Must Watch: Full Der Baader Meinhof Komplex Trailer

September 16, 2008
Source: SlashFilm

Der Baader Meinhof Komplex Trailer

Why is this German film a must watch? Take a look at the trailer and you'll understand. Thanks to the crazy Hunter Stephenson from SlashFilm, we've got our first look at a full trailer for a German film called Der Baader Meinhof Komplex. This is Germany's submission to the Oscars, which says quite a bit about their confidence in it. Der Baader Meinhof Komplex is a searing look at The Red Army Faction (aka RAF), a terrorist group that organized bombings, robberies, kidnappings, and assassinations in the late 60's and 70's. It's a rather intense trailer that should gain the attention of those listening in the area. I'm glad this was discovered, because it looks like a fantastic film and I hope it gains extra buzz.

As far as I know, this hasn't actually debuted at any big festivals or anywhere mainstream. It doesn't even have a distributor here in America yet. Even Jeffrey Wells from Hollywood Elsewhere has chimed in with a length piece looking at the European release and review embargoes, questioning why it hasn't been shown anywhere for US critics. Not only does it seem like a very controversial film, but it looks quite incredible.

Watch the first German trailer for Der Baader Meinhof Komplex from YouTube:

Head to the official website for more information on the film as well:

Der Baader Meinhof Komplex is directed by German filmmaker Uli Edel, of numerous German made-for-TV movies as well as Last Exit to Brooklyn and The Little Vampire. The script was written by Hollywood producer Bernd Eichinger, of The Downfall and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer previously, and is based on the book of the same name written by Stefan Aust. Der Baader Meinhof Komplex doesn't have a US distributor yet, but it's being sold and distributed internationally by Summit Entertainment. Expect it to show up in theaters sometime in 2009 after the Oscars next February.

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This looks phenomenal, on par with Munich.

Zach on Sep 16, 2008


looks like three whole seasons of 24 condensed into a short time. subtitles?

twispious on Sep 16, 2008


Very good cast, big budget and a controversial subject - i'll check it out once it hits the theaters next week (here in germany). This film has actually stirred quite a discussion, because a lot of people still sympathize for these left-wing terrorists. check out the wikipedia page of the RAF to get more info:

Sweet on Sep 16, 2008


That is a long trailer...

The Real Alex on Sep 16, 2008


That is very well cast. I recognize all the main characters without them mentioning most of the names. (I grew up in Germany, and even though I was just a kid, I remember all the faces from the news.)

Elke Sisco on Sep 16, 2008


I was sold by the end.

Walter on Sep 16, 2008


wow this looks really good, damn there was a hell of a lot for shit being blown up.

Curtis on Sep 16, 2008


LOL @7. I'm very impressed that you looked like you knew what was going on. I didn't bother with such a facade. It looks like it is probably a really good film, but without understanding the dialogue, I can't be certain.

Reverend on Sep 16, 2008


lol the trailer LOOKS great but what does a guy have to do to get some subtitles?

Silver on Sep 16, 2008


well, as for a VERY VERY rough translation: Would be great if someone cleaned up my mess! in terms of tenses and missused words and so on. Thank you. ??? Hiroshima, Vietnam Mrs. Meinhof you took side with the demonstrating students! Why? In the right wing press the catastrophy of 2 June was blamed to the students. The truth of freedom in this country however is, that it is a freedom for the policeman's truncheon (club?) Only the gun solves the numbness (screaming, while overtaking in car race, right befor shooting the street signs) (While in court) We learned, that speaking without action is injustice! We are forming a group. We will change politic affairs. How is that supposed to work out. What kind of fucking bourgeois question is that? We will do that and if it kills us? We say: "The guy in uniform is a pig, that is no human being." And that is how we deal with him and of course there can be shot! (While standing on top of the bridge, being surrounded be police!) Fuck! Killed! Cold blodded! Now it's war! I think this spook will be over soon? I think that groups perceiving the situation as oppresive will not hesitate to drop bombs into what they perceive as crusted awareness of a society. (sorry, thats a tough one guys) *EXPLOSIONS, followed by jail scene* As of today, we are on hunger strike! We claim a change of conditions in jail, that means .... (faded out) ... it is the duty of the accused to stay! ... I will not be forced you a**hole! ... yes, you can also hear from me that you are a facist a**hole! ... filthy rat! we have to get them out of there, soon! A few from our group thing we can capture as 747SP, we will circle it above Bonn (NOTE: former(!) german capital) until there is no more fuel and it will drop down. The actions taking place outside ... are being done be second and third generation people. Compared to what is now going on, we followed a rather moderate approach! ***NEWS FEED DURING SEQUENCE OF SHORT IMAGES*** shit action! (well, it's "Scheiss Aktion" in german. something mission went wrong, he got angry, you get the point) Now you got the war you wanted!

tronicIO on Sep 17, 2008


oh, i got a few ? and ! wrong, but you will get the point i guess!

tronicIO on Sep 17, 2008


BTW it will be sent to the US, for next years Oscars! So there you go: "For your consideration" ^^

tronicIO on Sep 17, 2008


I understood what was going on in this film easily just by watching the trailer. It was infintely better than the Champions trailer...I am going to be referring to that god-awful thing for a looooonnnnnggg time

Keith on Sep 17, 2008


great. i've been to lazy to do this and i think your translation-skills are way ahead of mine. i'd say truncheon = club there is another trailer of this film, where pictures of the original raf are compared to pictures of the actors. it's really incredible how perfect the cast is (isn't it #4?). watch this trailer too. maybe it will be hosted here. german film might get better. i never liked it but recently i've enjoyed 'the educators' (which was rumored to be remade by hollywood) and this "free rainer"- reclaim your brain thing. good german film seems to need the political motiviation and with the buzz of last years 30 years deutscher herbst-aniversary, this film might really kick it. it'S the first time a german film gets mentioned internationally which has nothing (at least not that much) to do with ww2.

TN on Sep 17, 2008


@14: I agree to the most of it, but what about Das Experiment and Lola rennt ? Just two good movies, that have nothing to do with WW2 and were/are pretty well known to friends of mine in the US and their local rentals. That's supposed to sound like a question by the way ^^

tronicIO on Sep 17, 2008


i did not watch 'das expermiment' but agreed, lola rennt (aka run lola run) was a good movie. i just hated german movies and now there are few good ones showing time after time and each film carries a political statement... it was just pattern recognition i guess. of course there may be (few) good german films which i did not hear about. anyway, i didn't pay special atention to german cinema. but that may be different some time, if they keep me interested....

TN on Sep 17, 2008


Looks like a solid movie. I would see if it had some subtitles with out a doubt.

Atomic Popcorn on Sep 17, 2008


@17 Hmm, I have to agree, German movies tend to politicize even when they don't have anything to do with politics per se. The hype and especially controversy surrounding "Baader Meinhof Komplex" is being brought to new heights here in Germany (former "champion" was "Der Untergang"): again the same old questions "Are artists allowed to show terrorists/Nazis in a way that doesn't concentrate on flat out damnation?" etc. The same old argument, picked up by any "self-respecting" feuilleton author.

G-Man on Sep 17, 2008


@17 way to many bad movies here in germany, if you ask me. those are about the diamonds ^^ @19 yeah, they do that a lot. but lets face it (we) germans tend to discuss everything tenthousand time before we ... don't do anything! But, if we ever get bored of political movies in germany, we still have all those great Heinz R├╝hmann flicks. Just kidding, but what about Das Boot, that one was great, Nosferatu and Metropolis not to forget! Okay, they are a bit old I guess ^^

tronicIO on Sep 17, 2008


German is such a beautiful

Heckle0 on Sep 17, 2008


BOOM> BAM.. this movie is all about explosions and people dying over and over.. what is going on who knows.. looks good i guess.. maybe put some english subtitles of something

Max Russian on Sep 17, 2008


BOOM> BAM.. this movie is all about explosions and people dying over and over.. what is going on who knows.. looks good i guess.. maybe put some english subtitles of something. Trailer has the most explosions then any other i have ever seen.. maybe too much!

Max Russian on Sep 17, 2008


man the action looks good but i cant understand german

raider98 on Sep 17, 2008


whoa, the guy from das experiment & run lola run. cool

Not You on Sep 17, 2008


I didn't understand a word but I can not wait to see it on DVD, translated

David R on Sep 19, 2008

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