Must Watch: Gus Van Sant's Milk Trailer

September 3, 2008
Source: Apple

Gus Van Sant's Milk

We've been covering Gus Van Sant's upcoming film Milk pretty regularly, so it's a nice development to see that Focus Features has released the official trailer today. For those of you that haven't been tracking the production, Milk details the political life of Harvey Milk, the self-described "Mayor of Castro Street" and the first openly gay politician to be elected to a public office. The other noteworthy aspect of the man is that he was tragically assassinated, along with Mayor George Moscone, by rival Dan White, who famously used the Twinkie defense when he was eventually tried for the crime. This definitely looks like the role of a lifetime for Sean Penn and potentially a big Oscar contender. Be sure to check out the full trailer below!

Watch the trailer for Gus Van Sant's Milk:

[flv: 598 316]

You can also watch the Milk trailer in High Definition on Apple

For someone who is looking forward to this film, the trailer isn't exactly what I expected. The score is rather whimsical and there seems only a flirtation with the other side of the story - namely, Milk's assassination. The political happenings and the timely topic of gay rights and equality is of course still compelling, but the tragedy is equally if not more moving. On another note, how great is it to see Sean Penn and Josh Brolin go head-to-head? The addition of James Franco and Emile Hirsch is also pretty damn exciting. And for those who might just see the film for one particular reason, the trailer hints at the already infamous pool scene. So is this what you expected of the trailer? And are you more or less interested?

Milk is directed by Oscar nominated filmmaker Gus Van Sant, of Good Will Hunting, Finding Forrester, and Elephant previously. The script was written by Dustin Lance Black, of The Journey of Jared Price and TV's "Big Love". Focus Features is releasing Milk on November 24th this fall.

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Looks amazing! Great cast, great storyline. I see no problems for this movie other than homophobic turds trying to screw up peoples excitement for the film. Thankfully, Firstshowing has less of these.

Mark on Sep 3, 2008


I don't see why anyone would bash it, they need to get with the times. All the cool kids are doing it ;P

Max on Sep 3, 2008


All the cool kids are gay? Well judging from the looks of like the Jonus brothers or whoever they are. Anyway I wont watch it, have no interest whatsoever, but I'm sure it'll get an Oscar or something.

Richard on Sep 3, 2008


I'm for this movie, but Van Sant let me down with "ELEPHANT" This movie will be bashed, in the coming comments, be ready, but I go see it, just because of Brolin, Hirsch, and Franco...

Xerxex on Sep 3, 2008


Looks good, I'll definitely see it. The Joker makes an appearance at 2:06, btw

Keith on Sep 3, 2008


Looks really good.

DCompose on Sep 3, 2008


More fucking gayness just like everything else thats sprung out in the last 5 years...goddamn homos

Cody on Sep 3, 2008


Richard and Cody, I am sorry that you two are so afraid of what this movie stands for. That every man is equal and has the same right as any other man. And by that I mean that every person has the right to love whom ever they choose. If You were to fall for another person, someone who makes you happy, someone who makes you a better person, someone who brings out the best in you. Would it truly matter if it were a man or a woman? No It wouldn't. But I am sure to you two, it would mean the world. you would rather be with some two bit loser who gives to shit about you as long as its the opposite sex. Good luck life.

AllmightyKeim on Sep 3, 2008


Another movie about gay people? Seriously. Give me a break.

Darunia on Sep 3, 2008


got milk?

Shelby on Sep 3, 2008


Allmightykeim, get the fuck over yourself and get a life, the dumbing down of our population in the last 20 years has been horrible and homosexuality is part of it. Yes it does fucking matter if your a man or a woman I dont know how you fking liberal ass idiots get raised the way you do, lemme guess you think global warming are our biggest problems and were killing trees too much to. I dont care about the heart and soul feelings of gays because frankly I have heard way too many effed up gay shit in the news. We are a fking mirror of rome its not even close to funny. and also "wed rather be with some two bit loser as long as there the opposite sex" dont even know a slightest fact about me yet you think you know soo much ooo wise one like i said get over yourself. PLUS ITS CALLED MILK, YOU DONT SEE ANY KIND OF WEIRD IRONY IN THAT NAME.

Cody on Sep 3, 2008


Cody, please explain how homosexuality dumbs down America? Why does it matter who someone is attracted to? Why should you be allowed to restrict who someone is allowed to marry? Why are you so angry about it? Can you apply logic or reasoning to any of your arguments? I've asked these questions of many, many people and have yet to hear a reasonable answer, so please, I beg of you, succeed where all others have failed.

Keith on Sep 3, 2008


"the dumbing down of our population in the last 20 years has been horrible and homosexuality is part of it." Wow.

Max on Sep 3, 2008


You have your views Cody. You do. May be you are right. May be I am right. But if you don't want to see the movie, then don't. I dont care about the heart and soul feelings of gays because frankly I have heard way too many effed up gay shit in the news. Thats what I find funny. You put them in a group. GAYS. Feelings of Gays. How about the feelings of people? This movie should open everyones eyes. I bet your a McCain guy huh?

AllmightyKeim on Sep 3, 2008


All I said is I have no interest and seeing it and it'll get an Oscar, so I think that your whole argument is just an argument for the sake of having something to argue about Kemi.

Richard on Sep 3, 2008


Since Kevin wrote this, I've got to chime in myself. I think this trailer looks fuckin' amazing! I didn't expect this, like Kevin said, but it surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. Everyone in it looks amazing, the story looks great, and Gus Van Sant looks like he's pulled off another fantastic film. I'm scared to say it, but now I'm worried Sean Penn might give Heath Ledger a "run for his money" at the Oscars next year. This is the performance of a lifetime for him and from this trailer alone it looks like he is more than Oscar worthy... Can't wait to see it! Wait - what am I saying?! Ledger is Supporting Actor! I guess I was just thinking Joker was the main actor, woops... Well there we have it - Oscars already determined: Heath Ledger and Sean Penn. 🙂

Alex Billington on Sep 4, 2008


I agree with you 100% Cody. I am, by the way, very proud to say, I am a McCain girl! (if you were wondering) I am also VERY proud to say I am a Christian and believe 100% in the Bible and I know most of you know that the Bible talks about same-sex relationships(or marriages) and that it is wrong. But people are going to do what their going to do and I know I can't stop them, but I know what I can do, and that is to stay strong in my faith and I guess that's all that matters. And, honestly, gays don't bother me. A lot of them, actually, are some of the nicest people I've met and I would treat them like I treat everyone else, with respect, but the fact that they shove the "gayness" down our throats all the time is what bothers me. And this movie is , to me, a perfect example of that. And there would be no way I would ever see or support this movie. But, I do have to say, good actors are in this movie!

Brianna on Sep 4, 2008


I know right, Oscars already being handed out. Thats Crazy Alex. No Comment to Brianna who had nothing to say about the Movie. Ingores Dick. *ahem* richard.

AllmightyKeim on Sep 4, 2008


Gus Van Sant... I will be there, this guy is always reinventing himself, thats impressive.

Mario Tenorio on Sep 4, 2008


Looks really good. 😀

SillySil on Sep 4, 2008


james franco will ruin this like he's done with every film he starred in,but something about the look of this film-it feels genuine,draws me in. also,who brought the politics in?

twispious on Sep 4, 2008


Penn Franco Brolin and Hirsch... ENUF said... the movie looks spectacular.... positively brilliant... i have no problem with the score... i think its fitting and brings to mind the scene from philadelphia where Hanks is recounting the opera.... sidesnotes 1> who brought Mccain here? this is a movie based on facts from the past...a powerful story... about a sect of people often misunderstood and ostracised... it has nothing to do with christianity or anti-christ... so shut F up... 2> Penn is awesome and all that... but Ledger has his name engraved on the plaque at the bottom of the statuate... NOTHING can change that... NOTHING should change that...supporting role would be an insult... he made TDK what it was... BRILLIANT....

Viral on Sep 4, 2008


@19 - I knew it was only a matter of time before some anti-gay person used the phrase "they shove the "gayness" down our throats". It's not quite as funny when a female does it though. But still, kinda hilarious. 😛 p.f.s. The movie (or at least from what I can tell from the trailer) looks great. Me and my girlfriend will probably enjoy seeing this in a sure-to-be-empty theater.

kevjohn on Sep 4, 2008


How on earth can anyone believe that heterosexuals should be the only people to make movies about?? Homosexuals also live in this planet so it is absolutely normal to make films about them too unless you have some kind of mental conflict with them and if that is so..well i pity you.

Freddy on Sep 4, 2008


Hey Kemi I'm not the one being a dick. I cant say I have no interest and you can go on a tirade about everyone have views are people are equal? Can you say Hypocrite? This is my last civil post about this matter, if you wanna dig yourself in deeper lets go.

Richard on Sep 4, 2008


Not what I was expecting at all (in a good way).

Ryan on Sep 4, 2008


*Grabs a shovel* Lets go.

AllmightyKeim on Sep 4, 2008


MCCAIN GUY!....omg dont even go there, politics is the most stupendous but neccesary thing. Also to all of you your right this isnt the right place for political views if I wanted to explain my views I would but it would end up being like pages long so go to hell. I am not a mccain guy nor an obama guy I am a fking common sense guy and I can already tell by the way you talk you arent so I am done.

Cody on Sep 4, 2008


WAIT... I AM NOT DONE, if I explained any of my views to you, you would have the typical american dumbass response of saying "Wow what a tinfoil hat motherfucking conspiracy theorists..damn crazies". AND WAIT YOU PITY ME IF I HAVE PERSONAL CONFLICT WITH HOMOSEXUALS, ITS CALLED BE BROUGHT UP ON MORAL VALUES U MORON! but wait its a movie forum ill stop now before a bunch of other idiots try to rise up and bladha blah blah

Cody on Sep 4, 2008


* Takes the shovel from Kemi easier then candy from a baby and sticks it up his ass for being a hypocrite* Hey now you can be an extra in the movie.

Richard on Sep 4, 2008


*claps hands* I apologize to everyone here at May I push people a bit and get them off topic. If so I am sorry. And Richard, maybe I should have only picked on Cody cause his statement was more disrespectful than yours. But if you want, both of you can email me and let me know your views and especially Cody,"the dumbing down of our population in the last 20 years has been horrible and homosexuality is part of it", how is that a fact or even worth saying? and also this comment "AND WAIT YOU PITY ME IF I HAVE PERSONAL CONFLICT WITH HOMOSEXUALS, ITS CALLED BE BROUGHT UP ON MORAL VALUES U MORON!" How can you have a personal conflict with all homosexuals? And if you wre brought up on moral vaules, then you would only have a personal conflict with certain people. Not a group.How does that make sense. Here is my Email for anyone and whom ever that would like to give me their views. Please fell free to email me your thoughts. And lets not spam me, lets have this discussion. And also how is it that I am being a hypocrite? Is it because I attacked you?

AllmightyKeim on Sep 4, 2008


Jesus. Why don't you two get a room, start fucking, and get it over with. This public display of the sexual tension between you guys is really beginning to disturb my inner peace.

kevjohn on Sep 4, 2008


Lol I actually want Kemi's pants in the corner of my bedroom, you got me!

Richard on Sep 4, 2008


What's with all the hate mongering? I don't sympathize with homosexuals, but I try to mind my own business and keep the personal attacks to a minimum. If you don't like gays, then why the fuck are you reading an article or watching a movie trailer that is all about them? Much less commenting on the subject. I have had gay friends. Matter of fact, some of them are very interesting people with a good sense of humor and a sunny disposition. People who are easy to get along with. Some of them are just sickening, with graphic verbal depictions of their sexuality, but to generalize people into any type or group without considering the individual first is ignorant. I've never been interested to see a movie about homosexuals, but I think the cast is pretty good. I especially like Sean Penn, after seeing movies like Mystic River, I Am Sam, and 21 Grams. This is a movie I might give a shot. It seems like it might actually be intelligent, unlike a lot of bullshit that gets financed for tens of millions of dollars per project.

JL on Sep 4, 2008


Hey Cody- you asked if the title for the movie had a weird ironic meaning? I don't know if you were implying semen because your in the closet and think of semen when you see milk, but it is titled "Milk" because it's about Harvey MILK! his last fucking name is milk, you moron. I guess reading wasn't covered in your high moral values upbringing.

theotherbluth on Sep 5, 2008


Amazing cast that is for sure

kirch on Sep 5, 2008


I think you guys are acting very immature. This is a movie site, where you talk about movies. If your not going to, then just shut-up and go talk somewhere else!!!! It's pretty pathetic reading all these comments grown men and women are saying. I can probably get better comments from my 13 year old!!! I do think, though, that this movie looks okay, but I don't think I would spend any money to go and see it. I do have to say, good cast!

Mike on Sep 5, 2008


Cody, if you want to suck our cocks, you just have to ask. Don't be afraid of what you know you desire deep in your rotten, ignorant heart.

Aaron on Sep 5, 2008



Cody on Sep 5, 2008


Sheesh! people! Get over yourselves. Gus Van Sant has been doing controversail movies for DECADES! Secondly, I predict Franco will get Best Actor nod too. It will be close. Thirdly, Penn might be disappointed by Penn getting the best actor goldie thing. Lastly, Penn deserves a gold but, will be put into heated contention. Oh. a November Movie may not qualify for the Oscars until 2010 not 2009.

Patricia on Sep 6, 2008


CODY I think most people here can tell that your probably not well educated and that you most likely live in some hick state judging by your horrid grammar and intolerance toward people that hold different values than your perfect Christian self. I for one am looking forward to this film. it looks top notch.

Duane on Sep 7, 2008


Whoa, boys! Let's keep the discussion civil and respectful. Let's also stay on topic, the film "Milk". I was one of the extras for the daytime City Hall scenes (pretty much an all-day undertaking) and it's exciting to see how that came out in the trailer. To get the crowd fired-up, after quite a few takes of the "All men are created equal" speech, Penn surprised us with a rousing improvised screed against bigotry, hypocrisy, and the right. It was wild and we went wild! That's probably the take they used when the camera pans the crowd in front of the stage.

Anne on Sep 8, 2008


This is the most amazing trailer I have seen in years. It literally brought a tear to my eye! This a TRUE story and not fiction (ie Brokeback Mountain). This is NOT gay propaganda, it's history and frankly something I was not to familiar with until recently. 2 men were killed who stood for HUMAN rights. Lets not forget it was a straight Chrisitian male who pulled the trigger. So, the morals question here is quite perplexing... Needless to say I think this will be an amazing and inspiring film, one to be seen by all!

Paul on Sep 12, 2008


down with the parasitic blood sucking fags, let me know when they can reproduce and then maybe they can benefit society instead of shopping for ky jelly and darma and greg dvd sets

america on Sep 13, 2008


Really america #46. God I hope you dont reproduce.

AllmightyKeim on Sep 17, 2008


I will watch a film like this in my home, because I like Sean Penn and Hirsch. The issue of Homo Sexuality doesn't interest me, but since Milk was a real person, I want to see it.

RSH on Oct 2, 2008


Gus Van Sant? Awesome. Josh Brolin? Awesome. James Franco, Emile Hirsch, Diego Luna? Awesome. Sean Penn? He sometimes gets on my nerves, but he looks like he does an AMAZING job in this movie. Gay Theme? No problem there. I'm not gay, but i can appreciate when a movie looks good. Grow up and let people live their lives the way they want. If you have a problem with this don't go see it.

teamsolovictory on Oct 8, 2008


I think people are underestimating the potential interest in this film. Proposition 8 in California has sparked a national discussion and people will be curious from an historical perspective. Plenty of thinking people from both sides of the debate will see this movie. Let's all be relieved to note that Cody won't be in the audience.

Steveningen on Nov 24, 2008


Two points, especially for the people who have talked about Christianity in connection with this movie: 1) The Bible commands that farmers who plow incorrectly be stoned. Anybody doing that? It commands that people can't wear clothing with two different kinds of material. How about what you're wearing now? And lastly, it condones having more than one wife and a number of mistresses, otherwise known as concubines. So if you're going to say that it matters that the Bible condemns homosexuality (which isn't, if you read the Hebrewic version, strictly true), then you have to say that these other things matter, too. Picking and choosing doesn't really cut the mustard. 2) For those who object to homosexuality being visible and accepted, or as some put it, rammed down their throats, does it not occur to you that if you're a lesbian or gay, that is LGBTQI, doesn't it occur to you that we feel like heterosexuality is forcibly presented to us constantly? We can't escape the incessant presentation of kissing, hugging, and other sexual acts on the part of heterosexuals. It's no more pleasant for us to see this than it is for you to see us, the difference being that what you do is socially condoned. You feel free to do it. The same isn't true for us. In fact, people have been killed for it. How would life feel if you could get killed for kissing someone, even if you did it in private? But if you are a bigot, you're right to be alarmed. Things are not going your way.

Bayman on Dec 4, 2008


wow powerful comments...i cant believe there is so much blatant homophobia from some of you guys...are you sure u dont have supressed gay thoughts that you're trying to one is trying to force their lifestyle on you...i think you have some deeper issues...

k on Dec 8, 2008


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