American creativity. This will never top the original. Avoid it and get your hands on a DVD of [REC].

Vitor on Jul 9, 2008


It can't be stressed enough...[REC] is a really good and intense movie.

Matt Suhu on Jul 9, 2008


This looks VERY good and if it is shot-by-shot like [REC] then it will be amazing.

Ryan on Jul 9, 2008


man why do people seem to bash or think the way cloverfield was done can never be attempted or done again. Or people say it sucked and its a horrible way to film. Really dont know how you can say that. The camcorder like blair witch is genius. I think it just has to be used right, imagine a war flick with a helmet cam and some dude just running around watching shit happen. shooting turning left and right through corners seeing guys get blown up then turn another corner and boom a guys head get blown off. Dunno about you guys but the way cloverfield was made made me literally grab my seat in intensity, if that is ever used again it needs to be in a gory ass war flick. but yeah ill stop rambling now

cody on Jul 10, 2008


good thing I watched the original already. still jennifer carpenter looks amazing. I love her as emily rose. hehehe

jeprox chang on Jul 10, 2008


I didn't see a single scene in this trailer that wasn't in the orginal film, [REC]. That is a good thing though. Instead of trying to put a different spin on a great original, in other words Americanizing or RUINING it, they may have just copied an instant classic (of the genre at least) shot for shot. It's a shame that U.S. audiences are too lazy/stupid/ADHD-riddled/afraid/whatever to go see movies with subtitles though. As good as this one will or won't be, it's a sure bet that it won't be better than [REC].

kevjohn on Jul 10, 2008


Everyone...everyone. If you've seen the original [REC] you have to agree that this chick, Jennifer Carpenter, can't act for nothing. That moment where she turns to the cam-operator and tells him to keep filming... Dudes, I've seen dogs act better than that. Do yourselves a favor and stay away from this crappy remake. If you can have the real deal why go for a shitty copy?

Huck Paletos on Jul 10, 2008


they're showing [REC] here at the Melbourne Film Festival, and I definitely plan on attending it

Jezza on Jul 10, 2008


hum, from the preview, I think it lacks the rawness of [REC] which by the way, was f-ing AMAZING

ariel on Jul 10, 2008


never even heard of the original [rec] but this does look very interresting and i'll probably have to check out the original too!

thejugfather on Jul 10, 2008


i just watched [Rec], and i must say, that is the scariest F*cking movie I have ever seen! I mean how the F*ck do you make a movie like that seriously, the whole time i thought it was real, the whole time. I honestly cant wait to see how this movie turns out, ill be there to see it, i want to be terrified in english haha.

Ck on Jul 10, 2008


First post here on FirstShowing.. I intentionally waited (I just remembered at 3am) to watch this late at night, in the dark, by myself. I wasnt scared even a little bit. Now that I think about it, there hasnt been a single movie that has ever really scared me. Ive read some of the other comments on here describing [Rec] as very scary.. whats the SCARIEST movie you guys have EVER seen? Really now, lay it on me, I honestly want to get scared. Quarantine just isnt doing it for me.

Derek on Jul 11, 2008


wow im really surprised so many ppl have seen this movie {REC}, a film i have never seen or heard of before. i mean was this movie even in theaters cuz i have never ever heard of it. anyway ill be there on october 17th, but ill be seeing max payne instead

LeeMan on Jul 11, 2008


ALEX BILLINGTON- The you tube video that was post with the Aladygma page was about Qarantane. The guy who posted the video was just stupid.

XXX on Jul 12, 2008


Please folks, skip this lame remake and stick with the original film REC. It's a very inventive and scary film and you won't have to deal with looking at that annoying actress from Dexter.

normf on Jul 14, 2008


[REC] was an excellent, fantastic movie, and now i'm a little reluctant to see this american remake of it, that could possibly just ruin it for me. I highly suggest [REC] over this, it is guaranteed to be better

Luna on Jul 24, 2008


finally found it online and it is the best horror film i've seen in years

Shawn on Jul 24, 2008


im stiff baffled by "jennifer carpenter is beautiful"...

desiree on Jul 29, 2008


How can people take movies like these seriously? Am I the only one who laughed at the girl being pulled away?

Stu on Sep 29, 2008


This movie has followed the same stupid shaky camcorder view from the movie Cloverfield. It's downright annoying! I thing I'll go buy a camcorder, shake it around, have a few screams, use a plastic doll with Dracula teeth to make a classic crap movie and get Hollywood to pay me millions! This movie had potential but not in it's present format. In addition we all know what the final scene in this trailer is, it's the final scene of the movie before it goes to credits. How exciting!

ezza on Oct 22, 2008

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