Must Watch: Insanely Violent Punisher: War Zone Extended Trailer!

July 25, 2008
Source: IGN

Insanely Violent Punisher: War Zone Extended Trailer

We unfortunately missed the Punisher: War Zone panel at Comic-Con earlier tonight because Lionsgate decided to put it in the smallest room at the convention center and the line extended all the way outside. However, it didn't really matter, because IGN has debuted the same "footage" that they showed and we've got it for your viewing pleasure below. Warning: this is probably the most violent red band footage you'll ever see, so watch out! Everyone probably already watched the first trailer and wasn't too happy, but maybe you should give this a second chance. I really think this looks like it has some potential, but it also looks like they showed us every last kill without any context. If there's not a good story in between, it won't be any good. But then again, Rambo was like that and it was fun as hell! Give it a shot!

Watch this red band extended trailer for Punisher: War Zone:

[flv: 598 254]

Punisher: War Zone is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Lexi Alexander of Green Street Hooligans previously. The script has gone through numerous revisions, however the latest draft was finished by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, who both wrote the script for Iron Man. Punisher: War Zone arrives in theaters on December 5th later this year. The latest poster from Comic-Con is featured below.

Punisher: War Zone Poster

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wow...that was great! i feel like i watched the entire movie, but that won't stop me from watching it in its entirety. and was the jigsaw as the main villain? can't wait.

Matt Suhu on Jul 25, 2008


^ *and was THAT jigsaw... excited caused me to spaz for a sec.

Matt Suhu on Jul 25, 2008


now thats how you DEBATE

jont on Jul 25, 2008


lol. its gore for the sake of...... well..... GORE. Also, jigsaw was NUTS. hopefully he doesn't suck in this movie.

ethermay on Jul 25, 2008


Two problems 1.the trailer looks like a rock video from the 80s showing a lot of gore but no hint on what it is really about. 2. Ray Stevenson looks like a common thug, like a guy who is killed 100 times during any stardard action flick (especially during the shoting scenes)

shige on Jul 25, 2008


A common thug? What you want him to look like a common sissy Boy instead? He's a vigilante you idiot. Of course he's gonna look like a thug. Go choke On the peanut you call a brain

Stryder200 on Jun 10, 2012


Proof movies (and music choices) are getting much, much worse.

Brad on Jul 25, 2008


Ooooohhh... Jigsaw

LW on Jul 25, 2008


Chair to the eyeball.... Nice! I would gie this film a viewing.

Marcus on Jul 25, 2008


Looks a little more promising than the first trailer... But just a little. I kinda feel like I just saw the whole movie.

Josh on Jul 25, 2008


it looks like it has a lot of action and could be fun but i just dont know i cannot get into this film, to me it just looks like a straight to dvd movie i just get that kind of vibe from it. I also cant take Ray Stevenson seriously he totally reminds me of Steven Segal. Ill have to see what other people think of the film before i make my choice of going.

Curtis on Jul 25, 2008


Why can't you think for yourself huh? I mean it's not like a movie compares to lets say the release of a tv, there's a good reason to wait if it's crap or not, but a movie? You mindless drone.

Stryder200 on Jun 10, 2012


fuck yea

Darrin on Jul 25, 2008


I dont know why, but this trailer got me really extited for this movie.

jordan on Jul 25, 2008


I sure hope that there's a story in all this mayhem. Although, this looks generic and similar to most of the mob movies of the 90s, I'm optimistic that this flick will rock!! *crosses fingers* I'm there!! 🙂

Spider on Jul 25, 2008


I've said this before, but I just don't understand the devotion to the Thomas Jane punisher flick. The family murder scene was great, but after that, it became a ludicrous attempt at an introspective film. John Travolta was interminable, Kevin Nash as the Russian was a ridiculous caricature (even more so than the comic), and Thomas Jane looked more like Steve Rogers than Frank Castle. While War Zone won't be the Punisher movie we're looking for, that one wasn't either. The one saving grace that this one has, is the fact that Ray Stevenson IS Frank Castle. He is Tim Bradstreet's work incarnate. Also, he was great in Rome.

Nthngmn on Jul 25, 2008


I completely agree with Curtis in the Steven Segal likeness and the straight to video feel of this film, certainly not a release I'll be waiting in line for.

Grey on Jul 25, 2008


Insanely amazing. XD

SillySil on Jul 25, 2008


awful... looks like a Saw movie, with a lot of red paint.... and the song horrible... worse ever!!!

lalola on Jul 25, 2008


Horrible song...but the movie looks alright. I am a hardcore Punisher fan and though it looks like they went the route of limitless unrealistic violence, it still might be alright. I will definitely watch it. Some of the scenes looked pretty good.

Kyle A. Koyote on Jul 25, 2008


Man, if I had a nickel, why are we so dam stupid about these things? I'm so sick of idiots like you writing bull..It's a Freaking comic book character...what the hell do you expect? A freaking soap opera? Go watch one life to live or something you ignoramus..Cause I guess Batman isn't far fetched at all..

Stryder200 on Jun 10, 2012


hey how didn't you guys post anything about the wolverine movie. besides all that, this movie looks insane.

Drake on Jul 25, 2008


Looks like a good flick to cure the "I want something totally violent without having to think about it" itch I get from time to time.

interl0per on Jul 25, 2008


I don't think you went to the right toom. We got there 15 minutes before the panel was scheduled to begin, the VERY HUGE room was half empty, and there was no trouble getting in or finding seats. VERY cool trailer, by the way.

Nomad on Jul 25, 2008


Like "Tubular Bells" from the Exorcist, but with Chugga Chugga guitar & screaming interludes. I think it looks more like the Punisher we know than the last one, but like Hulk, this one's still just a little under the mark. For example, what is with the totally artificial looking neon-lit sets everywhere? The actor's look very real and tough, but this looks nothing even approaching a realistic New York City. Where's the grit? Oh well, at least we finally got some serious fucking splatter-vengeance. I don't think the comics were even THIS violent! p.s. What the Fuck is UP with that big ass turtleneck sweater? Is that supposed to make him look tough or something? What's so goddamned hard about a guy in a black suit with a skull on his chest? Seriously! I will say I think I liked the black leather trenchcoat better than the russian army reject surplus uniform.

Django on Jul 25, 2008


Not sure my mom will let me go... hahahaha... actually.. not sure my wife will let me for real.. haha Looks like fun.. jsut a gore fest, and I am not normally into that, but for some reason I am in for this one. It could have been the spinning upside down from the chandelier... just gave me a cool "Boondock Saints" dejavu.

Dusty on Jul 25, 2008


Looks better than the first teaser...and it was written by the same guys that did Iron Man, so maybe it'll have a decent plot? Guess only time will tell...

Boo-Yah on Jul 25, 2008


Ok, a few things: 1. Where is Thomas Jane? I thought the first Punisher was pretty darn good and he played the part very well. This new guy looks like Steven Segal (and we all know Segal movies). 2. This trailer made it look like a bad horror movie. Seems like there's no storyline and it's all about the gory action. Jigsaw looks very lame. 3. What's up with the turtle neck?

erich on Jul 25, 2008


I guess they named it right, does look like a war zone.

Buttons on Jul 25, 2008


The quote is from Steve Gainer, Director of Photography, responding to questions about the color palette we saw in the teaser: "The yellow light everyone keeps mentioning, which is seen a lot in the teaser, is just an interpretation of the sodium vapour lights that currently are being used in a majority of cities in the US, NYC included. Is it a bit more intense than what occurs in reality? Well I tend to think of it as being a heightened reality, much like the Max comic is. Please remember, what most people seem to be forming their opinions on are a minute snippet of images, that someone I've never met, chose from hours of footage, to help create a buzz for the film. It seems that strategy might be working, for like it or hate it, it has gotten everyone talking, hasn't it? In actuality, there are scenes that are blue, red, green, orange, even purple, because as I have mentioned elsewhere, Lexi and I wanted to emulate the style of the Max series. If you are a fan of that series (and I know most of you are) watching the movie should make you feel as if you've been transported into the pages of any of those issues. That is what I hope for anyway. I know that some of you have said that a comic book movie doesn't have to look exactly like the page in order to convey the character, true enough. It is however, the direction we chose. We worked very hard for six months to try and give a broad audience a great theatre experience. While there are those of you who wish that we had stripped the image down and simply shown Frank as he is, a vet in a grimy dirty environment, I hope you will go to the theatre with an open mind and see what we have accomplished. It is in fact quite a striking film, and Frank Castle is a mean mo-fo. My hope is that Frank will become a more popular character because of this film, and hopefully, we will get more Punisher movies made. The fact that you see lots of the sodium color in the teaser, is due to the decision to show a few of the action sequences. (and I do mean a small amount of the total) Many of those happen to have occured in the locations where the sodium look was prevalent, ie: exterior, inside factories, etc. The fact is only a portion of the entire film is in this color. " The director, Lexi Alexander, has stated that Frank wears several outfits in Punisher: War Zone. Perhaps Lion's Gate is withholding the iconic skull tee shirt as a tease to the more fashion-conscious of Punisher fans.

Nomad on Jul 25, 2008


am i the only one who liked the old punisher (actor) better? ill probably check this movie out, trailers was interesting ish

tw on Jul 25, 2008


This movie looks ridiculous. And not ridiculous-awesome, but ridiculous-horrible. Are people really hyped to see a Marvel hero punching through people's faces and kicking chairs through their eyes? With as brutal as Frank Castle can be at times, this movie looks like a snuff film. It looks like a straight-to-DVD release at Blockbuster that you would pass-over without a second look. Shame on Marvel for licensing their material out to be butchered (no pun intended) this way. Props to Thomas Jane for rejecting this script and refusing to do it. There are some films that just don't show potential. This is one of them.

jd on Jul 25, 2008



Nick on Jul 25, 2008


Nothing like explosive violence to get your day jolted.

Xerxex on Jul 25, 2008


Pretty wicked considering the wild colouring. I was a big ROME fan, so I may watch this just to see Ray Stevenson kick even more ass.

Alyx on Jul 25, 2008


Ridiculous trailer! tells you nothing of the storyline!!

Conrad on Jul 25, 2008


I'm a bit confused by the whole 80's vibe, and surprised by how gruesome this is. It would've been so much better if Castle wore the classic tench coat. I wish the colours were less saturated to give the movie a faithful Tim Bradstreet look. No matter what, I think I'll be surprised by the movie, because my expectations are so extremely low. Also, the makeup on Jigsaw's face reminds me of a character from the movie Hannibal and it's driving me mad that I can't remember his name.

NathanEG on Jul 25, 2008


Might have been a good trailler if they hadnt applied the grindhouse filter to it for parts and then not for other parts. Doesnt this look like direct to DVD?

Heckle0 on Jul 25, 2008


@30... i agree with you completely. this looks like a low budget bottom shelf movie. the thomas jane punisher was stylized and looked like a typical hollywood movie, this looks like a steven seagal STV movie with an even lower budget.

jon on Jul 25, 2008


Director Lexi Alexander expressed surprise that Marvel managed to pull together a full minute of non-bloody footage from the Punisher movie to make the first trailer. This leads me to believe that the deaths seen in this trailer are only the tip of the iceberg. I'm a hardcore Punisher fan as well, and I'm glad they decided to go the MAX comics direction for this movie. I'm REALLY looking forward to this.

Chris H on Jul 25, 2008


what song is this?

mike on Jul 25, 2008


As we all (should have) learned from Iron Man and Le Dark Knight, the action scenes aren't always the best parts of the film per se. I hope there's a great story and characters to go with all this bloodletting, but for some reason I'm doubting it. Note to the bad guys: He appears to be wearing body armor. Shoot him in the head. Repeat, shoot him in the head.

kevjohn on Jul 25, 2008


wtf man wat happen thomas jane rocked the shit and now they put on this segal lookin muthafuka. definitly this movie is all action based and no true story. the original with thomas jane had a great story and a phenominal actor (thomas) i just hope the action is backed with the story.

ERIC on Jul 25, 2008


Looks like complete and utter crap, total DTV feel and the music fuckin' late 90's MTV shitastic Nu-metal garbage, at least the Thomas Jane Punisher for it's faults had good music and a Sergione-esk score. Boy does Ray Stevenson look like Steven Segal and that is not a compliment.

PimpSlapStick on Jul 25, 2008


Looks like a mish-mash of ultra-violent crap images. The music adds to the mindless ambiance. I can see why Jane skipped this one. I probably will too.

stdeclan on Jul 25, 2008


This looks lame.

Joshua on Jul 25, 2008


its got to be better than the last one.

dac_fan on Jul 25, 2008


I've got to agree that I feel like I just saw every action scene from the movie. But goddamn! You can't say that didn't atleast look pretty cool. (especially compared to the last one.)

vu on Jul 25, 2008


To answer critics of a TRAILER who think that Marvel was wrong to allow this level of violence in a comic based movie clearly have not read the comic long enough or even the War Journal incarnation of The Punisher. There are certain stories that CAN NOT be told in a PG13 manner and must instead be blood and bullet Sam Peckinpah movies! The Punisher is most definately one of them. Ignoring this fact is what has caused our eyes to suffer through such notable flicks as Ghost Rider and Spawn.

voice_of_a_nerd on Jul 25, 2008


To the thomas jane loving haters, please shut up. You can't get a damn thing out of this teaser other than it's going to be violent as all hell. The song for the teaser, the style the clips were shown, and the occasional angle in which the guy looks like Steven Segal are all lame idiotic BS excuses that you're using to already declare your hatred for this movie. You like Thomas Jane's nuts. We get it. But you have no grounds to already hate this movie, especially based on a comic-con TEASER.

Chris on Jul 25, 2008


stdeclan, Jane left the movie based on an unused version of the script. With Jane gone, Marvel decided to sort of reboot the character. The movie being released is not the movie Jane walked away from.

Chris on Jul 25, 2008


It looks alot better than the 1st. Lets face it Tom Jane is more of a pretty boy I just hope they stay true to the Frank Castle we all enjoyed reading growing up. I want to see him go nuts but in a realistic way

Tony on Jul 25, 2008


Punisher always seemed like Batman with all the fun cool shit replaced with gore and gritty urban realism. And I think they got it right this time. Thank god.

DCompose on Jul 25, 2008


Horrible music. All in all didn't look any better than the Max Payne trailer, i.e. complete and utter shit.

Colin (brother of Mike) Hunt on Jul 26, 2008


The fact this has created over 50 comments good or bad means people are taking notcie one way or another, the non comic book punisher fans who probably haven't read the Warzone, Jim Lee, Romitta jr series are the ones saying, shit music", what's up with the turtle neck" ( its a bullet proof / trauma collar a lot of our boys are wearing in Afghanistan). The Dolph movie was a disaster, Thomas Jane did okay but Travolta was a bad choice and it was too close to Broken Arrow in terms of performance. For those who think this trailer is worse than the Max PAyne trailer, get a coffee and open your eyes and go back and compare it again - The marketing bods at Lionsgate know for a fact that Punisher fans want a Red Band trailer, in fact it should have launched first, no second chance to make a first impression. It wont set the world alight - why?, because there's not enough pre awareness to make it stand out.

CHACK on Jul 26, 2008


I don't see why everyone's bashing this film. And horrible music? What the hell do you define as good music? You'd rather have a rap song to this or what? Ray Stevenson looks like he fits the part and I have faith that the movie's gonna be really good. I just hope the director being removed doesn't hinder it's post production in any way.

Metal Head on Jul 26, 2008


A lot of metal hate going on in here. The music was awesome. I think the trailer was awesome as well, but Red Band is notorious (to me anyway) for giving away twists and endings. This looks so much better than the other Punisher movies (yes, movies). I just hope the guy playing The Punisher can act as good as he can aim a gun.

Viper on Jul 26, 2008


Will everyone please, SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT THOMAS JANE!!!! He wasn't fired, HE QUIT! He wrote to AICN and told all the fans so. So shut up about it!!! He sucked as The Punisher anyway. Not to mention the 2004 movie (I'm not gonna get into that!) Stevenson does not look like Segal. SHUT UP ABOUT THAT TOO! This looks like the film I've been waiting for, the film I've always wanted about my favorite character, and the last thing I need to see is a bunch of Tom Jane fanboys pissing and moaning that their "drunk depressed brooding punisher" isn't going to be around anymore. That's right, he isn't! Best news I ever heard. I am going to enjoy this new movie...because The Punisher finally looks like it's done right this time around. And I'm looking forward to sequels. Maybe with Barracuda as the villian for the next one. And if all these people "loved" the Thomas Jane punisher, WHERE WERE YOU WHEN IT WAS IN THEATERS???!!! As I recall, it flopped, big time, so alot of you who say you love it, must not have loved it enough to pay 6 bucks to go see it. I only went to see it once because I was so horrified with how sh*tty it was.

Sparrow X on Jul 26, 2008


Did the film quality in the trailer remind anyone else of GRINDHOUSE? This is a Marvel produced Grindhouse film! (And I mean that in the best way possible!)

jason_md2020 on Jul 26, 2008



Danny on Jul 26, 2008


Is this a remake of the first one or is it the second if so then they should have used the same guy from the first one he was perfect.

Brandon on Jul 26, 2008


I get the feeling that they just showed us every actions scene in the entire movie...

Jeff on Jul 26, 2008


Oh my....

Ryan on Jul 26, 2008


looks really interesting, and sure i liked tomas jane AND the first movie but this guy looks more like the comic depiction of the punisher than jane ever did. pretty violent compared to the first film also but i'll give it a shot!

thejugfather on Jul 27, 2008


Song is by Blood for Blood...

dbro on Jul 27, 2008


wow the level of stupidity in these comments is appaling. Punisher, the comic book - specifically the MAX imprint that the film makers based this movie off of, is violent as all fuck. Hell, punisher has always been over the top violence and gore in every imprint. And if any of you had actualy (wait for it) READ THE GODDAM COMIC that this is based on you'd realize that the actor, lighting, etc. all look exactly like the comic panels. This looks to be the most accurate to the comics punisher movie ever made. And the turtleneck comments. My god people are ignorant. As someone else already said, those are combat vests, our own US soldiers wear them. Go tell a G.I. that his turtleneck looks lame, i dare you. And that damn tomas jane movie was such diluted bullshit, meant to water down the punisher to make it palatable to mainstream audiences, while giving a big Fuck You to actual punisher fans. That movie was 1 part punisher, 10 parts water.

Estorak on Jul 27, 2008


this movie looks crazy as hell i goinig to see it

raider98 on Jul 27, 2008


Hmmm....maybe this is just me, but I miss Thomas Jane. That kinda looked like shit. Not really too excited after this trailer. It looks a little too (and I really hate when people say this, so call me hypocrite) comic-book-ish for me. Bright colors this, over kill creepy villians. I liked that comic book movies were being made to look more like they belonged in the 21st century. This....just doesn't look good.

Clamson on Jul 27, 2008


Oh and P.s. Estorak, go fuck yourself. People are just expressing their opinions so you can suck a dick, mkay? Christ king dude, who made you the knower of all things punisher

Clamson on Jul 27, 2008


I thought Steveson looked like Segal too glad it wasn't just me. But that was in the first picture they released of him after seeing the trailer I really thought he fit the Frank Castle mold and looked like him from the max series (and the game). I liked Thomas Jane but he wasn't killing enough people in his film. everybody who did dealings with the mob all needed to be punished in Frank's book (that's my understanding of the character anyway). But this definitely scratches my bloody violent movie itch. I was looking more forward to the Spirit before this new trailer now I can't wait to see the Punisher the way he should be.

Samuel on Jul 28, 2008


i see 45 million first week sales. This is how you make a mothafukkin Punisher movie. Dolph your heart out!!! "The BEST IN THE WOORUUURRRLLLDDD!!!"

BinYe East on Jul 28, 2008


That looks like maybe a film school reject did it. Horrible all around. Music sucked, acting looks horrid, the movie looks stupid. I wouldn't even pay money to rent it.

Atomic Popcorn on Jul 28, 2008


This movie is going to Blow. It is good to do a different start from the last the one, but this looks more like the first on with D. Lungeon. But it is nice to see a Steven Segal look a like in the role. Hey, maybe the next will star Will Sasso.

Fritz T on Jul 28, 2008


spiritual successor to rambo, as in get really drunk, go to the movies and enjoy the over the top carnage. nothing wrong with that

captain awesome on Jul 28, 2008


looks great! Can't wait to see it

Lorelei on Jul 28, 2008


Seems like a lot of interest both pro and con. I doubt if most have read the earlier Punisher or War Zone comics since I read them in the 70s. This has the look and violence the comics portrayed pretty well. It may not be a great film or edited well, and obviously some think different actors would have been better, but at least someone is trying to make Punisher again. I say give it a chance----it has the right look and violence. Some people say they have seem similar scenes in other movies-----so what. If it looks good and fits in-------go with it. Comics do things over and over too. Comic book heros and in this case anti-heros--------have always been there and the movies should be the same. Frank was and is a mean tormented person and he is not going to be NICE to the ones he targets. He is also not going to be gentle! He is out to kill and butcher the bad guys--------go Frank! If you dont like violence---------dont go. Its a movie people! Remember when people said no one could do Bond like Sean Connery--------well actors change----and give this Punisher a chance. Also---people dont make movies to LOSE money so hopefully the end result will make money for the investors----otherwise some comic movies will never get made. Still--------a lot of interest here. randy

randy on Jul 28, 2008


Violent yes but it's looks like Evil Dead 25 meets the cheapest made Troma crap ever. I like the action and the metal rock thing kinda works but jesus they could have spent a little money on it. I've not read the comics but does he kill zombies because some of the characters looked like them in the trailer. I know the first Rambo trailer was a little poor with that awful military font and cheesy 'you know his name' voiceover but this looks like it should be in the sell through bargain bucket of blockbuster. It needs some polish. on Jul 28, 2008


this movie will kick ass. will top first punisher hands down ...and if you want check out why new Punisher movie will kick ass

Greg Wolejko on Jul 29, 2008


whats the name of the protagonist of frank castle???

andres on Jul 29, 2008


Ha, the trailer uses a a song by Ramallah.

Mike G. on Jul 29, 2008


Sweet. The Punisher is not a "hero" (wut does the punisher sound like people?) it looks dark like d 1st Blade flic. Im in.

Cyfer1 on Jul 29, 2008


I'm a little nervous about the look of this movie, It has a low budget look it. I will check it out though as it is supposed to have the feel of the MAX books. That should help it.

Frank Castle Jr on Jul 29, 2008


Lot of people don't understand that the scratches and shit on the trailer are going to be absent from the movie. It was done for a more "hardcore" effect.

Ray on Jul 30, 2008


Ray - I agree with you. Alot of people...frankly? Are idiots if you ask me. The movie's gonna come out alot smoother. The scratches and blurs just make the trailer look grittier and grungier. Personally, I like the effects they added.

Metal Head on Jul 30, 2008


music (the band RAMALLAH...featuring Rob Lind of Blood For Blood fame) rules. excessive violence rules. movie will rule.

lolzwtf on Aug 1, 2008


Really, it's not my kind of movie but the trailer gets my blood pumping and Totally Rocks! Metal Head - you are correct. A lot of people are idiots.

Mat on Aug 2, 2008


Ok...First of all, all punisher fans should really be hyped about this upcoming movie because it is very violent, dark, and gorey. To me that is what encompasses the punisher and the other 2 movies had their moments but they were lacking that violence and deep hatred of frank castle. Given Ray Stevens wasn't a good choice for frank, however I don't think we can make judgment until we see his performance. I do however really like his voice, I can say he has got that down right. Yeah everyone can say what they will about Jigsaw but hey at least he is FINALLY in a punisher movie. Plus I also like that it is not an origin movie. Like it or not the punisher is a violent anti-hero and well he can kill and do what ever he wants. That includes bustin' skulls with his first and putting chair legs through a thugs eye. I'm all for action and violence in a punisher movie -Peace

Al on Aug 4, 2008


k now watching the trailer i c why they picked this wack off Ray to play punisher cause in the war zone comics thats exactly how he kills i dont think Jane could've of pulled it off. Jane was more of a Garth punisher while Ray (hate to say it) is more in-ine with Romita (war zone) punisher. R rated is underrated for that trailer

Joe Punisher on Aug 7, 2008


I think this film might have worked if Thomas Jane was still playing the part. You cant just go in and change a character after someone has played it. Thats like changing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Thomas Jane did what the script told him in the first movie. He did fine and made a great Frank Castle and given the correct script and the correct co stars and plot with the right amount of realistic violence and the film could be great i dont think this film will do as well as the last. This project failed the day Thomas Jane walked out he wasnt happy with there script and he left a smart choice for him but a dumb one for Marvel and Lionsgate. They could have made alot of money.

Keith on Aug 11, 2008


I don't see what the big problem with this new film is? The last one tanked so they have taken it in a new direction, and a direction that may payoff and Tom Jane not being involved allows that direction to be more so evident. Lets not delude ourselves, the punisher is never going to hit like Iron Man or the Dark Knight, most people probably don't even know who the punisher is, but by changing the style and the appeal of the movie will (hopefully) attract a different audience who can appreciate the punisher character as much as I am sure we all do and make some money and do some more, I certainly would love to see more of frank on the big screen. However, Lionsgate may not have been the best choice of studio to be making this film as it seems to have picked up a Saw vibe to it, that may work but also may overpower the individuality of the character and the stories. Still, the Marvel studio, who hopefully will be able to get this title back and make it themselves is not in a position to be making such a left (or is that right) of centre movie. Once they have hit with a bit more than Iron Man, they may be willing to take more of a chance with this character. Still, some punisher is better then no punisher, and while I'm not going to write it off or say its the best movie ever at this stage, I call on all ardent punisher fans to be there on opening day (I think mines in February) and get behind this movie for better or worse. If this movie possibly makes any money we will hopefully get more of the same (if its any good) or another reboot that gets us closer to what we want to see.

Dave on Aug 11, 2008


I liked the First Punisher Because It was all about him getting revenge and it was really good and this one to much action horrible lighting weird hueing they should have had a tone like the other one and the actor is fat ugh they should kept the original Punisher because that was the Best one out of the three Punisher(80's) im talking bout that one to

Darren on Aug 15, 2008


You guys oughtta give Ray Stevenson a chance. I realize he may look like Steven Seagal, but if you haven't watched the HBO series "Rome", you'll see that the guy can seriously act. He was awesome in Rome and I hope they'll give him a chance to do the same here (gore aside.)

nick on Aug 15, 2008


This threw me off for a moment since it wasn't the original guy from the first movie. But I guess that was to be expected since the first movie didn't do so well financially in the box office. I did however enjoy it, and thought it was pretty gruesome.. Yes I have seen worse.. This trailer looked pretty gorey, and thusly, sweet. Sadly I'm sure that by now, you have read they are trying to make this flick a PG-13 movie. I don't know who smoked the crack pipe this fine day, but they should lay off it, because they obviously want Marvel Pictures to tank. (I have done no research to confirm if they are doing this film) I enjoyed the latest releases by the Marvel team, and while I didn't think this would join the cailber of those, this latest trailer looked badass. If they are trying to pull a Batman, good friggin luck man, because I'm sure that shit was thought out, and not butchered in the editing room. Don't ruin a movie because the business wants it to happen. If anything, do it for the fans. Or does hollywood even care about them? Oh... wait.... when does The House Bunny open again? Ya... I thought so... fuckers...

B Bau on Aug 16, 2008


alright i was excited for this movie until this trailer, i think its so gory that it is borderline cheezy, its unnessicary, what happend to just making him a complete badass instead of a retarded angry guy who shoots one bullet from a handgun and your body implodes

Epic on Aug 17, 2008


I would not even wait for this to come out on youtube. Sorry I am a true comic fan like literally crates of comics but this will be my all time least favorite rendition of the punisher. The actor is cool (expect he sucks at playing the grieving hero) the villain is cool (but I have had say im sick of the 2d villain I mean really do like Heath RIP and research some real life psychos or at least watch some "A CLOCKWORK ORANGE") and as for the plot (Oh shit! After watching this trailer I forgot movies had plots! I thought they were all 2 hours of cheesy catch phrases a intimation violence.) LOL. This is my first posting man why did it have to be for a suck ass movie.

The No L!FE King on Aug 18, 2008


A movie based on gore, death, and blood? It doesn't get better than that. Perhaps all you "Nay sayers" should go watch "The sisterhood of the traveling pants VI" or whatever it is. Thank you and "please take a big step back and literally F*ck your own face!" ~ Tom Cruise "Tropic Thunder" Not the best, But a funny movie worth seeing.

Easy Peasy on Aug 26, 2008


wow...srry to say im one of the few to say this is a sell out..if you hit someone and their face caves in yr taking to many sorry to say this is not going to be good. The first punisher was great because it was realistic...this movie feels very indie like...not like a blockbuster waiting to happen. This movie no doubt will do ok, but lets face wont do as good as the incredible hulk, iron man (already one of the movies to gross milions in a short few days) and well captain america. Just looking at the movie i give it 1 to 2 stars....if this movie does well ill eat my words but i doubt it.

coolio on Oct 4, 2008


All those who know the Punisher. I mean really know the Punisher got plenty of story from the trailer. I loved the Thomas Jane movie. It was what we needed to be able to make a "real" Punisher movie. I own every Punisher comic or comic with the Punisher in it, every Punisher toy, Statue, trading card, Graphic novel, poster etc... and I will tell you this is a much closer to the comic interpretation than Jane's movie. I will be there Opening day and Many times there after...

rookkoor on Oct 5, 2008


The Thomas Jane movie was a terrible Punisher movie. As an actor, he did a great job, no doubt, but as a Punisher story and movie, it really was terrible; mainly because he spent the whole movie setting things up, instead of just taking the direct route (which he does in the comics). Examples: Why spend the time and effort taking his tombstone to the golf course, when he could have just waited at the golf course and killed Travolta right there and then? Why take pictures of Travolta's right-hand man making out with his boyfriend, when he could have walked right up to him and finished him? As a revenge movie, the Thomas Jane movie was decent, but terrible as a Punisher movie. Quite frankly, the Dolph movie was more of a Punisher movie. According to all recent reports, this new one is going to be R rated, Ray Stevenson is a proven actor with real talent, and it looks to be more loyal to the source material than any of the others. And I don't understand why people complain about the lack of plot in the trailer.... it's a trailer!!! I don't remember anyone complaining that the Matrix trailer didn't describe the plot.

Hescian on Oct 7, 2008


lolz....the plot is going to be horrible...think how can you punch somebodys face in??? what human can do that? Look at this is very indicative of what the movie will be like..crap. Did you know that Ray was fired before the movie ended? Why would they do that? Did you know the movie was held at 4 in the afternoon? Well why would they do such a thing? Well heres the deal people want to see a reel like Iron Man,The Incredible Hulk,Blade and many other Marvel Movies to come. A movie can be fantastic while being real and down to earth. In this new movie Frank Castles family dies differently...well I like the way they died in the first punisher. And to your question why not kill john Travoltas character first? Well whats the point of revenge...Frank set them up to make it more the Don of the smuggling empire say "Oh crap I killed my best friend and wife for no reason" and then of course he killed him by explosion. This new actor is not that great. He was in the movie arthur and was the first to die. In this movie and many others he does an ok job. But the Original actor spent many grueling months delving into the psyche of Frank castle. He quite because all the BS most of you fans gave him. Ive gone through years of acting and know how hard it is to deal with all the crap. So in the end will this movie be good? No. Will the movie be a blockbuster hit? Yes. Because of the fans and not the movie. When will this generation learn to watch a movie not because of what it is but rather how good its going to be?

coolio on Oct 11, 2008


ooops i meant the original director got fired or quit.

coolio on Oct 11, 2008


coolio - You're a goddamn idiot. All the rumors of people being fired during the movie were just that - rumors. And the way Frank's family dies in this movie is like they died in the COMIC BOOKS. The Tom Jane movie just threw a totally different death in for them. Read up on the comics before you come on here and make an ass of yourself, dickweed.

Metal Head on Oct 11, 2008


im not saying that the way they died in the comic is how they died in the first saying the that the punisher warzone isnt a second to the first punisher but a complete revamp...and i have a right to say my opinion i want the movie to represent the comic but seam real...if you want to call me whatever fine that doesnt hurt me at all... and who knows if a rumor is real or not...we hear one thing in the movie business and see another... let me repeat before you jump to conclusions (but you probably havent read this far because by now your writing a rude reply) The movie will do good because there are fans that will go see it..but not all movies are good becasue they dont follow the comic they are based on..and who knows how they (Castle's family) dies in the new punisher movie... and before you start calling people dickweed or ass or other vulgar words i have an opinion.. not you or any other person is going to change that. : )

coolio on Oct 12, 2008


Coolio, I'm not even sure what you're opinion is... if you know that it's a revamp (which we all do), how can you complain about the "plot" when you've only seen the trailer. So far, pretty much all of the recent revamps have been much better than their predecessors (ie. Batman Begins, The Incredible Hulk). "but not all movies are good becasue they dont follow the comic they are based on" What does that even mean? All I've been saying is that you can't judge a movie by it's trailer. Sometimes the movie is much better, and sometimes the trailer was the only good thing about the movie. Anyone who's had experience in the film industry knows that trailers are usually put together well before the film is complete. For all we know, half the shots in the trailer might not even be in the finished film. And secondly, again I thought the Thomas Jane movie is a decent movie, but it doesn't represent the character or style of the Punisher very well. Thomas Jane might have spent a lot of time delving into the Punisher's psyche, but clearly the writers and director did not. So far, this new movie has all the right ingredients: violence, a real villain, a grizzled and angry combat vet (as opposed to a depressed drunk), and the Punisher actually punishing people. Looks good from here.

Hescian on Oct 13, 2008


The trailer looks amazing! Finally a Punisher movie made for Punisher fans. No more pg rating violence. No more worries about how dumb parents will react. Punisher is brutal. No remorse. No fear. No anger. Just a spirit of vengence. Nothing matters to him except punishing those who do evil, especially the first years after his family died. Which died in a PARK! Not at a beach reunion. They followed the comic book to the tee. Took the old style Punisher attitude and adopted the new style look. Have you ever wondered why R.Stevenson got chosen? Try actually looking at the punisher artwork over the last 3 years....don't they look very close in features? Jigsaw looks brutal and more psycho than in the comics. Though they did make him out to be more like a crime lord than a sociopath. Then there's all the gore and violence............what are you KIDS complaining about? That's OUR reality. Do you think when you shoot people or punch people that they bleed cotton candy? FINALLY! NO MORE ANTI-VIOLENT MUMBO JUMBO. Punisher comics are not for kids. They never were period. It just shows how many useless parents there are out there not watching want their idiot kids are watching. PUNISHER IS FOR ADULTS. All you complaining kids stay home and watch the O.C.

FRANK CASTLE on Nov 11, 2008


THAT WAS AWSOMe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mike on Nov 14, 2008


OK looks amazing and im no doubt going to see it. BUT! i dont like the new look of the punisher himself. look, i loved the comics but the first movie was amazing. i watch it at least once a month. im not very good with names but the actor from the last movie was amazing for the role. he just depicted the sheer grief that fueled his inner rage to get revenge perfect to the punisher style. a movie with him, coming off of the story from the old movie with as much action and gore in this trailer would be awesome. still gonna see it, still gonna like it, but i garuntee it wont get very good ratings and it wont be very popular. i hope this ties with iron an and hulk's endings with all that SHIELD and avengers stuff. and hopefully they make a spiderman/punisher movie that brings spiderman into the shield avenger mix just like the comics.

Nate on Nov 19, 2008


Whiny pinheads crying about VIOLENCE.....look out your windows, read the newspaper....there is more violent crimes occurring on your kids grammar school playground than in this movie. Quit your whining, and let the Punisher fans enjoy the flick. If you don't care to SEE the violence, maybe you should be watching The Wiggles, ya pack of pansies !!!!

steveo on Nov 26, 2008


What was wrong with the 1st punisher movie why make another one

Andy on Nov 30, 2008


hell ya!! im a huge punisher fan and that just got me that much more excited too see it

fraser on Dec 1, 2008


I'll be there...

Joe on Dec 2, 2008


Honestly, it does look like a straight-to-DVD film. I see what you guys mean. However, it does look a lot better than the first punisher with Thomas Jane. Honestly, you fans of that punisher movie.... how can you like it? It just sucked. This one at least seems a little more accurate to the comic. They do need to stop messing with costumes for ALL super-hero movies. Get it right. Jerks.

Thor on Dec 3, 2008



Tobias on Dec 3, 2008


Anyone who actually liked the Thomas Jane Punisher is obviously too lazy to go pick up a Marvel Knights Punisher comic. I can't wait until they come out with a punisher based off the Marvel Max series.

Woon on Dec 16, 2008

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